“No Man’s Land” from The Battle for Earth

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  1. Mateus says:

    Should be better with Ariel X. Please, could call her again to play Wonder woman. She is the best and a fit girl

  2. rayman says:

    WOW! I bought this the minute my members email arrived because of Halsey who as always is stunning but what a treat I was given when one of my all time favourites the incredible Layla Rylan showed up as a villainess!!! If you love Layla as a heroine be in for a surprise because she is soooo good at being bad.
    I think we need TBFE to make a heroine victory movie where Layla as Spider is taken down

  3. Mid2018 says:

    Wow i love these shiny pantyhose on Halsey’s magnificent legs

  4. jobman says:

    Leading to a sequel?

  5. HolyMoly says:

    Halsey Rae is amazing! Has she appeared in any other media besides heroine stuff?

  6. Darquewhyte1 says:

    Where is Coco?!? Is she coming back ?

  7. Dde says:

    Look very great. Halsey Rae seems to have a great performance and she is so sexy. Someone know if she has ever done full nudity?

  8. steve says:

    Purchased this one this afternoon. I have to say it….magnificent!!! There is absolutely nothing that distracts this movie from being a true masterpiece of the genre! Both Halsey (as WW) and Layla (as Widow) are stunning, both beautiful beyond belief and both with incredible acting skills. I’ve purchased many superheroine peril movies starring each of these talented ladies, but to have them both in one flick squaring off against one another is almost too much to ask for. They both gave off stunning performances, with tremendous chemistry flowing between the two. The action was phenomenal, the setting perfect, and the woman versus woman combat, followed by utter domination and humiliation, was the best I have seen in a heroine peril movie in years. Overall, an incredible film, one of the best in this genre ever!!

    • shzam says:

      Great! Also little unrelated but checking out your new site found the documentary in the customs page, nice little insight into everything. You should advertise it a little here, maybe have its own post so people can see.

      • Bobb says:

        Yeah I saw it myself when I first got the email about he new site and stumbled upon it. And wouldn’t you know it Layla is in it. It was pretty neat.

      • Jack Puncher says:

        Agree. As a customer not involved in the business it is always interesting to see from the producers or performers side regarding what is involved in giving us what we see on screen. I suspect there is more going on in making the film then many of us realise.

  9. TBFE says:

    This one is coming this afternoon. Just finishing the upload process and it’ll be live in a few hours. I’ll post up here when it’s live and send the usual Loyalty Club email.


  10. Mr. Bleh says:

    Any time I see a video featuring Halsey Rae, the same two words always come to mind – “Absolutely Magnificent”.
    …and paired with Layla Rylan?!
    Screw the lottery, THIS is your prize!
    Can’t wait to get this one.

    • Imagineer says:

      A winning lottery ticket could fund a lot of customs 🙂

      • I would become an investor if I won the lottery. Heck I would even pay for other people’s customs if I like their ideas.

        • Kaizar says:

          Wonder Girl gone bad some time ago and goes get revenge on Wonder Woman from stopping her from enslaving all the men in the world. First scene starts with Wonder Girl confronting Wonder Woman and talking about how she gonna defeat Wonder Woman after what she did last time with a flashback scene happening of them brawling and Wonder Woman winning and overpowering Wonder Girl and then screwing her sister Wonder Girl to finish her off as is tradition in Amazonian combat. Return to present and as they do a test of strength, Wonder Girl then removes one of her hands during this test of strength to remove Wonder Woman’s belt, and then puts that hand back up for the continuation of the test of strength with Wonder Girl now overpowering Wonder Woman and get her on her knees during the test of strength and then they brawl, and Wonder Girl is winning and Wonder Woman tries to get her belt but Wonder Girl is too powerful and has no belt of her own to ever have to worried about her strength being de-powered, making Wonder Woman’s situation hopeless as now now Wonder Girl has her way with Wonder Woman groping her breast and revealing them naked this time now in the present (were it was the opposite in the flashback) but Wonder Girl goes further then screwing her sister with a Strapon and and forces her to suck & blow her and also tit fucks Wonder Woman and french kisses her and Wonder Woman replies but we’re sisters, and Wonder Girl says she doesn’t care and wants her as her sex slave and Wonder Woman cries as Wonder Girl treats her like a slave girlfriend in everyway, 69 her and suck on her breast and everything. Wonder Girl played by Dillon Harper and Wonder Woman played by Brandi Mae.

  11. Jwong says:

    Layla!!! Good to see her back just wish it was as Sonique!

  12. Marvelous girl says:

    Imagine if layla or halsey wearing marvelous outfit. Thats gonna be awesome.

  13. Ken says:

    I didn’t notice we have seen Layla in a TBFE movie for almost a year now, and she is my favourite actress in the genre. So I do understand why everyone is so hyped for the new release despite she plays only the villain.
    But we shouldn’t forget how amazing Halsey is. Her body is smoking hot and her facial expression is convincing. Personally, I would hope her character could be a bit tougher but that’s just my preference.
    Can’t wait for this one to come out.

  14. Crunchy says:

    Is it out yet, or we have to wait???

  15. Laylafck says:

    Layla Layla Layla and only Layla …… This movie is for Layla only…..

    This the best thing that she can do….

    For hasley … I think she look more sexy and attractive in her lady victory outfit…

    But Layla is always awesome..

  16. Darkwrath016 says:

    Layla deserves way more play than she gets currently. And while she’s a villainess here, I’m just glad she’s in something. She is such a talented actress who knows how to portray a super heroine and sells peril extremely well.

  17. yop says:

    Layla looks so friggin hot

  18. Cesar says:

    Can you do more lesbian fucked scene like Dark Surrender part 2? Or whe the heroine is being chloroform, pass out, and the villain gropes on her big tits as well as kissing her on the lips and neck like Demons with Gigi Allen? Please.

  19. shzam says:

    Very nice. Didn’t receive the loyalty email about this release though 🙁 does this have to do with the site refresh?

    New site looks and feels great though…

  20. Scott says:

    This looks EPIC! Thank you!

  21. Gustavo says:

    More Ariel X, please

  22. darkmanxxx says:

    Finally a girl/girl video. You do the best videos. Day one purchase from me. When is this out?

  23. ME92 says:

    Fantastic =D Now this is more up my alley for sure, can’t wait ;D

  24. Bobb says:

    Oh my god…Layla as a bad girl? I never thought I’d see it and no shock at all she looks great at it. She really is the best. Also double shot of Layla in a one week span? It’s like my prayers have been answered.

  25. Mike says:

    Yes Please…. Yes. Yes! Yes!! Please!


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