LAST DAY OF SALE : Uninvited 2

The sequel to Uninvited is available and features Riley Reyes. Check out more info below.

New 4 Minute Teaser of film.


Uninvited 2

Price: $50 (Price will increase in several weeks)
Length: 50 Minutes
Size: 1.6Gbs
Starring: Riley Reyes


The Blue Avenger after a long 24 shift is followed home by Brutal Jack, a man obsessed with defeating her. As she sleeps in her home he slips in during broad daylight. He has a plan and she will never see it coming.

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55 Responses

  1. Bruce Kent says:

    Wait, wait, wait…. The price is gonna increase FROM $50? I didn’t even read the rest of the comments but if you must price a dollar per minute make a three minute movie!

  2. SHyWild says:

    Where can I see/purchase the original Uninvited?

  3. SHL says:

    Hey guys,

    Just updated the post with an Extended Teaser Trailer, it includes over 4 minutes of footage from the film.

    A couple weeks ago I also added more photos to this post of stills from the film.

    Thank you to everyone who preordered this film and thank you to those who purchased it afterwards. The film has done great and I don’t think I could have honestly expected a better turn out.

    The road ahead for me is murky, new paths and things have come into my life and I am not sure what the future of SHL looks like, if I will continue to make films and what the content of those films would look like. I am either going to pivot or dismantle.

    I hope anyone who paid for the film was satisfied with the film. If this is it I am glad it went out with a bang. Thanks to everyone for being so passionate about this film, good or bad. Sorry that my ability to keep updated and communicate on this forum has been disrupted lately. The last 6-8 months have had some radical changes in my life and this film somehow got stuck in the middle of a lot of that.

    Anyway, thanks again. Sincerely.

    • mrxstacy says:

      damien, i have watched this film over and over again. so thankful to you. it is one of the best purchases i made this year. since you have exited this genre, i wish you all the best, and i really hope someone with talent and means can continue this style and type of superheroine peril on an ongoing basis. i really like this film, even more than the original. much more tbh. my hope is for a serialized version. i also am appreciative of riley reyes performance. this genre needs more films like these and more actors like her.

  4. E.L. says:

    I am bummed I missed out on the fundraiser campaign- Maybe a bit preemptive, but are there future plans to do the same for an Uninvited 3?

  5. Sonny says:

    I bought the movie. It wasn’t bad. The only disappointment I had was there was no Costume destruction except for the Nylons, No breast shown and there was not much of her struggling while she was on the bed. Also there wasn’t much emotion or struggling with her masked being removed or being strangled. Over all it was a good movie and worth the money.

  6. SHL says:

    For anyone who is on the fence, is there anything I could do to help you out? Maybe post a couple minutes of the film? Etc.

    Thinking about ending the sale in a week or so. Let me know!

    • Sugarcoater says:

      Perhaps more pics from various scenes might help?

      • Senor Descartes says:

        agreed– more pics of the sexual peril would help…

        • TheLecher says:

          I did actually request below, several days ago now, that Damien consider putting together a downloadable image gallery to include with the film. I’m sure that, if he did that, it would also provide him with some additional images of the sexual peril with which to preview the film.

    • TheLecher says:

      I’ve already emailed you some suggestions. I don’t really have anything further to add, though I’ll eventually get around to posting a spoiler free review.

    • E.L. says:

      An additional trailer with new footage would be great. And maybe a bit of an extension on the sale until a day or two after?

  7. Ztc says:

    Our of whoever bought this who loved it

  8. nate says:

    Got this and loved it. Worth every $. Quick question tho… where does one find the first uninvited to which this is supposedly a sequel to?

    • TheLecher says:

      This isn’t actually a sequel to the first Uninvited. It has the same premise as the first one, but it isn’t a continuation of the story from the first one, and the characters in the two movies aren’t connected.

  9. Nate the Great says:

    I bought it and I am very content with what I got. If you like Riley Reyes, you won’t be disappointed. I wish I was able to see an unmasking scene but it really didn’t happen as mentioned in the comments. Her mask barely came off and was actually just slipping off from the glue she had on so it didn’t fully come off.
    I also wish we were able to see Riley’s top undone so you weren’t able to see her breasts either. I would love to see Riley as Ms. Marvel next time.

  10. ThePornExpert says:

    People should reconsider their complaints about the price. This is a HARDCORE movie. Models charge higher rates to perform real sex on camera. I would understand if this was a softcore movie because the models would be charging a smaller rate. Please keep this in mind.

    • Seed says:

      Well the stuff from xxxtremecomixxx, comicbookstrips, pkf studios, etc are all hardcore and their videos are the same as a normal rye/tbfe priced video if not cheaper

      • SHL says:

        For context: Ryes newest release is $45 dollars. Simulated sex. That means what? I’m overpriced by 5 dollars?

        • Jason says:

          Well I was someone who took the leap of faith and supported this during the crowdfund stage.

          This means for $40, I bagged not only this release but also 2 of Damien’s other older releases.

          3 movies for $40. I’m delighted with the value I got and this new release is great!

          To the complainers, you really should have got involved at crowdfund stage. Even at that point I was getting 2 movies (regardless of whether Uninvuted 2 got made or not). It was win-win as far as I was concerned.

          And Damien, if this is your final release then you should be proud. You went out with a bang. Well done.

          • Bob says:

            OK I know this has been done to death so I’m going to keep this simple & to the point so I don’t bore anyone.

            The price is too high because the format will expire and the files will corrupt within a few years. Paying for a DVD means the DVD will last 20 – 30 years. Paying for a download gives 5 years. Feel free to look it up.

            And if producers (we love you all) can’t bring a price that’s relevant to the market then they will go under like all those who made the same mistake before them. (And there are many as we all know).

            The reality is that a small market like this one obeys the laws of economics just like everywhere else and this over pricing will sadly end this producer in a couple of years. A shame as I like their work, but all these chats have been done before – has anyone looked to see whose still in business when we bitched about price a few years back? Have a look, more than half we complained about are now gone.

            And history repeats its self….

            Good luck to all – be fair and stay in business be greedy or overly optimistic and we’ll lose you like those before you. Which feel would be a sad loss.


        • Sugarcoater says:

          Forgive me for extending a conversation that won’t have a conclusion as the producers will decide on their own what price works and there isn’t any logically quantifiable way of pricing a video that will appease all.
          I just don’t think any video comparison makes sense. I imagine each model/actress charges a different rate. They might also require a transportation fees. Then there’s the cost of the extras and costumes and sets. I imagine they vary a fair amount as well. This also doesn’t include the cost of operations and equipment, as well as the director’ expertise and ability to see key angles and aspects to the video. And then there is the issue of market saturation/under-saturation and economic conditions.
          In short, I don’t see how anyone can compare one producer’s work to another. I think the producers are simply putting a price on a product just like ANY producer of ANY sellable product does. If the price seems to high, the only two reasonable options are 1) politely state something or email the producer to see if you can reach a mutually acceptable bargain, or 2) don’t buy it. These are luxury items, not essentials, and so they can be passed up if one deems the price to high. Berating the producers (and admittedly there was a bit of a terse response by the producer at one point) seems like the least productive way of eliciting change.

          • TheLecher says:

            It’s not quite correct to say that each model charges a different rate. There are going rates for each type of scene. There’s a going rate for G/G and a going rate for B/G and a going rate for B/G with anal, and the list goes on and on. That being said, models who represent themselves or who have agents who don’t control their rates do sometimes set their own rates which are different from the going rates. In the same way, some producers pay above or below the going rates. So, yes, rates do get negotiated, and top models do command above average rates, while other models settle for below average rates, but there is an average, and if you know the math for the various inputs, it’s not hard to estimate the cost of a scene.

            That, of course, doesn’t answer the question of whether or not this release is fairly priced. I say, yes, it is. And I say that for the following reasons, in order of their importance.

            1. The production value and quality of cinematography is much higher for this release than what you can find in the content produced by many of the competing vendors. Granted, many of the competitors turn out a much higher volume of hardcore content, thus supplying more choice to the buyer, but I like to have a high quality production which still caters to my fetishes, when I can find it, and I’m willing to pay a bit more for the higher quality.
            2. This is fetish content. Fetish content costs more than vanilla (non-fetish) porn. It doesn’t necessarily cost more to produce, but it commands a higher price, both because it is sold to a smaller market (the price has to be higher to recoup the costs), and also because there are fewer suppliers (the supply is less than the demand).
            3. With many producers in this market selling through Clips 4 Sale, a price of $1 per minute of running time is not uncommon. Granted, C4S takes a piece of the purchase price in selling fees, so a producer who is selling directly could charge less and make the same amount of money, but, from the perspective of a buyer who is used to the pricing scale used by most sellers on C4S, $50 for a fifty minute movie is not exorbitantly high for what you’re getting.

          • Sugarcoater says:

            I think we agree with the variety of costs associated with models especially considering the full gamut of models and the location issues (flying someone in versus hiring someone local). And good point with #2; it would be interesting to see just how many people follow this genre.

          • fbsol says:

            For me the confusing part is these conversations have gone along the line of:
            This is too expensive -> I don’t wanna pay this much -> other videos cost Z why do yours cost this much -> Since your aren’t pricing the way this other producer does you are doing it wrong -> Well I don’t care for this/that element/fetish so I’d only really pay for what I want.

            I wouldn’t find these types of posts valuable as feedback/data because the intent of the person/people saying these things is unclear. Are these posters just short a few bucks and need a break? are they just trolling because the price tag has some shock to it? are they just promoting another producer and have no intention of buying the video? or are they using a video’s price to launch an un/related discussion about this fetish/genre as a whole? Maybe like Ztc said people could just be complaining about the price to blow off steam.

            These discussions on pricing would make more sense to me if, like Sugercoater said, people were making counter-offers eg. “your video costs X, but I’d like to pay X-Y would that work?” at least this way producers would get an idea of range of spending the people who frequently this site have as well as their own sales figures. Some of the posts I’ve seen, seem to boil down to Price v.s. Value and Value is something that is very fluid here. So I sympathize the producers of all these videos that get these types of empty responses.

        • Ztc says:

          I agree but I think some people like me are just the kind that complain my thing is before brexit where I live it was cheaper because we had a strong conversion rate now it’s down by quite a bit so it seems more expensive. That’s my reason but I know most times it’s a quality product so I buy it anyway like with this.i have the argh fuck it attitude when I complain

      • fbsol says:

        I don’t understand these comparisons over the pricing of videos. Do any producers sell the same video? In other words can I buy this video from anywhere/anyone else?
        The producer has chosen a price.

      • ThePornExpert says:

        Most of xxxtremecomixxx’s videos are shorter and their studio nearly charges a 1 dollar per minute. PKF Studios is also xxxtreemcomixxx’s version with death.

  11. TheLecher says:

    Both of the previous threads related to this film (the preorder thread and the “coming soon” thread) appear to have been deleted (In my opinion, they should have been locked and allowed to remain on the site.), so I’ll repost in this thread the question which I asked yesterday in the “coming soon” thread.

    Damien, how much of a headache would it be for you to take the fifteen still images you previously posted in the “coming soon” thread, add a handful of explicit stills, and throw in a couple of stills of the ending(s), and put them in a .zip file which the buyers (or at least those of us who preordered) could download? If that is doable, it would certainly be a nice bonus for those of us who like still images to go along with the video.

    Also, I see that you managed to work in some footage of Brutal Jack forcing Blue Avenger to ride him in cowgirl. I’m fairly certain that this is something which I requested in the original preorder thread, so thanks for including that. I always think that the superheroine being forced to ride in cowgirl is some of the hottest footage in any SHIP movie which includes that position. Not only is it visually appealing, but the emotional and psychological implications for the heroine are exquisite.

    • Decendingskulls says:

      Did you say cowgirl? My ears perked up! We never get that in a superheroine movie! Is it on the knees cowgirl, or all the way up in a squat cowgirl?

      • fbsol says:

        It’s on the knees cowgirl, with some forced participation it’s a good sequence imo.

      • TheLecher says:

        On the knees cowgirl is cowgirl. In a squat cowgirl is Asian cowgirl. They’re actually catalogued that way in most sex position encyclopedias. It’s the same for reverse. Reverse cowgirls is on the knees. Asian reverse cowgirl is in a squat.

  12. Movie Fan says:

    I’ll admit that $50 was pricey, but I made the plunge and bought it tonight. I recognize that it’s not easy getting hardcore in superheroine films that are also dark and serious – Just look at what happened to xplicit films. Too much of what’s out there that’s hardcore in the genre plays like a 1960s Batman TV show with seriously bad fight scenes, ridiculous tickling and just plan over-the-top acting.

    As for Uninvited 2, it’s a dark, well-acted film. Riley is smoking hot. Hearing the music in the bedroom scene that was in Uninvited 1 was a great call back to that film, which is one of my favorite all-time superheroine films. My one quibble with Uninvited 2 is that I think the music made it hard at times to hear what the actors were saying.

    Overall, I’m glad I bought the film. I wish I had pre-ordered. If SHL were to try another hardcore film with pre-ordering, I’d definitely take part. I’d encourage everyone else to buy as well if we’re going to support films like this one.

  13. saxman314 says:

    I wish I could pick up a Huayra for $20k but life’s a bitch.

  14. Bruce Kent says:

    This does look pretty awesome to me BUT I don’t care if it’s 50 minutes or not, I usually edit all of these videos (from this genre) down to about 3 to 5 minutes of what I actually care about… I mean 50 minutes? I usually think Star Wars movies are about 10 minutes too long and they are about 10 dollars to see!!

    • TheLecher says:

      They can charge $10 for a movie ticket because mainstream movies are marketed to literally billions of people. About two-thirds of people in the US (or about 209,950,000 people) go to see movies in the cinema. And these movies are shown worldwide. If we allow for even one-fourth of the population of China to be movie goers, that would be 344,750,000 potential Chinese viewers. Add in the rest of the world, and consider the number of potential tickets being sold at $10 each. A movie which cost a billion dollars to produce could turn a reasonable profit at $10 a ticket, if it proved to be popular enough with the potential market.

      This is what we call the economy of scale. The more potential buyers you have, the lower you can price your produce, regardless of how much it cost you to produce it.

      Now consider this production. Even though it cost around x-thousand dollars to produce, how many potential buyers are there, really? Of those potential buyers, how many will actually buy? Even if this were priced lower, how many of the potential buyers for this release will choose to buy the latest X Club Wrestling video, instead? There are lots of producers in this market, and they’re competing for dollars from a relatively small pool of prospective buyers.

      • Red Panda says:

        What I don’t understand is why aren’t there permanent price cuts for old products? You see this for just about every other type of product, except these types of videos. Are these videos the equivalent of classic albums like Dark Side of the Moon that sells thousands of copies every year? If not, why not just slash prices permanently and possibly get some customers who only buy things from the bargain bin?

        I don’t think Hollywood is a good comparison; instead I think we should think about why plumbers are so expensive. You could have a plumber come to your house, turn a knob, and charge you $150 for 30 seconds of work (yes, there is some travel time involved and other costs but still…)

        I have a job fixing computers for a somewhat average salary — I could instead be a solo repairman and charge people an arm and a leg for what I do, but I would have trouble doing that. I’m fine with making enough money to pay for my bills and an average middle class existence. I could conceivably charge someone $200 to fix their $500 laptop, but I would feel bad about that.

        Or maybe we could think about why heath care costs are exploding. They can charge you 20 bucks for an alcohol swab. Or why does a beer at the ball game cost 10 bucks?

      • Ztc says:

        I understand but prove going up that will most likely reduce the amount of potential buyers in the future who maybe see a clip antjack took on yt and then find this genre I only found out about these films because of that in early 2015

  15. Shzam says:

    Looks great, will definitely think about grabbing it before the price hike. Question though, is there anywhere to get the uninvited 1? and is there any relation to the original film?

    • TheLecher says:

      Without going into detail about the original Uninvited, the two movies aren’t connected by story or by character. The villain in this film has nothing to do with the villain in the original, and the same with the two heroines. The two stories are linked by their themes. In both movies, a superheroine’s home is invaded while she is sleeping. In both movies, she tries to fight off the intruder, loses, and gets raped.

      No matter how good Uninvited 2 may be, I will always consider the original Uninvited to be one of the best entries in the SHIP genre which I have ever seen, and it will probably always be my favorite. Of course, I’m somewhat biased, because the female star of the original, Ariella Ferrera, is my all-time favorite female porn star.

      • Shzam says:

        Thanks for the reply, as you’ve seen the video how do you rate the dialogue in the film. That’s always been important for me and so many movies seem to just not be able to get it right. the video trailer doesn’t showcase any so would love to hear some opinions.

  16. Mike says:

    I dont have much interest in the hardcore stuff, but the chloro scene looks incredible with her open mouth and limp arm play. How much more of that stuff is there in the vid? Any OTS carrying as well?

  17. Redmountain says:

    That’s a fairly hefty price for one video, but I understand the $1 per minute cost basis. I really enjoyed the first movie, but with funds kind of low at the moment, I’ll wait to see some more reviews and comments, especially on the content. The costume looks fantastic as does the model.

  18. getwicked300 says:

    Purchased, viewed from start to finish without indulging, and am very happy with the film. Great role & delivery from both performers, enjoyable premise, really awesome costumes & destruction, believable peril & degradation, excellent hardcore content.

    I’m not voicing any opinion but my own here, but this niche must be a difficult place for producers to churn out content that is loved by everyone. This genre that we’re all passionate about in one way or another is compromised of so many design aspects. I think it’s great that new stuff keeps coming out, it must be a pretty hard endeavor to make films in this Heroine Peril / Porn category. It seems like there would be so much stuff to balance, makes my head spin.

    That being said…thank you for making this, I enjoyed Uninvited 2 and felt that it was worth the $50.

    On the technical side, there were a few (hard to notice) audio and visual kinks; they DID NOT diminish the overall quality of the production. For a little while, I thought I had a smudge on my screen, but it turned out to be something that was in the video or camera lens. Just wanted to share that in case anyone tries cleaning off their screen like I did, LMAO!

  19. Mike says:

    Damn that’s pricey.

  20. sh_Mike says:

    Great! Hot actress. Love the Ms Marvel like outfit. The mask, white gloves and boots fits perfectly sexy. She delivers a convincing peril, specialy the hardcore scenes. I just think she could show a little more resistence against the assault , even weakned. Congrats for this project. I really would like to see a sequel or at least another SHIP movie with her.