“One Dumb Woman” from The Battle for Earth

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  1. Darquewhyte1 says:

    Great movie!! Loved it. Hoping to see more of Coco soon. It’s been quite a while now. Do you happen to have any new movies in the works with her?

  2. JoeyJon says:

    Hey what ever happened to Halsey Rae?? Is she doing more movies? Hap[py to pre-order right now!!

  3. jobman says:

    Really enjoyed it, and hope there’s another like it down the line. First one that I’ve seen from TBFE that gets the heroine messy and with a “bad end” that I love. Hope there’s one with a female villain single handedly beating and breaking the heroine with a similar ending like this one.

  4. Wilson says:

    Ariel x, please, she is the best for the rule. Please more ariel x as ww

  5. horodes says:

    Not for me, I don’t like when the punishment is too extreme and too degrading for the heroine. I prefer to see the heroine always beautiful and erotic in submission. there it is no longer the case.

  6. alex says:

    What is the name of beautiful women?

  7. redmanx says:

    After Part 1 had set such a frenetic, furious pace with its beatings etc Part 2 was always going to have a hard job following it! Part 2 features humiliation as its main theme and does it well, but, as this is a custom movie not everything WW suffers will be to everyones taste, one mans fantasy is another mans turn off, but theres enough here to appeal to most people at some point. The pace slows in Part 2 but WWs suffering doesn’t stop and again Arielle portrays her superbly in every aspect of this amazing film! At over $40.00 its not cheap, but youre buying a first class S.H.I.P. movie with a great script, location, and great performances!

  8. randy jackson says:

    love it when there is a female bad guy squeezing the life out a superheroine sexy

  9. PostalDoode says:

    I hope we get more Olive videos. I wish your costume designer didn’t fuck up and make the Linda Carter costume an A cup, because that’s the best costume. This one is okay though. This video looks amazing!

  10. Señor Descartes says:

    INSTANT fucking PURCHASE. Didn’t even watch the trailer yet, but this is exactly up my alley. Savage.

  11. Jeff says:

    This looks like one hell of a video, in a hood way of course, there are a few things here I think are done not too often and one or two I don’t think I’ve ever seen. An incredible performance just by looking at the photos!

  12. hattori says:

    Weakness, more of the same, difficult to reach the level of “The Job” from Lucia Films

    • redmanx says:

      I enjoyed The Job but for me HOM2 had everything, I love the costume & boots, the location was very good offering plenty of room for fighting etc, the script was very good and Ariells performance was superb. The fighting was very realistic, brutally so but not to the point where it became too much, and WWs humiliations were very good too. The Job was different in the use of a truck as the location, before switching to a warehouse right at the end, and though the truck scenes were great for me the lack of space in time became the movies down fall. If the action had switched from the van to the warehouse sooner I think it would have been better, but its a good movie.

  13. Egon Spengler says:

    She is one of the girls who really know how to portrait the distress and the pain, and She have a lovely beauty…..But in this video her hair is awful…and about the Cake…uuummmhhhhn…. not for me……Sorry

    • redmanx says:

      I like the way Arielle looks different from other actresses/models in the genre, she looks amazing, hot and sexy even though her hair isn’t as perfectly coiffured as is the norm. As for the cake dunk in this movie I would have preferred her to be dunked in water, a tank or pool.

  14. dkm says:

    This is fantastic!

  15. redmanx says:

    I just watched part 1 and its superb! The last 12 months has seen some of the best movies in this genre ever, from a variety of fantastic producers with some wonderful actresses! Here, Arielle or Olive Glass as she is also known, gives a fabulous performance and looks amazing in a WW costume similar to the norm but different too, as you’ll see….and her boots are, for me, the only style footwear a Superheroine should wear, sexy, sleek, stiletto heeled boots! Arielle, in my opinion, is one of the best actresses working in this and other adult genres, and one of the hottest! I cant wait to see part 2, but that will have to wait till tomorrow, what mouth watering anticipation that is!

    • Don says:

      Totally agree so many producers have really stepped up their game in the last 6 months and im loving it!

  16. Bert says:

    I think Arielle is an amazing performer. I think TBFE has a very impressive library of videos. As for this entry, a custom like all TBFE films now, I can only say, ewww. It makes me feel bad for everyone involved.

  17. redmanx says:

    This seems to contain just about everything I love in the genre! I hope its good as it looks!


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