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Our Gravure Heroine G.I.O. Master “Olia” from Zen Pictures

Our Gravure Heroine G.I.O. Master “Olia” from Zen Pictures

Our Gravure Heroine G.I.O. Master “Olia” features a super-hot lead heroine played by Japanese model Kanami Okamoto. She wears a ridiculously sexy outfit and gives a great performance. The film features all of the typical elements you can expect from every Zen Pictures film — lots of fighting sexy outfits, and torture scenes — so if you’re a fan of the Japanese masters of the genre, you should enjoy this film.

The video begins with our lead heroine running around and toying with some anonymous henchmen who are trying to capture her.  Olia easily dispatches them all with a series of quick punches and kicks.  Meanwhile, a female detective is trying to rescue a middle aged guy from the clutches of the villains.  Her attempts are interrupted by our heroine, who appears and then shoots the villain with a ridiculously huge arm-canon.

This angers the film’s main henchman, a giant cyborg who appears indestructible.  The heroine engages him in battle, but not before changing into an even sexier outfit, which is very revealing.  The two fight, with the heroine (as usual) dominating at this early stage of the film.  Each time the cyborg attempts to land a punch, the heroine quickly dodges and retaliates with a move of her own.  She easily defeats him and then goes home for a shower, bringing her new female friend along.  (This doesn’t really go anywhere; it’s not that kind of movie).

In the meantime, the bad guys work on upgrading the cyborg, who lays on an operating table as an evil lab assistant works on him.  The cyborg is implanted with a blue egg-shaped device, which, I assume, gives him increased powers to use against our heroine in their next battle.

The bad guys capture the female detective to use as bait to attract Olia to their lair.  When she arrives, she’s met by a couple of henchman and the main villain (a generic-looking Japanese guy).  The heroine attempts to capture the villain, but when she runs towards him, the cyborg activates some kind of device that electrocutes both Olia and her detective friend.  I have no idea how such a device might work, but is disables our heroine and allows the bad guys to apprehend her.

Which leads to the first extended torture scene.  Olia awakens to find herself tied AOH.  This is a very hot scene as Okamoto has a perfect body and wears a very sexy outfit.  The bad guys interrogate her, and the cyborg gets to have his revenge by delivering stomach punches and electric shocks.  He also kicks the heroine’s leg repeatedly.  Okamoto’s reactions to the punches are very good, and I wish the producers had spent more time on this method of torture.

Next, Olia is tied again, this time with her arms spread apart.  Unfortunately, she has a giant bowl (?) around her neck.  The bad guys torture her by pouring some kind of steaming purple goo into the bowl.  I don’t understand how this torture works.  But I especially don’t understand why Zen Pictures finds the perfect heroine with the perfect body in the perfect outfit only to waste all of it with silly torture scenes.  (If it’s not purple goo, it’s light bulbs or Twinkies ).  So this sequence is a real disappointment, unless you’re interested in this really weird torture method.

Eventually (after a lot of screaming and weird special effects) the heroine defeats the bad guys and everything works out for the best.  She kicks and punches the cyborg to death.  The movie ends with a weird dream sequence in which the detective imagines the heroine coming to her rescue.

Our Gravure Heroine G.I.O. Master “Olia” has one really good, but very brief, torture scene and features one of the sexiest heroines, in my opinion, in all of the Zen Pictures catalog.  Unfortunately, the movie isn’t really able to fully capitalize on this since the heroine spends the majority of the film with a giant glass bowl around her neck.  Why the producers would prefer that to a whipping scene or some other torture method is a mystery to me.  In any event, I like the movie for its sexy heroine and awesome outfit, and very short torture scene.  I give it a B+.

Download Our Gravure G.I.O. Master “Olia” at www.akiba-heroine.com

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