“Supra Girl: Bound & Broken” from Heroine Movies

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  1. bpfempro says:

    This is great. Ever since gang thang, girl on girl being outnumbered in peril has been few and far in between. Sure there are one on ones, but I always felt like there was something missing. Like a true feeling like the heroine was in trouble. As for male adversaries, I think there a lots of studios already offering those kinds of genres. This vid is a nice change of setting.

  2. Brad777 says:

    Barta’s colourful power medallion is fabulous. The actresses throughout this movie look stunning dressed in their beautiful attires, while displaying impressive acting, and excellent dialogue. I especially love the moment when, Supra Girl is being held by one, and she lifts her red boots together ferociously kicking the other.

    Barta’s athletic roundhouse kicks are absolutely amazing. Superb peril action with some awesome vocal reactions, as the superheroine tries to maintain a bit of resistance, being heroic for as long as she can. It’s exciting to watch Supra Girl being held up into a hot struggling bearhug, by one of the pretty bad girls. Great storyline with brilliant deception. Cool background music, great camera views.

  3. Phillip Lee says:

    This looks awesome! Love those roundhouse kicks!
    Definitely going to pick this up!

  4. Honest Fish says:

    Picked this up and was not disappointed. Asami looks great and her acting is getting even better. There’s about 10 minutes where Asami is in control doing the superheroine thing and then after that it’s pretty much a beatdown for 25 min. The beatdown is varied enough so that it stays engaging throughout. My personal favorite part was when the two girl villains take out syringes and are trying to inject Asami with it. At some point she gets overwhelmed and they end up injecting her a bunch of times. Hope we get to see more like this!

  5. Daniel says:

    Does bad end mean death?

  6. Asmodeen says:

    I ordered this custom and really like how it turned out. HM and Asami did a fantastic job. Her reactions are just the best and I thought HM’s sound effects really added to the action. I’m sure I’m biased, but this video is awesome. Thanks again HM.

  7. Geo10 says:

    Woah! This looks hot! Picking this up now…thanks HM!


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