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Superheroine World’s “Nova Woman 2”

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  1. Kaizar says:

    And here’s proof that 3D TVs in general have incline in sales, while 2D TVs in general have dramatically dropped in sales:


    So I look forward to the day you start shooting videos in 3D with a converted into 2D option for people who still have 2D only electronics.

  2. Kaizar says:

    Will we ever see fake lactation of breast, like Napali videos and/or Akiba (Giga & so fort)?

    Also how about a scenario where a remote control vibrator is snuck into the heroine’s pussy when she was in her secret identity, and then used during her victory as a heroine to bring about her downfall. (I’m pretty sure I mentioned this last one before)

  3. Kaizar says:

    I guess the 4 Supergirl live action 3D movies would excite (I wonder when part 1 comes), since that’s summer blockbuster movies, while Emily Addison obviously arouses since that’s adult Superheroine videos.

    I like stuff like the “Super School Girl” video from Alex. Something like that would be cool with any hot actress as the defeated & humiliated heroine.

    Happy Year of 3D everyone.



  4. Chris says:

    The idea of Emily Addison coming back excites me. And by excites, I mean arouses.

  5. Kaizar says:

    After seeing Man of Steel in 3D IMAX, I got to say that we need Adult Superheroine videos in 3D.

    Its too bad we might never see a 40 million dollar project XXX Superheroine video, but at least people like Alex & Christina do a great job on their seperate video projects with whatever budget they have to work with.

    I wonder what we could expect if there was a collaboration between Alex & Christina Carter to pull their budget together to make a Superheroine video. Can’t blame me for dreaming of such a awesome collaboration that might never happen LOL.


    Do you have anything plan for Emily Addison?

    Since her contract will probably be up by July to finally use her in new videos again.

    You don’t have to give any details…just a simple yes or no, if that’s not to much to ask for.

  6. Super Jim says:

    I hope if there will be a Nova woman 3 they bring back the strap on. That was my favorite scene from the first one, where Paris was helpless and had her Arms up and just got assaulted from Randy with the strap on. Also it would be an amazing scene if while Paris was getting penetrated from behind Randy put her in a full Nelson and the evil assistant just belly punches her for a while

  7. Kevin says:

    Not a bad episode. I love Paris and adore Karlie Montana. Superheroine World is awesome! Both Paris and Karlie are convincing and look great in and out of costume….What this episode is lacking is a good male villian to ravage the heroine from behind. Other than that its a solid release but doesn’t compare to my favorite episode ever: FALL of the MEGA POWER GUARDIAN…the best episode ever in my opinion.

  8. CaptainCrude says:

    It would also be great to see that character use a variation of the American Dream, instead of the opponents face looking into her crotch instead she would stand behind a kneeling opponent, reaching between her own legs grab the back of her opponents head and pull it underneath her legs so that they are forced against their opponents butt. Call it the: Nightmare to Kiss.

    Just have her use a variation of Christie’s style and incorporate the breast smother. I would LOVE, I mean I would not stop buying her episodes if you also contractually obligating losers to kiss this girls nipples after every win she picks up or else the loser gets fired.

    Along with Anastasia Pierce, Jewell Marceau, or Natalie Minx… I also think Capri Cavali would look good in that role.

    MMMwah! I would be hooked.

  9. CaptainCrude says:

    I agree with you Kaizer. Like after the credits role or it goes to black we here a faded cry from Flare, “Get back here. We’re… not through with you yet….”

    I would love to see the Red Queen and her minions pass a punch drunk Flare around from bear hug to bear hug as they laugh and slap her around.

    Also, I would love to see Anastasia Pierce appear again in a future production. I think XCW personally.

    I would like to see a character act as the yang to Christie Steven’s yin. Have her enter unexpectedly after Christie picks up an easy win, have her push the loser out of the ring, and go toe to toe with Christie right then and there in an unsanctioned brawl. Christie gets totally molliwopped, injured for a few episodes while the new girl dominates everyone in her path and picks up win after win establishing herself an undefeated streak.

    Christie comes back, put the streaks against each other where the winner gets a title shot.

    I’d like to see Anastasia Pierce, Jewell Marceau, or Natalie Minx in that role.

    Also, more fun stuff – have the wrestler bring a blond wig to the ring with her the episode before Christie returns and force her opponent wear it after the match when they’re punch drunk and ready for humiliation.

    I love that crazy bad girl stuff. Its like, the fighter was already no match, and now this crazy unstoppable woman is making them into a human effigy.

  10. Kaizar says:

    I might like Captain Crude idea if it’s used at the very end, like a extra bonus scene, except it’s part of the main video at the very end.

    As long as all the minions are females.

  11. CaptainCrude says:

    If there is a Nova Woman and Flare – Part 3… I would like to see Nova Woman kneel down at the Red Queen’s feet and admit that she failed the world after a harsh beating followed by another one (fueled by sexual abuse) after Nova Woman’s submission.

    Flare can keep on fighting the Red Queen’s minions – as she pleads with Nova to stand up and fight – meanwhile the Red Queen sits on her thrown – commanding Nova Woman to kiss her feet and worship her as Flare is being abused in the background.

  12. Kaizar says:

    I like hearing about a new Superheroine World video, and also hearing Paris Kennedy doing something to look hotter (I okay with it, if it was just a joke).

  13. Kaizar says:


    About our 3D discussion:

    Ok then.

    But you could at least watch either “Star Trek Into Darkness 3D” or “The Great Gatsby 3D”.

    Or wait til “Man of Steel” (Superman) comes out, and see that in 3D.

    How do you feel about IMAX?

  14. MyNameisURL says:

    Flare has been fighting back much harder than Nova Woman. That’s what lead to my idea about Nova Woman becoming ‘corrupted’. Flare is the idealistic sidekick. Having her idol turn on her would wipe her out too. (Besides being hot! 🙂

  15. Stee says:

    I will absolutely agree that Paris is among the best in the biz at ‘selling’ the beating she’s getting. That’s my one complaint with JC, sometimes she doesn’t react enough to what’s going on.

    I just can’t stop thinking about that bizarre crotch-butt bumping scene. Did anyone have any thoughts about it while filming?? What’s the strangest request you’ve had and how did you react to it? I love getting to pick the brain of a legend!

  16. Bert says:

    I remember a Paris vid from a few years ago, I think it was called “The Sacrifice”, where Superheroine Paris takes on a powered up Alex. That video had some of the best reaction shots during fight scenes that I have ever seen. Keep up the great work Paris!

  17. Chris says:

    Say whatever you want about Paris, but a lot of people including myself have spent a LOT of money over the years to look at her. There’s gotta be a reason for that.

  18. Paris Kennedy says:

    @Stee Thanks for expressing your opinions in a respectful way, I was mostly teasing amount the comment. Hey I think we can all agree that everyone has different types! This is the way of the world. 🙂

    I personally agree that the LEAD heroine should get the worst beating. I honestly don’t remember who I felt was getting beaten more during the shoot I was so in my character.

    If that is the case, it’s because this was a custom script. I know from personal experience that Alex is all about the strongest heroine being taken down. 🙂 He would have done a lot of things differently. I know that we RARELY ever take them unless it allows us to have so many amazing babes in one shoot, it’s hard to resist, especially since JC is from out of town. And we are crazy about JC and take every opportunity to work with her. Not only is she gorgeous but she’s one of the sweetest people i’ve ever met.

    I’ll let Alex talk about what’s coming next, but i’m pretty sure it will be back so his scripts and we already have three shoots on the calendar so new stuff should be coming fast. 🙂

    Anyway THANK YOU guys for welcoming me back in spandex! It felt good and I hadn’t had that much fun on a shoot in a LONG time!

    Paris Kennedy

  19. Stee says:

    First off, I think it’s awesome that THE Paris Kennedy personally responded to me!

    That ‘not hot enough’ line was a terrible attempt at what I was trying to say! I’m thinking in terms of comic books where the main villain and the main heroine simply DO NOT both turn on the sidekick! I wouldn’t like it either if it was the other way around and JC was the sidekick getting turned on.

    More importantly, I’ve been re-watching both parts and Flare definitely has it worse than Nova (both in terms of beatings and the ‘other stuff’ (great line BTW)). Plus, Flare is constantly trying to save Nova while Nova is almost worthless. I think it would make much, much more sense if Flare blames Nova for all the abuse she’s suffered and turns on her (ironically joining the Red Queen). The Red Queen has already caused as much physical abuse to Nova as humanly possible so this would be a great way to do some awesome mental abuse!

    I’m surprised Alex hasn’t been weighing in. I want to hear his opinions/future plans.

  20. Kevlar says:

    I think Paris is stunning! JC and Randy are also very attractive, but i’d personally rate Paris and Karlie above them in “hotness”, but in the end this is all just opinion. One thing I wasnt so keen on was the costumes. I cant quite put my finger on it, but maybe its the shiney purple? or perhaps the cut/ shape of the outfit could be a little better fitting and perhaps a little more revealing.

    @Paris Kennedy Either way I hope you feature more often! Maybe im still living in the past of hawk heroines and slayer paris, but you’ve not been around enough recently!

  21. I’m glad you all are liking the video even though it was a custom. I think I took literally like 100 belly punches, I was sore the next day! I was so nervous and excited about performing in superheroine again, i’m happy to see a mostly positive response and i’m excited about the SHW shoots coming up!

    @Stee In the meantime, I will work very hard at being hotter. 🙂

    Also very excited about a SH collaboration coming up…yeah I’m a tease, duh!

    Love you guys!

    Paris Kennedy

  22. Kaizar says:

    Christie Stevens should be use a lot more in Superheroine videos, and luckily Alex said he will.

    I can see Christie Stevens maybe being like a blonde Emily Addison.

    I would like to see both of them in a video someday.

    Welp, unless there is anything else, well I will just enjoy a non-fetish video in 3D IMAX this weekend…..yep, I’m talking about Man of Steel, which should be the best movie of the year easily, despite Iron Man 3 & Sin City, 3 I believe & R.I.P.D. & Thor 2 & 300 prequel & The Wolverine.

    All the movies I have mention are in 3D IMAX or at least 3D crappy 4K HD LOL.

    I think it’s cool that Star Trek 2 is the only new premiere this year that is converted into 3D.

  23. saxman314 says:

    @Viper I hear you loud and clear, man. SSDD

  24. Chris says:

    I thought I wouldn’t enjoy Alex as much anymore because Emily Addison left… But while Emily is an icon in this genre, Karlie and Christie Stevens videos are more than enough for me.

  25. lazxmw says:

    I just bought this last night, and I want to say that it is amazing. You have yet to make a movie that I would consider boring. I am especially pleased to see Paris back in one of your vids. I missed her, and I truly believe she is one of the best heroines in peril in the fetish scene. I am curious on what you have on the docket next, and I really am hoping that Randy Star part 2 isn’t to far in the future.

  26. Kaizar says:

    A seduced heroine who has been seduced by orgasming rape can turn on the sidekick and team up with the Villian to have their way with her sexually and the sidekick would probably put up a fight.

    At the end, the sidekick started out as a sidekick, so what happens after that is any scenario, especially in both comedies videos & porn videos, and this is a porn video we are talking about.

    Sci-Fi goes pretty out there too, but not as much as both comedy & porn.

    The Venture Brothers is probably a good example. (Comedy/Action/Adventure)

    Plus BS is to be expected in comedy & adult entertainment (not expected in all, but you get the idea)

    In non-fetish, the heroine would always eventually win, but in fetish it is the heroine who almost always loses. You can’t expect everything to go down with logic.

    But don’t worry because if Alex were to do something of that kind, then you know ere was nothing truly wrong about such a video being made.

    Besides Catwoman has seduced Batgirl in both the early 90’s cartoon and 21st century cartoon to leave Batman’s ways and start being her partner in crime…..so just how far-fetch could such a thing be. I mean who’s to say that there couldn’t be a duo where the Heroine is the only one capable of turning to the dark side.

    Besides, if such a video where to be made, well it would only be 1 video with such a scenario of the heroine & Villian teaming up against the sidekick. But I do understand what you mean, but a XXX Superheroine video is a XXX Superheroine video, so just how logical is it suppose to be when pornographic situations are going to go down LOL. Plus it would only be 1 video if it where to actually be made, and we know how Alex makes Superheroine videos, so what’s to worry about.

  27. Stee says:

    Thank you for perfectly making my point Kaizar! You simply can’t have the heroine and the villain team up against the sidekick!

  28. Kaizar says:

    Paris is just a sidekick. She doesn’t have to be Hotter then the main Villianess.

  29. MyNameisURL says:

    That’s the point! I want it to be too much for her! 🙂

  30. Stee says:

    Don’t get me wrong! Paris is the best but her vs. JC AND Randy is too much even for her!

  31. kingles says:

    @Stee: “…Paris just isn’t hot enough…”

    Them’s fightin’ words!!! I mean…I respectfully disagree with you…

  32. Stee says:

    I hate to say it but Paris just isn’t hot enough to be on the receiving end of a beating by JC and Randy (the heroines always have to be hotter than the villians of course). I still want to see Nova Woman take the beating but if she has to turn, she should recruit Christie Stevens and Flare and then turn on them both.

  33. MyNameisURL says:

    I can understand your appreciation for JC! LOL However, for the scenario I mentioned, she would be the most logical candidate. Paris’ sidekick character is a true believer; she might be defeated, whipped, and climaxed, but she believes in Nova Woman. However, Nova Woman seems to become pretty passive after being defeated, and I think might scenario explains her behavior, and opens up a lot of possibilities for a third segment.

  34. Stee says:

    I have to weigh in here. (First off, let me say that I laughed out loud when you said you bought a box of breakable glass.)

    I LOVED the first Nova Woman and really liked this one too, but it was definitely stomach-punch repetitive (but I have no problem with that since you gave us fair warning). Has anyone counted the punches? There must be at least 300 stomach punches! I might be nit-picking but the thing that really annoyed me was that Flare was taking a beating for 15 minutes and then would attack Sequin like nothing happened.

    There was plenty of plot for my tastes! Videos like Avalon or Skyfire are ok but can get extremely boring. I’m paying for non-stop action and your videos deliver perfectly! (In fact, the pre-match interviews in the XCW get annoying.)

    If you use the awesome idea of one of the superheriones turning evil, but for the love of God DO NOT make JC turn evil! She is way too hot to not be on the receiving end of the beating! I would love to see Christie Stevens start the video with Nova Woman and then and then turn on her.

    Finally Alex, how can I reach you to possibly create a Nova Woman 3 custom??

    BTW Randy Moore looks amazing in that black bikini! And that crotch humping scene started out odd but ended up being really hot!

  35. Kaizar says:



    I hope this makes your search easier & more organized to look thru.

  36. Thrifty says:

    I bought this and was very satisfied. Karlie Montana is GREAT when she is receiving the hits. The vocals she does are spectacular in my opinion. I have never seen one of these with Karlie, but now I am going to be looking for her in past and future ones.

  37. Kaizar says:

    I’m glad to hear that Alex is looking for just the right muscular females that does hardcore, and I hope to see whoever he picks to do his videos to do F/F.

    And I’m glad Alex is taking his time to find just the right one(s) to do it.

    I like MyNameisURL idea as a base for a future installment if we ever get any.


    Clealry lesbian Superhero vids make so much more money then straight ones. And clearly lesbian wrestling videos make so much more money then Superheroine ones.

    Anyways Alex does make straight Superheroine videos every once in a while, so don’t worry when it comes to people like you. LOL but true.


    What about “Eva Lin” from https://tspussyhunters.com filling up a woman, or Venus Lux and/or etc.

    I personally consider it straight porn.

  38. kingles says:

    @MyNameisURL: That’s a great idea!

  39. kingles says:

    @Jerry: “It’s hard to see getting felt up by another hot woman as “peril”.”

    It IS though. It’s all a matter of context. JC Marie getting fondled by Randy Moore obviously isnt peril because she doesn’t mind that it’s happening(and probably enjoys it a bit ;)). Nova Woman on the other hand is violently opposed to being fondled(let alone being forced to orgasm and such) by the Red Queen, but is powerless to prevent it…THAT is peril.

  40. MyNameisURL says:

    I like the idea that Nova Woman is being seduced/corrupted by the Red Queen in this episode. Something triggered inside her in their first encounter…she found being dominated by the Red Queen secretly to her liking, and loved watching her spunky little sidekick being molested! That’s why she goes out of her way to confront her this time, knowing it would be another round of humiliation/domination. If you do a third one revolving around these characters, maybe that could be the episode where Nova Woman gets her secret desire, is thoroughly corrupted, and becomes the Red Queen’s slave, and turns on her sidekick and has her way with her finally.

  41. Jerry says:

    “Viper June 8, 2013 at 9:45 am
    Over the past couple of years, “heroine peril” has come to mean “women fondling each other”. I’m not a fan, and its becoming harder to find movies that hold any appeal to me. I’m sure I’m in the minority (they wouldn’t make these movies if they didn’t sell), but I wish there were more studios that would go back to the way it used to be.”

    U should check out the latest superheroine vid with Christie Stevens that Alex put up on C4S, I bought it and it was very good. But for the most part I agree, there’s too much F/F these days. Its hard to see getting felt up by another hot woman as “peril”. Obviously these videos sell though like you said.

  42. Viper says:

    Over the past couple of years, “heroine peril” has come to mean “women fondling each other”. I’m not a fan, and its becoming harder to find movies that hold any appeal to me. I’m sure I’m in the minority (they wouldn’t make these movies if they didn’t sell), but I wish there were more studios that would go back to the way it used to be.

  43. @CaptainCrude: I hear ya, though in this installment there really isn’t any story or witty dialogue…it’s really just a slobberknocker slugfest, an excuse to see JC and Paris (and at times Randy and Karlie) beat down and in peril! So if you’re looking for a vid with a cool story, I would probably direct you to another of our titles. This is really just some fetish fun. (Personally, I really liked the boob punching in this one–lots of hot bouncing!)

    Oh and I agree about the bottle over the head being played out at this point–I bought a box of things from the breakaway glass store, and that was my last one. So I’ll give it a rest for a while now, ha ha.

    @Comiccaptor: We have talked about it…the problem is the same problem that ended the series, namely, that the cast is literally located all over the United States and it just started costing too much to fly everyone in for each episode. But it’s not impossible…maybe if I find myself with a bunch of capital I’ll film a concluding movie. I’d love to reunite Paris and Hope! 🙂

    @Chris: Yeah, I think a girl who is at least somewhat muscular probably is the way to go. I know there are muscular girls who do hardcore, who have websites, etc.–I just need to find the right one.

    @ranger87: Cool, I hope you liked it! I found it fun while I was editing it 🙂

  44. ranger87 says:


    I got it anyway, because your superheroine vids are always spectacular and Paris both JC and Paris were amazingly hot. And your superheroine vids are pretty far spaced out now, so I have to get them whenever I have a chance. Whatever, whenever it is, I look forward to your next superheroine release.

  45. Chris says:


    Couldn’t it be someone who is classified as a Muscular girl or bodybuilder instead, for the female dominating a petite heroine?”

    Yup, that would be ideal. But I think it might be hard to find. Whereas with the obesity rate in this country, a large boned woman so to speak would be easier to get hurt.

  46. Comicaptor says:

    @alex anything with Paris in is worth my time and money! …slightly off topic but, whatever ever happened to Paris The Vampire Slayer? are there any plans to bring us a finale style episode? or is it dead (and not vampire dead, dead dead)? Sorry if you’ve already answered this countless times… I guess I missed it all

  47. CaptainCrude says:

    The dry humping scene and the flogging are all that really interest me besides enjoying the belly and boob punches!

    But I just wish that we could see a new stand alone villain that is familiar to Nova Woman. I hope there is some great dialogue in this episode. The last one had some pretty good stuff and then some pretty nonsensical things.

    I hope we can hear Red Queen refer back to the previous episode and remind Nova Woman of how she defeated her last time.

    Also – the depower glove ran its course in the last episode and I think that the glass object over the back of the head thing is getting stale. I really wish the Red Queen had a depowering net to drop on Flare this time while Sequin could have had a knock out perfume that slowly weakened Nova Woman into a ragdollable condition so the Red Queen & her could belly and breast punch their way to victory. Or even just a power absorbing glove!

    I guess I just feel like there was enough support and ideas for another installment that the episode could have included a different plot device if it were to involve the Red Queen again :/

    The look Karlie and Randy are giving each other above (image 41) will sell the episode to me. They just look so incredibly in control and evil – I hope we can find out why the Red Queen is so evil in this episode though. Last time all we got was, “I sense she is up to no good.” Thats cute, but I wonder what that means… otherwise Nova Woman seems to just go out of her way to fuck with villains and get her ass kicked for sticking her nose in other people’s business (business that the audience doesn’t get clued into – at least not until they buy this? I hope.)

    These characters would work great in a stand alone series – I just wonder who is making these customs, and if any one can use the Nova Woman and Flare characters for a custom if you ended up liking it enough?

  48. @Ranger87: Yes, that is exactly what it is. That’s what the customer wanted–and though I too balked at first, I actually kinda liked it once we shot it–it made JC’s ass jiggle in the most perfect sexy way, ha ha. But yes–no strap on or anything, just literally dry humping. I hope it’s clear from the trailer. 🙂

  49. ranger87 says:

    Hold up…Is Randy just bumping her crotch up against JC’s ass with both women having their underwear on? This isn’t even simulated sex, it’s just clothed dry humping?

  50. Kaizar says:

    I should have known this was a custom. At least it’s a XXX video.

    I would also like new Villians & plots, but I understand if no more Nova Woman happens.

    And I too would also like better storyline & so fort.


    Couldn’t it be someone who is classified as a Muscular girl or bodybuilder instead, for the female dominating a petite heroine?

    I just find its better to have a female with plenty if muscles to either totally dominate a petite female or be totally dominated by a petite female.

    Plus this way the non-petite female will still be good looking.

    But that’s my personal taste.

  51. rangerian says:

    Oh yeah.. I am with you Chris, BRING ON THE UGLY WOMEN.

    God that is funny.

  52. Chris says:

    Alex, just in response to one of your posts in the last thread, I don’t mind seeing a big gigantic fat ugly woman forcing herself on the smaller petite heroine like Karlie Montana, Randy Moore, or Christie Stevens. The big dominant heroine doesn’t have to be good looking. Although in your videos I noticed both the good girls and the bad girls tend to be very good looking so I expect you will continue that trend which doesn’t bother me either.

  53. GB says:

    I love JC Marie!!

  54. @Raptor and @CaptainCrude: I hope I am being clear when I say that this video IS a whole lot of repetitive boob and belly punches! If that’s not anything you’re interested in, then there will be a very large segment of this vid that probably won’t be of much if any interest to you. I very rarely take on custom projects, but Nova Woman 1 was fun to make and a lot of people seemed to like it, so I agreed to do another. But as for some interesting new plot or twist or fight choreography–NO, this vid really isn’t about that. It’s just another slugfest like part 1, mainly about two hot superheroine being punched in the belly and breasts a lot! And of course, then there is the whole sexual humiliation part, which does actually do some new things–flogging, handcuffed to a chair, bump and grind on JC’s amazing ass (no strap on, btw).

    Basically, look closely at the trailer, if nothing there really interests you, then this vid ain’t for you. 🙂

    @MyNameIsURL: Yeah, I think when we do the monster heel she will just run right over her opponents. In the Christie match, I think Christie will mount some offense at the opening of the match (again, I’m thinking Apollo Creed against Drago in Rocky IV), but as soon as the monster starts pounding her she’s totally lost….

  55. CaptainCrude says:

    I have to say I’m not sure I’m so interested in this. I understand that it’s a custom, but I really wish that Alex had taken the production into his on hands. I don’t know what the story is behind the production of it; nonetheless I’m a little disappointed in the lack of creativity that the first one expressed. Not entirely sure I’ll buy it but I’ll at least comment on the preview of it:

    I’m excited by the idea of the Red Queen having an apprentice, but I wonder if her apprentice is any different from the previous two? As far as I can tell she seems to be generic.

    Does she have anything that is unique about her? Any special ability? Or just the same exact plot device depowering glove as the previous episode?

    The girls look great, and I love to see that the Nova Woman character was invested in enough for a part two- but I feel like this series could have been more fun if we saw new villains and new plot devices with the same formula. Otherwise we’re paying 25$ for the same villain, the same plot device, and the same formula. I could just rewatch the first episode for that. That one practically has infinite replay value.

    I’ll repeat though, I haven’t bought it – I probably will though. I’ll still feel like I’m missing something if I don’t.

  56. MyNameisURL says:

    Congrats on another fine entry! I for one don’t see anything to complain about when it comes to the looks of the 4 actresses! Even though stomach blows don’t really do much for me, given that this is a custom shot it still has plenty of “outside” appeal too, I think.

    Crossing over from this to another topic we’ve been discussing on another thread, when it comes to future “monster” attackers, I think its more effective to have the “good girls – heroines – jobbers” {whatever} completely pounded to emphasize one-sidedness. The standard tendency seems to be to have the heroines fight back at least part of the time as they do here, and in a superheroine video, that makes sense. But in other settings, I think the baddie ought to simply dominate her victim, no momentary fighting back, just beat down, then ravish.

  57. Raptor says:

    Paris looks amazing, really missed her. However, I find that these newer SHW videos completely lack the fetish elements and eroticism that so many videos in this genre have. In my opinion, the last good video you guys put out was Patient 26. This one just looks like it only has repetative boob and stomach punches.

    I guess that because it’s a custom, there’s a lack of a storyline/comic-book style. Here’s hoping that another installment of Black Falcon (Rises?) is happening in the future.

  58. Kaizar says:

    I hope Randy Moore builds her abs & biceps back up to the way they use to be.

    She still looks hot, but I think she use to look hotter when she had noticible Abs & biceps 24/7.

    And I really hope Randy Moore gets her muscles back before the Agent Eve reboot.

    I can’t be the only person who wants to see fitness females go against typical females?

    With the fitness actress sometimes being the good gal getting defeated, and sometimes being the bad gal defeating the good gal.