Paris Kennedy Launches Crazy Heart Entertainment

UPDATE: See a high-res image of Lux Kassidy from Crazy Heart’s upcoming video, Blue Rain, below!  (Also check out the clip posted by Alex in the comments section… amazing high-res image quality, if you ask me.)

As Paris Kennedy mentioned in another thread, the prolific actress/director/producer has launched a new production company called Crazy Heart Entertainment, which will specialize in “narrative-driven, action and sci-fi adult material.”

In a press release on, Paris said, “I’m excited because I’ve wanted to launch Crazy Heart for a long time. I want to create the kind of porn that I personally want to see. We are going to bring fantastic performers, great sex and high production values to the fantasy genre. There are fans who have been waiting a long time to see quality hard-core sci-fi features. I want to give it to them. This company is my baby.”

The first Crazy Heart production, Blue Rain, will shoot in early February. Blue Rain stars Kennedy, Lux Kassidy, Sparky Sinclaire and other top performers. Like all of the movies from Crazy Heart, it will feature special effects, action sequences, top-notch talent and full hardcore sex scenes.

Sounds exciting!  Although Paris revealed this news in another thread, I thought this story deserved its own space.  🙂  What do you guys think about it?

Read the full press release here.

Here’s a (gigantic) preview image from Blue Rain:

Lux Kassidy in Blue Rain - Preview



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