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Superheroine World’s Nova Woman and Flare

Superheroine World's Nova Woman and Flare[Adults only] Superheroine World returns with Nova Woman and Flare: Taken by the Red Queen, featuring an all-star lineup of Paris Kennedy, Randy Moore, Akira Lane, JC Marie and Kymberly Jane in an absolute non-stop belly, crotch and breast punch-a-thon!ย 

Superheroine World's Nova Woman and FlareSuperheroine World's Nova Woman and FlareSuperheroine World's Nova Woman and Flare

Superheroine World's Nova Woman and FlareSuperheroine World's Nova Woman and FlareSuperheroine World's Nova Woman and Flare

Superheroine World's Nova Woman and FlareSuperheroine World's Nova Woman and FlareSuperheroine World's Nova Woman and Flare

Superheroine World's Nova Woman and FlareSuperheroine World's Nova Woman and FlareSuperheroine World's Nova Woman and Flare

Superheroine World's Nova Woman and FlareSuperheroine World's Nova Woman and FlareSuperheroine World's Nova Woman and Flare

Superheroine World's Nova Woman and FlareSuperheroine World's Nova Woman and FlareSuperheroine World's Nova Woman and Flare

Superheroine World's Nova Woman and FlareSuperheroine World's Nova Woman and FlareSuperheroine World's Nova Woman and Flare

Superheroine World's Nova Woman and FlareSuperheroine World's Nova Woman and FlareSuperheroine World's Nova Woman and Flare

Superheroine World's Nova Woman and FlareSuperheroine World's Nova Woman and FlareSuperheroine World's Nova Woman and Flare

Review by HM

Basically, what you need to know here is that Nova Woman and Flare contains more punches than I’ve ever seen in any video, ever, in my life. I didn’t count, but I’m guessing there are easily over 100 punches thrown in this video, to the stomach, breasts, crotch and face of our heroines (and, occasionally, the villains). So if you’re a fan of punches, then good God, man, you must purchase this video.

The story is very simpleโ€”the celestial superheroine Nova Woman (JC Marie) has returned to Earth to track down the evil villainess, The Red Queen (Randy Moore). Nova Woman stops by the domicile of her partner and apprentice, Flare (Paris Kennedy), and the two step into a portal to face off against Nova Woman and her accomplices (Akira Lane and Kymberly Jane).

When they arrive, our superheroines are immediately subjected to punches and low blows, and while they occasionally turn the tables for a couple of brief interludes, almost the entire video consists of Nova Woman and Flare just being mercilessly punched over and over and over again. Eventually, Paris Kennedy is tied AOH and punched some more, while our glorious superheroine Nova Woman, sadly, is forced to give The Red Queen a BJ.

Aside from that, the acting is solid all around, and all the ladies look lovely as usual, so fans of sexually explicit content and fans of punching, punching, and more punching should love Nova Woman and Flare: Taken by the Red Queen.

Note: Here’s a list of fetish content from the producer’s web site: back and forth slugfest, stomach punches, breast punches, face punches, low blows, super powers, breast groping and claws, stripping, spanking, wedgies, forced oral on a strapon, ravishing with a strapon (softcore), 2-on-1 beatdowns, bondage, forced orgasm, full nudity, and more.

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53 Responses

  1. mike says:

    hello. the woman are gorgeous like always. what happened to paris kennedy’s crazy heart video site. she made one movie and that was it. i thought she was going to make the movies that some of us want. more hardcore superheroine videos. but no luck. if she and some others could make some of them they could charge a lot more. i would sure pay it. i like superheroine world, i really do. i would also like some hardcore. i’m talking about the actors that do hardcore already they just don’t do hardcore superheroine videos. maybe someone besides rachel steele will try doing them.

  2. ME2012 says:

    Finally got my hands on this, and I must say that it was one of your greater superheroine movies Alex! I agree with some of the rest that the punching might have been a bit exaggerated, but being as this was mainly a custom, I understand.
    I’ll check up the new episode of X Club later on.

  3. TheLecher says:

    So, what’s next in the shooting schedule, Alex (or Paris)? Any prospective shooting dates?

  4. ME2012 says:

    Can we expect something new this upcoming week Alex? Either from X Club or Battlebabes…

  5. Steve says:

    Jayden Cole as a superheroine getting defeated by Randy Moore as a supervillain would be a site to behold!

  6. TheLecher says:

    Briana Blair is currently retired. She’s actually been retired for close to a year now, if I’m not mistaken. The more recent releases which you have seen come out featuring her are scenes which were shot before she retired, but were held and released at a later date. It’s a fairly common practice with many studios.

  7. Chris says:

    So when will we see the Danielle Trixie video?

  8. Bob says:

    big cast productions sounds good! How about Jayden Cole, Melissa Jacobs and Capri Cavalli?! Or even Tasha Reign and Brianna Blair? They were in some Giga films recently.

  9. Questman says:

    That’s awesome. Paris does such a great job. I will keep a look out for your new Bounty Hunter features.

  10. MyNameisURL says:

    Love the final scene with the Queen going missionary on Nova! Always think that’s a hot g-g scene. Would have been even better to have Randy face-to-face with her when she forces her to cum…kind of a “look me in the eye” thing as she succumbs.

  11. kilmer says:

    is there any way to get lux kassidy into a future shooting? and when are these next videos being shot/when can fans expect to see previews?

  12. uhzoomzip says:

    Yo Alex I just caught your latest Girls Can’t Fight video at C4S with Paris and Ashley Rose and I have to commend you guys on yet another job well done. I have greatly missed Ashley Rose since she quit shooting with Rye and I have to say she has just about the hottest fucking body I’ve ever seen…I love girls who aren’t afraid to “let it all hang out.” I wish more girls in erotica had her shape (maybe I haven’t been looking in the right places?) I don’t know if she’s working near you guys right now, but you guys have GOT to get her to reprise her classic role as “sobbing, humiliated, and defeated superheroine.”

  13. Stee says:

    I was surprised by how much I loved JC’s hair (getting in her face and mouth, hanging down her back, etc.). Are there any hair-fetish type videos?

    Can anyone suggest some of JC’s best DT videos? She has several but none of them are reviewed.

  14. ME2012 says:

    Great news Alex, can’t wait to check your two latest videos out as well as what you have in store for us. Maybe we’ll see a new vid by the time i get home in two weeks time.
    The two project you have thought out sounds interesting and with Randy Moore in one of them as lead is even more intriguing! JC Marie in x club? Hell yes, and as face too? Even better ๐Ÿ˜€ Hope you can get Madelyn too, that would be awesome.
    Regarding BFV… I hope you get to do one more episode that could work as a conclusive part of the series, if you don’t see it among your future plans. Seeing Nicole getting ravished by Annie would be an instant buy from me.
    Oh, and I’m all in for more “all female superheroine-villain slugfest”!
    And I’m glad to see that Akira is back in your plans again. I’m all for seeing her in peril again.

  15. Glad everyone seems to be enjoying the video! It has sold very well, too, so I think we will plan some more “big cast” type videos in the very near future!

    @Questman: I am working on a new “bounty hunter” series that I think will star Randy Moore, and there will be a lot of seedy sadistic thug criminal types in that series, so I can definitely see the good girls being tied up and whipped at some point! Stay tune for that.

    @General: I understand that not everyone is into the ravishing scenes, but that’s one reason we always try to segregate those scenes to the very end. That way you don’t have to watch it if you don’t want, and you still get the fighting/beatdown/fondling that is more your style.

    @dkm: I hear ya! Kym will be making her dramatic return to XCW in the near future, so stay tuned for that. Akira is always on our list for projects–I’ll see what I can do to put her in peril soon!

    @Kevlar: I think there is a very good chance that we will film a follow-up to Lightning Star, though I’m not sure Madelyn will be making an appearance in XCW. I don’t know if she would fully “get” the wrestling thing. But I’ll talk to her about it!

    @Steve: JC is awesome!

    @WomenDefeated: Hope you enjoy it!

    @Chris: Yeah, this one is very low on fight choreography, it’s more of a slugfest beatdown. Ultimately I stand by the decision to keep things simple–it made the video nice and long (almost 40 minutes), and by not having any long and complicated fight sequences the girls all had good energy throughout. Sometimes when you have a big cast and a shoot with lots of scenes you need to get through, the best thing to do is to just make things very simple. And of course, as mentioned before this was partially a custom and the customer wasn’t particularly interested in any back and forth fight sequences.

    @Stee: Yeah, JC has been in several DT videos. She is hard to schedule since she isn’t local, but we had a great time working with her and I definitely foresee more JC in the near future!

    @ME2012: Hope you enjoy the videos! Hardcore penetration is definitely something we will consider, though we are still sort of taking a wait-and-see attitude toward the new condom laws, etc. Softcore is still my own preference, but we will keep all options on the table, as it were. Bloody Fucking Vengeance might continue, might not–I think I am finding I am more comfortable doing a series than a single big movie. I’m more of a TV guy than a movie guy anyhow… The new Bounty Hunter series will have a lot of the same feel as Bloody Fucking Vengeance…

    @lazxmw: Glad you enjoyed it! Look for more Kym Jane in the upcoming months at ProStyleFantasies.com!

    @GB: Yeah, I think JC will almost certainly make an appearance in XCW at some point in the near future.

    @rangerian: Stay tuned for the new bounty hunter series that will star Randy. I think it will feature plenty of scenes you’ll like!

    @Steve: More dazed dialogue, more bear hugs–I can do that.

    @Stee: We really very rarely take custom orders, but yes, when we do take them it’s usually because they will be PART of a video that we would shoot anyway. Just email me and tell me your idea and I’ll let you know if it’s something we would consider.

    @rodger: What’s next is XCW, and then probably Battle Babes. After that two big projects on the schedule: A Black Falcon reboot, and the new bounty hunter series. Stay tuned!

    @CaptianCrude: thanks, glad you enjoyed it! JC will surely appear in XCW–though probably as a face. I can give her a boob smother finisher though–I like that idea.

    @MrCraal: Glad you liked it!

  16. Mrcraal says:

    I would like to give my congrats to Alex. Really an exiting video!!!

  17. CaptainCrude says:

    This is what I saw…

    Acting: The acting was great. I loved the dynamic between the Red Queen and her Hench-women. Randy Moore displayed great awareness: her hair covering her face, how close she was to her scene partners, her evil laugh, and her devilish smile all factored into a fantastic portrayal of what I imagine a truly evil women with dastardly desires would look like. Akira and Kim’s servile chuckles both warmed me up to Randy Moore’s brutally sexual humiliation of Nova Woman. JC didn’t throw out too much whimpering. She played a perfect balance of moaning in pain and pleasure. Paris played her go-getter role with plenty of spunk, bouncing from one baddie to the next in geeky sidekick fashion. (Hottest acting moments: Kim Jane planting kisses on JC while her and Akira force her to watch Flare as she is ravished by the Red Queen &, it’s subtle, but when JC licks her lips and the tip of the dildo she is forced to suck)

    Costumes & Set: Body hugging, stand out colorful, fantastic looking material. I loved the sort of dingy dungeon look combined with the red velvet cushions that appeared as the story progressed.

    Great performances, I don’t know much about cinematography so I can’t comment… but overall I loved it. Great action, great humiliation, and beautiful subtleties for those who are detail oriented and love to watch things over and over again to see it in a new way or find new fun things to enjoy about it.

    Nice work everyone, I highly recommend people purchase this!

    Also… as I said before, I would love to see JC Marie star in a post Melina Mason Revenge Story feud with JC. Those two would be fun to watch tear it up, not to mention I’d love to see JC play a mean girls type blonde. Plus judging by her tits in this video, I think it would be fair to say that she is an appropriate choice for the breast smother finisher if not Melina Mason.

  18. rodger says:

    Whats next on the schedule or whats being released next?

  19. ME2012 says:

    Oh! One thing I forgot to ask… If a new episode of X Club W. and Battlebabes is indeed up next, then when can we expect part two of the BFV Annie vs Nina Musashi? Still looking forward to that one. And I think I saw you mentioning another superheroine movie coming up later, in one of your posts… Looks to be some epic stuff on the schedule Alex! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  20. Stee says:

    How do custom videos work? I have a few ideas that have never been done before but don’t think I could pay for a whole video. Do you have to pay the entire amount of the shoot or only a small part since it will be sold like all other videos??

  21. Lake says:

    For those of you who like JC, this was a custom I had done where Diana beats the cr*p out of her. Be warned though, it’s mainly head punches and face slaps. I can’t remember what else was included.


  22. Steve says:

    great stuff, hope to see more of JC Marie, it would also be great to see more dialogue from the heroine in a dazed defeated state, and perhaps more of a fight with bearhugs etc, but great taunts from the villainess!

  23. rangerian says:

    Purchased last night, watched and was impressed.

    The previous comments are spot on. More a punch fest, I am sure the client is very happy.

    Loved the girls. Super sexy body hugging outfits, great set and lighting.

    Still hanging out to see Randy get the stuffing knocked out of her with a beatdown and lots of low blows ๐Ÿ™‚ She is such a great actress and hornbag!

  24. GB says:

    I love jc she is so hot. Hoping to see her in XCW action

  25. lazxmw says:

    Alex & Paris,
    I bought this video last night and I loved every second of it! Randy Moore was an awesome villainess, as was Kymberly Jane. I would love to see her as a heroine in the next vid. She “sells” a beating /ravishing better then most actresses. I hope to see more soon.

  26. ME2012 says:

    All I can say is that this looks amazing! The only thing missing imo is some hardcord fingering-Raveshing at the end, that would be great. Either by penetrating or just by raveshing. Will be picking this one and battlebabes up, as well as anything new that has been released by the time I come home in three weeks time. I totally agree with those who want to see more of JC Marie and Karley Montana(from the last superheroinemovie you made) In upcoming videos. Speaking of upcoming releases, I guess a new x club wrestling and battlebabes episodes are up next?Sounds great to me. Btw, next time you choose to do some hardcord f/f, I’m hoping you will have some variation of both position with the strap on, and also some other stuff like oral, fingering with oils, etc. But without making into too much of a porn. That would be great.

  27. Stee says:

    Where the HELL has JC Marie been all this time?? Has she done any other similar movies??

  28. Chris says:

    For the cast alone its worth it. Paris looks extra cute in this.

    The actual choreography itself I wasn’t a fan of, but it was a custom and not the usual Alex/Paris standard.

  29. Amazing cast, looks sexy as hell. And while I can understand why some would find an emphasis on belly punching less enticing as a belly punch fan it only makes me want it more. lol.

    This WOULD come out right after I have a hefty car repair bill. I guess it will still be there later.

    Love that you cast Paris as the heroine in distress also, I know with the tatoos why she is cast less as the ingenue, but she does damsel in distress like few others can.

  30. CaptainCrude says:

    I can’t wait to get this.

    It’s hard to sell me on Paris being the subject of humiliation, but JC Marie is infinitely hot – she is the epitome of what it means to be a blonde bombshell. Absolutely sexy, I really want to see her particularly in a breast smothering, mean-girls stereotypical blond bimbo heel role in XCW (we haven’t even seen the breast smother yet, which has been great because its often a cheap sell and too often overused – also I think this could be a good opportunity to ring in a post-Little Feather/Marquise Revenge fued for that character, maybe after the beat down we get introduced to JC who cleans up the scraps of that wanna-be GI Jewell?)

    Anyways… speaking of a new role for a new girl: Randy Moore as a villain. I’m excited to see it, but above all… she has not one… but TWO female minions. That is incredibly hot, especially because Randy Moore already looks completely overwhelming, in what looks to me like satin, red hot.

    I also love the pillowy setting, and all the red. So much red, it looks so appealing.

    I’m already raving about it and I haven’t even bought it yet.

    Obviously, I am looking forward to this!

  31. rangerian says:

    WOW, what a cast. Gotta order this tomorrow.

    No comment from Agent 45 yet??? Maybe he has passed out on the floor, haha

  32. Steve says:

    JC looks very dignified and confident which are great qualities for a heroine in this genre.

  33. Kevlar says:

    Looks good AB!
    XCW next? Any chance of Madelyn Monroe featuring giving/receiving a few low blows? ๐Ÿ˜›

  34. dkm says:

    Wow, all the girls look great in this one. All of them. I guess the only “negative” I have is that I’d love to see Akira and Kymberly on the losing end of a superheroine beatdown, but that’s not really a negative given that Paris and JC are awesome at being the jobbers.

  35. General says:

    Great video! Liked it very, very much! All girls are incredibly hot and costumes are pretty good too (especially like the villanes henchgirl ones).
    Although I like the prolonged beatdowns I’d also like to see more variety in punches. Left and right combinations of punches and maybe some kicks. And less focus on belly punches.
    I’m aware that many wouldn’t agree with me on this one but I don’t really understand those fake rape scenes. Totally unnecessary IMHO. A bit of fondling is great but rape goes too much into the porn territory for me.
    I especially like the scene where one heroine is fondled and other one is getting beat up tied overhead by henchgirl. More stuff like that would be great. Maybe throw in some whipping too.

  36. questman says:

    Love Paris….any chance she’ll have any whipping scenes coming up? She was so awesome in Slayer 4!

  37. TheLecher says:

    Agreed. Paris does a good job as the ravisher, but it’s still nice to see her as the victim now and then.

  38. Ryan says:

    look’s great, always nice seeing Paris as a heroine on the receiving end

  39. MAV says:

    Paris AOH? nice

  40. If you want to get it from Clips4Sale, you can here: https://clips4sale.com/studio/54867

    But it’s more expensive on C4S, so if you can get it from https://www.superheroineworld.com do so!

    Will definitely be including male villains in upcoming videos! But next up is XCW, and that will most likely be all girls….

  41. MyNameisURL says:

    Loved Randy Moore as the Evil Queen. Thought it was great that her one and only goal was to just pound Nova Woman’s brains out! Paris was great as the sidekick. I thought it was sexy somehow that the sidekick was fighting much better than her “superior’ but I would have liked to have seen JC play up the resistance more. But God! She looks awesome, especially in a whole cast of awesome!

    Mixed feelings on all the body blows. Never been a big fan of that, but its ok. Stripping was great though, and one evil looking strap on! Heroine Tamer!

  42. valugi says:

    this incredible video and recommend it to anyone who likes fighting woman x woman, all actresses are spectacular

    Alex has something planned for battle babes 2020?

  43. Yeah, I’ll upload it to C4S tonight if you’re having trouble with Verotel–sometimes that processor just doesn’t like certain cards. Stay tuned.

  44. Lumpy says:

    Again Verotel is c**k blocking me from buying the video.

    Is this going to be available at Clips4sale?

  45. saxman314 says:

    Edit: 1 m who’s not a pussy.

  46. saxman314 says:

    More f/f… Even if it’s f/f/f/f/f all it needs to be great is one m.

  47. swampy170 says:

    Ah, fair enough – just meant I was literally skipping though to get to the end of the series of punches, crazy amounts :/

    As I say though, awesome other than that! ๐Ÿ™‚

  48. Stagger Lee says:

    Alex – Any chance of a de-masking scene in an upcoming or future video?

  49. Yes, this video was a partial custom, and the customer didn’t want too much back and forth, so this doesn’t have our usual fight choreography in it–it’s much more a full on slug fest with just lots and lots of punches and beatdowns, and then the usual sexual humiliation at the end.

    So it’s low on the back and forth, but very high on the hit factor.

    Our next few vids will all have our usual fight choreography!

  50. Fan421 says:

    Oh…forgot to ask – any KO’s?

  51. swampy170 says:

    Awesome, and sexy! To start on a positive note – with emphasis on the sexy!

    Some good acting from the ladies too – thought Randy’s “villainess” was very good in parts in particular.

    More negative though, the punching .. too much. There’s not even the variation in the fights just punch after punch after punch.

    The choreography could do with alot more work – quality not quantity. Make each punch cause a reaction, and move – not just against the wall where reaction is very restricted.

    In comparison to, say, the Black Falcon vids – I found this one pretty disappointing actually.

    Movement! – That’s what’s missing. Other than that, really pretty good.

  52. Stagger Lee says:

    Definitely going to buy this, but if there is one thing I could recommend to Alex & Paris: Masks! At least occasionally! I love a good de-masking, and with the caliber of videos this company puts out, I’m sure they’d make a permanent staple in my collection should they choose to include one! Regardless, keep up the great work! I’ll be buying this asap!

  53. Fan421 says:

    Randy, Akira, JC and Paris in the same movie . . . WHAT??!! How did you get this to happen?? Awesome!!