“Phoenix Girl – Part 1” from Damien Wagner

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  1. Finn says:

    Does the girl in camouflage loses at the end?

  2. Raymond says:

    this looks awesome i want more like this

  3. Jacques says:

    If you want to see Helene as the ‘bad guy’ being tortured with plenty of exposed abdomen, you might want to consider my custom’ Final Offer’, probably my favourite one.

    • hBoss says:

      Thank you for this info – but the outfit/clothing for me is the most important.
      Without her spysuit i could not enjoy.

    • raymond Felch says:

      how mine? parts? are there going to be?
      this looks awesome i want this and the sequels on dvd

  4. Jacques says:

    This video features two amazing and rather lengthy AOH sequences.The significant amount of abdomen exposure on the part of Chloe, is a huge bonus. In addition there is a terrific scene in the shower.
    Once again the actress’s performances are awesome; Chloe selling peril and Helene as the vicious aggressor.
    Part 1 ended with quite a cliffhanger.

  5. SlawDiesel says:

    Instant purchase. Right up my alley in terms of preferred fetishes. Keep these great videos coming Damien!

  6. hBoss says:

    What happens to the girl in leather catsuit? She is my favorite in this movie…


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