“Power of Vod” from UltraHeroix

What better way to celebrate the release of Hollywood’s Man of Steel than by watching the brand new film from UltraHeroix, Power of Vod. This appears to be a sequel to the company’s previous releases Swift Reunion and Swift Showdown.


In this Story, Vod carries an unconscious and nearly powerless Swiftgirl to her former home to acquire an inter-dimensional device that he would use on his enemies. He literally drops the heroine at the footsteps. She questions his motives and tries to resist but ends up knocked out and tossed over his shoulder to be carried inside.

Once inside, she is tied and is too weak to break free. America Amazon appears to try and rescue Swiftgirl but is told to find the device first. The Amazon searches the dark basement and finds it. She returns to free Swiftgirl but is interrupted by Vod who proceeds to thrash the Amazon. When he has her in a throatlift and helpless, Swiftgirl breaks free to help her friend. They double team the villain until he scoops them in a double bearhug and then slams then together, stunning them.

While they lay helpless, Vod moves in to finish Amazon first with the device but she manages to momentarily flee with it until they have another showdown in the halls. He gets her in another bearhug and then collapses the floor beneath them. Amazon lays among debris. Vod takes the device but Amazon tries to fight back until he gets her in a sleeperhold. Meanwhile, Swiftgirl comes around snatches the device and tries to escape. Vod releases the unconscious Amazon to pursue.

Swiftgirl, makes it outside and just as she is in mid-leap to fly away, Vod grabs her from behind in bearhug and drags her back (while having her in bearhug) into peril. He places he into another bearhug and continues to pummel her as Amazon tries to recover but collapses a few times. When Vod is about to cave in Swiftgirl’s skull, American Amazon uses her whip to save her at the last moment. Enraged, Vod pummels American Amazon and delivers a vicious back-breaker to ko her.

The heroines lay at his feet but there is still a slim chance that hope may prevail. Check out the video to see how this chapter ends.

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