Pro Style Fantasies Episode 65

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  1. NEW SUPERHEROINE WORLD now available! Starring Charlotte Stokely, Karlie Montana, and Angela Sommers! A HOT custom video, over 40 minutes! Only $25!!!

  2. Maani says:

    i dont understand after epsiode 53 its now episode 65 ???

    • Yeah, sorry if that’s confusing. “ProStyle Fantasies” numbers refer to total videos on the site; “XCW” episodes are only some of those videos.

      I’ll stop using numbers for the Prostyle Fantasies vids from now on to prevent confusion.

  3. Part 4 of the Sleep Mistress saga, starring Angela Sommers, Charlotte Stokely, and Karlie Montana, should be available tomorrow afternoon, so stay tuned to for that!

  4. Ian says:

    Awesome videos, I loved the mixed wrestling you did in the last video. Any plans to do any more mixed wrestling videos, are the woman dominate with low blows?

  5. Kevlar says:

    Great video, well worth the $25 for fans of low blows or PSF.

    What was especially great was that for the most part, Karlie was allowed to react for a little bit after each crotch attack! Often in XCW the girl receiving the low blow is “groggy” or restrained so she receives low blow after low blow with little reaction, maybe just a groan or moan. So it was refreshing to see Karlie cover her crotch and nurse away the pussy pain after many of the low blows!

    Were these reactions specifically requested by the custom purchaser, because I’d love to see this become the norm?

    It was also cool seeing Charlotte Stokely out of her “Ice Cold” role. Her taunting and mocking Karlie’s crotch pain by holding and rubbing her own crotch was fun to see. Angela looks hot as always. I would love to see the girls in bra and panties more often vs bikinis, but that’s a minor personal preference.

  6. Laundry says:

    Good to see you guys back in action! It’s hard to go wrong with the low blow theme and the girls defintely deleiver. Defintely a worthy comeback. can’t wait for the next installment.

  7. uhzoomzip says:

    Karlie is looking better than ever… love that belly. My heart forever belongs to Kymberly Jane/G.I. Jewell though, and I hope she makes a return eventually. <3

  8. Tom says:

    Hi Alex,
    Looking for any old FPZ animated videos you might have lurking on your hardrive from the Crimson Hawk days.
    Happy to pay handsomely 🙂
    Ping me an email if you still have these
    Tomatohead at hotmail dot co dot uk

  9. Jack Puncher says:

    Really liked this film. It was a custom and I am never sure how much of what we see is down to the specific requirements of the sponsor of the custom, how much to the improvisation of the performers and how much to Alex’s creativity in adding value to the provided requirements.

    It did not take place in XCW but we saw Karlie Montana as our brave sexy heroine taking on the sexy heel duo of Angela Sommers and Charlotte Stokely on her own. A brave but not very sensible move.

    Loved the barefoot bikini babe look adopted by all three performers. I have said it before and repeat it in hope that we see more of this look amongst the XCW face wrestlers.

    Karlie’s outfit whilst not what I would call skimpy was small but this did not stop the heels insisting on searching Karlie for concealed weapons. Something else XCW faces should experience on a frequent basis. But the search distracted Karlie enough enabling Charlotte to blindside her with a low blow from behind. From then it was pretty much all downhill for Karlie as her poor pussy was targeted with a wide variety of moves causing it to spend the film in great distress. Only rarely did she manage some sort of short lived counter attack.

    All three performers played their parts well with Angela and Charlotte working well together to keep Karlie surrounded as they mocked and punished her. Karlie did an excellent job selling her distress and suffering as she tried to endure what was being done to her sensitive pussy.

    One thing that puzzled me was when the heels removed Karlie’s top to leave her tits unprotected to take some punishment they did not remove her bottoms. I have no argument with having Karlie’s tits exposed. They are well worth looking at. But why leave the pussy protected by Karlie’s bottoms when the declared intention of the heels was to “destroy that pussy”. The bottoms may not have been large but they could have concealed secret padding or some other defence to cushion the attacks. Some of our heroines can be really sneaky at times. Unless of course the sponsor required that Karlie retain her bottoms.

    So hopefully we will see other wrestlers, whether it is on XCW or as one off’s, “taking it between the thighs”.

  10. steve says:

    Anyone else having trouble ordering this? i tried 2 cards and neither worked.

  11. ME92 says:

    Good to see you back Alex ;D

  12. JimH says:

    Is the superheroine vid shot yet? or something we can expect very soon? So glad you are back!!! Looking forward to both vids!!!

  13. Supramax says:

    Alex !
    has come back!
    to Heroine Movies!
    *giant pop!*
    Just got a new TV too-

  14. Charles says:

    Low blows are amazing in this one! Great to see you back Alex. Will there be other “between the thigh” series with other actresses?

  15. I cant wait for the sleep mistress video this still looks good. low blow is something im not too fond of so i would be biased if i critiqued it from the trailer and the actual video. im just assuming if you like low blows go for it

  16. Scraps says:

    Total honesty…low blow is not my cup of tea, but hot women beating on each other is. Moreover, I’m going to buy because I want to make sure Alex produces again and soon. Glad you are back from the hiatus!

  17. Jack Puncher says:

    Great to see Alex’s return to filming. And with a low blow extravaganza!!!!!!!!!

    Will definitely pick this one up over the next 24 hours.

    Just wanted to post a welcome back and to say looking forward to future films.


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