Punished Heroines’ “Villains United II”

[Adults only] Here’s a quick update about a brand new Punished Heroines video which should be of interest to Skyfire fans—Villains United II. Although a new actress will be playing Skyfire, this should be a highly anticipated video.

Villains United II

Madison Sky stumbles upon a prostitution and human trafficking ring that is responsible for the disappearance of several local girls. After a small confrontation with several girls working within the ring she catches their pimps eye. He tells his girls to recruit or capture Madison if she resists, but of course they are no match for her.

Madison discovers they are all under some sort of mind control that makes them want to be loyal to their pimp and each other. Madison decides that Skyfire needs to confront the person in charge of this terrible and disgusting outfit and take them down once and for all. She bursts in to find endless lengths of rope, chains, and torture devices with a super powered pimp and his mind controlled girls ready for battle.

Skyfire charges in ready to rip him apart, but she is completely unprepared for the sadistic horrors that are about to be unleashed upon her.

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