“Rancor” from The Battle for Earth

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  1. Raimundo says:

    Great, please the sequence. I love Ariel X she is perfect for the role. She is a complete wonder woman.

  2. Jonas says:

    Best vid EVER!!! I can’t stop watching. Please a sequel.

  3. asanti says:

    This is the new Gold Standard.

  4. EvilDaria says:

    This looks really fantastic. At last someone who can live up to the name “Wonder Woman”. Ariel X can fight, act and has the muscle tone and strength to convince. While there’s room for all type in this fetish realm, she surely has the right to call herself a super heroine.

  5. Raimundo says:

    Great job, finally a fitness actress. I love superheroine with muscles. I hope Arial X and other muscles woman could be in others movies

  6. ximi says:

    wow this one is perfect!! I wish the final fight can be a bit longer, but wow, what an outstanding job. PLEASE, by the way it ends, we must have a sequel!!

  7. Binger says:

    This is the new hottest movie ever made. I’m not exaggerating. What a body. Unbelievable.

  8. rayman says:

    I bought this as soon as I saw Ariel X mentioned in the email. Ariel is a long time favourite of mine ever since I saw her at DT Wresting and I am delighted she has finally had the chance to work with a top quality superheroine producer.
    Being a fan of superheroines with real physical ability and strong looks as well as beauty this is a winner for me.
    Can’t wait to see more of Aerial and for her to show off her fantastic fighting skills.

    I would say this video is almost a girl power tale as the heroine is never truly defeated but the peril is the best and if you like KO’s you are in for a treat

    WOO HOO! Ariell X has finally arrived – Thank you Allen

  9. Curious says:

    It’s about time!!! Been waiting for someone to bring an athletic/fit actress into the fold and ive been trying to orchestrate a custom with Ariel in what seems like FOREVER! Im happy

  10. dkm says:

    omg. I’ve always wanted to see Ariel X and that superheroine body of hers in one of these videos, and now it’s happened.

    Does this one have a death ending?

  11. Jake says:

    Ariel and the writer just blew my world up. I’ve always known that you don’t need sex to make the sexiest movie. Ariel is the most sensual WW I have seen (and she has some outstanding competition). And I like that fact that this movie just popped up. No advanced previews. Shockingly hot it every way. Amazing film. I’m just worried that there won’t be more like it. A sequel would be…

  12. TBob says:

    Big fan of Ariel X, have been for years. She always dominated in Academy Wrestling and Ultimate Surrender. Matching her up with the best villainous in the business, Belle, is genius. Can’t wait to buy this soon.

  13. KiriAegis says:

    This looks pretty darn good from what is shown. I really didn’t know about this Ariel X so I looked her up, I like that they went with an actress that’s a little bit older, which is my preference.

    Hopefully this one is a total defeat scenario, which is what the trailer seems to suggest.

  14. Bob says:

    One other quibble: the fighting (which is nude!) is great — just wish there were more.

  15. MAV says:

    man ariel’s hard body looks great under duress and torture! it looks great but too bad that physique isn’t tied AOH but the strappado looks good

  16. Bob says:

    Totally agree on Ariel X’s incredible body. I just wish it was lit a little better — in some of the beating scenes, she’s in shadow most of the time and it’s pretty dark overall. Still an amazing video, though.

  17. Arielfan says:

    this is the movie i have waited for all my life. I love Ariel and the writer of this flic. No wods can do it justice.

  18. Ariel X says:

    Thank you for all the nice comments on here! I had so much fun shooting this video. I loved the stunts, the script and the talent I worked with. The guy who commissioned this is truly brilliant. What an amazing script. Thank you for watching. I Hope I can do more of these videos.

    • JohnG says:

      Dear Ms. X,

      I usually don’t buy TBFE videos as they are very expensive. However, while I wasn’t familiar with you before, your presence and look in the pics/video piqued my interest and I bought the video. I am very glad I did – you are a phenomenal talent! Please make some more videos in this genre!!



      p.s.: Can we call you Ariel?

  19. boye2508 says:

    I just saw the trailer and it looks great, Ariel X has a great figure and fits to play WW. regards

  20. shfyd says:

    This is a pretty long video, but worth every minute. The guy who commissioned it really can write.

    Its starts off slowly with a Diana Prince and Pers in civies talking about old times. Pers drugs and captures Diana, who makes the change into WW before passing out.

    Then starts the good stuff. Death traps for WW, which she has to endure her way out of to be released. Great tension and very clever escapes in each one. However each time WW escapes there is another trap which knocks her out and allows Pers to prepare the next death trap torture.

    WW gets stripped of more items of costume with each KO. And of course Ariel’s perfect female form is truly a sight to behold. She is awesome. Not just her physique, but she can act. She plays out the tension very well, defiant and resistant throughout. I would have liked it if she got to keep her boots on, I am just not a feet person, but that’s just me

    Belle Fatale is an exquisite villainess. She taunts and talks trash brilliantly. Would have liked to have seen a WW v Pers fight, maybe in a sequel??

    As for what happens to WW?……well she escapes the last death trap, but then……….

    Sorry, no Spoiler here……get the video 😉 It’s worth it!

    • Geo10 says:

      Totally agree about the boots and fret comment. Boots on would have been better.

    • redmanx says:

      I so agree with what you say, this movie takes the genre to an entirely new level! Ariel was born to play WW and her training in martial arts, her athleticism and fitness put her out in front of others who have played the role in this genre, and that’s not knocking or belittling all these other fabulous ladies who have appear for Rye, TBFE, Lucia Films etc Ariel is simply that good! But like you I do have one gripe, boots! The boots Ariel wears as WW are great, just as I like them, high stiletto heels, pointed toe, very sexy, but next time we see her the boots have gone! Again, like you, feet are not my thing and Ive never known why some people get their rocks off over them, so to speak, lol, but each to his own. This movie isn’t cheap, but its worth every cent, and Ariel X, Fatale and the cat are all superb, but its Ariels film, lets hope she agrees to do more!

  21. saxman314 says:

    Very cool to get Ariel X into the genre. For anyone who somehow doesn’t know (check out ultimatesurrender.com), Ariel is an honest to god fighter who trains seriously, so she’ll be great for any and all action sequences.

  22. Ripper1 says:

    Holy moly Arial X I have been a fan of her since oh hell and having her in this role this is one that she will battle till the end

    Even by the preview naked she will still make the villains pay before she succumbs
    Great grab TBFE

  23. Cardinal says:

    This movie looks awesome! Does WW die in the end of this one?

  24. -LuciaFilms- says:

    What an incredible physique! Really love the camera work in this too, the focus is on point!

    • dude16 says:

      I honestly agree. While all these girls look incredible, Ariel X has one of the greatest physiques, probably the best physique (in terms of actually having the strength of a superheroine I have ever seen). I would love to see her in more superheroine films especially if your behind the camera Lucia.

  25. drzod says:

    WOW! Love Ariel X’s fit and sexy body! Now that is the body of a superheroine. Very excited to watch this.