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Randy Moore & Karlie Montana in BattleBabes2020 Ep. 2

Randy Moore and Karlie Montana in BattleBabes2020 Episode 2[Adults only] BattleBabes2020 returns with its second episode, featuring the delightful Randy Moore and Karlie Montana battling it out in the ring and gathering points via the show’s elaborate point system. Check out images and a story description below!

Randy Moore and Karlie Montana in BattleBabes2020 Episode 2Randy Moore and Karlie Montana in BattleBabes2020 Episode 2Randy Moore and Karlie Montana in BattleBabes2020 Episode 2

Randy Moore and Karlie Montana in BattleBabes2020 Episode 2Randy Moore and Karlie Montana in BattleBabes2020 Episode 2Randy Moore and Karlie Montana in BattleBabes2020 Episode 2

Randy Moore and Karlie Montana in BattleBabes2020 Episode 2Randy Moore and Karlie Montana in BattleBabes2020 Episode 2Randy Moore and Karlie Montana in BattleBabes2020 Episode 2

Randy Moore and Karlie Montana in BattleBabes2020 Episode 2Randy Moore and Karlie Montana in BattleBabes2020 Episode 2Randy Moore and Karlie Montana in BattleBabes2020 Episode 2

Randy Moore and Karlie Montana in BattleBabes2020 Episode 2Randy Moore and Karlie Montana in BattleBabes2020 Episode 2Randy Moore and Karlie Montana in BattleBabes2020 Episode 2

Randy Moore and Karlie Montana in BattleBabes2020 Episode 2Randy Moore and Karlie Montana in BattleBabes2020 Episode 2Randy Moore and Karlie Montana in BattleBabes2020 Episode 2

Randy Moore and Karlie Montana in BattleBabes2020 Episode 2Randy Moore and Karlie Montana in BattleBabes2020 Episode 2Randy Moore and Karlie Montana in BattleBabes2020 Episode 2

Randy Moore and Karlie Montana in BattleBabes2020 Episode 2Randy Moore and Karlie Montana in BattleBabes2020 Episode 2Randy Moore and Karlie Montana in BattleBabes2020 Episode 2

Randy Moore and Karlie Montana in BattleBabes2020 Episode 2Randy Moore and Karlie Montana in BattleBabes2020 Episode 2Randy Moore and Karlie Montana in BattleBabes2020 Episode 2

Quarter finals – Kelly James vs. Shauna Kincaid

The first quarter-final match for our second tournament of 2020! The karate master, Kelly James, versus “the Dublin Brawler,” Shauna Kincaid!

Can Kelly’s polished technique and sense of honor prevail over the rough and tough street fighter Shauna? Or will Shauna’s vicious brawling simply be too much for the sexy blonde warrior?

A new stipulation promises to make this match one for the history books: Both fighters can bring a DILDO to the fight, to use however they please! Will one of these fighters find themselves fucked to orgasm?

Buy BattleBabes2020 Episode 2 to find out!

Back and forth fighting; brawling; beatdowns; rag doll; KOs; breast attacks; low blows; orgasm; bondage; fucking with a dildo; stripping; stomach punches; spanking; face punching; humiliation; choking; nipple twisting; and much more!

Purchase Episode 2 at BattleBabes2020

58 Responses

  1. c3cuck says:

    hi Alex ! when will come a new battle babes episode ?

  2. uhzoomzip says:

    Wow, I love Ashley Rose. If this video features ample footage of her amazing belly and gorgeous fat ass, I’m in. The bigger they are, the harder they fall.

  3. Tim says:

    Any more sneak peeks Alex? 🙂

  4. Here is an easy way to watch the trailer to the new Superheroine World!


  5. James says:

    Love the costumes on your heroines Alex. Always either a leo or short cheeky shorts with gorgeous legged girls. AWESOME !!

  6. It’s there–are you looking at SuperheroineWorld.com? If so just hit refresh.


    And you can also watch the trailer at Daily Motion here:


  7. ximi says:

    Um Alex where is the trailer and purchase for the new release? Can’t find it on your website…

  8. New Superheroine World now available! FALL OF THE MEGA POWER GUARDIAN!

    Starring Karlie Montana, Tommy Pistol, and Nicole Oring!

    Lots of fighting! Guy vs. girl, girl vs. girl, guy & girl vs. girl! Low blows! Belly punching! Domination and humiliation! Sexual domination! Forced oral with a strap on! Much more! Watch the free trailer!

  9. John says:

    Any updates Alex?

  10. whitman says:

    thanks Alex!

  11. Lovesinnsage says:

    Hey Alex what’s next? XCW? Battle babes?

  12. Hey Whitman–Kelly (Randy) takes a punch in the first round, and then three good knees in a row in the third. Shauna (Karlie) receives the atomic drop/bust in the first round, which is already in the trailer. I think that’s it for low blows–not too many, but I will say the knees Kelly receives are some of my favorite busts yet. They both know very well how to sell that kind of move. You can see a glimpse of one of them in the trailer.


  13. whitman says:

    This looks awesome, but I’m on the fence about this one. Can someone who has picked it up please give a brief low blow synopsis? Thanks!

  14. Me2012 says:

    This looks great Alex, will definitely be picking this one up very soon.
    For me personally, I would like to see you focus on this newly established series, as well as the XCW (with some occasional superheroine movies from time to time), for the upcoming future. I really love these two series, and they’re almost guaranteed buys from me. Girls I would love to see return in your projects soon, preferably in either this or XCW, are Akira Lane (I really miss her and her charismatic roles) and Cali Logan, as those two are great! But I wouldn’t mind the other girls mentioned here as well, though I would love to see Nicole Oring and Paris play in more dominated roles sometime soon, that would be great as well.

    But basically, I’m dying to see Akira Lane return in a dominated role (preferable in battlebabes) as it’s been way too long, and I’ve heard that she has returned, so I don’t see why not! That is probably my greatest wish at this moment… So yeah, I’m begging you Alex to have her in a XCW or Battlebabes soon!

  15. Stone Ragw says:

    Really enjoy this series! I liked the back and forth action in this one. I was rooting for Randy, only because I think she’s hotter than Karlie and I will miss her in the rest of the tournament. Hopefully you will consider Akira Lane or Ariel X in the future. I think it would be hot to have a younger girl like Karlie beat an older woman like Christina Carter and making jokes about her age throughout the match.

  16. Kaizar says:

    I meant your “Pro Style Fantasies” site in Combat Fetish

  17. Kaizar says:

    @Alex Bettinger

    Could you try “Jobber Lover” idea in your “Pro Style Wrestling” site in combat fetish?

  18. rangerian says:

    Love the production. Fighting choreography was just fantastic, the usual AB perfection.

    Randy is definitely the hottest talent going at the moment.

    When the porn started I thought that was it, game over. But the fighting returned shortly after, hooray.

    Would have enjoyed some low blows in the final beatdown sequence.

    I have grown to like the battle babes 2020 format. Well done AB for offering something different.

  19. Kevlar says:

    Hey Alex, loved the video. Would love to see Madelyn Monroe in another video if possible?
    One con – Karlie’s hot, but her “Irish” accent is just terrible. Im not sure if you’ve had any other comments on this, but im British and i know the accent… and that is not it!
    Personally I’d prefer if she just sounded American, but maybe some other fans have fallen for it 😛

  20. Glad you guys seem to be enjoying this new series!

    @Steve More Karlie in the future for sure. She is up there with Nicole Oring and Paris Kennedy in terms of being a “total package”–totally hot, great actress, great stage fighter.

    @Lovesinnsage Yeah, I think Sinn might have to be in the next BB2020 episode. Of course, if she is completely destroyed, then she won’t reach the semi-finals. So she might not get blown out of the water in the quarter finals, but we’ll see!

    @JobberLover Love your idea–though I’m not sure it’s appropriate for the BattleBabes2020 series. There is a lot less “backstage” stuff in this series…it’s really just focused on the fights, so it wouldn’t be easy or natural to establish a whole stepmother angle, etc. Plus, I think these tournaments are such that only good fighters can possibly be in the tournament at all. BUT, trust me when I say there will be plenty of absolute destruction matches. Some fighters–like Leslie Chan–are just too vicious…

    @Superjim All great suggestions. I hadn’t thought of Dragonlily for this series, but I think you’re right, she might be perfect.

    @Tim Caine ANY time we can hire Cali, we will! She’s not local, though, so it’s not always possible to synch our schedules up. We will try though! Capri has gotten a lot better with the fighting since we first hired her, I’ll definitely put her name on our list.

    @Sym Yes, I see your point. Yeah, the way you describe the fight could work, with General Z returning to dominate Karlie in a one-on-one. Let me think about it.

    @Flubber and @Lake Yes, I can assure you that Verotel is a trustworthy billing service. I’ve been with them for many years. Clips4Sale too is a very well known and established company. If you prefer, you can also pay with Paypal, just email me at slayerparisproductions@yahoo.com and let me know which videos you want and I’ll send you the info.

    @Kingles Don’t worry, Paris will definitely appear in BB2020! And yes, I think Desi might be in for an unhappy surprise at some point…maybe she’ll be doing a one-on-one interview with Leslie Chan when she asks a question Leslie doesn’t like…

    @Tommy Capri is on our list! I am not familiar with Alexis Grace, I’ll have to look her up.

    @Trooper2 The whole “patron” angle is designed so that we can add any sort of variation we want. I can see a patron purchasing that rule–perhaps the second round will be boxing rules, or something like that.

    @MisterS Yes, JC Marie is definitely fine. She’s another girl that isn’t local, though, so it may be hard to schedule her on a regular basis. But I definitely see her appearing in BB2020–as a jobber for sure…

    And @TheLecher is correct–Emily is unavailable for the time being. Maybe next year!

  21. TheLecher says:

    I keep seeing requests for Emily Addison. It’s going to be a while before she’s available again, folks. She’s currently under an exclusive contract with Twisty’s.

  22. Mister S says:

    Alex, any chance you get JC Marie back for more videos? Her body is MADE to be poured into tight costumes.

  23. trooper2 says:

    BattleBabes2020 is shaping up to be your best venture yet! Can’t wait to see Paris and/or Emily Addison step into the ring. Speaking of rings, it’s a darn shame that a “boxing” ring doesn’t have more boxing being done in it. Any chance a future BattleBabes can incorporate some nude boxing? That last scene with Karlie hanging helpless on the ropes would have been perfect if she was wearing shiny red gloves. Keep up the good work?

  24. Tommy says:

    Don’t worry about the credit card procedure. I’ve bought multiple videos from the various sites of the producer and never had any problems. The same goes for DT or Ringdivas as well.
    It all comes down to your personal security software running on your machine. Make sure you have the latest anti-virus update installed and if available use a virtual keyboard (pops up on your screen and you click the keys with the mouse).

    Didn’t buy this one yet as DT just released new videos as well, but I will sure do soon…

    For future episodes I’d like to see Capri Cavanni. She did yet another great video against Sandy at DT. She’s hot and she plays the loser well. Alexis Grace is another girl I really want to see in a video from Mr. Bettinger

  25. kingles says:

    @Alex: I really enjoyed this one. Of course it goes without saying that Randy and Karlie are really hot, but I’m happy to say it anyway. The points and rounds systems worked well, and gave them both a chance to dominate(and be dominated), while still producing a clear outcome. This should clearly encourage both contestants to bring a dildo with them when invited to do so in the future..and I really can’t see how that could end up being a bad thing. Plus, Shauna’s accent was really cute…

    As far as who I’d like to see in future matches, I must admit that I’m somewhat indecisive regarding who I’d choose. As I looked through various actresses that have been proposed, I’m kind of like, ‘She’d be good…Ooh, she’d be good too…ect.’. Even while I was watching the video and ‘The Stingray’ was commenting about how ‘I know how it feels to have THAT happen.’, I was thinking, ‘I’d like to see that.’…So how about Annie Cruz? She could make a ‘comeback’ or something. I would suck at this because I basically like all the actresses you cast, so I’ll just trust your judgement here.

    I do have a favorite though, so I will propose one. Paris HAS to be in this somewhere!

  26. Flubber says:

    @Jobber Lover that video sounds amazing. The whole cruel step mother forcing the cute step daughter into this tournament where her pureness just gets brutalized, raped, and taken advantage of and has no chance of surviving. And when she’s ko’d and the ref starts the count her opponent stops the count to continue the brutal beat down and at this point she’s just dead weight as the villain as their way with her. Opponent could be male to further the dominance sense. Anyone have any ideas on who would be the victim. Possibly randy Moore, Emily Addison or the very pretty Presley hart. Chris if you’re reading these that would be a hot buy. Thanks everyone

  27. Flubber says:

    So you guys can tell me I can trust battle babes? The verotel made me nervous for that fact it takes you to another page, but if there’s good reviews with the site and no troubles than I’m sold. Has anyone ever tried paying with a prepaid visa giftcard. I mean it’s a visa with money on it? Also does anyone know of a forum everyone uses to talk about these videos, that way I’m not just commenting on a random video? Thanks everyone

  28. kingles says:

    @Lake: Yeah, it’s kind of odd how Verotel does it. You basically purchase a 14 day subscription to a website where the only content is the video you purchased. So basically…what Sym said. The only thing is that like a normal website subsription, you are assigned a username and password for access(or you are given an option to create your own).

  29. Sym says:

    It just means you have 14 days to download the video.

  30. Lake says:

    I want to buy this but don’t understsnd the payment option:

    Subscription: 14 days for 24.95 USD (one-time)
    This is the only option for the selected payment method

    It’s the subscription that confuses me. I don’t like subscribing, but just want to buy the episode. Can someone clear this up for me please?

  31. kingles says:

    @Flubber: I’ve bought quite a few videos from clips4sale and never had a problem. Not a guarrantee, but it’s been quite safe in my experience. However, it might be better to try out the Battlebabes2020.com site linked right below the preview, first. The video actually costs 2$ more on Clips4Sale to make up for the cut they take for providing their service.

  32. Flubber says:

    Hey everyone, this vid looks so hot, randy Moore is gorgeous. I have a question though if someone could please answer. The site clips4sale.com has anyone purchased from it? Is it safe? I’ve bought downloads from ringdivas and a few weeks later my credit card was all over being charged for magazine and health insurance subscriptions. I really would like PayPal but I don’t see it on clips4sale. Thank you for your time.

  33. Sym says:

    @Alex. With regard to the next Super-Heroine flick (and just to throw another idea into the mix), I know I’d rather see the male villain come out on top on his own merits, rather than losing first and then essentially just being a ‘tag-partner’ for Lotus.

    Obviously, that’s me own personal preference, but I would imagine if you have been getting requests for male villains, then the same people would wanna see those guys dominating the heroine.

    Thinking about it, the video could play out as you’re currently envisagining (is that a word?), but just with Karlie KO’ing Lotus, albeit temporarily. At that point, General Z appears and this time dominates his ‘rematch’ with Karlie and when she’s all but finished, Lotus recovers and joins the action and the double teaming begins. That way, we get three ‘stand-alone’ fights, covering every preference (F beats M, F/F and M beats F), as well as the 2-on-1 beatdown/domination/etc which would follow. Something for everyone!

    The fact is, I would (and indeed have) happily pick up one of your videos for just a few minutes of one-sided m/f fighting. I consider the m/f fight scenes in Ninja Hawk: Origins (Ken vs Nicole) and The Black Falcon (Wolf vs Paris and Nicole) to be the best m/f fights I’ve ever seen, and whilst they both only lasted a few minutes of the videos they are in, they both made those purchase completely worth the fee. (General Z vs Sinn and Paris in the recent Power Guardians was good, but the cutaways to the Nicole/Taylor scenes took the edge off the action, and the fight doesn’t end as ‘definitively’ as the aforementioned fights)

    Anyway, this was only gonna be a quick suggestion, so I’ll leave it there!

  34. Tim Caine says:

    @Jobber Lover
    I dig the lamb to the slaughter idea as well. Especially if she has no idea she’s about to get destroyed. Fun to see the determined little babe get shelacked.

    @Super Jim
    Why no Cali Logan or Capri Cavanni?

  35. Super Jim says:

    Some girls I’d love to see in these fights would be Akira Lane, Sarah Blake, JC Marie, Jill Lauren (From bellypain.com), Stacy Burke, Dragonlily, and Rachel Roxx. Just 3 of these 7 would be great

  36. Jobber Lover says:

    @ Alex Bettinger – Firstly, let me start by saying I love your stuff. But since you asked me, here’s the Battle Babes movie I’d like to see. I’d like to see Battle Babes have a girl in the tournament that doesn’t belong there. Some totally over-matched sweet little thing that has no idea what she’s in for. I’m envisioning a cruel step-mother-type character who uses influence or money to get a sweet little step daughter into the tournament, but really she just wants her destroyed. Maybe she gives her a few weeks or Aero-boxing or Tae-bo as her only training.

    For some reason I like the idea of the lamb coming to the fight in a farm-girl outfit. But I could see it also working with some kind of white outfit. You know, play up the purity type thing.

    Of course by the “luck of the draw” she gets to face a total killer in her first (and only) match. Her opponent is a brute with only one goal, to destroy her opponent. Of course the brute beats her senseless in the first round. The villain rapes the hell out of her in the second round, maybe the camera pans to the Step-mother periodically who laughs. For the final round the little sweetheart gets back into her costume only to get brutalized even more. I think she should get crushed until she spits up blood. Then brutally beaten until she bleeds some more. (If you are doing the white purity thing, the red blood would of course get all over her white outfit.) There should be several times you think the fight is over, but the heel picks her up only hold her up by the hair and face punch her a few more times and, of course, more blood. Finally the evil bitch she’s fighting grows bored with her and snaps her neck, dropping her like trash. The step-mother laughs. The announcers talk of the risks that have always been associated with the Battle Babes Tournament. They quickly move on and start talking about next week’s show. While they are talking you see the body of the lamb being carried off. Such is life in The Battle Babes Tournament. The young cutie was just another forgotten beauty crushed in the gears of the Battle Babes machine.

    Anyway, if you want to know who I’d like to see as the lamb led to slaughter, I’d go with Emily Addison. I think she could pull it off. Plus, she’s hot as hell and slight enough to be a perfect out-gunned victim.

    Well, that’s my idea. Take it or leave it.

  37. Lovesinnsage says:

    @Alex I will love to see Sinn sage vs anybody and getting getting beat, destroyed
    And humiliated as well…perfect outfit for should be a sling shot bikini with booty shorts, or skirt, glove and wrestling boots!!! Sorry I think I was thinking out loud lol…

  38. Steve says:

    Yes, more Karlie Montana in a SH vid! Hopefully in a costume that shows off her tight tummy!

  39. Yes, the bounty hunter series is a go for sure–I just can’t get started on it now because of the holiday coming up, so I wanted to shoot something simple and get that in the can to give myself some breathing room.

    Also a custom video wtih Christina Carter hopefully coming up soon!

  40. TheLecher says:

    The superheroine video with Karlie Montana vs. the Lotus Princess and General Z sounds interesting, but I seem to recall that you were planning to shoot a bounty hunter story, as well. Is that still being planned?

  41. valugi says:

    Hi alex

    I would like if possible to someday see on batlebabbes Christina Carter and Tanya Danielle.

    The new story of superheroine you pensand this seems to be very interesting, I prefer women villains, but not see the problem in a return of General Z with even more lotus princess

  42. @Hank Vicki Chase vs. Sinn would be HOT. I don’t know who I would root for, lol.

    Next up, I think, is a straightforward superheroine video. I’ve had a lot of people requesting male villains, so the next video will continue the “Lotus Princess” storyline, with yet another superheroine (this time played by Karlie Montana, because she’s fucking fantastic) trying to take her down. The male villain General Z will make a return appearance as well. I’m thinking superheroine hunts them down–faces off against General Z, and wins. Then faces off against the Lotus Princess, and looks to be doing very well–when General Z comes to and rejoins the fight. Once it’s 2 on 1, the superheroine stands no chance, and is soon destroyed and humiliated.

    At least, that’s what I have been kicking around in my brain movies.

  43. hank says:

    i would love to see a vicki chase vs sinn sage. whats coming up next in the future alex?

  44. Kaizar says:

    @Jobber Lover


    Scroll down to her fight screens.

  45. Thanks Wheelhousegrind–yes, the fights on BattleBabes2020 are all judged on a point system, so the winner of the match might very well be the fighter who is clearly being dominated by the end of the final round. And YES, I think there is a very good chance that Shauna and Leslie will face each other, either in the semi-finals or else in the finals. We’ll see!

    I haven’t decided yet on who else will be in this tournament–I think Sinn Sage is a sure bet; maybe Vickie Chase. I’m definitely open to suggestions. It should be an actress, though, who clearly knows how to throw a punch! Feel free to suggest!

    Also feel free to suggest ideas about costumes. I actually loved Randy Moore’s outfit in this episode–the gi with no pants really accentuate Randy’s beautiful legs (and perfect ass). I’m open to custome suggestions for other fighters though!

    @Jobber Lover: thanks! Hope you enjoy it! Feel free to suggest ideas for fighters, moves, or costumes here!

  46. Jobber Lover says:

    Thanks Alex,

    I’m going to get this one tonight. I love to see Randy (I mean Kelly) dominated and it sounds like 2/3’s of this video would be just that. BTW, I love your stuff. The good girl is often destroyed in your vids. I love that. Plus, I think you guys combine great fight choreography with sexual content in a nearly perfect balance.

    Destruction + Humiliation = Awesome!

  47. Wheelhousegrind says:

    Shuana got both her point rewards giving her at least 10,000
    Kelly got her 10,000 points as well however in round 2 she was forced to orgasm so that’s -10,000.

    Taking into account the fact that Shauna dominated during the first round she probably started out with more points from simple fighting, then she had the 10,000 point lead. So even if Kelly got a ton of points in the third round Shauna got the lead in the first round and the 10,000 bonus points while Kelly only got the few points in the first round and the large amount of points the the third round.

    tl;dr Shauna probably won.

    Is this a formal tournament, i.e. will Shauna possibly fight Leslie Chan in the semi-finals?

    and any hint as to who will star in the next fight?

  48. Sym says:

    Thanks Alex. The trailer did give a pretty good indication of the content of the video, I just wanted to get a better idea of the ‘context’. I love the fighting action/choreography in all of your work, but I’m not a fan of the sexual stuff. At least, not the sexual stuff that you guys do, with the loser having all the fun and the winner doing all the work! 😉

    Still, between the trailer and your description above, I think I might invest in this one soon.

  49. I’m not 100% sure I know exactly what sort of clarification you guys are looking for, but hopefully this helps.

    So there is a lot of fighting/beatdowns in the BattleBabes2020 videos. Round 1 is all fighting, with Shauna (Karlie) mostly dominating, but Kelly (Randy) gets some good shots in too. Round 2 begins with some fighting, and quickly evolves into Shauna just destroying Kelly, then tying her up and fucking her with the dildo, torturing her nipples, then punching her KO’d body a few times.

    Round 3 starts with Shauna looking like she’s just going to continue dominating, when Kelly knocks the sense out of Shauna with a desperate move. Then Kelly strips Shauna, spanks her (these both being “point rewards” for Kelly), and then begins to just pummel Shauna while Shauna hangs helplessly on the ropes.

    I hope that breakdown, combined with the trailer (I always do my best to make sure the trailers give a really clear indication of the sort of content the video has), should give you a very good idea whether this is the kind of video you’d like!

  50. Sym says:

    if we’re spoiling, could someone break down the action? Nothing too specific, I’d just like to know if there’s a natural ‘ending’ to the fighting segment(s), before all the fondly/inserty/orgasmy stuff starts?

    Essentially, could any part of this vid work as a stand alone fight (or fights) or does either/both combatants succomb to the groping before they are technically ‘beaten’?

  51. Tim Caine says:

    Anyone want to spill the beans? Give us a spoiler… Who wins?

  52. enigma says:

    Looks good, but i agree with Lee and would like to have seen clothing in keeping with first show.

  53. Jobber Lover says:

    @Kaiser, I didn’t notice the difference. Can you give us some example pics or vids to look at to see the difference. She still looks hotter than hellfire to me.

  54. Mell says:

    you really have to dig deep to find something to complain about regarding Randy Moore. always fantastic.

  55. Stagger Lee says:

    I really don’t like the outfits on either of them. I really enjoyed the last BattleBabes ep because of the great costumes, this is way too plain clothes for me.

  56. Kaizar says:

    Randy Moore seems to have lost a lot of her muscles, and also her fake breast are getting smaller.

    I hope she at least gets her muscles back in shape, but I would like it if she also eventually gets her cup size back up.

    She’s still hot.

  57. valugi says:

    This episode is very good batlebabes, two hot women, have very low blows, sensational choreography level alex certainly Batlebabbes here to stay