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“Randy Star, Bounty Hunter” from SuperHeroineWorld

"Randy Star, Bounty Hunter" from SuperHeroineWorld[Adults only] A brand new episode has been released from SuperHeroineWorld. Randy Star, Bounty Hunter stars Randy Moore as the titular bounty hunter in this futuristic fetish epic with an all-star cast (including Christina Carter, Candle Boxxx, Francesca Le and Nicole Oring).

Randy Star, Bounty Hunter from SuperHeroineWorld - 2Randy Star, Bounty Hunter from SuperHeroineWorld - 3Randy Star, Bounty Hunter from SuperHeroineWorld - 4

Randy Star, Bounty Hunter from SuperHeroineWorld - 5Randy Star, Bounty Hunter from SuperHeroineWorld - 6Randy Star, Bounty Hunter from SuperHeroineWorld - 7

Randy Star, Bounty Hunter from SuperHeroineWorld - 8Randy Star, Bounty Hunter from SuperHeroineWorld - 9Randy Star, Bounty Hunter from SuperHeroineWorld - 10

Randy Star, Bounty Hunter from SuperHeroineWorld - 11Randy Star, Bounty Hunter from SuperHeroineWorld - 12Randy Star, Bounty Hunter from SuperHeroineWorld - 13

Randy Star, Bounty Hunter from SuperHeroineWorld - 14Randy Star, Bounty Hunter from SuperHeroineWorld - 15"Randy Star, Bounty Hunter" from SuperHeroineWorld

Randy Star, Bounty Hunter from SuperHeroineWorld - 16Randy Star, Bounty Hunter from SuperHeroineWorld - 17Randy Star, Bounty Hunter from SuperHeroineWorld - 18

Randy Star, Bounty Hunter from SuperHeroineWorld - 19Randy Star, Bounty Hunter from SuperHeroineWorld - 20Randy Star, Bounty Hunter from SuperHeroineWorld - 21

Randy Star, Bounty Hunter from SuperHeroineWorld - 22Randy Star, Bounty Hunter from SuperHeroineWorld - 23Randy Star, Bounty Hunter from SuperHeroineWorld - 24

Randy Star, Bounty Hunter from SuperHeroineWorld - 25Randy Star, Bounty Hunter from SuperHeroineWorld - 26Randy Star, Bounty Hunter from SuperHeroineWorld - 27

Randy Star, Bounty Hunter from SuperHeroineWorld - 28Randy Star, Bounty Hunter from SuperHeroineWorld - 29Randy Star, Bounty Hunter from SuperHeroineWorld - 30

Randy Star, Bounty Hunter from SuperHeroineWorld - 31Randy Star, Bounty Hunter from SuperHeroineWorld - 32Randy Star, Bounty Hunter from SuperHeroineWorld - 33

Randy Star, Bounty Hunter from SuperHeroineWorld - 34Randy Star, Bounty Hunter from SuperHeroineWorld - 35Randy Star, Bounty Hunter from SuperHeroineWorld - 36

Randy Star, Bounty Hunter – Episode 1

Starring Randy Moore, Christina Carter, Candle Boxxx, Francesca Le, and Nicole Oring!

Also starring Duncan and Alexander as “the Belfry Brothers”!

30 action-packed minutes! Get the free trailer at SuperHeroineWorld.com

The year is 2019. Firearms have been banned worldwide. Gun-detecting drones fill the skies. Anyone caught in possession of a firearm is given an automatic sentence of 5 years in prison. Criminal organizations begin reaching out to the corporate world, forming dark alliances.

The world is more dangerous than ever.

Randy Star is a bounty hunter during these dark days–a seasoned, whiskey-drinking, sword-wielding, kung-fu-fighting, sexy blonde badass! She is approached by a company to help rescue one Christina Jenson from the evil clutches of Sophie Lacan, a ruthless operative of the “Zhang Syndicate,” and who is intent on sexually taming and enslaving Christina!

Randy and her partner (and lover) Nikki bust into Sophie’s hideout, only to be confronted by Sophie’s personal guard the Belfry Brothers. A wild battle ensues, and it looks like our sexy heroines will prevail–when suddenly Sophie’s notorious enforcer Otsu joins the fray! Randy is taken by surprise and beaten into total helplessness; and the Belfry Brothers cruelly gang up on little Nikki!

Meanwhile, Christina is being brutally sexually tortured! She is stripped, groped, forced to orgasm repeatedly, controlled by a body-control-collar, spanked, fondled, subjected to nipple clamps, and more!

Will Christina be sexually enslaved by Sophie?
What will these criminals do with Randy and Nikki, now that they have been defeated and rendered defenseless?!

Included in this thrilling episode: sexual domination and torture, kung fu fighting, sword fighting, stomach punching, low blows, breast blows, face punches, 2-on-1, male/female fights and beatdown, female/female beatdown, full nelson, groping, fondling, stripping, spanking, forced orgasms, bondage, vibrators, body-control-collar, nipple clamps, KOs, and much more!!

30 action-packed minutes! Only $19.95 for the FIRST WEEK ONLY!!!

Download the free trailer at SuperheroineWorld.com!!

Watch in 720 for best quality
Note: This is a clip from the video. Download the official trailer at SuperHeroineWorld
Purchase Randy Star, Bounty Hunter at SuperHeroineWorld

37 Responses

  1. ME2013 says:

    Good news Alex, will be looking forward to RS part 2, like always ;D

  2. nook says:

    great ! thanks

  3. Plan to upload it tonight–just waiting for the billing company. Check the site tomorrow for Randy Star 2!

  4. nook says:

    im curious too .. any news about this project ?

  5. Nathan says:

    Any news on any upcoming projects?

  6. Kaizar says:

    Wow, CaptainCrude keeps coming up with some pretty good ideas.

    So is anyone else excited about the year of 3D, 2013?

    You can’t tell there isn’t a single 3D movie this year that you don’t look for out of the 68 or so 3D Movies of 2013 LOL.

  7. kingles says:

    @CaptainCrude: I like that one. Such trauma for poor Nova Woman!

  8. CaptainCrude says:


    I totally agree!

    How about an Egyptian Princess with the ability to control the dead? Have a bunch of scantily clad mummy babes subdue the Super Heroine duo, a forced Nova Woman has to worship her majesty with the threat of Flare being killed, and then kill Flare regardless only to have the Egyptian Princess control her sidekick from the grave and use her to humiliate Nova Woman (Nova Woman would just have to find a new sidekick in a later episode).

  9. kingles says:

    @CaptainCrude: I’d love to see a supernatural type of villainess….

  10. CaptainCrude says:

    I gave up on the goo idea too.

    I see that Alex is shooting again. It looks like Christie Stevens is involved in a Superheroine World beat down clip.

    I’m still itching to hear about the Nova Woman shoot.

    I’ve got so many ideas planted in my head for a second episode. I hope we see a variety of super villains – much like the 1960’s Batman, only in this case the super villains always win.

    I’d be excited to see Nova Woman again no matter what, but here are some ideas for villains I thought up:

    -Spider (The Widow?)
    -A Witch
    -Common Thugs with a super weapon/or super power serum
    -Evil Sister (would love to see Christie Stevens play a bad girl)

    There are a lot of girls I’d love to see play the villainess in the upcoming episode… Mina, CC, Christie Stevens, Sinn Sage, Randy Moore, and Diana Knight are my primary picks.

    One thing I do request and would love to see is a kiss my (breasts/ass) demand from a villain. Especially with the villain saying that she won’t harm Flare if Nova Woman complies… and then of course she complies… the villainess not liking the way she is performing her kiss demands it be done a “her way” and then all in all lie and do what she was going to do to Flare any ways after the kissing is complete.

  11. nooksixty says:

    I really like Randy in this video, her groggy expressions and her outfit. Leather coat fits perfectly on her character. I think should have one more fight with Nicole with some belly punches and punches in the face, I really liked when Nicole catched Randy and punched her face. It was perfect. I watched some Randy sexy smoking videos I think it will be perfect in a next movie for a bad girl in a latex or leather outfit. Congrats to this video.

  12. Reacherfan says:

    Looks wonderful! Are there any scenes where the women must struggle to reach their weapons?

  13. Kaizar says:

    I like CaptainCrude idea.

    I’m neutral about the green goo part.

    I still can’t believe that 1 of the 8 comic book movies in theaters this year isn’t going to be in 3D, specifically R.E.D. 2.

  14. CaptainCrude says:

    I would love to see Christina Carter experience Stockholm Syndrome in this series; it would be great to see her suddenly not want to be rescued and to be taking part in the evil-doings.

    I’m really excited that there’s going to be a Nova Woman and Flare Episode II.

    Is it going to be a sequel featuring the Red Queen? I wouldn’t mind that, but I like the simplicity of the characters and the story. It was a no bull shit introduction to two super heroines going after a criminal and her hench-women. It would be neat to see it adopt a sort of 1960’s Batman formula – where the two main characters get themselves into precarious positions with a variety of campy villains and then have to find their way out of them… Only the joy of this series being that justice isn’t served and the duo is pummeled into defeat and ravished over and over again.

    I am really opinionated about that episode as it was my favorite piece of work Alex and the crew has put together. If I get my wish I hope we see an episode featuring Christina Carter as a Witch with her apprentice played by Nicole Oring… within that context I’d love to see Nova Woman’s face covered in green goo witches brew, and smothered by Christina.

  15. Kaizar says:

    Alex, are you going to see Iron Man 3 or Man of Steel in 3D before you give up on the idea of doing any 3D yourself.

    And I’m glad to hear about the sequel to Nova Woman.

    Also what are your plans on using any fitness models like Ariel X or some other kind of feminine Muscular figure female. I would like to see a woman like Venus from Landofvenus.com be in one of your videos.

    I do like Randy Moore, but I would like to see more females with abs & biceps like Ariel X & Tia Ling & so fort. But of course I still want plenty of muscle-less females, I just like a combination of females in a video so as to have more kinds of stuff be done in a female-female combat scenario.

    @Steve S

    I agree with you on the more psychological defeat to go with the physical defeat to really make it hot.

  16. HTLVR says:

    Nicole’s outfit is awesome. I want to see Randy escape, dominate and knock out Nicole (wearing that outfit) in a fight, hogtie her and get some revenge. Then the villains capture Randy and free Nicole. Just a thought…

  17. Chris says:

    I want to see Randy Moore get free and fight off the villains for a little while before getting overwhelmed by the brothers, nicole oring, and francesca Le and then beaten up and sexually assaulted by all four of them.

  18. Steve S says:

    I just hope you keep up Sophie’s MO and have her dominate Randy thoroughly psychologically instead of just the good old fashioned ravaging. I’d love to see Randy submit to Sophie, a more mental defeat, instead of having Randy just be being overpowered physically.

  19. PerilEyes says:

    Hey again, thought of a few more comments. I did want more of a focus on Randy and thought perhaps there was a bit time on Christina and Francesca. THAT SAID, the exchange between those two was really good! The constant “look at me!” was very well done. And Christina looks really good in and out of her business attire!

  20. @Valugi: Sound like great ideas! Randy definitely will be sexually dominated now that she’s in the bad guys’ clutches. Fingering is still up in the air, as I don’t know if we’ll do hardcore in this series or not–but I will keep it in mind!

    @TheLecher: A B/G softcore scene shouldn’t be a problem 🙂 Though when we left off, it seemed that the Belfry Brothers were going to have fun with Candle (Nikki), and Otsu was going to have some fun with Randy. I might want to pick up right from there–it’s possible that Randy could make a brief comeback, take out Otsu, then go to rescue both Christina and Nikki–only to be forced to stand down by Sophie who maybe threatens to kill them, etc. THEN we could get into some fun ravishing…

    @T-Bob: I hear ya! We’ll focus more on Randy in the upcoming episodes. I think we wanted to have somewhere to go after episode 1, and Randy being the focus of peril is one of those places we intend to go now, heh heh…

    @PerilEyes: Yes, I think that is unavoidable: the bad girls will surely want to humiliate and emotionally torture Randy by ravishing her partner/lover in front of her. Nikki is a very sexual being, as we’ll see, which will make her sexual domination only that much more fun…

    @Kaizar: Yes, I’m sure there will be episodes with only girls in the future. Stay tuned! No plans for a 3d video–I don’t like 3d movies in the theater, I can’t imagine making one myself.

    @HeroineFan2020: The video is definitely up there, people have been buying it easily enough. Try refreshing the home page? SuperheroineWorld.com And yes, JC and Paris will return in the sequel to the Nova Woman video soon! We shoot at the end of May!

  21. HeroineFan2020 says:

    This video isn’t showing up for me on shw yet?
    Also any plans on using JC Marie again soon? She and Paris are the best! Keep up the good work, thanks

  22. Kaizar says:

    Looks quite perfect.

    I would wonder if there would be any episodes with an all female cast.

    When will we see any videos recorded in 3D?

    There are 67 3D Movie Premieres this year in Theaters, so I would think some XXX videos outside of the far-east would start being done in stereoscopic 3D.

    Here’s my proof about the 2013 3D Movie premieres:


  23. Perileyes says:

    Alex, I can probably formulate a more complete story if I thought about it more, but one scene I would love to see is Randy helplessly forced to watch and taunted (by Francesca or Nicole…they both make great villainess) while Candle her girlfriend is ravished. That would greatly add to her humiliation.

  24. T-Bob says:

    Awesome movie. Hope you keep popping out episodes. I love when a strong character like Randy beats up all the male characters, then loses to a female. Only thing is I wish there was more focus on Randy herself. Too much of the episode was focused on Christina and Sophie, and Nikki’s beatdown. I wish the Randy-Nicole Oring fight would have lasted longer.
    Regardless it was an awesome movie and I can’t wait to see more. I hope in the very end Randy ends up getting tamed by Sophie.

  25. TheLecher says:

    There already seems to be a consensus as to what people would like to see in the second part, or the beginnings of a consensus, at any rate, but I’ll chip in with what my own preference would be, regardless.

    The two heroines (heroine and sidekick, actually) having been defeated, the very next thing which should happen is that they should both be ravished on the spot by the two lackeys, either with Otsu’s assistance, or with her looking on in amusement. (Obviously, since B/G hardcore is currently not on the table, I’m talking about a softcore B/G ravishing.) Following which, the heroines can still end up in Sophie’s clutches for brainwashing or enslavement of anything else which may be desired.

    That being said, I have no idea if my suggestion is even feasible with Randy Moore in the starring role. I know that she’ll do softcore B/G with her husband, but I have no idea whether or not she’ll do even softcore B/G with other guys. Of course, Alex and Paris can find that out easily enough, if they don’t know already.

  26. valugi says:

    Alex This Is a great Movie, I loved all the actress who participated in this film

    in the second episode would be possible that Fracesca Lee playing with body of Randy Moore, and liked the idea of Christina ​​being controlled and help villains in the torture of the two heroines, I would also like to see Randy get a scene where she has an orgasm, nicole or Francesca or using two fingers to have a orgasm same at the end randy moore could recover after seeing his partner suffered sexual torture, Anyway, I’m eager to see more of this saga.


  27. @drake: I’m quite sure that Randy will be dominated in episode 2!

    @lazxmw: Glad you liked it! Lets see, Randy triple teamed (or maybe even quadruple teamed with Sophie in the mix too), then tied up and whipped? Sounds doable! Forced to watch as Nikki is ravished? Sounds perfect.

    @uhzoomzip: Aw, you’re very kind 🙂 Paris and I both appreciate it! And I definitely agree about Randy being forced to emotionally crack at some point–that is, after all, the great pleasure of having a hard, steely character! Forced to watch Nikki (Candle) ravished seems to be a strong idea here.

    @Random Heroine Fan: Great suggestion–though the body-control collar was part of the custom request, and I think he may want to continue that motif in episode 2. If so, I might just leave that element alone or however he sees fit–but I will definitely raise the idea with him and see what he thinks…

    Keep the ideas coming everyone! This was a pilot episode in the true sense of the term–really as much of a testing ground as a first chapter in the story.

    By the way, Christina’s character, and Sophie’s interest in her, are also things that I intend to flesh out over time. It just may be that the story fed to Randy–about the landing gear for planes–doesn’t quite explain Sophie’s brutal interests in Christina…

  28. RandomHeroinefan! says:

    Building off of one of the previous comments, Christina’s body-control collar should get updated to a mind control collar. After some fun the collar is accidentally deactivated and Christina manages to break free. She is recaptured after a cat fight and then locked up. Randy and Candle are brought to Sophie and placed beside unconscious Christina. When they wake her up Sophie reactivates the collar and displays her control over Christina, then Sophie uses Christina to help her break down the girls. Something like that. Not that I’ve invested any thought in this..!

  29. uhzoomzip says:

    Awesome video. Another instant classic. One of my favorite scenes in “Boogie Nights” is Burt Reynolds’ monologue about how his dream is to create a film where the story sucks the audience in, and after they’re through getting off they have to sit there and process the rest of the film because they need to see how it ends. I feel like Alex and Paris have hit that point, and probably hit it awhile back.

    There’s a five minute scene with some expository dialogue that establishes the flick’s unique premise and gives us some sexy shots of Randy and Candle. Randy in particular here is very impressive, the girl is a bombshell and her extraordinary body puts her a red dyejob away from becoming the real life analogue to Molotov Cocktease from “Venture Bros.” She was a natural choice for a protagonist in a role like this. So, we learn she’s a hardass and she doesn’t like people putting their hands all over her girlfriend after the dialogue sets up the eventual confrontation between Belfry Bros/Otsu.

    The movie cuts back and forth between Randy/Candle and scenes with Christina/Francesca. The latter scenes are incredibly fucking hot, but it makes a lot of sense now knowing that they were a custom script and that the rest of the movie kind of acts as a framing device for them. They’re particularly intense and feature a side of Francesca Le I hadn’t seen as I’ve only been privy to videos where she’s a sub. Both girls are consummate fetish actresses who need no introduction, and it is a true joy to watch the camera devour Christina’s bountiful creamy flesh unencumbered by her trademark wonder woman uniform. A lengthy spanking shot that focuses on her gorgeous rippling ass and thighs ensures that I’ll be revisiting this scene when I’m in the mood for some Christina Carter.

    The movie ends on a cliffhanger with the heroes’ rescue mission momentarily thwarted. Always thrilling to watch a woman established as a seriously skilled badass get cut down, and Nicole is always such a great villain. Randy lays unconscious and helpless at the hands of Otsu, her power wholly usurped, her girlfriend about to manhandled by a couple of weirdos in masks, and her tits ungainly exposed to all passersby.

    I’m on the fence as far as what direction the second episode should go in, but I can adamantly say that there needs to be a second episode establishing some closure. You can have the heroine save the day and jher reputation, complete her mission and rescue her girlfriend or you can turn the story into an account of her continued precipitous and oh-so-delicious downfall. Either way, I’m hoping there’s some emotional manipulation that momentarily cracks Randy’s steely facade. Even badasses can be turned into sniveling wrecks under enough pressure. Maybe that entails watching the girlfriend she’s held so closely get sexually tormented by thugs while she’s forced to watch? Anything’s possible with Alex and Paris.

  30. lazxmw says:

    I loved the first episode, and I have quite a few things I would love to see in the next episode. When it comes to Randy, I think she should get triple teamed by the villains, where she is belly punched and dominated, then tied up and whipped then forced to watch the men have their ways with Nikki while Sophie taunts Randy while fondling the tied heroine, whispering into Randy’s ear that when they get done with Nikki, all three of them will take Randy next.

  31. Drake says:

    Randy needs to get tied up and dominated in the next episode. Looking forward to your big superheroine video in May. I hope you have Christie Stevens in it.

  32. @Steve: I just downloaded the trailer without any problem–seems to be working fine. Try right-clicking on the download link and saving the file to your computer first, and then playing it from your computer.

    @Kevlar: More Paris and Karlie coming up! Great idea for Karlie’s character too. Not sure when I’ll get back to BB2020 or CFF, I have a big superheroine video coming up in May, and some more XCW needs to be shot before then…but I’ll try!

    @Steve S: Great ideas! I like the idea that Candle (Nikki) is definitely the weaker of the two, and is more amenable to sexual enslavement, heh heh. Sophie Lacan would have a LOT of fun with her…

  33. Steve S says:

    Will Christina be sexually enslaved by Sophie?

    Of course! I’d love to see a leash attached to that collar and then she gets led around like that.

    What will these criminals do with Randy and Nikki, now that they have been defeated and rendered defenseless?!

    I’d love to see them both brought before Sophie, who then plans to attempt to sexually enslave them just as she has done with Christina. Both girls get bound in some manner, then eventually Candle appears to crack, submitting to Sophie. Randy is able to contort in her bonds in just the right way at just the right time to free Candle. But the newly freed Candle still has a muddled mind, and quickly falls back under Sophie’s power, obeying her even while freed from her restraints, to Randy’s horror. Sophie then enlists Candle to help her in taming Randy.

    Then Randy can either be broken or somehow free herself and Candle, depending on what the future of the series dictates.

  34. Steve says:

    The trailers dont seem to work on the website

  35. Kevlar says:

    Hey Alex, this new series looks awesome! Although the girls in this video aren’t among my favourites, they still look stunning and Its good to see you’re still trying new ideas for series and producing something a bit different.
    Personally I would like to see Paris Kennedy feature more often in ANY of your series. We had the glory days of early Hawkheroines and SHW where she featured all the time, but now it seems almost rare that she makes an appearance. She’s still hot as hell and she’s always been one of the most convincing actresses whether beating somebody down, or being beaten down herself. I would particularly like to see her on receiving end of a few low blows and some breast mauling like the good old days!
    Focusing on this series, I think Karlie Montana would be a great addition to Randy’s team. I picture her in a similar skirt to the one Candle is wearing (maybe a check school girl skirt) and thigh high fish nets where she keeps her twin sai/kunai. I would also love to see Karlie receiving a couple of low blows in a skirt!
    Whatever the case, i wish you the best and hope this series is a success!

    P.S. Any news on the next Battlebabes? Will there be a return for Girls Cant Fight or Catfight fantasies?

  36. Hey everyone! Just wanted to make sure everyone knew that the Daily Motion video above is NOT the full trailer; it’s just the only video from “Randy Star, Bounty Hunter” that Daily Motion hasn’t pulled for being too risque and graphic!

    Get the FULL risque trailer at SuperheroineWorld.com!

    Also, this video was partially a custom, and accordingly has a very hot and lengthy sexual torture/taming scene with Francesca Le and Christina Carter. I am very open to suggestions for what happens in Episode 2–please give me your suggestions! Randy and Nikki are both defeated and captured–what should happen to them now?

    Get the video this week for the special discount price of $19.95! A steal for 30 minutes! Randy Moore kicking ass! Christina Carter stripped naked and sexually dominated! Candle Boxxx double teamed and beaten! Nicole Oring sucker-punching Randy Moore and then beating her senseless!