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“Raquel III” from Boxing Fantasies

raquel21[Adults only] Boxing Fantasies, the new venture from Alex Bettinger and Paris Kennedy, has released its debut video, Raquel III. Be sure to take advantage of the opening weekend price of $24.95, before the regular price of $29.95 goes into effect in a few days!


















NEW! Our debut release!


Starring Angela Sommers and Misty Stone!

Raquel “The Sicilian Slugger” Angelina won the Women’s Boxing Federation title in a miraculous upset against Apollonia Jacobs. Now, after defending her title 10 times, and after a hellacious inter-promotional match against an XCW wrestler (“Nasty” Annie Gunn!), she faces her most dangerous opponent yet: Misty “Clubber” Stone! Does Raquel stand a chance against Misty, or will Misty pummel the sexy blonde and turn her into her very own whimpering, helpless, submissive little bitch?? Buy the episode and find out!!!!!


Featured in this thrilling episode: Boxing, wrestling, brawling, low blows, breast attacks, wedgies, spankings, face punching, belly punching, punch-drunk staggering, unwanted orgasms, sexual humiliation, stripping, domination, trash talk, and much much more!!

Starring Angela Sommers, Misty Stone, Kymberly Jane, Annie Cruz, Samantha Grace, Rifferus, Melissa Jacobs, The Tay, and Paris Kennedy!

Produced by Paris Kennedy; Directed by Alex Bettinger

SPECIAL OPENING WEEKEND PRICE, FOR THIS WEEKEND ONLY! $24.95 for 36 minutes! After that it will go to its official price of $29.95. So get it now!

Available in HUGE HD (1920×1080), regular HD (1280×720), and small (720×406).

[Watch in 720 for best quality]
Purchase Raquel III at Boxing Fantasies

108 Responses

  1. Kiriaegis says:

    I’ve been reading up on some of the previous comments here and I have to say, I agree with Alex that the slutty white shorts are perfect on Angela. I would say no, emphatically no, to a thong. For one, it’s vastly overdone these days, and not everyone agree they’re the best thing since sliced bread.

    I love the more cheescake style of fuller cut bottoms like the slutty boxing shorts, and Angela wears them very, very well. The tightness is crucial, as she gives some very satisfying camel toe in many closeups of her slutty little shorts.

    If it was my call, the only thing I would upgrade them with is something really slutty and fetish like vinyl or rubber bottoms. But with the possibility that Angela might be getting pantsed in the next scenario as well, I’d give her some PVC or rubber underwear for an extra level to the sluttiness of Raquel β€œThe Sicilian Slugger” Angelina. I would start her off as a topless boxer from the onset, though.

  2. Kiriaegis says:

    This one looks really promising. Angela Sommers seems to make the near-perfect victim, and the epitome of the helpless blonde jobber in white shorts. It’s pure joy watching her lose, even in the trailer.

  3. Zorba says:

    I love this video and play it over and over. I think there is something I was hoping for in part 2 that wasn’t mentioned by others. I really love Misty Stone, and got her POV videos on Hit the Mat and especially the part where she was knocked out. Hoping in part 2 Misty will beat on Raquel again and knock her down a couple of times, but then run into a punch that puts her on queer street and Raquel beats her into submission and knocks her out cold. Wow, that would be sensational. Please keep using Misty Stone. I think she is wonderful, athletic, and sexy.
    BTW I love Randy Moore so her playing Drago would be great. But somehow, someway, sometime someone will have to bring her down and knock her out.
    Keep up the good work. I am a new fan, but I love boxing and boxing knockouts so you have me.

  4. I’m very late chiming in with this one. But I just wanted to say that I usually am not a fan of boxing videos. But because I’m a fan of the Rocky movies as well as most of the cast of this video I gave it a chance. And I am glad I did, was a great video.

  5. Fred Moore says:

    I think you have to bring back Misty Clubber Stone for the rematch, and to be knocked out in a tough match where she dominates at first and then Appolina turns things around and batters Misty into submission and final knocks her on her back for the full count and wins the title back. Misty could wear an more revealing outfit as could App. Why not a bikini match, or both wearing tight body suits.

  6. Calford says:

    Misty Stone is quite foxy. I’d love to see more black bootylicious/boobylicious wrestlers ravaging pretty white women. I’d love to see a big black woman boxing Cherry B from festelle into oblivion or putting her through her paces on prostyle, her big juicy udders flopping about all over the place!

  7. Chris says:

    I would love to see Belle Noire in a mixed boxing match, where she totally dominates her male opponent, and then knocks him out!
    It always adds to the excitement of the match when the female taunts the male in the ring, as she’s kicking his ass.
    (please keep this e-mail private- thank you)

  8. NEW BOXING FANTASIES now available!!

    Starring Goldie Blair, Belle Noire, and Diana Knight! Check out the trailer at the site, or else on Daily Motion here: https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x19oj7e

    Check out new girl Belle Noire! Let us know if you’d like to see more of her!


  9. Madusa says:

    I came so hard seeing Raquel dominated like that. I hope she beats her in a rematch.

  10. wilson says:

    Hi Alex;

    What do you think about my previous sugestion of non-wrestler characters domination sex scenes?


  11. trooper22222 says:

    May I recommend Scarlet from maidens-of-mayhem for the part of Drago in Raquel IV? She had a topless boxing video with Goldie on that site and she really sold the punches.

  12. Stee says:

    I found something all you pin-obsessed lunatics might like:


    Basically, one girls beats and pins the other one 8 times. In other words, there are 8 10 counts in this video.

  13. GManLovesJobbers says:

    I personally do like Alaina a lot & when her name was mentioned as being a possible future X-Club wrestler , I was all for it based on the picture I saw of her & I WANT HER TO STAY , but like some of the others , I believe she is miscast in the Ocean Patrol role although the decision has been made that she stays as 1 of the 2 Ocean Patrol doormats , for me , I think it is the fact that her hair in the picture I saw of her was like a dirty blonde color & in her Ocean Patrol match it was darker , perhaps if she could dye it lighter again it might change things more because based on that picture I did see , I believe it would of made a difference on my & some others opinions .

    I know this is all about fantasy & it is about all the x-club fans & just not me , but if you have something special , use it , look at the WWE , was on vacation one day in Phoenix & bought a magazine to read in the hotel & I choose Ironman ( swimsuit edition ) & 2 models wer eboth blonde & gorgeous , one was named Trish Stratus & the other , Torrie Wilson & that very day I just dreamed about the two being perhaps the sexiest female tag team ever & of course , they were not involved in wrestling yet , but I could imagine them wearing matching sexy outfits & posing provocatively ass to ass while sticking out their chests in a very teasing way for posters to sell at merchandise stands , THEY WOULD SELL OUT IN MINUTES & be as famous as that Farrah Fawcett red bathing suit poster , but they 1st were in 2 different promotions , then when both with the WWE / WWF , on different shows & then when on the same shows , one was a face & the other a heel , so they wasted a special opportunity moment in my opinion .

    To me it is about the whole package although this is definitely not the WWE or Impact Wrestling , but the decision has been made that Alaina will stay as Angela’s partner so any fan of the x-club will just have to support that now as a 2nd match does indeed make it official , no new Ocean Patrol partner for Angela like in WOW where they made a change after the 1st match & I just hope that if someone new , like JC Marie or my next 2 dream blondes Love / Got Gisele or Jenny Poussin one day joins the x-club , that they might , just might be considered as being a 3rd Ocean Patrol member, the more jobbers the merrier .

    lastly , I also can’t wait for the next x-club & as I said in my last post , I will order as soon as it is up & ready as seeing Angela get ravished will always be a sweet site to see & seeing Christie get defeated in the ring also is just what I want to see , I just hope that the match is made just that much more ” Fuck Yes ” with a pinfall ending , sorry folks , I just love pins , unless they are LAME LAME LAME ASS ROLLUPS , what a horrible way to end a match , I like clear cut I HAVE DEFEATED YOU & CAN PIN YOU TO THE MAT PINS & in the Ocean Patrols handicap match , I would love to see Angela officially pinned this time as in the 1st match , it just think it was Alaina who was pinned as both of Angela’s shoulders were not officially on the mat & both Annie & Roxy had almost none of their bodies touching her when they piled on & I hope we get a few more teasers as well before it comes out if it is not going to be so in the next day or two .

  14. djarte says:

    Hi Alex,

    the locker rooms picks looks amazing! I also agree with some other people that i would like to see Ocean Patrol get squashed by the dominator without using any weapons but just her superior body!

    Furthermore, am i the only guy that loves Alaina and thinks that she is a wonderful jobber and a perfect team mate for Angela? I am a bit dissapointed that she could not make it for the locker room scene but i am anticipating her return in XCW 28 where she hopefully get her soft ass bad kicked!

    Thanks and keep up the good work!


  15. GManLovesJobbers says:

    @Alex – Gonna get the next X-Club when it comes out no matter what , but would love to know if a 1-2-3 defeat is heading Christie’s way by The Dominator & after The Dominator HUMILIATES Angela in the locker room , she pins her for the fun of it ( SORRY VALUGI )

  16. Valugi says:

    Alex first congratulate the great work in the film, Melissa was fantastic as the villain, and Angela sold very well the blows, and enjoyed it to the max trying to resist what Melissa did to her. The scene with the whip was one of the best movies I’ve ever done in style, was very good.

    I’m also looking forward to the new episode of XCW, and finally see the debut of Christina is one of my favorite actresses, she’ll be fine in this movie, alex Congratulations for the great work. And does not care about the bullshit talked some, such as the bob, which was extremely ignorant.

  17. Stee says:

    I CANNOT WAIT to see Angela AND Christie destroyed (in the same episode no less)!! Unlike Bob, I don’t want to sound like a jerk but I am so happy Alaina was sick and is not in the locker room scene. I know we’re supposed to pretend she’s in the same league as Angela but as far as I’m concerned, she has no business being on the same screen with her.

  18. CaptainCrude says:

    Also, now that the monster has come to XCW… I would like to pitch the idea that she beats GI Jewell clean, no outside interference, no weapons. Just a pure squash, with an attempt at an offensive by Jewell that goes no where for her. I think it would be the first time she is beaten clean.

    Seeing CC beat up on Ocean Patrol and Christie Stevens will be great, and will help establish her as a monster that can crush the girls who’s careers haven’t totally taken off and also give her a winning streak to boast… but if she beat GI Jewell badly it would send a message to everyone in the locker room.

  19. CaptainCrude says:

    YES! Alex you’re the BEST (in the World!).

    I am so happy to see Christina Carter as a heel in XCW and completely… absolutely destroying Angela! I can’t wait to see her match with Christie Stevens.

    Angela and CC are about the same height, but I am already excited to see CC force Angela on her knees or to bend over to create the illusion that she is superior to her opponent. So good. I look forward to the release!

    I am torn though, I really like the vampire idea. Melissa Jacobs looks phenominal as a bad ass vampire. Good work all around!

  20. Stee says:

    Hey Bob, you asshole, we just had Angela vs. a monster heel. It was called Raquel III and it was AMAZING!

  21. jobberfan says:

    *waits patiently for more one-sided boxing* πŸ™‚

  22. Well, since you asked SO nicely Bob….XCW 27 should be out late next week. It will feature a scene where Christina Carter as “The Dominator” attacks and dominates Angela in the locker room, and even uses a dildo on her (hardcore). It will also feature The Dominator facing off against (and pretty much completely destroying) The American Dream Girl, Christie Stevens!

    Alaina was sick and couldn’t make the locker room shoot; but she is scheduled for the handicap match for XCW 28! The handicap match between BOTH members of the Ocean Patrol and The Dominator will appear in XCW 28, which should be out in January.

    Here’s a little taste from XCW 27:


  23. Bob says:

    Mehhh, pass. So what about that Monster Heel vs Angela match we’ve been talking about for 6 months?

  24. OKAY! “The Gatecrasher,” Episode 1, starring Angela Sommers and Melissa Jacobs, is now available at SuperheroineWorld.com!! Check out the free trailer! WAY too intense for Daily Motion!!

    And don’t forget to check out the FREE clip from the video: an already-classic table kung fu fight between Angela Sommers and Melissa Jacobs! Watch it on YouTube here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rWxnTJsgvHQ

    This video has back and forth fighting, beatdowns, bitch slapping, stomach punches and knees, low blows, groping and fondling, spanking, bondage, forced orgasms, forced sybian ride, topless nudity, and easily the most intense whipping scene I’ve ever filmed!!

    Check out the free clips!!


  25. Hey, YouTube hasn’t banned the clip yet, awesome! Here’s the link again:


    @Coulumbia: There ARE interesting things to come in this one–more fighting, a beatdown, low blows, fondling, bondage, forced orgasms while chained to a sybian, and an intense whipping scene (complete with marks). And this is just episode 1! Episode 2 is where it will REALLY get intense… (Not sure why Daily Motion took it down–I guess they just couldn’t handle it!)

    @darkmatter: I think superheroines come in all shapes, styles, and varieties. Leotards and capes are just the most comicbooky types. There seems to be a LOT of that kind of thing available these days, so I thought I’d mix it up a bit. But as always, you have nothing to fear–when I cut the trailer you will have NO misconception about what Angela is wearing in this episode. So if you don’t like her outfit, then skip this one. πŸ˜‰

    @Lake: Yes, this was not a trailer, it’s just a scene from the episode. As in every movie I’ve ever directed/produced, there will be plenty of hits–and in this one there’ll also be sexual humiliation, and naked breasts, and forced orgasms, and bondage, and a whipping, and much more…

    @SuperJim: The name Madison Ivy sounds familiar but I don’t know her face off hand. I’ll look her up. I do like your idea–in fact, I’ve been thinking about *combining* a ravishing sequence with a beatdown sequence for a while. I think the next episode of Gatecrasher (episode 2) might be a perfect place to try that concept out…

  26. Super Jim says:

    Hey Alex, you ever think about having Madison Ivy in a video? Also have you ever thought of doing a scene where one of the girls are tied up with arms over head, while another one is behind her with a strap on and as she is getting done from behind with the strap on another girl is in front of her, belly punching the girl who is getting ravished by the strap on. Imagine it like when Randy Moore was raping Paris in “Nova Woman and Flare”, but Akira Lane or Kymberly Jane is still belly punching Paris while she’s getting raped

  27. Lake says:

    Let’s hope they manage to make contact with each other in The Gatecrasher! I don’t think a single blow (well maybe one) landed in that trailer.

  28. darkmatter says:

    have to say, I don’t really see the superheroine aspect of this new release. when you original announced that you were making a superheroine film with angela, i was literally giddy. but i feel very let down. seems like a spy/sanguin x feel to it. i would have loved to see her in a leotard and cape like randy moore was in (the yellow costume) and facing at least one male villain. im still cautiously optimistic but i’m less excited :\ (with all due respect)

  29. Coulumbia says:


    Looking forward to Wednesday’s release of your latest Superheroine World installment. You’re giving a new meaning to the expression of Wednesday being “hump day” (couldn’t resist {;>)- looking forward to viewing the video).

    The clip you posted hints of interesting things to come (btw– how could that clip be too intense for Dailymotion??).

    When do you think your other videos will be available?

  30. Okay, the sneak preview is TOO INTENSE for Daily Motion! Lets try You Tube with an unlisted video:



  31. Hey everyone–here is a way cool and free sneak preview of the upcoming SuperheroineWorld.com video, “The Gatecrasher” Episode 1, starring Angela Sommers and Melissa Jacobs! Should be available for purchase on Wednesday!



  32. Charles says:

    Can’t wait for the new superheroine video! Been looking forward to it!

  33. Kaizar says:

    Should have had someone like “Diamond Jackson” play the black woman.oh well, there’s always next time for future projects.

    I wonder if Alex will be inspire by any of the 2014 Movies, for any projects. Here’s a list:


  34. djarte says:

    Thanks Alex for keeping Alaina in the Ocean patrol team! I completely agree with u! She makes the perfect alter-ego for Angela! She is sweet and innocent! Please humiliate her as much as possible as already has been suggested!


  35. All great ideas everyone, thanks!

    For now, The Ocean Patrol is Angela and Alaina. Maybe we can add a third member in the future; but for now that’s the team. I really like Alaina’s sweet, girl next door contrast to Angela’s blonde bombshell look.

    Look for the new Angela Sommers superheroine demon hunter video to be released next week some time. And XCW 27 maybe the week after that!

  36. Valugi says:

    First I look forward to the release of this news, both XCW, SHW and Racquel, have any dates for it alex?

    @ GManLovesJobbers: I have to commend you for the comment, it was that spoke, I also always suggest ideas, but never speak or oblige the movie will be bad because we did not use them, and sometimes felt it in your comments, and never said I did not like Angela or Jobbers, I think they are part of wrestling, but they are not the only thing,I particularly like to see the heroine suffer greatly at the hands of bad character, but could recover to claim victory, as happened with Tigress, but I think the bad characters have also have their achievements as happened in the feud between Marquise and Gi Jewell and always using dirty tactics, unless a domineering character, as that will be taken by Christina.

  37. MyNameisURL says:

    Sounds great! I would prefer strap-on to dildo, if possible, but great either way.

  38. wilson says:

    The bad non-wrestler girl would sexually submit the good non wrestler girl.

  39. wilson says:

    Hi Alex;

    If you want to shoot hardcore backstage action, it would be great to have another non-wrestler good girl character (a manager, a journalist, or even a fan of the good girls) to be sexually dominated and humilliated by the bad girls. it woulbe nice to see the bad non-wrestler atacking and sexually forcing(fondling, groping, and penetrating) before, after or while the good girls are submited in the ring or in the backstage.

  40. djarte says:

    I can’t wait for XCW 28! I completely agree with the “Captain” on how OCean Patrol can be manipulated by the dominator…. πŸ˜‰

    As i have already said in the past i love Alaina as Angela’s partner and in fact i would like to see her take as much punishment as Angela in the next episode.

    Alex have you already decided about the second Ocean Patrol member? I think this is the appropriate time to announce it..



  41. CaptainCrude says:

    I’m really excited about CC being confirmed. I can’t wait to see that character in the XClubRumble!

    For pinning… I would love to see Christina Carter adopt a signature full body pin like the one Maryse Ouellet performed (that specifically would be a nice touch!) But instead of the way Maryse did her classy little head push after she won a match it would be awesome to see the heel grab a fist full of hair and slam her victims head back down to the mat.

    I’d also like to see Christie Stevens go on a losing streak after CC creams her. CC should begin a winning streak, becoming so impressive that the Marquise gets worried while simultaneously Christie Stevens gets so fed up with losing that she resorts to dirty tricks to win.

  42. GManLovesJobbers says:

    @Alex -The Dominator beating up the Ocean Patrol in the Locker Room & pinning them for fun is a-ok by me , just make sure Angela’s shoulders are down & The Dominator’s debut will only work if she does send Christie to her 1st defeat , hopefully by pin as I find pins a much more sexier way to end a match on a good girl & I do fully support Cap Crude’s idea of making the Ocean Patrol her little Love Dolls .

    Also , may be a lost cause , but I am just curious if you happened to check out the possibility of use Got Gisele / Love Gisele as Angela’s partner in the Ocean Patrol , switching Alaina to a different cute sexy jobber role or simply making her a 3rd Ocean Patrol Jobber , the more the merrier you know , because once Alaina , who again I have no issues with at all , once she dons that Ocean Patrol red one more time , she is official , it is just when I think of the Ocean Patrol , I think of course as The Beach Patrol from WOW , 2 smoking hot blondes , which originally was the blueprint for the Ocean Patrol , but again , just look at Alaina in Ocean Patrol Red next to Angela & look at her in the same exact out Sinn was wearing & see which role she is suited for the best as I think she would make a perfect country cutie type , perhaps the cousin of Sinn & perhaps Gisele or JC could be Angela’s Ocean Patrol partner or again , maybe a 3rd if you want to keep Alaina in that role cause I just don’t know why , I love Alaina , but she just somehow seems miscast as Angela’s partner , in their debut , you see them try to high five twice & are nowhere close on the same page to doing so .

    But these are all suggestions of course & all is welcome to their own opinion as it is ” Different Strokes for Different Folks ” here as our tastes vary & all we see eye to eye on is the fact we love your sites & want to see them succeed & good suggestions or bad suggestions, just trying to help in a small way

  43. Greg Spadaccino says:

    I can’t wait Alex for the new releases. Any release dates for the new videos?


  44. Hey everyone, here’s what’s coming up next:

    First, a sexy superheroine/demon hunter played by Angela Sommers battles a sexy demon played by Melissa Jacobs in the next installment of SuperheroineWorld.com. Fighting, torture, sexual domination, bondage, forced power-draining orgasms, tons of fun.

    Then, XCW 27, featuring “The American Dream Girl” Christie Stevens up against hellacious odds as she finds herself having to contend with BOTH the Marquise and her new, powerful ally (played by Christina Carter). I’m thinking of calling that new character “The Dominator.” Oh yeah, as a warm-up, the dominator will absolutely DESTROY, and ravish with a dildo, BOTH members of the Ocean Patrol in the locker room! (Hardcore content!) This way, in the following episode, the Ocean Patrol will want revenge and will demand a match against The Dominator, and will be humiliated once again, this time in the ring.

    After that I think we will release a new boxing video for the new boxing site (not part of Raquel III), and after that XCW 28 (where the handicap match against The Ocean Patrol will take place).

    Then in January we will start production on either Raquel III part 2, OR the X Club Rumble; I will have to see about all the girls’ schedules. I can’t shoot the XCR this year–with the holidays it’s just too difficult finding dates where I can get everyone together.

    @lazxmw: Yeah, I definitely see a turn for the Marquise down the road–but not any time soon. We’ll need to develop a few more really cool heels first. I think Christina Carter as The Dominator could have a nice face turn before that. But we’ll see! Maybe The Dominator will end up taking over the bad girls’ stable…

    @Stee: Glad you like Raquel III! Yeah, I’m not exactly sure how the forced orgasm will play out in the gym attack…but there will definitely be a few of them. Basically Raquel hitting rock bottom–before she gets the eye of the tiger back!

    @Gman: In the next XCW episode I won’t be able to get Angela in the ring, but we’ll do the locker room attack. I think it might be cool to have The Dominator pin both members of the Ocean Patrol for a 5 count, even though it’s in the locker room–just for fun.

    @CaptainCrude: Love the idea of Jessica helping herself to two completely destroyed members of the Ocean Patrol! I’ll see about incorporating that into the handicap match scheduled for XCW 28!

    Stay tuned, lots of hot stuff coming!

  45. CaptainCrude says:

    I’m on the same page with GMan – we gotta get that episode in sooner rather than later.

    I’d love to see Jessica Ryan pleasure herself by picking up the scraps and further humiliating the Ocean Patrol after their confrontation with the powerful heel, by calling them the Ragdoll Patrol while they’re totally unconscious and useless… followed by her grabbing the two by their heads and holding them up face to face… she forces their lips to touch while making make out sounds, and then when she’s finished having fun with that pose… she grabs a duel sided dildo from under the ring and places it in both of their mouths forcing them to close the gap between their lips… followed by using the newly saliva lubricated dildo by turning the girls around so that their asses are cheek to cheek with Jessica ramming them against each other with the dildo in between them.

    I’d love to see Jessica Ryan act like a vulture in that situation… after we think the two Lifeguards can’t sink any lower… the referee continues dominating them.

  46. GManLovesJobbers says:

    Would like to see another X-Club next , one with poor Angela getting SQUASHED & pinned

  47. Stee says:

    I’m still obsessed with this video! My favorite part is Misty saying ‘Feel my strength!’ while she’s fondling/raping Raquel. In the Part 2 locker room attack, I would love to see Misty challenge Raquel to make her orgasm but Misty keeps telling her she’s too weak. Then Misty makes her cum almost instantly.

    What is the upcoming schedule looking like? Are we getting Part 2, then DivaRumble?

  48. lazxmw says:

    I think Christina Carter would be an AMAZING monster heel for XCW. However, I think that eventually it would interesting to see her and the rest of the heels betray The Marquise, and now Diana Knight is the one who is the victim of beatings and ravishings and the like. Make her taste her own whip. Stuff like that. I figure with the Marquise being the dominant heel for as long as she has, it would make sense to switch her face for a bit. Make her a lone wolf, badass character who doesn’t hang out with the rest of the faces. She just wants revenge, and goes it alone, working her way up to Christina. Also, if Christina doesn’t want to do it, you could always use Samanth Grace, since she was already introduced as that sort of character already.

  49. I suppose the GREAT thing about using Christina as the heel, is that, eventually, the Marquise and the other bad girls will see her as a threat and will turn on her…and that’s more fun if she’s really hot, with great boobs (like Christina!).

    I think Christina with some dark, gothy makeup might be the thing. I’ll ask her if she’s interested in the part.

  50. GManLovesJobbers says:

    I agree with some that Afrika can make the good Monster Heel & so could Kristie Eltzoid as they seem to always play those roles in the other companies they work for like Double Trouble . Take Kristie , she does Heroine vs Villaness matches & the simple question is , has anyone ever seen her play the Heroine — NO !!! .

    Christina does have the size & power to be the heel , but I see here that some are saying how great a victim she makes & that is how they see her , but my answer to that is , so is Randy Moore , she makes a whole lot better victim & plays that role way more than the victor role , but in the x-club she is not used in a victim role , at least not yet .

    Personally again , I believe the Monster should be a taller or at least visually more powerful than her opponents , something that Afrika & Kristie certainly are , at least on the power side & also , the Monster should not be as sexy as her opponents , Christina is a sexy woman & that’s why I did say that if she is indeed used as again even though people are used to her being the victim , Randy is usually the victim but not so in the x-club , but if someone good looking like her or someone else is used that is good looking , that woman playing the Monster should be very heavy on the dark makeup side to really scary her up , like again , great example , Chyna , when she 1st came into the WWE ( WWF ) when they made her look scary & intimidating .

    Sorry here , but in a match where say an ODB faces a Kelly Kelly , Kelly Kelly should NEVER be the heel & be boo’d by the fans while the fans love ODB because she pretends to be drinking booze from her flask & playing with her big implants .

  51. MyNameisURL says:

    Thanks CaptainCrude! To Alex, I agree that Christina plays a much better victim than monster. Actually, I always thought it would be hot to see a much larger Christina dominated by a much smaller actress.

    However, she could do it…Diana Knight could do it, but she already has her role mapped out within your universe. What about one of the badasses from UltimateSurrender? Ariel X springs to mind. She can really whip girl’s asses, is expert at both wrestling and sexual domination. Physically, I don’t think she’s big, but she comes across that way when she’s tearing women to shreds!

  52. djarte says:

    I think i must agree with Alex regarding CC. I could not see her as a Monster Heel due to the fact that most of the time she has been on the receiving end. On the other hand i would vote for Afrika or Amazing Kong to play this role. I think Kong has recently entered the custom business and probably could worth a try from you Alex to make contact with her.

  53. CaptainCrude says:


    Christina Carter’s Unexpected Houseguest.

    She has such a way of using her height and her bone structure to completely overshadow her challengers – and she is a phenomenal bondage model.

    I could see CC being rolled out on a vertical transport gurney while she’s tied up in bondage. When she gets to the ring and sees her opponent she tears and snaps her way out of the weak fibers attempting to subdue her power. She slowly walks to the ring, scaring the shit out of her physically inferior opponent as she makes her way closer and closer until she gets one hand around the poor throat of… lets say a stunned frozen in fear Angela… CC slowly lowers Angela’s head to her chest level while Angela’s big eyes look up at CC’s expression so that the viewer can see who is in complete control of the who. CC menacingly exclaims how badly this is going to go for Angela. Then let the smashing, ravishing, and humiliating begin.

  54. I hear you guys on Misty. But do you all agree that Christina Carter would be good to play the unstoppable heel? I don’t know, I always thought of her as a damsel or a good girl, maybe because she’s so good at that. I cast her as an evil vampire once…and she can do Catwoman very well…but I’m not sure she works as an all but unbeatable bad girl. But if lots of you think she’d be good in that part I am willing to try…

  55. MyNameisURL says:

    Agree with the bigger monster theme. CaptainCrude, what is the movie to which you refer? (Christine Carter/Angela?)

  56. djarte says:

    I must agree with Bob, Gman and Captain Crude. Although i like Misty i would prefer a taller, stronger and uglier Monster Heel to destroy Angela and HER PARTNER!!! I hope to see a 2 versus 1 match like back in the days of GLOW where Matilda the Hun destroyed The Southern Belles! two against one and it does not mean anything!!! I hope Alaina will come back since the episode of the debut of Ocean Patrol is by far the best one in my personal opinion!

  57. Bob says:

    I have to say I agree with both Captain Crude and GMan here. I would prefer the heel to be much LARGER in physical stature than the girls she will demolishing. Misty isn’t really that big.

  58. GManLovesJobbers says:

    In a way , I agree with Captain Crude , I did see that Misty is not exactly the biggest woman & it did seem she is slightly shorter than Angela in the Boxing Fantasies fight & the Monster Heel in reality does need to be a woman that has some height to her , just every idea that has Angela getting DEMOLISHED , I’m in for , but I do agree the Monster brought in should have some sort of handler that is trying to control her as she is brought to the ring for the intimidation factor that for say if she does indeed debut against Angela , Angela can be seen visibly a tiny bit concerned at about what she is about to face in the ring & as I did post before , the Monster Heel , whoever it is , should be like Chyna when she first joined the WWF / WWE, when she wore heavy dark makeup to give her a scary appearance & I think scary make up cover is the way to go to add to her Monster like look , but whoever it is , SQUASH ANGELA AS SOON AS POSSIBLE , what about a 100 count pin ?

  59. CaptainCrude says:

    I for one – am not interested in Misty Stone as the monster heel at all.


    Monster wrestlers in the 80’s were not loud mouths. They were made to look scary, intimidating, taller, stronger, imposing… but they didn’t talk loads of shit. Misty is great at that… but she’s too short of stature to be the monster.

    I say the monster is brought out in bondage that has a trap that allows the actress to snap out of it to make it look like she’s tearing through it out of sheer might to display her power (almost and Undertaker type scare fest).

    I still strongly support the idea of Christina Carter as the monster. She’s so good at using her height and her incredibly bust to impose herself on others. I loved one of the last videos she did where she puts a strap on over Angela’s mouth and fucks her face.

  60. GManLovesJobbers says:


  61. Bob says:

    @Gman lol I agree, Alex let’s just get this thing going already!

    @Alex you did mention in an earlier reply to one of my posts that you liked my idea of having the Angela vs the Monster a multi fall match where Angela gets pinned multiple times throughout the match. I hope that you are still planning on doing that. And definitely have the heel demand 10 counts

  62. GManLovesJobbers says:

    Misty stone as the Monster Heel — GREAT – shoot it tomorrow , get Angela in there & have the Misty Monster SLAUGHTER HER & pin her for like a 100 count

  63. jobberfan says:

    Thanks, man! More boxing is always a good thing. Appreciate that you get back to the fans. Raquel III was my first purchase (because it seemed boxing-heavy). Look forward to more in future!

  64. Thanks to everyone who purchased this! This video has had the best opening week of anything we’ve produced other than Divapocalypse, so thank you very much!!

    @trooper222222: Glad you enjoyed it! As for Paris, it’s really up to her–Adrian is an easy role for her to play while also producing; but she might not want to get in the ring AND produce at the same time. We’ll see! I’m sure we’ll see her in the boxing ring at some point, even if not in one of the Raquel videos. Regarding oiling the girls up, yes–we had planned to do that, but I had never done it before, and I was informed that you can’t just put oil on the girls, you have to mix it with water first, and then spray it on a certain way, otherwise it looks bad. I didn’t have the right spray bottle or anything, and I didn’t want to take the chance on set and mess it up. But next time! As for topless–yes, someone had the idea that Raquel’s breasts could be punched so repeatedly that her top actually just busts open and ends up in tatters. I think that is a nice idea…

    @Valugi: Glad you like the idea of JC and Randy and Angela all together. I think that will be a mega hot scene.

    @CaptainCrude: All great ideas. Though not sure about walking out on Drago at the end–I thought Drago’s wife supported him especially at the end, when he grabbed that Russian official and was yelling “I fight for me!” She was all like, “YES!” Nevertheless, I do see how what you describe would be nice and dramatic. I think we could go either way.

    @Stee: Glad you enjoyed it! Regarding the wrestling scene, some people really liked it, others thought it didn’t fit in too well. Just know that we’re more or less tracking Rocky III, and so that was our version of the “Thunderlips” scene, heh heh. I’m glad you found the episode funny, too–my favorite comic part, though, is when Tony Clifton falls off the ring apron. I laugh every time I see that.
    Love your idea that Drago’s punches will just obliterate Raquel’s top. I think that can be a very hot sequence. And I also like the idea, especially in Raquel IV, that the Russians will “force” her to box in some humiliatingly skimpy outfit…
    Blood and bruises I wanted to keep to a minimum in this opening episode…just didn’t want to scare off the billing company, etc. But they are fine with it, so in future episodes we’ll do more. Not too much, of course–I won’t ever do anything to mess up Angela’s perfect face!
    As for requesting there be LESS of a particular fetish that you don’t like–e.g., spanking–well that’s not the sort of request I normally listen to. By all means request what you want to see, but asking that we NOT cover a fetish that you don’t particularly have an interest in just means that other fans won’t get to see what THEY want. It’s not like this video was all spanking, or 90% spanking, or 50% spanking, or anything like that. There was a good amount of it, sure, in part because Angela’s ass is so amazingly perfect…but I don’t think there was too much of it. The video has tons of different fetishes in it–just tell me what you WANT and I’ll throw it in there! But saying, “I don’t particularly like stomach punches, so can you not put those in?” isn’t the best sort of request in my opinion. Just say what you DO want.
    Oh, and Christie Stevens will be a wonderful addition to the series! Maybe she could be the Tommy Gunn character in Raquel V!

    @Gorleser: Misty Stone is actually a very famous, AVN-Award-Winning adult industry actress. But yes, she was AMAZING, and I will bring her back as much as possible! I think she might have to be our “monster” heel for XCW!!

    @tenken: Yes, I will figure out a way to get Angela totally nude in the next episode. As I mentioned before, I am leaning toward adding a gratuitous sneak attack in the gym, maybe culminating in another boxing match where the already demoralized Raquel is destroyed, and maybe even ravished with a strapon. We’ll see!

    @Coulumbia: I also love the weakening-by-fondling aspect, so fear not, we’ll always have that in these movies!

    @lazxmw: I definitely am not opposed to the idea of Adrian being attacked, but again, it’s really up to Paris–as the producer she actually was very busy the entire time with various details, and I’m not sure she’d want to take on any substantial role in addition to the producing. But you never know! Maybe not in the upcoming episode, but maybe in some future one.
    As for Apollonia and Raquel splashing in the water…that might be a tall order, since it’s late November…the ocean is very cold these days…maybe in our pool, but even that would be cold. It’s possible if there’s a really hot day when we’re shooting the training sequences…
    As for Mickie–I’m not entirely sure what to do with her character for now. I can definitely have her just slip into a coma now…and focus on Raquel and Apollonia for part 2 of Raquel III. I’ll have to think about it.
    And I bet Randy can do a GREAT Russian accent!

    @John: Glad you like our level of sluttiness, ha ha. I do too. But yeah, for the training sequences, the socks will be a must have I think.

    @Elseph: Frontal wedgies with a thong–I shall see what I can do!

    @Jobberfan: We are going to re-tool the BattleBabes2020 site, which is where a Kickboxer or Bloodsport type fight fits better. I can definitely see doing something like that there… Next year I will get back to work on that site.

    Thanks again everybody!!

  65. jobberfan says:

    Alex, have you ever considered doing a fem vs fem version of the final fight from KICKBOXER? That would be amazing.

    Enjoyed Raquel III. Would love to see more boxing, blood, and punishment as in the KICKBOXER fight.

  66. Elseph says:

    Love the outfit, though I hope she gets stripped out of it frequently. Angela just looks so good in a lace thong! Hope to see her take some frontal wedgies in them!

  67. John says:

    @Alex: Hooray! Knee-sock potentiality! Pink stripes is exactly what I was thinking; to match the outfit. As far as the outfit goes, I really like it! Short shorts, skin-tight pink tank – seriously, don’t think you gotta go with a thong or bare feet or non-professional attire. That kind of stuff exists by the boat loads elsewhere. Check out Sleeperkid or DTWrestling, right? I think the Paris/Alex attires in general are a perfect blend of pro wrestling, punk rock, and for lack of a better term, sluttiness.

  68. lazxmw says:

    I LOVED this video! Being a HUGE fan of Rocky III and IV, I just loved this parody! I’m normally not someone who finds women boxing to be erotic, mainly due to the gloves, I honestly picked this up because I’m a huge fan of everyone involved, and since I’m trying to get into the softcore DiD market, I want to study films of the people already successful in the business, and who’s work I enjoy and want to emulate. Be that as it may, I thought everything about this was spot on. Paris is just AMAZING as Adrian, Misty was great in her role of bully, and everything just clicked! I really can’t wait for the next part, although if I may make some suggestions of stuff I would love to see in the next chapter:
    I think Misty should attack Adrian, maybe while Raquel is held by Samantha Grace, or someone else, helpless to stop it. This would fit in since in Rocky III Clubber Lang pretty much taunts Rocky with threats of nailing Adrian. This being a parody, why not take that threat to the next level with a home invasion of some sort?
    I can’t wait to see Raquel and Apollonia training, and hopefully splashing each other in the water, just because that always makes me laugh in the movie.
    Since I’m not sure if you are going to have Mickie die or not, I think she should be attacked again, and put into a “coma” or something, this way Raquel can swear vengeance towards Misty for taking out her coach and attacking her and Adrian(maybe do it all in the same scene)
    Also, for Raquel IV, I think Randy Moore would be perfect for Drago as well! Crap, I’ll buy it soon as I hear her do a “Moose and Squirrel” Russian accent!

  69. Coulumbia says:

    I really liked this video. I have to admit I like wrestling a bit more because of the ability to have all sorts of holds and stretches, which nicely shows off the assets these girls bring to the ring. The girls were all rather good actors and made a good show! Angela was terrific! What I liked (and I’m sure everybody has different likes) was her being weakened on the ropes by sensual groping and fondling. I happen to enjoy that type of “destruction” more than the violence ( I’m probably way in the minority with fans of this genre). I’d love to see more of that type of action in your future productions.

  70. tenken says:

    I bought this episode yesterday solely because of angela sommers and i was not disappointed. I love watching angela being dominated by her counterparts. Can we have angela defeated in the next part with her costume removed by the winner leaving her with only boxing gloves. The winner will keep her costume as a trophy leaving her embarrassed as she leave the ring.

  71. Gorleser says:

    Great video. I’ll buy anything with Angela in it– but where did you find this treasure, Misty Stone!?? She’s a fantastic heel, does incredible trash talk, and is unbelievably hot. Amazing chemistry with Angela as well. I hope you bring her back for more vids.

  72. Stee says:

    I’m going to do a quick pro/con review since everybody has seen the video by now.

    + It’s a movie parody instead of just an XCW episode. It gives more of an epic feel and makes me care a whole lot more about the characters.

    + It’s HILARIOUS! There were several times I laughed out loud: Paris mouthing ‘I love you’ and never saying a word the whole time, the refs getting knocked out cold by getting bumped into (I’m guessing that’s going to be a recurring theme :), or the evil manager ripping open Raquel’s shirt.

    + I love how Clubber Stone punches! Those haymakers she throws look like they would have some real power behind them, and Raquel’s and Mickey’s reactions are perfect.

    + Angela Sommers is drop dead gorgeous. That is all.

    – I was a little disappointed the first real fight is an XCW cross-promotion match instead of boxing. I would have LOVED to have seen more of the Raquel/Apollonia battle.

    – Raquel is wearing too much clothes. I wish she’d fight in just those panties or some skimpier boxing shorts. I’d like to see that pink shirt get destroyed just by the power of Misty’s (and Drago’s) punches.

    – The cutaways to Mickey or Misty got a little distracting. When it’s time for the beating, I want to see Raquel get hit over and over and over without interruption. I would LOVE to see someone flat on their back with the bad-girl straddling them and punching them over and over.

    – Why not give her blood and bruises? She had them in the beginning and the Misty fight was far more brutal.

    – And finally, there is a lot of butt spanking/punching which I’m not into. Can we keep that to a minimum please?

    These cons are minor compared to how great the overall video was. I simply can not wait for part 2! I REALLY can’t wait for the possible Randy/JC double team! You just need to add Christie Stevens somehow.

  73. CaptainCrude says:


    I could see it played that way as well, and would definitely take that as an alternative to no JC involved. I could see her wearing the soviet military attire at ringside, and also using a bright red strap on in the scenes that call for it. I would love to see a scene similar to the one in “Fall of the Mega Power Guardian” with Raquel bent over a table and the Ludmilla, as JC, dropping the dildo on the table next to her head and Raquel getting wide eyed as “Drago” holds her down or pounds on her until its time for both of them to ravish Raquel.

    Although I still have reservations and disagree that the punch limits JC Marie, I think the idea of her as a female-soviet character who is cold hearted and enjoys tormenting others through her love interest.

    If the “Drago” character loses to Raquel, I think it important that Ludmilla walk out on her – showing she has no interest in failure.

  74. Valugi says:

    Alex would be a dream to see this scene with these 3 (Randy, JC and Angelina) with even more hardcore element, the 2 playing with the breasts of raquel, making her have an orgasm too

  75. trooper222222 says:

    This was a terrific video. While Paris made for a great Adrian, I can’t help but think that her boxing talents are being wasted. She could maybe be another opponent for Misty in the interim while Raquel trains. Put a wig on her or something, but get her in that ring! As for the outfits, I was really hoping for topless, or fights that end up completely topless. Can one of the conditions of a future fight be that they must fight topless, or dare I say it, nude. Competitors in other videos have found their clothes removed by one way or another. Why not here? Also, how about some oil for those bodies, too. Fighters in Rocky are always glistening.Keep up the great work!

  76. Sorry to those who have voted for JC to play Drago–I LOVE JC, she is super hot and awesome to work with, BUT I have to say that Randy is the better PUNCHER or the two. And if there is one thing that our Drago character will have to be able to do really well, it’s throw punches.

    BUT, how about reversing CaptainCrude’s idea, and have JC play the Russian wife character? I could see adding a scene where both Randy and JC sneak attack Raquel early in her training for the fight… How hot would that be…Randy, JC, AND Angela all in the same intense scene? Maybe even with a hardcore element?

  77. CaptainCrude says:

    I also changed my mind on Randy Moore as the “Drago” character. I would rather see JC Marie. Randy doesn’t have the height or the facial expressions that JC has to play that character.

    I would rather see Randy Moore as her manager, smirking mischievously while JC pounds Apollonia or Raquel.

    JC as an actress performs better as the more serious character and she has that determined look in her eyes.

  78. CaptainCrude says:

    @Gman, thats fine and all but the particular fetish doesn’t come from seeing the competitor get back up after a beating and continue to get punished in a future match. The particular fetishes that come with seeing a character defeated to the point of death or near death are (1) The loser will never compete again (2) The dominant female was more powerful, intense, combative, lucrative, and so much more motivated that the jobber/or submissive character shouldn’t have even been in the same ring as her and got what she deserved as a result.

    To have a character come out as flamboyantly as Apollo Creed did in Rocky, with the All – American Entrance, bouncing around and then trying to act tough while having a little bit of fun…. to getting knocked out dead in the ring in front of a powerful specimen was frightening. I want Raquel to act tough, get in the ring, and then have to feel frightened. Apollonia should not be able to stand up on her own or have anything less than be unconscious, and wheeled off in a stretcher after she loses to the “Drago type” character.

  79. Stee says:

    I want to give a full review later but for now let me say that killing is a terrible idea! Melissa Jacobs looks amazing with red hair and I’m hoping she will eventually turn on Raquel and destroy (for ‘letting’ Ivanna Drago annihilate her). Just remember, after the 6 Rocky movies, you’ll have to make up you’re own storylines. I would LOVE to see Angela and Melissa get it on hardcore (or better yet, them AND Paris)!

    Randy Moore is a great choice (why do I remember her doing a Russian accent in some video?). But can I suggest JC Marie?? Compared to Angela, she would be a tall, blonde monster.

    Please tell me the next video we will get is Part 2!! I can’t wait a few months for more Raquel. Ideally, we’d get Part 2, then Diva Rumble, then Raquel IV.

  80. djarte says:

    I also purchased this episode. Although i am not a boxer fan just like Gman i must admit that the episode was a bit better than my expectations. In any case i still would like to see Angela as a Jobber in XCW along with another teammate. The best episode i have ever downloaded is the debut of the Ocean Patrol where Angela and Alaina were completely destroyed. I dont think any boxing episode will reach that level (speaking about my personal taste only) and due to that i wish the continuation of a jobber series in XCW where i would like to see also some new faces tagging with Angela (if Alaina is not available anymore). And of course i am still anticipating this great Monster Heel vs JObbers event in XCW. πŸ™‚

  81. GManLovesJobbers says:

    Some of you may might know or may not know , that on another site that Alex posts on is a site where I am known as ” LoveSexyJobbers ” & I write Pro Wrestling Squash stories with the Sexy Good Girls getting pretty much DEMOLISHED in defeat, but it is Pro Wrestling where of course if all goes well , the fans are entertained , the match goes over , & nobody really gets hurt , it’s fantasy .

    When I write , I try to stick with 3 basic rules ( 1 ) No Minors ( 2 ) No real names unless it is a celebrity match , I do use known people a lot but change their names for my stories ( 3 ) Do not use deceased people in my stories , I would LOVE to write stories about Farrah Fawcett as a jobber , but I will feel it disrespectful for doing so since she is no longer with us .

    I also have some other things that I really don’t like such as bloodshed or wrestlers really getting injured , I had someone requesting if I could write 2 matches for them , 1 was a Pro Wrestling Squash of a sexy Barbie type against a mean muscle girl — HELL YES I’LL DO THAT & the 2nd a catfight between the persons new girlfriend & old girlfriend where in a back & forth catfight , his new girlfriend let’s the old one know that he is mine know as she goes on a rage that has the other one crying her & her family’s eyes out as she begs LOUDLY for mercy as she is scratched & bleeding all over her body & her hair , ALL HER HAIR , not just the hair on her head is ripped out leaving those areas a bloody mess — NOT INTERESTED IN A MILLION YEARS.

    Lastly , cannot consciously do a story writing where one combatant kills another , that is a far cry from a simple peo wrestling squash where the defeated sexy jobber is a-ok once she gets to the back outside the fans viewing & yes , Apollonia needs to receive a huge beatdown to stay with the Rocky themed storyline , even though I most likely would not be interested in seeing Apollonia get beat down because of all those Tattoos , yes , that issue again , I don’t think killing the Apollonia character off is necessary , perhaps she could wind up being paralyzed in a way & be used as some sort of encouragement for Raquel one day

  82. CaptainCrude says:

    I would enjoy seeing Adrian playfully boxing Raquel in the locker room… one that turns into Adrian accidentally hurting Raquel – followed by Adrian feeling guilty and seducing Raquel and as the action is turning up between them have Clubber break in and laugh at the two before pounding on Raquel to show her superiority over her, followed by her using a dildo on Raquel in front of Adrian sobbing, and running out in fear to go get Apollonia.

    I think the Drago/Apollonia scene would be fine with us using our imaginations. That moment in Rocky IV when Drago says “If he dies, he dies.” was both haunting & quite campy. I think a moment like that would be great, even if we don’t see Apollonia dying – having Randy Moore standing over her crippled body and just saying something heartless like that would be sweet.

  83. First of all, THANKS to everyone who got this video already–this video has sold faster than any video we’ve produced besides Divapocalypse, so I can safely say that this new boxing series will definitely continue!! In fact, because the sales have been so good, I’m going to extend the discount period until tomorrow morning. So if you want to grab this at the discounted price of $24.95 get it before then!! And thanks again to all of our customers, we love you!!

    @KE5612: Yes, again we’re on the same page–I think for a training sequence especially the socks would be perfect…and I too was thinking of having Apollonia get really extra rough with her during the training. I’m also planning on adding a whole other “Clubber” Stone attack, before Apollonia starts training Raquel–like Misty just wants to rub it in Raquel’s face, and attacks her in the gym or something, maybe in front of some other training fighters…just to show how weak and submissive and helpless her beating rendered her, etc. Maybe even throw in some hardcore dildo action there, to really cement the total domination that Misty has over Raquel… And definitely, for Raquel V, there would be a LOT of clothes-ripping, etc.

    @Valugi: Yes, Randy would definitely be perfect for Drago. I think it’s safe to say that that role has been decided!

    @CaptainCrude: I’m honestly not sure yet about what to do with the ending of the Apollonia/Drago fight. My personal preference is to not include death in any of our productions. Probably what I’ll do is just shoot it in such a way that, if you *want* to imagine she’s dead, you can. But for me, I like to keep our productions light and with some humor, so death will be a very rare thing in our vids. Sorry! As for The Ocean Patrol, they are here to stay–no reason we can’t do both!
    I looked up Armie Fields, by the way, but wasn’t able to find any videos of her anywhere. Do you know where I can find some? Like just some trailers or teaser clips. I really don’t like hiring anyone unless I’ve seen their work already.

    @Rye: Thanks man!

    @Gman: Don’t worry, Angela’s jobber character in XCW ain’t goin nowhere! It’s just a coincidence that she looks like the former WBF Champion, Raquel Angelina!

    @TBob: Thanks for getting this even though you hate boxing! I understand your desire for a longer KO scene, it was a choice I made. I wanted to have Raquel not completely OUT so she could be looking up, totally dazed, still vaguely aware of her loss, of Misty and her trainer gloating over her, etc. Some people really enjoyed that ending; but I know it’s not going to suit everyone’s tastes exactly. Fear not, we will have plenty of total KOs in the future. Apollonia vs. Drago, for one; and also in the extra sneak attack I shoot between Misty and Raquel in Raquel III part 2.
    As for an Adrian/Raquel hardcore scene, it’s possible, though not likely, since Paris is the producer of this series, and likely won’t have time to also act in any big role like that. But it’s a possibility. But I think a hardcore scene between Misty and Raquel in the next episode is a good possibility. If we do shoot that, it will be the FIRST time Angela has done hardcore for us, and I think too the first time for full nudity for us too. Stay tuned!

    I’m still open to suggestions for Raquel’s outfit–I think it might make sense for her to show up to the rematch in a trimmed down, sleeker outfit…but then I DO absolutely love those slutty boxing shorts on her, ha ha… I’m open to suggestions, votes….

  84. TBob says:

    Even though I hate boxing, this one was ok. I just wished Raquel would have fought back a little more against Misty in their fight, you know, a little more even for a bit until Misty starts to dominate. Also I think the end was really weak, I thought the fight would have ended with a bang, but it ended with a whimper. It was just a weak punch to Raquel and she didn’t even get KOd. The ref didn’t even give a 10 count when Raquel was just lying their on the canvas.

    I am glad Kym Jane’s character got beat up, she was really annoying, lol.
    We need to see an Adrian-Raquel hardcore sex scene in the next part,lol.
    There is no need to kill Apollonia, even though many posters here thrive on that, just have her get beat up really bad and she ends up in the hospital or something.

    Maybe I have missed it, but has Angelina been naked at all in any of your videos, besides topless?

    I also wouldn’t see Misty naked at some point in the next part.

    I feel like I am bashing this video, lol. I though overall it was good. Misty did a great job and I loved her trash talking. Paris looked a lot like Adrian.

    As for the next part, I little skimpier for her outfit but not quite down to a thong.

  85. GManLovesJobbers says:

    I t will be a sad sad sad day if Angela is no longer a jobbing wrestling lifeguard & like Valugi , in the end , I will definitely prefer the X-Club as I personaly prefer wrestling more than boxing

  86. Rye says:

    Great stuff guys, this turned out very nice! Angela looks amazing in this role so I can’t wait to check out whats next. All the sound work and music really brought you into the moment.

  87. CaptainCrude says:

    Alex + Paris, please tell me you’re going to have the “Drago” character win via KO by killing Apollonia?

    Also, I’m for the Angela “life guard” character to be through. I’m actually more intrigued by seeing a girl with boxing gloves take on wrestlers and fail every time than I am seeing a Lifeguard.

    Or on the flip side, see a total monster type heel wear big black boxing gloves and smash her opponents, take off the gloves and then completely stretch them out in bone crushing holds until she’s satisfied. I would love, once again, to see Armie Fields in that type of a role whether it’s in a boxing series or XCW.

    This episode itself is great though. Keep up the great worK!

  88. valugi says:

    I really liked what I saw in the series, of course continued preferring videos xclub think they give more freedom, but what I saw in that video was very good, how apollonia ended angelina was very good. Really think randy moore is a good name to the next villain (dragon) on rock iv

  89. KE5612 says:

    I thought Raquel looked awesome in this outfit, but for those of you looking for skimpier clothing, think about part V. Raquel trains an up and comer after retiring, the student turns bad and they have a no holds barred street fight, and that could include whatever you want! Excited for this new series. Lots of potential.

  90. KE5612 says:

    John, that is so true, we all have our own thing. I think part two has opportunities for knee highs with the three stripes. Remember the short shorts and high socks Stallone wore in the training montage with Apollo. That scene was meant for hotter actors. Maybe, after Raquel’s spirit was broken in the last fight, she and Apollonia do a training session before the montage where Raquel gets beat badly while wearing said socks. Then it’s “Eye of the Tiger” time!

  91. @KE5612: AH! You posted just as I was. YES, I think I am leaning toward Randy playing the Ivan Drago type character. She is perfect–blonde, hot, tall, and very capable of that unimpressed sneer! I think she’s the obvious choice.

  92. @Stee and @GMan: Yes, that’s Melissa Jacobs. She plays Apollonia Jacobs. So tracking the Rocky III storyline, she will help Raquel to regain the title in part 2, training her, etc. She also will face the dominant Russian in Raquel IV and be DESTROYED, giving rise to Raquel’s decision to fight the Russian herself.

    @ME2013: No worries! I am thinking of adding a hardcore scene to part 2 of Raquel III, so stay tuned for that!

    @John: I have never personally been into any particular kind of footware, but I think I have to agree with you–some high and cute socks on her might be perfect. But to go with her outfit, I think I’d have to find some with pink and white stripes, right? I definitely like the idea…will certainly give it a try and see how it looks on set.

    @enigma: Well, it’s hard to justify a pin in a boxing match…I mean, we can definitely have one fighter gloating over another, and even pinning her after knocking her out, but it wouldn’t have any effect on the outcome of the match. It would just be a way for one fighter to gloat over another–does that idea appeal to you? Hose is possible….but I’m not sold on the idea for the boxing series just yet. I’ll have to think about it. I think I like John’s socks idea!

    @Thrifty: See, I LOVE Raquel’s outfit in this. Absolutely love it. But I’m not opposed to changing it if people would like to see that–I’d be interested in hearing what others have to say. Should I keep the vaguely professional but very slutty boxing shorts, or put Angela in something even more risquΓ©, like a tank top and thong?

  93. KE5612 says:

    Loved this video. Every part of it. You all do great work. My only gripe is that I typically have to wait a month for new videos so I can give you my money. For Raquel IV, Randy Moore would make a great Ivanna Drago. She’s tall and muscular and would look great killing Apollonia!

  94. Thrifty says:

    Great job on this one! Raquel looks great, the action was good, and I liked the addition of all the minor characters. The last 30 seconds, ending shot with Racquel defeated was perfect! However, I don’t find the boxing uniform attractive, it would be nice to go with something more risque.

  95. enigma says:

    purchased as I am a fan of the overall product/vision (alex and paris) and enjoyed it!
    now looking for more hose and pins in the upcoming releases if in the cards…

  96. John says:

    This was really good. The Alex/Paris videos are among my favorite of the bunch. Loved how well you mixed it up with the boxing, but still keeping some of the wrestling-style dirty tricks. Straight up boxing never thrilled me as much as wrestling, so this was a perfect pairing.

    @Alex: Would you ever consider having the jobber in knee socks and boots or chucks? Raquel’s attire was amazing, but this would have been a great opportunity to see the classic three-stripe tube socks on her lovely legs. Yea, we all have our SPECIFIC likes, and mine is knee socks. But mostly on the losing side. Thanks, and keep up the great work!

  97. ME2013 says:

    I love the initiative to make something new Alex, but unfortunately I think I have to pass on the first episode of this new series. Hook me up when something along the lines of the “Bra and Panty Destruction” comes along again in terms of style/content (Not talking about the actual bra and panty destruction style of video though, but more of the hardcore feature and the “realism” of it. Could literally be any genre though, including wrestling, boxing, spies or even superheroines – would love that), and I’m all in for it. I’m not really buying “everything” like I used to do, these days, so unlike the past where I would have bought stuff like this, I will have to spend my money more carefully.

    As for quality and acting, I’m sure this is as good as all your productions are though!

  98. GManLovesJobbers says:

    vicious powerful Russian fighter who destroys Apollonia ——–Who will be playing Apollonia ?

  99. Tom says:

    red-head with tattoos? That’s Melissa Jacobs πŸ™‚ Nice to see her as well. Can’t wait to get this video tomorrow

  100. Stee says:

    I’ve only watched the opening so far and I absolutely love it! Who was the smoking hot read-head she beats? I would love to see her get brutal revenge later! Will we see a sex scene between Paris and Angela (PLEASE)?? Just keep those horrible tattoos covered up (love ya Paris but I’m not a tattoo guy).

  101. TBob says:

    Whats happening to the woman in the black boxing pants?

    She is getting punched.

  102. CJ says:

    Whats happening to the woman in the black boxing pants?

  103. @GMan: Ha, we should have had Misty say that at least once, that would have been funny. Maybe in part 2!

    @George: Yes, we will do a “Raquel IV” with a vicious powerful Russian fighter who destroys Apollonia before taking on Raquel, etc. Right after we do Raquel III part 2!

    @Valugi: I just tested the site myself, and download speeds were fine for me. It might be something to do with your connection, or it might just be the fact that A LOT of people are downloading the file now–this is already one of our fastest sellers ever! Also, if you’re downloading the HUGE HD file (the one that’s 1920 x 1080), then that is a very big file–3.5 gigs–so it would naturally take some extra time to download. The download might take some time but it’s worth it!!

  104. Valugi says:

    I’m having trouble downloading the file, be very slow, do not know if it’s my internet or site problem

  105. George says:

    Looks more like wrestling, I suppose in part IV there will be a female Ivan Drago lol

    Look forward to seeing Angela on superheroine world

  106. GManLovesJobbers says:

    OK , got it , seems I mistook a z for a 2 & maybe missed capitalizing 1 other letter — High Five & a Bro Hug Alex .

    As far as the download though , not bad , still not big on boxing , but seeing Angela laying defeated is always worth something & the wrestling thing , enjoyable until Angelina’s come back of course , but I know this was like a parody of Rocky 3 , should of had Misty say ” I Pity The Fool ” πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  107. GManLovesJobbers says:

    Bought the download , but when I went to the screen to download it , it asked for my Verotel username & password which I don’t have & for the life of me could not find out how to register , didn’t think I had to on the regular purchase screen as the usercode & passcode I put in for the X-Club purchases worked just fine & when I got back to the purchase screen , I got a message saying that I had to purchase the download again , , hope someone can help or has answers