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Relic Raider 5 from SHG-Media

Relic Raider 5 is the best of the heroine movies featuring “Simone Baker,” the main character of the Relic Raider web site.  Even though the budget is very small (as in the rest of the Relic Raider and related web sites’ movies), and despite some fairly bad acting, something about the movie works really well.  The performances aren’t great, and the production values are low, but Relic Raider 5 is a successful heroine movie despite these limitations.

There’s little here that you haven’t seen before in terms of a storyline, but that’s the case in just about every heroine movie.  This time around, there is virtually no set-up.  We never learn how the heroine ended up in this situation, what she was doing prior to being captured, how she got involved with the bad guys, etc., but skipping past all of this stuff actually works well here.  Previous Relic Raider movies (and subsequent movies from this company) feature extended fight scenes and make at least a shallow attempt to establish the characters.  In virtually all instances, these scenes fail to deliver.  The action tends to be poorly choreographed and performed, the acting isn’t very good, and it’s basically a mess (I say all of this with respect because I still really enjoy their movies anyway).

In Relic Raider 5, however, we get right into the action.  Simone (the titular Relic Raider) has been captured by the evil “Vanessa,” and that’s all we need to know.

While the movie skips over all of the stuff that doesn’t ultimately matter (unless you have the inflated budget to do it right, like Zen Pictures, Giga Freeks, Akiba Heroine, etc.), it manages to get a lot of other things right.  Simone looks totally hot in her purple bra and panties outfit (which is actually an odd wardrobe choice considering her dangerous line of work).

With her hands tied behind her back, Simone is brought by Vanessa (who drags her with a chain tied around her neck) into a torture room.  Simone resists, so Vanessa whacks her in the stomach with a billy club.  Simone falls to her knees, and Vanessa kicks her in the stomach several times.  The reactions here are pretty good, so we’re off to a good start in the first scene.

Vanessa grabs the weakened Simone and chains her hands above her head.  She begins the interrogation, asking Simone, “Who do you work for?”  The dialogue here is better than in most Relic Raider movies, and the heroine’s defiant attitude sets just the right tone for this kind of film.  Simone even spits in her captor’s face in a show of defiance.  Vanessa responds by slapping and punching Simone.

Vanessa then beats Simone with a billy club, pounding her stomach.  Simone’s reactions aren’t great, but are good enough to make the scene work.  The video continues, with Vanessa punching, slapping and choking our heroine.

The highlight of the video, however, is a scene in which Vanessa brings out a whip to torture Simone.  She taunts Simone, caressing her body with the whip before going to work.

There’s some cheesy dialogue beforehand, and Simone’s reactions, meant to portray fear, are unintentionally funny.  The acting just isn’t very good.  During the whipping scene, Simone makes some weird noises (“EEaaawww!”) but somehow, for whatever reason, this scene really works well.  Simone looks great, her reactions aren’t bad enough to ruin the movie, and she still manages to “sell” the action anyway.

Later, Vanessa pours water over Simone (?) and then shocks her with an electric prod.  The movie ends with an unconscious Simone dangling from the torture rack.  Vanessa says, “I hope you heal up because…we’re far from done,” promising viewers a continuation of this scene that unfortunately never happened.

Relic Raider 5 is the best heroine movie produced by this company. For whatever reason, all of the elements work very well here, despite the limited budget and less-than-stellar acting.  I think it’s worth the download (from SHG-Media).

I give it a B+.

3 Responses

  1. Fogman says:

    I dowloaded this video, yes it works, but just a little bit, everything was very very fake, even the whipping, the best part of the movie, was to fake, the screaming, the lashes, the marks …. all too fake for me.
    The only good part of this video is the girl, the blond one, she is cute and beautiful, good body even if she act terribly.
    I found the Z-girl movie superior in every aspect, from the lights, the dark enviroment, the camera angles, the whip shooting, the lashes and the girl acting.
    …. it’s not simple to find videos or movies with heroines whipped in the right way, with the right atmosphere, and i think Z-Girl is one of those.
    someone knows others?

  2. jono says:

    i give it A+