Repo Girl 3 from FightGirlz2000

Repo Girl 3 from FightGirlz2000I never thought I would be reviewing a trilogy with a plot that revolves around boat repossession. I also never thought I would like said trilogy as much as I have. So, without further ado let’s look at the third installment of the Repo Girl series from FightGirlz2000. 

If you’re not familiar with the two previous Repo Girl films, the main character is Erin Flame (the redhead), who is in the repossession business. In Part 1, she took down a big goon named Vinnie who took exception to Erin trying to take his boat away. In Part 2, Erin took a beating from the goon’s girlfriend Dana but managed to win in the end. Part 3 introduces the goon’s sister Antonia as the film’s main antagonist. Got all that? On to the review.

Repo Girl 3 from FightGirlz2000Repo Girl 3 from FightGirlz2000Repo Girl 3 from FightGirlz2000

The film opens up on a boat, which I believe is a first in a heroine film. Erin and her new assistant Cholo (more on her later) are in the process of returning Vinnie’s boat whose bill was paid for by his sister. As Erin is tying the boat down, Antonia appears, and her first words are, “Who are you two sluts?” Yeah, things go downhill quickly after that. Antonia isn’t happy that Erin beat up her brother so she fully intends to beat up Erin. This family has some rage issues, apparently.

Repo Girl 3 from FightGirlz2000Repo Girl 3 from FightGirlz2000Repo Girl 3 from FightGirlz2000

Cholo, however, has her boss’ back. She gets in Antonia’s face and trash talks her a bit. Big mistake. As it turns out, Antonia is quite a skilled fighter and delivers a severe beat-down to both the girls. There are some neat little moments in this film, and the producers throw a little nod to the fetish crowd. There is a nice bearhug scene and a cool throat-lift moment where Antonia suspends Cholo in the air but still manages to kick Erin in the face at the same time. Anyway, Antonia quickly disposes of Erin and takes her good old time beating down Cholo with an assortment of attacks.

Repo Girl 3 from FightGirlz2000Repo Girl 3 from FightGirlz2000Repo Girl 3 from FightGirlz2000

One word I mentioned in the past in regards to FightGirlz2000 was “potential,” and they slowly seem to be in the process of fulfilling that. The fight choreography in this episode was better than their previous efforts. Little things like stomach punches that used to look rather weak in execution look a lot better now. All three girls looks tremendous in their bikini/sports bra tops and short shorts. This is a big upgrade because most of the earlier episodes featured the girls in regular everyday clothing. I’ve mentioned in the past how much I like Erin Flame, and she is good in this episode. Michelle Kira, who plays Antonia, is the newest addition to the FightGirlz cast and does a good job here in the role of the villain.

Repo Girl 3 from FightGirlz2000Repo Girl 3 from FightGirlz2000Repo Girl 3 from FightGirlz2000

The one girl not previously discussed is Cholo. I think she would probably be considered the First Lady of FightGirlz2000. She has appeared in the vast majority of their films and is just incredibly likeable. Not only is she pretty, but as an actress she always has a cocky yet charismatic attitude on display in these films and it’s just flat out entertaining. She’s this tiny girl, but the way she portrays herself you would think she’s seven feet tall.

As with most producers, there are still things to work on. It may be time for them to expand locations. They only seem to have three. A house, a dock, and somewhere in the woods. Those work for now, but are getting a bit repetitive. They also eventually need to up the ante in the stories they tell. Plots like boat repossession may work for a while, but I think they would benefit from more secret agent/Tomb Raider/femme fatale type plots. They have promised a venture into superheroine territory so we do have that to look forward to.

Criticisms aside, this is by far the best film of the Repo Girl series and from a technical standpoint the best film FightGirlz2000 has produced.

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