Repo Girl from FightGirlz2000 (and Site Review)

Unlike most of the reviews at Heroine Movies, this one will take a look at a site which is still in its infancy but shows a lot of potential— In particular, we’ll examine the company’s newest video, Repo Girl, and take a look at the site itself. 

The first time I looked at the website, I judged it a little too quickly. I think I had become spoiled by the high production values of many of the sites out there. I didn’t initially get the same feel with FightGirlz2000, but when I looked a little deeper I discovered there was actually a lot to like. We will look more at the site, but first let’s take a look at Repo Girl.

Repo Girl

All of the FightGirlz movies have simple set ups, and Repo Girl is no different. Here is the description from the site: “Erin Flame stars as a repo girl who arrives to repossess a boat from a deadbeat who has missed one too many payments. But this guy won’t give up his boat without a fight, and suddenly Erin wonders if she’s bitten off more than she can chew. What follows is a huge, back and forth battle, with the outcome very much in doubt all the way to the surprise ending.”

Repo Girl from Fightgirlz2000Repo Girl from Fightgirlz2000Repo Girl from Fightgirlz2000

Now, is this a complete peril video? No. But, a lot of the content, especially early on, leans in that direction. Put it this way: this video contains a lot of things that many readers have been looking for in Kick Ass Kandy videos, namely for the heroine to be challenged. When Erin shows up to repossess the boat, she is grabbed by her hair and punched to the ground. She tries to fight back, but her much bigger opponent absorbs her punches without much trouble. He lifts her by the throat, throws her to the ground, and kicks her in the stomach. Sounds like a perilous situation to me. The action then moves outside in what is a very beautiful lake house location. She manages to get a few shots in but he still very much has the advantage and puts her in a short bear hug.

Repo Girl from Fightgirlz2000Repo Girl from Fightgirlz2000Repo Girl from Fightgirlz2000

The action continues as the heroine is backed down a set of stairs that leads to a dock. She actually does a really nice stunt fall down a couple of steps. She still is very much on the receiving end of things but cleverly uses the unstable nature of the dock to her advantage and drops the goon in the water. Not to worry though, the goon gets right back up and tosses her into the water. That’s right, wet heroine! I told you there was a lot to like here. Anyway, from this point onshe is firmly in control. She gives him a good beating, talks some trash, and finishes him off by leaving the bad credit risk to drown in the water. Just how every movie classic should end.

Repo Girl from Fightgirlz2000Repo Girl from Fightgirlz2000Repo Girl from Fightgirlz2000

Now, there is some stiffness in both acting and fight choreography, and we will look into that more shortly, but I still liked watching this video and seeing some new faces. I thoroughly enjoyed Erin Flame as the heroine and the producers’ decision to use the dock and lake environment as a tool to swing the fight in her favor was wonderfully executed. I look forward to what is coming next from these guys. Hopefully more videos with a nice peril/girl power mix.

FightGirlz2000 Site Review

Right now, FightGirlz2000 has a rotating cast of four attractive young girls with some additions to the cast coming in the near future, according to the producer. One of the girls they plan to hire is a very talented martial artist ,and the other is a gymnast. Sounds good to me. There is a mix of F/F, M/F, and POV fights to choose from. There is always a winner in the F/F fights and with the exception of Repo Girl, the girls generally dominate the men.

As things stand now, you probably won’t be blown away by the production values of these films. The fights mainly consist of repetitive back and forth punching and kicking. However, I have watched a few of their movies and what I see is a gradual evolution in every aspect of their filmmaking. The choreography gets a little better with each fight they design. The camera work and editing gets a little sharper with every film they make. The girls seem to gain more and more confidence in their abilities as actresses and stage fighters with each passing episode. I do think the use of a tripod would be a good idea, as it might smooth out some issues with an occasionally shaky camera.

Repo Girl from Fightgirlz2000Repo Girl from Fightgirlz2000Repo Girl from Fightgirlz2000

So, what does FightGirlz2000 have in store for the future? I was lucky enough to have a few email exchanges with the producer, John. He was very friendly and it was obvious that he was incredibly determined to make his site work. Although most of the films he has made fall in the “girl power” category, he is very much looking to expand his content. As stated in the review, Repo Girl was the company’s first foray into a more perilous type film. John also noted that some of his actresses have indicated a very real desire to go the superheroine route so that’s something he is planning to do as well.

I think two areas they should address in the near future are choreography and costume design. Even though the choreography is improving, it is still very much punch, punch, punch, kick, punch. Maybe the martial artist they intend to bring in can help in this area. As far as costume design, they seem to shoot whatever the girls show up in that day. Don’t get me wrong, the girls are very attractive dressed as they are. I don’t think it’s reasonable to expect skin tight catsuits or anything like that, but an attempt to up the “sex appeal” would probably go a long way with fans. Actually, Repo Girl was possibly an indication that they are moving towards sexier wardrobe choices as the actress looked great in her bikini top and shorts.

Repo Girl from Fightgirlz2000Repo Girl from Fightgirlz2000Repo Girl from Fightgirlz2000

They also may want to consider upping the stakes in the stories they tell. As much as I liked the episode, boat repossession isn’t exactly high drama. Also, we don’t get to see in advance that Erin is a capable fighter. She walks to the guy’s house and the fight begins. I know that a lot of people just want the action to begin right away, but a bit of build-up is always nice. Just keep in mind that this is a very new site. They are going to need time to find their groove. Once again, there is a lot of potential here.

John has a lot of ideas for future films, but the most important thing you should know is that he wants as much feedback as possible from you, the fans. Now, most producers seem to enjoy hearing from their audience, but John seems willing to let the feedback help decide the direction he is going to go in. He is not locked into any one type of film. If he gets a lot of emails looking for peril, you’ll probably get a peril film. If he gets requests for a hard hitting F/F fight, it’s a good bet that’s what you’ll see. In what I thought was a great idea, he actually put a nine-question survey on the home page of his website asking for feedback. I filled it out and had a lengthy response back within an hour. Another thing I liked is they have email links on the site for each performer. I don’t know of any other site in the genre that allows that kind of access to the talent.

For hardcore peril fans, the majority of the films here might not quite be your cup of tea. But, this most recent film is a clear indication that John is an open-minded producer, and I think there is a real possibility of this kind of content showing up on a regular basis if it’s requested. I promise to keep an eye on the site and inform you of any forays into more perilous or superheroine type content. In the meantime, take a look for yourself at FightGirlz2000.

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I agree Dan. I like Fightgirlz. The work they do is not exactly high end production wise but they are improving. I thought the last three or so releases were steps forward. I like that they are moving in the peril direction with their stuff.


FightGirlz2000 is an excellent new site, and I think if they keep going in the direction they currently are they will be one of the best in the genre next couple years.

And I agree seeing new faces is definitley one of their strengths. I love me some Paris Kennedy, Cali Logan, Diana Knight, Tanya Danielle, etc. But it is definitley nice when a site brings us girls we don’t see everywhere else.

Rotating the same four girls can get repetitive, but I get that because they are new. I remember when Sleeperkid was the same three girls over and over and look at them now. A large, impressive pool of talent takes time. Clearly they are working on hiring more girls so they are well on their way.