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Resident Virus 2: Mimesis from SHG-Media

Resident Virus 2: Mimesis from SHG-MediaSteve Noir’s Resident Virus 2: Mimesis is now available from SHG-Media. Like the previous Resident Virus video, it features technical proficiency in terms of establishing a creepy tone and atmosphere, even if it doesn’t deliver the kind of hard-hitting action you might expect from, say, Next Global Crisis or Zen Pictures. 

Resident Virus 2: Mimesis from SHG-MediaResident Virus 2: Mimesis from SHG-MediaResident Virus 2: Mimesis from SHG-Media

The first sequence establishes the setting, which appears to be some kind of abandoned theater.  An enormous zombie—nice character design, in my opinion—walks around creepily.  Meanwhile, our nameless heroine, who very much resembles Jill Valentine, sneaks around outside as if expecting an undead menace to leap out at her from any direction.  This is all reminiscent of the Resident Evil video games, and this opening sequence is made to resemble old, scratchy film—a nice stylish touch that helps to set the mood.

Resident Virus 2: Mimesis from SHG-MediaResident Virus 2: Mimesis from SHG-MediaResident Virus 2: Mimesis from SHG-Media

Soon, the zombie sneaks up behind our heroine and starts strangling her from behind, initiating the main fetish-related sequences of the video.  The focus here seems to be on specific fetishes, including bound suspension, a throat-lift, choking, unconsciousness, etc.  There’s also some hair-pulling, bearhugs, and belly punching.

Resident Virus 2: Mimesis from SHG-MediaResident Virus 2: Mimesis from SHG-MediaResident Virus 2: Mimesis from SHG-Media

[Spoiler alert] There’s also a really dark ending which involves the death of the heroine, which I believe is a first for Steve Noir.  Of course, the video essentially takes place in a video game world, so who’s to say our heroine isn’t simply regenerated and placed back at the beginning of the level (only to be tormented again and again and again)?  In any event, the heroine indeed loses her life at the end, which I know has a special appeal to a lot of fans out there.  And somehow, an ending this grim seems somehow appropriate for Steve Noir, whose videos are probably darker in tone than just about any other heroine-in-peril producer’s. [End spoiler]

Resident Virus 2: Mimesis from SHG-MediaResident Virus 2: Mimesis from SHG-MediaResident Virus 2: Mimesis from SHG-Media

I recommend Resident Virus 2: Mimesis for fans of Steve Noir’s work (of course), as well as fans of the specific fetishes mentioned above.  If you’re looking for carefully choreographed fight scenes, you won’t necessarily find that here, but you will see a very effective use of editing, lighting and music to create an unsettling tone underlying the action, which is something I enjoy.

Purchase Resident Virus 2: Mimesis at SHG-Media

19 Responses

  1. SHG Media says:

    HI alvin, Contact me through the contact page at the shg-media.com web site and we will work with you to get the video. When you email please include the country your trying to purchase from AND what exactly happens when you try and purchase.

  2. alvin says:

    hey steve, i want to watch this badly, but sadly, it’s not available outside US. I will gladly pay just to watch this

  3. decendingskulls says:

    @steve noir: I have no problem with slow-mo. I hope the client was happy with the results.
    I’ll go e-mail you now.

  4. steve noir says:

    Hey, descendingskulls. First of all, thanks! Glad you liked it, and like what I’m trying to do in general. I definitely take a slightly different angle than most of the genre producers, both because of personal taste and because it seems like a valid business decision in the long run.
    Secondly, I TOTALLY agree with your complaints. (I was laughing while reading your note…) The guy told me he wanted to growl, and growl “STARS…” a bunch of times, but he never did – I guess he got too into the technical side and forgot – and I was too busy to notice.
    My bad.
    The action is a little slow, and I accentuated that with the slo-mo. I was very concentrated on maximizing the bearhugs for the client, maybe too much.
    Wearing a radio, talking out loud to unseen compatriots… genius! What a great idea. I will try to remember something like that next time.
    Descendingskulls, if you would, go to my website and shoot me an email. I’d love to ask you a couple more questions. And thanks again.

  5. decendingskulls says:

    So I had a tech guy come over and stuff was wired wrong here and he fixed it. Basically I’ve never had this problem before but if a WMV transfer is interrupted (in my case by poor connection), the WMV will still play even though it is incomplete. Hence why I thought there was something wrong with the file.

    So now I downloaded it correctly and was able to fully enjoy it.

    I thought it was very good. The atmosphere and set are very well executed and totally believable. The zombie guy looks great too, though I would try to avoid shots showing his elevator shoes. The heroine is both beautiful, cute, and a little badass. She looks great in the outfit and I LOVE her boots. She acts and sells it very well, never looks like she is faking it. Her facial expressions especially are her strong point.

    The original reviewer was certainly right about this being focused on the fetish of lifting the heroine – throat lifts, bear hugs, chain bound suspension – there are plenty of shots of her legs flailing in the air. I enjoyed this throughout the movie even though it seems to occupy most of the film. Watching her kick around in those boots never seems to get old.

    My only complaints are that the action is a little slow, and the whole video seems a little too quiet. I would like to hear more from the heroine in the way of sounds and possibly some dialogue (or monologue since she is probably speaking to a monster that doesn’t converse eloquently if at all). Also I think the zombie should make some kind of grunting noise or broken english, although I guess he’s supposed to be the creepy silent type, but I mean this guy doesn’t make a SOUND.

    One other suggestion I have is to have her wear a radio that she can use to communicate with a team of compatriots. Friends of hers could be heard on her radio desperately trying to reach her, or she could be trying to radio for help. I think details like this would add to the depth of the scene, although if overused this could become annoying.

    Overall I would say it’s fun to watch and I’m glad I purchased it. I love Steve Noir’s style. Everything is always done in a dark and gritty way with nearly professional production value (much more-so than most of the producers in this genre) and realism oozing from every detail. He picks excellent actors to play the heroines and villains and creates very entertaining peril. I think we should all continue to keep an eye on him. Thanks for making such great videos for us.

  6. decendingskulls says:

    As of this morning, I’m having internet problems. So it’s very likely that the download was interrupted and soon as I get the problem resolved! I’m going to try downloading it again! It’s like this is probably a problem on my end.

  7. HM says:

    @decendingskulls – Could it be possible that the original download was interrupted and that you’re dealing with a partially downloaded file? The file plays just fine on my machine, and I have no problem with seeking or having the ending cut off or anything else. You might try downloading again if possible (I’m sure SHG will help you with this if necessary), and if that fails, there’s always the trusty VLC player. Hopefully one of those options will work.

  8. deathcake says:

    Very strange. Have you tried VLC or Media Player Classic?

  9. decendingskulls says:

    and just for good measure i let the whole video play in Windows media player with no seeking, and it stopped at the same point as in the other players.

  10. decendingskulls says:

    Update: After a bit of research, most of which talked about doing some intensely technical stuff i really didn’t want to get into,
    I downloaded GomPlayer and now I can seek, but the player stops the movie abruptly at 83.4% and will not proceed further.

    Can anybody offer any help?

  11. decendingskulls says:

    Just downloaded the movie. It’s in WMV format and it appears it was never indexed, so seeking (fast-forwarding) doesn’t work, and furthermore the ending is cut off. The movie seemed cool from what i could see of it, but i’m having technical issues with the file itself.

  12. deathcake says:

    Yeah, no bother. I would really like to see the proper classic outfit though, with the leotard. Without that, i doesn’t really seem like lara croft in my opinion. Plus, if she doesn’t lose the shorts, no biggie. I really enjoy your productions anyway, so it wouldn’t be a big deal!

  13. steve noir says:

    Hey, again. As far as stripping clothes off, and it being my ‘style’ or not, here’s the best I can do: The humiliation thing is not part of my ‘style’. I like a scantily-clad hottie as much as the next guy (or gal), as long as the added hotness isn’t undignified. That’s the sort of unspoken pact I have with the girls who work with me – it’s part of their performances, and part of the atmosphere of the shoot. It’s just a personal taste thing. I’ll do my best to get a Lara Croft that can lose her britches with dignity — but for the current “Jilly Valen”, that just wouldn’t work.

    Make sense?

  14. some kind of ninja says:

    @ Steve

    Building off deathcake’s idea, I think it would be nice if you did the Lara Croft thing but with the teal shirt being a crop top and her wearing shorts, basically like the Hard Punchers vid except with shorts.

  15. deathcake says:

    I think the thing I like most, is the girls you choose. They look real, and not covered in makeup.

  16. deathcake says:

    Definately the green/teal leotard/swimsuit type thing! It would be totally awesome if you did that. Been waiting for this to be done for years. And with your video style 😀 WOuld be cool to her her stripped of her shorts at some point, but that doesn’t really fit with your style?

    *waits in excitement!*

  17. steve noir says:

    Hey, deathcake (what a screen name! It’s creepy fun just to type that…) thanks so much for the comment. A Lara Croft is a great idea; I’ve found myself staring in awe at Lara Croft cosplay lately. On the right girl, it just looks so great. So, by the ‘classic outfit’, do you mean the original blue-green leotard-thing, or the newest fitted brown thing? Anybody else have an opinion?

  18. deathcake says:

    So looking forward to seeing this! I love resident evil and Jill is hot. He picked the perfect outfit! I’d like to see a lara croft in the classic outfit done next, if Steve is taking requests 🙂

    Purchasing and downloading now!