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Atlantis Studios

Paula Peril – Site Review

Bad Ass Kandy

Big Bad Ass
Fatal Bad Ass
Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Kandys


Episode 1


Chronicles of a Female Pit Fighter

Breathe Again Entertainment

Batgirl (Cassandra Cain) Fan Film

Cult Retro

Angel Avengers 03
Angel Avengers 04: MetalGypsy
Lies and Allies
Nyoka the Jungle Girl Fights Back
Nyoka the Jungle Girl Rides Again
Stormy Tempest: Caress of the Moss Monster
Stormy Tempest: Fight for the Future
Stormy Tempest: Prisoner in the Present
Stormy Tempest: The Sleeper Strikes
Stormy Tempest: Torment in Time
Stormy Tempest, Unmasked
Stormy Tempest: Velocity Blaze
Stormy Tempest: Women of Tomorrow
Yankee Girl vs. The Colossal Cossack

Dominated Heroines

Princess Diamond

Double Trouble Wrestling

Christina vs. Diana & Darrius Part 1
Emily, Diana, Cali & Afrika Part 1
Emily, Diana, Cali & Afrika Part 2
Emily, Diana, Cali & Afrika Part 3
Masked Massacre

Defeated Heroines

Episode 1 and 2
Episode 3


Supergirl XXX

Fail-Safe Sisters

Fail-Safe Sisters Part 1
Fail-Safe Sisters Part 2: Lady Victory
Fail-Safe Sisters Part 3
Fail-Safe Sisters Part 4
Fail-Safe Sisters Part 5
Fail-Safe Sisters Part 6
Fail-Safe Sisters 7
Fail-Safe Sisters 8
Fail-Safe Sisters 9
Fail-Safe Sisters 10: This is War Part 1
Fail-Safe Sisters 11: This is War Part 2
Fail-Safe Sisters 12: Carmen Black Ambushed
Fail-Safe Sisters 13 (The Code: Part 1)
Fail-Safe Sisters 14 (The Code: Part 2)
Fail-Safe Sisters 15: Lucy Zillion v Delilah Crunch
Fail-Safe Sisters 16: Shadowstar Taken
Fail-Safe Sisters 17: Lady Victory Origins


Fightgirlz2000 – Site Review
Championship Series, Fight 3
Championship Series, Bout 4

Nemesis VI: The Heist
Repo Girl
Repo Girl 2
Repo Girl 3
Supergurl Episode 1: The Strongbox
Wunder Woman: Terror from the Sky

Giga Freeks / Akiba Web

Giga Freeks – Site Review
Alien vs. SL & MI
Dark Kill Panther
Heroine Body Blow Vol. 2

Heroine Killer Thorough Suppression
Heroine Suppression Vol. 60
Herione Tentacle Insult Vol. 5
Heroine White Eye Fainting Hell – Beautiful Fighter Sailor Preest
Invincible Goddess Beauty
Superior Lady
Wonder Angel

Goat Major Films

Tears of the Falcon

Hawk Heroines

Black Falcon
Black Falcon 2
Ninja Hawk: Origins
The Mephisto Effect

Heroine Legends

A Common Goal
A Heroine’s Revenge
Agent Files – Case 2: “Bait & Switch”
Agent Files 5
Agent Files: Case 7
Agent Files: Case 8
Boil & Bubble
Cast of Shadows
Cast of Shadows: Ground Zero 1
Cast of Shadows: Ground Zero 2
Cyrus 2
Cyrus 3
Cyrus 4
Cyrus 5
Cyrus Aftermath
Doomsday Plan
Fighting for Adam
Onyx Strike
Return of the Black Queen 1
Return of the Black Queen 4
Searching for the Queen
Episode 1.1: Aura Control
Episode 1.2: Inner Conflict
Episode 1.3: Delusional
Episode 1.5: Confusion
Episode 1.6: Sibling Rivalry
Episode 1.7: Fighting Destiny
Episode 1.13: Fate
Episode 2.1: Impending Death
Episode 2.2: Nightmare
Episode 2.3
Episode 2.4
Episode 2.5
Episode 2.6
Episode 2.7: Dark Future
Episode 2.8: The Chase is Over
Episode 2.10: Tied to the Power
Hawke’s Revenge
Helix of Hyperion
Heroine Academy 1: Morgan’s Initiation
Interrogation from the Queen
Path to Darkness
Playing with Magic
Still a Rookie
The Academy, Lesson 1: Tina
The Demon Within
The Demon Within 2
The Demon Within 3
Transition to Darkness 1
Transition to Darknesss 3A
Transition to Darkness 3B
Trophy for the Queen
Your Soul is Mine 3


Agents of FEMMES
Femme and the Beast
Femmes of Tomorrow
Game of Femmes
HypnoFemmes One
HypnoFemmes Two
Raging Femmes
Twin Femmes


KickAssKandy – Site Review
A Quantum of Kick Ass
Alpha Kandy
Casino Kick Ass
Good Kick Ass Hunting

Hard Kandy
I KickAss
Indecent KickAss
Judge Kickass
Kandy of Steel
Kickass Dynamite
Kickass: Retaliation
Sex, Lies and Kick Ass Tape



New-Goddess – Site Review

Next Global Crisis

Episode 1.2 (Angel)
Episode 1.3 (Golden Hornet)
Episode 1.4 (Athena)
Episode 1.5 (Miss Freedom)
Episode 1.6 (Suki DeLuxe)
Episode 1.7: Death to Elite Force
Episode 1.8
Episode 1.9
Episode 2.1
Episode 2.2
Episode 2.3
Episode 2.4
Episode 2.5
Episode 2.6
Episode 2.7
Episode 2.8
Episode 2.9: Dark Pact
Episode 2.10: Life or Death
Episode 3.1: Darkhearts Rule
Episode 3.2
Celestia: Initiation
Mini-Series: Angel: Deadly Sins: Part 1
Mini-Series: Angel: Deadly Sins – Part 2
Mini-Series: Bluebird 2020 – Part 1
Mini-Series: Bluebird 2020 – Part 2
Mini-Series: Bluebird 2020 – Part 3
Mini-Series: Bluebird 2020 – Part 4
Miss Freedom: Secret Defeat – Part 1
Miss Freedom: Secret Defeat – Part 2
Side Mission 1
Side Mission 2
Side Mission 3
Side Mission 4
Side Mission 5
Side Mission 6
Side Mission 7
Side Mission 8
Side Mission 9
Side Mission 10
Side Mission 11
Side Mission 12
Side Mission: Bluebird Must Obey
Side Mission: Copycat Trap
Side Mission: Brainwash
Special #2: Bluebird Unbeatable
Training Room 1
Training Room 2
Training Room 3
Training Room 4
Training Room 5
Training Room 6
Training Room 7
Training Room 8
Training Room 9
Training Room 10
Training Room 11
Training Room 12
Training Room 13
Training Room 14
Training Room 15
Training Room 16
Training Room 17
Training Room 18

PKF Studios

Devon Dauntless vs. Leech

Picture Palace of Peril

The Good, The Bad, & The Cyborg

Pro Style Fantasies

X Club Wrestling
Episode 1: The Rise of G.I. Jewel
Episode 2: The Scheme
Episode 3
Episode 4
Episode 5
Episode 6
Episode 7
Episode 8
Episode 9
Episode 10
Episode 11
Episode 12
Episode 13
Episode 19

Episode 22

Project: Superwoman

Project: Superwoman – Site Review
Power Drain
Honor Among Villains
Mindy Marvel: My Town
Super Michaela: Bullet Time
Super Michaela: Face Off

Punished Heroines

How to Destroy a Superheroine II
Return of the Jeckle
SuperNightmare 2
The Black Phoenix
The Parolee
The Vengeance Factor (Superia)
Wonderous Girl (The Prey)

Ring Divas

Girls of War (Reboot)
Girls of War Destruction Vol. 2
Girls of War starring SoCal Val
Girls of War 3 starring Destiny Dumon
Jenah Hex
Sayuri Blood Chronicles II (Review #1)
Sayuri Blood Chronicles II (Review #2)
Torture Rack of Death Vol. 2


Episode 1: “And a Vampire Shall Save Them…
Episode 2: “…When the Great Sleep Has Come to an End


Agent Akira
Amazing Girl
Dark Robin vs. Freakmaster
Freakmaker: Sparrow Caught
Justice Girl – The Prototype
InJustice Girl
InJusticeGirl Part 2
LG: Liberty and Justice for All
Liberty Girl 2
Liberty Girl – The Return
Miss Pacman
Miss Pacman 2: Ghost Food
New Superior Girl
New Superior Girl 2
Relic Raider 5
Relic Raider 7: The Room of Doom
Relic Raider – “Madison vs. Slavers”
Revecca: Resident Virus
Resident Virus 2: Mimesis
Silver Fox in “Dream Machine”
Silver Fox vs. Doctor Domination
Skyfire II
Sleep Chamber
Star: Hard Punchers
The Collector II
There Will Be Pain
Wondergirl Desi vs. The Vexor
WonderousGirl – Episodes 1 and 2
WonderousGirl – Episode 3
Wonderous Girl vs. Gigantor

Slayer Paris

Episode 4 – The Vampire, the Witch, and the Daughters of Eve, part II

Steel Cinema

Avalon – The Director’s Cut
Bloodlines 2

Superheroine Films

A Super Wish – Part 1 and 2
DNA Disaster

Super Heroine Limited

Nina Driver: Episode One

Superheroine Underworld

The Erotic Adventures of Omega Woman & Gamma Girl

Superheroine World

Black Falcon
Black Falcon 2
Blue Rain
Gem vs. The Dream Catcher
Nova Woman and Flare
Patient #26
Starla, a Parody
The Power Guardians

Super vs. Evil

Episode 1: The Rune of Therapy
Episode 2: Enter the Shadows
Episode 3: The Best of Intentions
Episode 4: Amulet of Control
Episode 5: Fighting the Poison
Episode 6: A Vessel for Minx
Episode 7: Studying the Prey
Episode 8: The Violation of Angelstar
Episode 9: Memory Lapse
Episode 10: The Conversion
Episode 13: Following Orders


Wonder Weoman vs. The Mind Stealers, Part 1
Wonder Weoman vs. The Mind Stealers, Part 2

The Battle for Earth

Compilation 1: Fight Scenes
Compilation 2: Pure Peril
Cross the Line
Episode 1.2 – Avalon – “The Darkest Hour”
Episode 1.3 – The Harvest
Episode 1.4 – Last Stand
Episode 1.5 – Unnatural Selection
Episode 1.6 – Sins of the Father
Episode 1.7 – Preemptive Strike
Episode 1.8 – Nuclearman
Episode 1.9 – Nuclear Girl Origins
Episode 1.10 – Remember Me
Episode 1.11 – The Homecoming
Episode 1.12 – The Price is Right
Episode 1.13 – Fight Compilation 1
Episode 1.14 – The Jailer
Episode 1.15 – Timing is Everything
Episode 1.16 – Triple Cross
Episode 1.17 – Lost and Found
Episode 1.18 – Total Recall
Episode 1.19 – Transformation
Episode 1.20 – The Test
Episode 1.21 – Taken
Episode 1.22 – Alternate Dimension
Episode 1.23 – Revenge
Episode 1.24 – Good vs. Evil
Episode 1.25 – Distraction
Episode 1.26 – A New Direction
Episode 1.27 – Temper, Temper
Episode 1.28 – Diamond in the Rough
Episode 1.29 – The Matchmaker
Episode 1.30 – Unbreakable
Episode 1.31 – Revelations
Episode 1.32 – “Standoff”
Episode 2.1 – “Reconditioning Hour”
LOR’CAL Episode 1 – Infinite Possibilities
LOR’CAL Episode 2 – Cruel Intentions

The Gator Group

The 7 Nightmares Girl

The Superheroines

Canary: Breaking the Bond – Part 1
Canary: Breaking the Bond – Part 2
Canary: Breaking the Bond – Part 3
Canary: Breaking the Bond – Part 4
Heroine Kombat: Allura v Angelstar 1
Heroine Kombat: Allura vs. Firestar
Heroine Kombat: Amoeba v Celestia
Heroine Kombat: Hawke v Firestar
Heroine Kombat: Kaid v Shadowgirl
Heroine Kombat: Mystic v Tony 1
Heroine Kombat: Skyhawk v Dragos 1
Heroine Kombat: Valor vs. Amethyst
The Neomegas: Scion’s Setup
The Protectors: Spoiled Confidence
Shadowgirl Part 1
Shadowgirl Part 2
Shadowgirl Part 3
Shadowgirl Part 4

Tropic City Heroines

Hypnotica’s Plan


Dark Betrayal
Crimson Clash
Dark Embrace

Devla: Vampire Sorceress

Final Clash
Mind Games
Night Drop
Shipping and Villainy
Swift Moves
Swift Outrage
Swift Reunion
Swift Showdown
The Crimson Duel
The Return of Devla
Web Alert

Zen Pictures

Zen Pictures – Site Review
Adventures of Amazones [Last Part]

American Heroine – Star Lady
American Heroine Super Justy 3
Battle of Dead
Burning Action – Superheroine Chronicles Burnout Neo Vol.1
Burning Action – Superheroine Chronicles Burnout Neo Vol.2
Burning Action – Superheroine Chronicles – Dragon Hazard
Exciting Heroine Battler Sienne Matra
Exciting Heroine Mighty Girl – Big Crisis Version from Zen Pictures
Exciting Heroine The Brave Girl – The Crisis Version
Female Bandits Lady Cats Vol. 1
Gravure Idol Overcoming Crises! – Code Name Minerva Neo: Scary Tsuriganeizuma
Hyper Sexy Heroine Next Bikini Detective
Hyper Sexy Heroine NEXT New Trino
Idol Action Battle – Burnout : Dignitary Security Team
Killing Angels
Mighty Honey
Ninja Special Agent Justy Wind vs. Evil American Comic Books Characters Vol.2
Ninja Warriors Kagerion
Our Gravure Heroine G.I.O. Master “Olia”
Sailor Ninja – First Part
Sailor Ninja – Last Part
Smart 109
Smart 109 Code: 2 (Heroine Chronicles)
Star Decker
Steel Angel
Super Heroine Violence – Science Team Bird Soldier White
The Masked Seductive Heroine

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