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RYE-UK’s “Agent Walker”

RYE-UK, the producers behind Eye of the Beholder and the upcoming Frame of Mind, have released a brand new video: Agent Walker, now available at SHG-Media.


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Charlotte Walker investigates the location of a new criminal wanted for questioning on several disappearances. When she arrives she finds The Avenger being beaten to death by 3 super villains. She tries to intervene and stop the chaos but she is no match for them. Charlotte and the Avenger are left for dead while the building is set on fire but The Avenger transfers her powers to Charlotte before she dies. Unaware of her new abilities, Charlotte goes home and her transformation begins and a new Avenger is born. She decides to accept these gifts and uses her new powers to stop a gang of GEL dealers, but the villains who thought they killed her have other plans… Includes multiple F/F 2 vs 1 beatdowns, low blow, weapons, KO’s, slaps, in an all girl vs girl EPIC. Running time is 30 mins

Purchase this video at SHG-Media

94 Responses

  1. Waid says:

    How does she transform?

  2. Tim Caine says:


    Just wanted to chime in and say IMO Villains United UK staring Anastasiya Breadson is the greatest Super Herione Peril video ever released to this point. I rewatched it again last night and it is truly truly awesome! Of course it doesn’t in hurt that IMO it stars the best female performer in the genre.

    The story flows wonderfully. The eventual defeat comes after the perfect amount of give and take build up. My only complaint is that it doesn’t end in a fatality. Normally I prefer videos which end in a fatality. But this one is SO GOOD that even without the fatality it is the best thing I’ve seen so far.

    The Eye of the Beholder is also incredible. I like the ending to that one, even though I was hoping to see her “dissolved” LOL. So, my first question is which ending is more decisive “Agent Walker” or “Super Nightmare 3”?

    Second question: Is there going to be either a sequel to Anastasiya Breadson’s SG or will WW attempt to come after her sister and be a sequel to Eye of the Beholder first?

    Thanks, for all the great videos over the years. Rye.

  3. wid says:

    I’m with Lake. Supergirl wears a skirt and I’m only interested in purchasing Supergirl in the skirted costume. There are plenty of other heroines that don’t wear skirts, let those of us that appreciate skirts, legs, and the sexy tease to enjoy our stuff too.

  4. Judah says:

    Whew…Congrats on the release of Super Nightmare III…Kacey looks outstanding in it. Hope to see more of Kacey…She sure is hot and sexy.

  5. LQQKn4aFox says:

    WTF!?!?!? Skirt or no skirt!?!?!? It’s à léotard/unitard or pannies/bottoms with à piece le cloth ard it or jus der sides. Bunch le dukoffs!?!?!? Blah!!!! It’s all gõod!!!!

  6. Lake says:

    Yaaawwwwn! There are few enough vids with the heroines wearing skirts as it is, so will you ‘skirt haters’ just lay off when a vid like this comes out. There are oodles of vids where just unitards or catsuits are being worn so let us enjoy the few that come out where a skirt is worn. Femininity Rules!

  7. Bob says:

    Love when things pop up out of nowhere like this, in regards to Kacey’s latest video. I’ve always been a fan and once again she delivers. She always looks incredible whether it’s Wonder Woman, Power Girl, and now Supergirl. I would love to see some sexual peril (simulated would be totally fine) with her. Great stuff. Just hope this doesn’t devolve into the usual hate she gets.

  8. bogie says:

    @Sugarcoater. Took the words right out of my mouth, mate!

  9. Sugarcoater says:

    Yes! I like the skirt to begin with, but the unisuit by itself would look really hot on her. I love the SG unisuit, and to have SG humiliated by being stripped of the skirt would be a great touch.

  10. bogie says:

    Also apologizing for posting here, but yes, the new Kacey is certainly a great improvement, and Rye has chucked in everything but the kitchen sink, including a drag-by-the-ankle scene, always welcome. Just wish that skirt had vaporized somehow.
    Good on you Rye and Kacey.

  11. sugarcoater says:

    To follow up on the most recent post, and apologies for posting it here but there isn’t any more appropriate place at this point. The crew at SHG emailed me promptly and there are no issues. I bought the Kacey as Supergirl without any problems and I loved it. Seeing her in that role was a fresh look, and she is getting better at the superhero role (the only detail for slight improvement, and it is slight, would be the hair flip at the wrong time–I don’t see a heroine getting beaten down flipping her hair back as she writhes in pain). More of Kacey is a good thing.
    I really liked the camera work in this video. The slow-mo worked well, and the angles were spectacular. I liked the idea of having SG’s hands tied after the AOH sequence.
    Awesome job Rye and Kacey!

  12. Mike3 says:

    No problem fellas.
    bogie- I thought Kacey was more than convincing enough in this one. I’ve just always loved the Supergirl costume because it’s such a classic (growing up I actually loved Helen Slater’s SG waaaay more than Lynda Carter’s WW!) and if the girl wearing it is any good then it’s usually a must buy for me.
    Sugarcoater- Shoot them an email. The only issue I had was a couple yrs ago when I couldn’t download a video. I emailed them and they sent a courteous response and remedied the problem right away.

  13. Sugarcoater says:

    Thanks for the heads up on that. Unfortunately I tried to buy it but couldn’t get past the credit card page. I put in all the info, but the next page wouldn’t load hopefully the crew at SHG will fix whatever the issue is.

  14. bogie says:

    @Mike3. Thanks for the heads-up. I like many others would love to see Kacey in a convincing role, but speaking personally, that unattractive costume is going to take some getting passed. No cleavage?!!

  15. Mike3 says:

    Just thought I’d add, for anyone that hasn’t seen this yet, that Rye just released Super Nightmare 3 with Kacey as Supergirl. I noticed it just after ordering Agent Walker last night. I’ll admit I haven’t exactly been the biggest Kacey fan after my extreme disappoint by her first 2 films. That was due to her “no-selling” and having this seemingly smug face despite being beat down and such. Since then I’ve avoided anything she starred in. I’m one of those that it doesn’t matter how beautiful the heroine looks, if I don’t like her acting then I ain’t buying it. And even though things might have been on the up and up with her in Never Say Never I still decided to pass on that. Well after seeing the preview for Super Nightmare 3 and considering the comments on how her acting improved in Never Say Never I figured I ought to give SN3 a shot. Let me tell you, after watching it I have to say MY GOODNESS I was blown away!!! In a good way of course lol! Remember that this is coming from one of Kacey’s biggest detractors/avoiders. I realize we’re prone to overreact after seeing a film we love but with SN3, with every element, how it was edited, and Kacey herself, it is easily one of my favorites if not my favorite (which it just might be!). I don’t know what Kacey did to change up her acting but she seriously went from someone I didn’t care to watch to easily a top favorite of mine. The film itself was tremendous, and there was a part that gave tribute to the scene in Supergirl where she confronts the 2 truckers…very very well done!! Everything IMO was very very well done. I’m pretty sure if you order it you won’t be disappointed.

  16. bpfempro says:

    Very well done. This film was great.
    One of it’s merits is the lead actress. A hot blonde in the role of a superheroine and yet vulnerable enough to be convincing as a beatdown victim. While the beatdown sessions don’t last long, it was well acted out. The hot pink the heroine wears before the transformation was such a great choice of wardrobe.
    Lady Villains are always top on my thumbs up list and they do a great job showing how much they enjoy dishing it out to both the heroines we see.
    Favourite villain line, “I like the noises she makes”.

    Cannot wait for Part TWO!

  17. Mike3 says:

    This filrm is outstanding, thanks! The heroine is a beauty. LOVE having female villains that are mischievous and cruel like the two here. Cast the silver one in a heroine role (Wonder Woman preferably) sometime soon please!

  18. ted says:

    Is that Amber McCalester?

  19. pete jansen says:

    Wow thank you so much, female battles sorely missed making a comeback, really looking forward to Part 2! 🙂 🙂

  20. ashoklalvani says:

    More all FF videos please!

  21. brad777 says:

    Just watched this awesome superheroine movie again! The super villainess babes rock wearing their sexy leotards, kicking superheroine ass! Charlotte Walker is hot decimating the gel dealer gang when she becomes the new sexy Avenger, she looks so hot in costume! The fight choreography is terrific. Great job RYE-UK-TEAM.

  22. bigphill says:

    Has anyone else had trouble purchasing this movie?

    *HM here – Please contact SHG-Media for customer service inquiries regarding SHG-Media videos: https://www.shg-media.com/Default.asp?PageID=Contact%5D

  23. LQQKn4aFox says:

    @Bullz-Eye U go boy!!!!! Agréé wit U.

  24. LQQKn4aFox says:

    @Judah Awww Danku! Danku! Danku! I too think der vid/film is excellent.

  25. Judah says:

    @Wrecker & Fox
    You guys are characters….hahaha…don’t stop the caffeine…embrace it…down all the Monsters and Red Bulls you can take. Fraulines…now that’s funny.
    This thread has had its fair share of craziness. This film is awesome…a break and refreshness from the constant same ol same ol formula other producers try to shove around here. Congrats RYE looking forward to other great work from you.
    Oh yeah, One point of constructive criticism…I enjoyed the Eye of the Beholder locations very much..perhaps a return to such locations or even better ones in the UK would be awesome.

  26. Bullz-Eye says:

    “@Bullz-Eye – Everyone has the right to choose what they do with their own money. Never have I seen Rye hold anyone at gunpoint to sell a vid. If you don’t want this video, you don’t have to buy it. Pal. And neither does Darklord.” – Wrecker

    Nothing in your post refutes, or is even contrary to, anything in MY post. Looks to me like you’re just lashing out.

  27. LQQKn4aFox says:

    Wreck. Cut back on der caffine, I think maybe U should my friend!?!? LoL!!!!! Eat Pork!!!!! LoL!!!!

  28. Wrecker says:

    Fox, I think maybe you should cut back on the caffeine my friend.

  29. LQQKn4aFox says:

    Arrrrr!!!!! Stop der madness!?!? Luv it!?!? Hate it!? Or in between!? It’s all goöd!!!!! Yay! Yay! LoL?!!!!? Wat beautiful sexi hot cute fraulines and leotards!!!! Yay! Yay! ….. Can’t we all get along. It’s T-A-P !!!!! Aka Tit!!! Ass!!!! and Pussy!!!! Yay! Yay! Muah!!! To all 4 fraulines!!!! XoxO

  30. Wrecker says:

    Rye has come under fire pretty heavily here recently over a couple of videos made with a particular actress(whom many people stated on this very site that they wanted to see more of in spite of his personal negative experience working with her in the past, so against his previous statements and better judgement he worked with her again), and over the way he chose to price and distribute that video and a couple of others. While it is true that freedom of speech allows people to voice their opinions on those issues, Rye also has the right not to be bombarded with the same negative statement over and over and over again bye choosing to disable the comments on other films not even connected to the ones in question. It has become an issue on more than one of his recent releases that people continued flaming about past topics. I can’t say I blame him for wanting a break from it. I can’t name a single producer that hasn’t released a video at some point that I was less than happy with for some reason or another. It happens. Everyone has different tastes and no one can cater to all of us. When you end up with a video that you don’t care for, in stead of flaming the producers with negativity why don’t you chalk it up as a learning experience and consider holding off and doing a little more research before you make your next purchase. Getting on the forum and crying and whining and saying “You suck and I’ll never buy another one of your videos again!” just makes you look like a tool. None of us care about your butthurt. We come here to communicate with likeminded individuals, keep up with the genre news, and read [helpful] reviews of films to decide if it’s something we might be interested in, not to hear someone cry or try to bully producers with threats of non-purchase. I also guarantee that the people who put a lot of their time and energy into making these films don’t care to have negativity hurled ignorantly in their direction. There’s a difference in criticism and just plain rude. No one is being forced to buy anything against their will. Rye has made and continues to make some of the best vids in the business and if you don’t like him, take your money and hate elsewhere. End of Rant.
    @vadimfv – I doubt it’s anything more than a happy coincidence but I thought the same thing.
    @Rye and RyeUk – Keep up the amazing work and don’t let petty bs get you down.
    @Bert – You win the forum, Sir.
    @Bullz-Eye – Everyone has the right to choose what they do with their own money. Never have I seen Rye hold anyone at gunpoint to sell a vid. If you don’t want this video, you don’t have to buy it. Pal. And neither does Darklord.

  31. Doc Holiday says:

    Dog’s Bollocks!!! ‘Bloody’ good show (pun intended), go on my son, bring on part 2.

  32. Simon says:

    My first super heroine purchase in a great while. Thank you for doing what you do rye uk!

  33. Steve says:

    I enjoyed it too Bert! I do not usually chime in here but I find the conversation about the lack of open comments on some videos… Intriguing. Of course you’re welcome to your own opinions but this nonsense about having your “free speech” violated or “being silenced” is (in my free speech opinion) absurd. If you like the looks of a video.. Buy it.. if you don’t.. Don’t. Investing any more emotion or thought into it beyond that seems like a complete and utter waste of time and energy. That said, “Free Speech” does not mean that the video producers OR the operators of this board have any sort of responsibility to provide you with a forum to have your free speech. If you’re irritated at the lack of open comments that is totally understandable but to dramatize it by saying your free speech has been violated or you have been silenced…. Come on. No one has violate or silenced anyone. There are many videos that never even get posted to this forum in the first place… So if someone never post a video here and I can’t comment on it, that means my rights were violated? Everyone here understands you’re unhappy with it…. Must we keep revisiting it??

  34. Bert says:

    Pfft. I’m enjoying a cool vid and you aren’t.

  35. Catwacher says:

    Fans of 2v1 will find this to be a dream come true!

    – 2v1 heroine tied AoH, helpless and the HOT bad girls reveling in the beating
    – 2v1 powered bad girls versus unpowered good girl
    – 2v1 heroine versus bad girls straight up

    The ladies in this video are just fantastic, in looks, costumes and how well they sell the action. Rye, you have truly hit a LOT of hot buttons with this one. An instant classic!

  36. Darklord says:

    Lol @ darklourde – imitation is the best form of flattery.

    @Bert – your loss that you’re a blind fan boy. Muting ur fans goes against the very reason this message board was created. It’s not to say that Rye doesn’t make good videos (he does) but I’ve lost all respect for how he runs his business, and unlike you, I have enough respect for myself not to throw my hard earned money at someone I don’t respect. And if you don’t understand why it’s important to be heard, especially after that “right” was taken from you, then I feel sorry for you.

  37. Willy says:

    all F vs F = instant buy

  38. rayman says:

    A real shame to see or rather not to see LOL! Such great work hidden in the darkness of a mood setting set, still awesome though and I agree probably one of the best so far from RYEUK.
    Love the metallic sound effect from Avenger when she get shit shows off her “super” ness and when it fades you know sh eis weakening

  39. steve says:

    Agree with all of the positive comments posted–this is a GREAT heroine peril film involving two incredibly delicious villainesses. The blows are tremendous, the heroine gorgeous, and the snide comments from the two vicious women a very welcome change. I had been waiting for a heroine-vs-villainess film with great action for some time now, and I certainly got my money’s worth. Hoping part II will be forthcoming (along with Frame of Mind Part III). Great job!

  40. raymond felch says:

    are you doing dvds??

  41. vadimfv says:

    Is “Agent Walker” a reference to the character in the “Chuck” TV show?

  42. HorseWithNoName says:

    @ ron: where I stand, one should never “get used to” having no free speech either here nor elsewhere. But I do agree with you, that it ain’t found here. This is a commercial platform to promote heroine peril movies and for fans to express their impressions and to engage with some of the producers. Whenever the idea of making money comes into play (mixed with highly individual tastes i.e. fans) naturally what you can say or rather not say will be limited. It is in and by itself the nature of this beast.

    But as with Darklord, I have turned most of my attention elsewhere. Nuff said.

  43. ron says:

    @Darklord There is no “free speech” here. Get used to it.

  44. bogie says:

    @ Darklourd. Gutted?

  45. Judah says:

    Was gonna wait till part 2 came out but I couldn’t help myself…had to buy it. Pretty awesome film…one if RYE-UK best in my opinion. I liked the costume and the fight choreography was well done.

  46. Darklourde says:

    Just bought this film.. And gutted.. 🙂

  47. LordSnot says:

    Hope those bad girls get into a lil peril too. That one in silver is fine as hell. Some of the promo pics are pretty dark. Will the action be harder to see with the lack of lighting? That would be my one Q. I understand some stories work well in lower light but I like to clearly see the ladies and with those samples there seems to be only one lightbulb on set. And it’s a 60 watt.

  48. Bert says:

    I guess the irony that this discussion is taking place in the comments section for this release is lost on you guys.Buy it or don’t, for whatever reasons you choose, but complaining about not having the right to comment about a video, on the comments section of that video, is pretty messed up.

  49. Bullz-Eye says:

    “Your loss pal.” – Bert

    It’s his money. Sounds to me like he values his right to be heard more than he values Rye-Uk’s films. So it’s NOT his loss … it’s him making his own decisions as to what he wants to do with his money. Pal.

    The “no comments” move by Rye-Uk was a somewhat of a red flag to me. In the absence of a better explanation, I can only assume that Rye-UK views buyers sharing their opinions with each other as a bad thing for them, and that’s never a good thing for the buyer. This video is a second red flag. As far as I can tell (and I really might have missed it) there is no mention of this being a part 1. I’m a fan of the Standard Superheroine Formula – build the heroine up, break her down. Out of 30 minutes, this has about 22 minutes of setup/background story and 8 minutes of actual superheroine action. I guess I need to drop another $35 to see the “breakdown” part. Not the end of the world, but Rye-UK is sort of on my “Do Not Trust” list. I normally buy movies sight-unseen … I watch the trailer, then decide whether to buy. No more with Rye-UK. I’ll be scrutinizing my choices a little more carefully — reading reviews, getting to know exactly what it is that I’m buying. And if the buyer comments get shut off, then I simply won’t be buying.

    Having said all that … the reviews above me don’t lie. It IS a great film. Rye-UK’s films are pushing this genre closer and closer to cinema quality films.

  50. tom says:

    Just incredible how Rye pulls out the stops time an time again, catering now to the female villain market (the size of which grossly underestimated imho), with a level of brutality unmatched by virtually any other producer outside of Japan. The female villains make this movie and they are truly delicious, so so sadistic and cruel, just as you’d expect. The storyline is great, really credible from start to finish, astronomically high production values/sets as per usual. Literally salivating at the prospect of Part 2 which will be an insta-buy just as this was.
    I know its early, but any tentative release date for Part 2? Even a month will do 😉

    But well done again,Rye. Really is outstanding stuff.

  51. Bert says:

    Your loss pal.


  52. Darklord says:

    Can’t deny that it looks awesome, but anyone who mutes their customers and requests that no comments be posted isn’t getting my money.


  53. Whitman says:

    Is there more than one low blow in this one or is “low blow” intentionally singular in the description? Looks awesome otherwise!

  54. Bert says:

    Rye-UK continues to produce truly excellent work. I am already looking forward to part two!

  55. SlawDiesel says:

    Kudos! This was amazing! I think heroine fans will really enjoy this one. I downloaded and watched this morning. Plot, action, peril, costumes are all great. The female villains were definitely a change up from the usual goons we experience. I am anxiously waiting for part 2! If it contains an AoH scene like the first, only with the new Avenger, that would be sweet! (Sorry, spoiler alert!) Job well done everyone.

  56. kazecam says:

    can’t seem to pay with the credit card option or the paypal

  57. steve says:

    Yes!! What I have been waiting for! Gorgeous heroine going up against multiple villainesses! Ahh, the weekend it taking too long!!! Lets get to Monday and the release of Agent Walker!

  58. tom says:

    Hellooooooo female villains 🙂

  59. Mark says:

    LOVE the look of this one! Seriously, roll on Monday!

    Rye, just a quick question if I may – are there any other RYE-UK releases in the bag, especially featuring the amazing ladies from the ‘Frame of Mind’ series?

  60. Lake says:

    This looks quality.

  61. Doc Holiday says:

    Amazing trailer… quality, can’t wait.

  62. rizo says:

    Sadistic female villains. This is like a custom video tailor made for my appetites, Rye

  63. kazecam says:

    cool,it’s nice/rare to see two villainesses

  64. Rye says:

    It will be released at SHG-Media on Monday with a new trailer 😉

    Sorry for the delays, I underestimated the edit time on this one but I think Rye-UK fans are going to love it. Especially those who like sadistic female villains.

  65. kazecam says:

    when is this coming out????

  66. SpandexFiend says:


    I’m not sure what you’re talking about. I just found it on page 5. They came out with the announcement for this around the same time as the Frame of Mind and I think it took another month or so for Frame of Mind to be released, and then another month for part 2 to be released. By that time scale I think we’re looking at about June-ish?

    I would agree that they announced this way too soon. Our sort tends to get impatient after a couple of weeks, much less a couple of months.

  67. hotcakes says:

    Please can we have news??

  68. Kevlar says:

    +1 for the above

  69. steve says:

    wow, the reference to this one has even been deleted from the page menu. Its only through the related posts that I could get back to it. Trying not to complain, but it would be nice to know what happened to this flick. It had great promise, with the anticipation of some terrific woman-on-woman action, which seems to be a vanishing breed in the superheroine genre of late. Hard to complain given the great work Rye-UK has given us, but please, for those of us who were very interested in this flick, could we at least get an explanation as to what happened that this one seems to have died on the cutting room floor? Please?

  70. hotcakes says:

    Agree! Can we have some news on this please?

  71. walker says:

    Its almost late April, but you still have not put the first episode out…..

  72. SH says:

    I see the YouTube video is down is this move still going to be released?
    I remember seeing the preview a while back and it looked good I hope it is still going to get released.

  73. walker says:


  74. walker says:

    Hey! When cannon i see it?? has been waiting for long time…plz

  75. walker says:

    What date does it come out?

  76. Rye says:

    It is a Superheroine origin story 😉
    Series of episodes with part 1 being released in April, part 2 in late April and part 3 in May most likely.
    Without giving too much away, SpandexFiend’s take on the trailer is pretty close 😉

  77. LQQKn4aFox says:

    Who der blonde gurl!?!?!? Who der blonde gurl!?!?!? Her name!?!?!? Her name!?!?!? I want it. I want it. Agent,Walker is HOT!!!!! HOT!!!! HOT!!!! Who!?!?!? Who!?!?!?

  78. Rover says:

    Maybe it was an early April fools?

  79. yala says:

    come on, when does it come out?

  80. Rover says:


  81. SpandexFiend says:


    Judging from the trailer I’d hazard a guess at a little of both. Starts out as an agent, goes after a couple of villains that are torturing the heroine (at the time). They kill her but the agent tries to save the heroine and somehow winds up with her powers. It’s all conjecture but you see some of it in the trailer. I’m looking forward to this one coming out, it looks really interesting!

  82. Rover says:

    Is she a superheroine with powers, or a secret agent?

  83. LQQKn4aFox says:

    Who der girl der blue leotard. Very very very Pretty. Yay yay!!!! She Hot Sexy Cute Beautiful. How much fer her!?!?!? Der women and children, how much!?!?!? LoL!!!!!

  84. yala says:

    Yo, why not come out yet???

  85. blabla says:

    When does it come out? i cannot wait…

  86. Domino says:

    Looks awesome! Is that actress on da phone Sabrina Dickens?? I met her at a Horror comic con a year ago =D

  87. Sugarcoater says:

    Lol, uh…what?

  88. LQQKn4aFox says:

    Luuks guud!!!!! ?????? Is da Heroine Amber McAlester!?!?!? Kinda luuks like her. Da another two frauleins luuk guud too. All Sexy Cute Hot Beautiful. Pics please!?!?!?

  89. Kevlar says:

    THANK YOU SO MUCH for doing a F vs F(F) video! Even if it’s terrible which I doubt, thanks for giving all female villains a go. Their costumes look great, and the heroine’s costume looks even better! Cute heroine actress too. Hope they took advantage of the all female cast and include some F/F low blows, but even if not, really looking forward to this one!

  90. bpfempro says:

    Such promise! Really enjoy female on female beatdown, and not really 1v1 ladies fights, as seen in the scenes from the trailer.

    Looks very well done. Looking forward to this one as well. Another one on my wishlist!

  91. LordSnot says:

    Great outfits are becoming a norm for this studio. Kudos to the creators. The heroine looks gorgeous.

  92. Dangerman says:

    Does she transform?

  93. Sugarcoater says:

    Love seeing the new material from Rye UK. Intriguing teaser! Looking forward to more updates on this, and nice to know something is in the works.