Rye’s “The Black Phoenix” (Review)

The Black Phoenix features: Ashley Rose in a skin-tight black spy-girl costume, a ton of action and violence, lots of sexual peril, and, in my opinion, an outstanding performance by Steve Noir as the evil Dr. Strangor. (With a name like that, you pretty much have to become evil.)

We begin as “Agent Natasha” (that’s Ashley Rose) enters the evil warehouse of the sinister Dr. Strangor, played (as mentioned previously) by Steve Noir, the director/producer of such notable films as Resident Virus 2 and Hard Punchers. Natasha’s mission is to apprehend the incredibly diabolical Dr. Strangor, in a performance from Steve Noir that somehow actually manages to smell evil. (I mean that as a compliment. More on Noir’s performance later…)

Natasha becomes frustrated with Strangor’s biting witticisms, especially after he admits killing one of Natasha’s fellow female agents and then “trying to reanimate her while having sex with her!” I don’t blame her at all after hearing something like that. She punches Dr. Strangor and throws him around the room. Unfortunately for her, Strangor actually enjoys all of this. He is excited by his own pain and is therefore quite delighted to be victimized. Even a stomp to Strangor’s crotch fails to have the desired effect for Natasha.  (I never thought I would type such a thing.)

Eventually, two thugs show up to try to detain Natasha. We learn that the thugs have been genetically enhanced by Dr. Strangor, but still Natasha is able to defeat them quite easily… until Dr. Strangor delivers a well-timed punch to her crotch! This significantly weakens Agent Natasha, allowing the thugs to beat her up until she’s almost down for the count. Fortunately, Natasha reveals her super power: the “sonic scream.” (This is a nice visual and audio effect, by the way.) The sonic scream works, and the bad guys are rendered helpless and weakened.

Unfortunately for Agent Natasha, Dr. Strangor has made the room “sound absorbent,” which drains the power from the sonic scream and gives it to Strangor (or something). Which, of course, has the dual effect of giving Strangor additional strength with which to beat up poor Natasha. The thugs manage to regain their bearings and join in on the fun.

This is a Punished Heroines video; therefore, you can imagine where things go from here. Natasha is beaten and sexually ravaged for pretty much the remainder of the video. Her costume is ripped, and the three bad guys gang rape her. After another sonic scream, a severely weakened Natasha becomes the victim of the horrible Strangor who, we realize, has taken precautions to protect himself from the sonic scream. He beats the hell out of Agent Natasha and then rapes her against the wall. (What a meanie.) A surprise ending sets things up for a sequel, but you’ll just have to watch the video to find out how.

The Black Phoenix is another entry in the Punished Heroines library which should please fans of Rye’s sexually explicit work. Ashley Rose makes a great victim as always and looks superb in her skin-tight black spy costume. But the big surprise here is Steve Noir, who turns out to be an intense and talented actor. As ridiculous as the character might be, the performance is outstanding; possibly the best I’ve seen from a male villain. I don’t want to build things up too much or give away any surprises, but I found Noir’s performance to be very impressive.

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