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“Saturn Girl” from Fighting Heroines in Sexy Perils

[Adults only] A company called Fighting Heroines in Sexy Perils has released a new video called Saturn Girl, which is now available at the company’s Clips4Sale store. Star (a.k.a. Star 9) plays Saturn Girl, and Kendra James plays her nemesis The Weather Witch.

"Saturn Girl" from Fighting Heroines in Sexy Perils

Fighting Heroines in Sexy Perils presents Saturn Girl with over 30 visual special effects. The 30th century evil doer, Weather Witch has time travelled to destroy humanity in our time. The clip is available with and without sexual content at www.clips4sale.com/studio/67405/

30th century heroine Legionnaire with super mental powers, Saturn Girl, has time travelled to assist our time’s authorities in capturing Weather Witch. Imra Ardeen aka Saturn Girl uses the “quaint” art of surfing the net looking for signs of Weather Witch. Imra Ardeen gets a lead and transforms into Saturn Girl. Saturn Girl enters Weather Witch’s hide out in the mindless maze. Staying alert for traps, hidden entrances and clues, Saturn Girl searches the maze’s twists and turns. Unable to focus her telepathy, Saturn Girl summons telekinetic guidance to escape the maze. Saturn Girl confronts Weather Witch in the throne room. Saturn Girl’s mental powers and the Witch’s weather magic have a special effects battle. Their powers cancel out until the women’s powers put each other in bondage. They kick at each other then use their powers to escape their bonds. Saturn Girl and Weather Witch fight in a test of strength to control the Witch’s magic staff. Saturn Girl wins until Weather Witch shocks Saturn Girl. Saturn Girl kicks, belly punches, knee buttes to head and bear hugs Weather Witch. Weather Witch shocks, tornado spins and blizzard freezes Saturn Girl in place.

Weather Witch caresses, fondles, circles, butte slaps, taunts, rubs the face and finger lifts the chin of a frozen, helpless Saturn Girl. Weather Witch pulls a collar out of her hat, rubs collar on Saturn Girl’s body and puts it on Saturn Girl. The Witch summons a heat wave to melt Saturn Girl’s frozen state. Saturn Girl tries to use her mental powers, and the collar shocks the heroine 4 times. Saturn Girl falls flat on her face. Weather Witch digs her heel in the heroine’s back and neck and then kicks heroine onto her back. Saturn Girl lies prone face up. Weather Witch taunts the heroine, caresses her face and sends her off with a handkerchief. The action shifts to Weather Witch leash dragging Saturn Girl through the maze. Saturn Girl is handcuffed behind her back. Saturn Girl refuses to be dragged. Weather Witch puts some fire by Saturn Girl’s face. Frightened, Saturn Girl bows her head and obeys. Weather Witch leash drags heroine through the maze. Saturn Girl resists again. Weather Witch shoots a flame thrower at Saturn Girl’s feet to make heroine jump around until she submits. Weather Witch leash drags heroine through the maze as Saturn Girl struggles against handcuffs.

Weather Witch puts Saturn Girl in a cage! Saturn Girl struggles but can’t escape the cage. When Saturn Girl sasses Weather Witch, the villainess uses fire, lightning and the collar to torment Saturn Girl. Saturn Girl finally bows to Weather Witch’s will. Weather Witch takes Saturn Girl’s gloves. Weather Witch has hardcore girl on girl sex with Saturn Girl as the two women argue about who is right. If Saturn Girl gets sassy, the collar punishes her. The villainess kisses the heroine. Weather Witch exposes, licks, kisses and sucks on Saturn Girl’s breasts. Weather Witch leg rubs Saturn Girl’s pussy. On her hands and knees, Saturn Girl licks and sucks Weather Witch’s pussy as the Witch puts her legs on the heroine’s back. Weather Witch licks, sucks and finger fucks heroine’s pussy and makes heroine suck on Witch’s fingers. The talented Star 9 plays the sexy, sensual Saturn Girl and fan favorite Kendra James is the wonderfully wicked Weather Witch.


-Visual special effects for transformation, lighting, power deflections, shocking, fire, flamethrower, snow, sun, power suppressions, telepathy, telekinesis and mental power projections of lasers and bolts.

-Bondage domination peril including simultaneous arms overhead (AOH) bondage of heroine and villainess, handcuffs with leash dragging and a cage.

-A collar activated three different ways with special effects to torment a superheroine, neutralize her mental powers and make her helpless.

-Back and forth fight scene with super power special effects cancelling each other out, double bondage and escape, kicking, belly punches, knee to head buttes, bear hug, physical test of strength contest, villainess pinned to floor, heroine lying hurt on floor, fight moves beating special effect powers, special effect powers beating fight moves and mental powers neutralized by dizziness from a tornado and freezing from a blizzard.

-Helpless heroine being caressed, fondled, having her chin lifted by villainess’ finger, body and face rubbed by Witch’s staff, butte slapped, face caressed and taunted as she stands frozen in place.

-Villainess digging a heel into helpless heroine’s back and neck, taunting a helpless heroine lying prone on her back and giving helpless heroine a faustasian-like fate.

-Lots of maze walking shots with confident heroine searching for villainess and villainess leash dragging a helpless heroine. Both have multiple angle shots.

-A helpless heroine pulling, kicking and pushing on cage bars but unable to escape the cage.

-Witch uses burning staff head next to heroine’s face to scare heroine and fires a flame thrower at heroine’s feet to make heroine jump and up and down.

-Villainess slowly intimidating and breaking a heroine’s will with fire, shocking, collar torments, glove removal and sex.

-Hardcore girl on girl sex with kissing, sucking – licking – kissing breasts, oral sex, finger fucking and finger sucking with both actresses staying in costume and character.

-Multiple different angle shots including backside, pan ups, close ups, low angle, legs and profiles of heroine lying on couch, walking, bending over, maze walking, fighting, bound arms overhead (AOH), lying helpless on floor, spinning, being frozen, taunted, fondled, caged, leash dragged and having hardcore girl on girl sex.

-Classic superheroine plot, tension, action, an iconic Saturn Girl costume, a very sexy and fitting witch costume and a production with appeal across multiple fan interests.

The clip is available with and without sexual content at www.clips4sale.com/studio/67405/

5 Responses

  1. Tyr Garm says:

    @Dawnstar Productions

    Star? Star 9? She’s all Saturn Girl to me!


    The Saturn Girl costume is true to form in all aspects of the original outfit. Both ladies play their roles brilliantly. Star 9’s look, acting skills, fighting expertise and superheroine experience brilliantly bring Saturn Girl to life. Kendra James makes a wonderfully wicked Weather Witch. This production is one you will be glad you bought!

    -Tyr Garm (Executive Producer and Writer)

  2. Dawnstar Productions says:

    I believe that it’s just “Star”, not “Star 9.” She told me years ago that when she was making her modeling name for various social media sites, the name “Star” was not specific enough so she had to add a numeral to it in order for it to work.

  3. HorseWithNoName says:

    @ Tyr Garm: I am very tempted 🙂 However, not wanting to rain on your parade, it is not special effects why I purchase a video (as fantastic as they may be). This did catch my attention for the Saturn Girl outfit, and the two lovely ladies of which one I have not seen in a movie before.

    And: I like that you do offer an extensive description of what to expect from the vid i.e. content-wise.

  4. Tyr Garm says:


    Over 30 visual special effects will make this an awesome purchase for anyone. The visual special effects are all in the version without the g/g sexual content.

    The video with g/g sexual content is 53 minutes long.

    The video without sexual content is 42 minutes long.

    This video is not your standard run of the mill girl on girl production. You will love your purchase of this unique and excellent video.

    -Tyr Garm (Writer and Executive Producer)

  5. HorseWithNoName says:

    I noticed this a few days ago. I love the Saturn Girl costume. My favorite on her. If they would bring this actress back and this costume and have it F/M, this would make it an instant buy for me. And “Star 9” is a fantastic name 🙂

    I also think it is a good approach by this studio to offer this video in two versions.