“Say Hello” from Damien Wagner

UPDATED: Now available – click here to purchase for $11.99!

Hi everyone! Today I’m proud to show you the trailer of my new movie: SAY HELLO. This is a custom video produced by Pekka.

It is fun, and very violent.

Elisa and Chloé are basically fighting non-stop in this movie, full of belly punches, face punches and slapping, great action sequences, with both real and “fake” slow-motion.

You like the trailer? You’ll LOVE the movie. 11 minutes of intense fight, focusing on belly, with two beautiful girls… two awesome actresses as well 😉

Coming soon! Enjoy!

MP4. 11 minutes. HD.

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Tons of bonus pics and clips… You’ll not regret it!

Click here to purchase this video for $11.99!
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8 Responses

  1. Besugo says:

    Damn that belly is HOT.

  2. PhantasmaRosso says:

    This looks interesting – will be looking forward to the release. I’ve often written about the general lack of variety when it comes to situations and outfits in clips and videos featuring good FvF or FvM fights – besides the costumed heroine stuff (which, let’s be clear, is great to have) , you hardly ever see the actresses wearing nice “real world” outfits (e.g. dresses, skirts, skirtsuits) and when you do…it’s normally part of an heroine scenario “before transformation”, or it’s a total “femdom” video. Incredibly enough, sports/exercise wear is also on the list of “mostly missing in action”, which is funny considering the ladies are…well fighting. This one seems to be falling perfectly in that niche!

    • Jacques says:

      Most of his videos have actors in real world situations, some of which have a ‘Grindhouse/
      ‘B’ movie flavour. Some of my customs were developed on this basis. A bonus is that it keeps the costs lower. In my second Jasna Zoric custom, there are no good guys.Many years ago there was a French theatre group that performed these types of movies although some were pretty gruesome. The one I remember seeing had an actress tied on top of a piano bench which was partially rolled into a raging furnace, the lights went out in the theatre and next thing you saw was her exiting the furnace with legs mangled and burnt to a crisp. Scary then but pretty cool in today’s world. It was the fist time that I had ever saw an actress spread eagled on bed and was tortured by scalping. This was live production. Obviously I may have some personal issues. LOL.

      • Jacques says:

        My error, they were not movies but actually live productions.

      • PhantasmaRosso says:

        I know, I’ve checked DW’s productions often – the “grindhouse” factor is indeed there.

        I won’t deny I’m fairly detailed and “particular” in my preferences; Mostly they’re about situations where the ladies wear nice, feminine attires with a touch of sophistication, showing off their appeal. Sports/exercise outfits like the ones in these videos also enter the picture because first, you see gorgeous women wearing this stuff all the time (all it takes is to go to the gym or for a walk in the park when it’s sunny) and second…well, most guys find these sexy, it’s actually been proven time and again in countless surveys 🙂

        Leaving aside the costumed heroine flicks, which are in a slightly different category in my view, for some arcane reason we never ever seem to get the “full fat story” – some producers use great outfits, but the action is hideous; Some have excellent action, good outfits but focus on total “femdom”; Some have excellent action/fights but seem to put the girls in outfits that are either just “bare as much skin as possible” or happened to be laying around. I mean…you make a great point about the cost too, a nice looking “party dress” can be gotten in Primark for the likes of 10 Euro…

        • Jacques says:

          Re costumes, I did pay for Jasna Zoric’s top and leggings (Jasna Zoric 1), about 100 dollars. In every one of my other customs we would use clothes already owned by the actors. So, for a specific character, Damien would ask the actress to propose and model a costume. They would send us a photo for our approval. Sometimes more than one costume is required per film. I am surprised that I did not get charged for two ripped shirts (something erotic about tearing open a shirt and exposing the bra) and a number of other tops which were cut by a scissors to make them cropped and very cropped.
          I agree with your point about leggings and sports bras; very ‘distracting’ at my health club, lol.
          Don’t forget, many and perhaps most of the films you are describing are customs, presumably this is what the customer wanted?

    • Jacques says:

      He just released on his Patreon account, a version with most of the slow motion removed. It is a relatively short video but nevertheless it is a terrific fight between mere mortals who are both very capable of delivering a barrage of punches as well as elbow blows and kicks.
      It also helps immensely that the women are stunning.

  3. Jacques says:

    Terrific fight choreography between two very attractive, hot looking women. The slow motion sequences are very ‘cool’. The premise for the title ‘Say Hello’ is quite clever.