“Scarlet Fox” from Damien Woods

Scarlet Fox, starring Miss CJ The Model, is now available. Check out the details below.

Scarlet Fox, a young vigilante, fights crime in the streets under the supervision of her mentor Dark Man, a retired protector of the city. Dark Man fears Scarlet Fox is becoming to reliant with a strength supplement he has armed her with, Protein 9, that provides her with temporary inhuman strength while dealing her a longterm physical toll (inability to control her anger and affection).

While out on patrol Scarlet Fox runs into Dark Man’s nemeses pupil Brody, who has laid out a trap for Dark Man. Surprised to meet Scarlet Fox Brody is quick to try his hand at dismantling Dark Man’s student, trying to acquire the whereabouts of the retired hero. Scarlet Fox resists expelling the information as well as resist using Protein 9 to aid in her battle. But Scarlet soon finds herself outmatched, proving Dark Man’s concern to hold weight. Can she beat Brody without the assistance of a pill? And if she can’t, what will become of her mental state?

Content Description (Warning: contains MASSIVE spoilers)

Scarlet putting on costume, clothing over costume (mixed with title sequence)
Scarlet gets briefed on mission
Dark Man’s story
Fight One (Starts at the 4 minute mark)
Scarlet leads attack, has advantage over Brody
Punches are exchanged
6 minute mark: Tables turn (Brody grabs a pipe)
Scarlet retreats, runs injured through abandoned building
Fight Two (8 minute mark)
Brody catches up to Scarlet
Brody attacks with pipe
Grabs Scarlet by throat
Pipe to crotch (multiple, with reaction)
Pipe to head
Crawling away from attacker (backwards)
Lifts to feet
Throws to floor
Pipe twisted into ribs
Scarlet punches Brody in crotch
Scarlet retreats again
Fight Three (12 minute mark)
Scarlet takes power supplement
Brody attacks, Scarlet barely reacts
Scarlet attacks Brody with pipe
Brody gets KOed
Dark Man’s Home (14 minute mark)
Scarlet confronting her mentor (Spoiler: Scarlet ‘sort of’ enjoys the fruit of her labor)
Alternative Ending: (18 minute mark)
Multiple KO’s (Pipe to head, punch to head, crotch strike)
Over shoulder carry
Butt groping
Thong pulled to side
Villain enjoying the fruit of his labor
Multiple crotch strike until KO
Ends on costume getting unzipped, lowered to waist (boots removed).


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Damien Woods

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