“Scarlet Minx” from SHF

Now available from SHF. Starring Ashley Lane.

Scarlet Minx is one of the best superheroine/ spies around. Most villains get distracted by her beauty and before they are done checking her out, they are KO’ed! But this has made her cocky and Minx is tricked into running head first into a trap! A trap set up by the beast with no name! This nameless villain is 6’3 and 350lbs of pure power. Minx tries to fight him but it’s like hitting a brick wall. He picks her up and tosses her around like she is nothing. Knocks her out twice and removes her costume to see whats underneath. Eventually, he uses hypnosis and forces her to dance and pleasure herself for his amusement. She is helpless and there is nothing she can do to stop him!

Mr. Hero

8 Responses

  1. LBF522 says:

    I enjoyed it. I love Ashley Lane videos and this one was excellent. She put up a good fight inspite of being overmatch and I loved the hypnotizing scene as well.

  2. Bob says:


  3. Mr. Hero says:


    It will be out within the week

  4. Rover says:

    Rushes to SHG-media


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