Season 2, Episode 10 from Next Global Crisis

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  1. I agree with you on that Greg, she has had partners for good reason to this point but now she is more established so it may well happen.

  2. Greg S says:

    I’d like to see Celestia in a full video all on her own, she always seems to be with Miss Freedom, but I think it’s time she has her starring role.

  3. Rob says:

    Celestia or Lucy Zillion!!

  4. Nice to see a bit mix of opinions on this. Obviously some of you won’t get what you want, well for now at least. Trailer will be out tomorrow (Saturday).

  5. James says:

    Celestia ! Failing that…Bluebird… or Erica… or Miss Freedom… or…

  6. Tim Caine says:

    Angel, Catherine Marks or ShadowStar

  7. Mark says:

    By the way, I know it’s Angel, so…

  8. Mark says:

    Bluebird, obviously! But failing that, Athena…or Shadowstar…or Miss Freedom…or Erica…or…

  9. valugi says:

    Lady Victory or Catherine Marks

  10. Namor says:

    Bluebird or Angel.

  11. Bert says:

    Lady Victory??

  12. Beast says:

    Erica !
    If it is shadowstar or athena i will not complaint

  13. Mike J says:

    Angel for the members video haven’t seen her in a while.

    If not her Lucy Zillion or Celestia.

  14. kardasch says:

    Celestia please !!

  15. Paul GPF says:

    Miss Freedom

  16. Maar13 says:

    Either Angel or Bluebird

  17. Phoxy Brown says:

    This is exact why I am a devoted follower of Global Crisis. As stated earlier, I followed only for the hot babes and now I find myself questioning the motives and machinations of a male villain and attempting to anticipate his future actions.

    Very devious, NGC!

  18. CMC says:

    miss freedom!

  19. Fabio says:

    Catherine Marks! or Angel.

  20. TBob says:

    Really anyone. I enjoy seeing every female character you have had on screen so far. I wouldn’t mind seeing Lucy Zillion though.

  21. He’s not dead he’s just hard to book these days.

    So anyway, we have a members film out on Monday…. before I release the trailer, who would you like it to be?

  22. Michael Birch says:

    I purchased this video early and I was not disappointed with the final result and I am eagerly awaiting the start of Season 3. I have a queston regarding the character of Sebastian Luner which is has he been killed off or left NGC? I have not seen a release with his character since Season 2, Episode 8 “Fallen Angel” which I have not yet seen the actual video so please no spoilers. I look forward to purchasing more videos in the future including ones I haven’t yet seen but good luck to everyone at Next Global Crisis and keep up the good work.


    Michael Birch

  23. Paul GPF says:

    I hadn’t realised but their appear to be two different Paul’s posting on the forum, so I’ll change my moniker to Paul GPF. I’ve got to agree with TBob the wirework is certainly taking it to the next level, great to see, but oh how I wish it were Miss Freedom doing the lifting 🙂

  24. TBob says:

    I saw some pics on Twitter of Bluebird for an upcoming video. All I have to say is, YES. Whatever you are planning, please do it!! Looks like NGC is taking it one step further. You guys rock!

  25. Thanks, that’s a really interesting post. I’m going to try and avoid giving much away about what has happened as well as not give really any info on what will happen, which is pretty difficult, but I will try.

    One thing I’ve worked hard to make clear is that the Roman brothers are not identical characters. I’ve always considered John to be perhaps more pragmatic, and a company man. That company being The Collective and not Red Mist. James on the other hand is more interested in personal gain, more hot-headed, and perhaps more short-term in outlook. Remember that both Elite Force AND Red Mist were Collective owned, and John was heading up Red Mist with that always in mind. James took over that role in a brief moment of Collective sentimentality, and treated Red Mist as some kind of separate entity from The Collective, leading it to ruin.

    You ask the question why John wouldn’t seek revenge on Miss Freedom. Well, maybe he will or maybe he won’t, but at that moment it would not have been wise, and he is not impulsive like his brother.

  26. Phoxy Brown says:

    I don’t really post much and I did not get a chance to read through each comment, so please forgive me for any duplicated points or questions.

    I’ve reached a point were I usually just see an email prompting me that a new episode is available and just purchase it. I don’t want to be tainted by any of the reviews or spoilers.

    I admitted to NGC,(way back when) that I originally only purchased episodes based solely on watching my favorite heroines (Angel & Bluebird). Over time, I started to follow the storyline and became invested in all of the characters because they were so well thought out. Thus, the rarest of occurrences (extremely beautiful women, that can act, fight and look hot in spandex) is produced on a monthly basis. You might get one, maybe two of these on other sites but to have all three happen consistently month in and month out makes the price of admission well worth it.

    I am glad that it was confirmed that the first ending is usual “canon”. Which raises the point of my main question. Clearly, the Collective is controlling the larger picture and that will probably be played out over future episodes, John Roman is clearly a shrewd individual, hence his proposition at the end of the finale. But why would he not want to take revenge on Ms. Freedom for the events at the end of last season’s finale. The man was out of commission for an extended amount of time and lost control of Red Mist as a direct result of her actions. I figure that would set any megalomaniac over the edge, I’m guessing that John is aware of the larger picture and waiting for the right opportunity – at least I hope that is the case.

    Looking forward to next season.

  27. That is slated for release to members on the 29th. It will come with a special announcement too.

  28. Mike A says:

    So when can we expect that upcoming members film with a certain fan favorite NGC?

  29. Thanks James, glad that you liked it. To be clear on the plot point raised about The Hammer… what he did was alert the girls to the pressing need to destroy the stash of super strength ‘Project Disciple’ drugs. Athena was already on the case there but she was distracted and imprisoned by the Masked Man with John Roman’s help. This delayed things, Bluebird took up the cause, and successfully destroyed the stash of drugs but ran into Alaric on the way out of the building… bad for her. Aside from that Tony just confirmed to them that Red Mist was basically over and any transmissions on the Red Mist radio frequency would be traps… Erica therefore expected a trap in Side Mission 12, but even being aware could not save her from it,

    By the way… the Season Finale can now be found here:

  30. James says:

    Well, I thought this was great : Miss Freedom and Celestia are great characters together, and the way the battle ebbed and flowed was great : great to see a bit more of Erika as well. I agree it would have been nice to see a full-scale smackdown with all 5 heroines, but just seeing all 5 on screen together was very cool.

    Miss Freedom wasn’t a favourite of mine, but the new costume really changed my mind ( and she does wear it well : ) ) , plus pairing her with Celestia. In fact, all the costume changes this season have been major upgrades.

    I wasn’t sure about the win/lose endings at first; it was the Erika Side Mission changed my mind on that one. Normally I’m a peril/ko fan, but the win ending there was just out of this world – something to do with Erika’s smile as she kicks ass.

    About Season 3 – all your lead characters are fantastic, like to see more films with Celestia/Miss Freedom/Erika if that’s possible, maybe explore Cat’s adventures as a heroine without powers ? The villains this season have also been brilliant – so more Eliza, maybe Alaric going up against 2 or 3 heroines ? What happened to the plot thread about the Hammer working with Miss F. and Celestia ? Also, of course , more Nina,Sebastian and Jade please ! And can I put a word in for Georgina Shred, wonderful every time she appeared ! The only villain I hope you rest for a while is the Man in the Mask – only so far you can go with a big bloke who hits people and never speaks before it gets samey.

    Like Beast, I’d like to see Magenta back ( seeking revenge on Jade and Nina ? How about Dark Magenta ? ), and more of the civilian lives.

    Finally, one thing I’ve always loved about you guys is how you really “get” comics. Little details like Bluebird doing the Superman shirt-rip in Episode 1, Erika swirling her cape to black out the camera in SM3 ( I think ), Celestia’s crazy dialogue, the little touches of humour. ( Enjoyed the “Young Avengers” joke ).

    Sorry, that turned into a bit of a season review. Looking forward to see what comes next !

  31. Paul says:


    I think the Win and Lose endings are an AWESOME idea. Why would you not want both endings available? Now I liked the option they used to have where they have them sold or download separately as opposed to having them both in the same download, but the important thing is that they are available. I am a fan of the heroine (or heroines) losing in the end. Personally I don’t see why you would ever want the heroines to win, but thats why there needs to be two endings, because I know that for what ever reason, some people like to see the heroines live. I wish more producers in the heroine peril genre would adopt this concept because nothing pisses me off more than buying a video, only to see the heroine escape in some crappy fashion 😉

  32. Greg S says:

    My only gripe would be to echo what fabio said about Athena and Cat. We saw them get abducted against their will, then the next time we see them they are free, fighting alongside their abductor. It would’ve been nice to get some sort of transition or interrogation scene between those two stages, with the two heroines as prisoners, and it wouldn’t necessarily have to affect the way things played out either.

  33. OldBear says:

    I agree with Tbob regarding the alternate endings. If anyone is bothered by them, just turn the video off once the credits hit. For me, the alternate endings have been a great addition, since they give me at least one guaranteed ‘bad’ ending.

    As far as this episode is concerned, I thought it was pretty good. As mainly a KO fan, my favorite part was seeing Erica spread eagle in the background, lol. Only gripe is that I was hoping the ‘bad’ ending was all five heroines getting defeated. That would have been quite a sight seeing all five laid out on the floor.

    Looking forward to the next release.

  34. Sasha says:

    Have to agree – Celestia is the best character for peril anywhere 🙂

  35. Mike A says:

    I was a tad disappointed as well. From a finale standpoint, I expected a bit more. The ending was a little too neatly wrapped up and nice for my tastes. Season 1’s finale was crazy. Shock after shock, with a real sense of intensity and resolution, while also leaving things open for more. This finale was more of a slow go, but I suppose that was going to be the case when you decided to go for a big convo at the end. Nevertheless, I’ve bought every single release you guys have out out since the season 2 premiere and will continue to do so. Anxiously awaiting this next members film.

  36. Beast says:

    Great news!!! a new video next week!
    Fabio you have to understand that NGC dont have the Avengers budget. They are getting better and better in my point of view. The best you can do is reccomend their videos so they can do more things and maybe one day they are going to be able to do an avengers finale. Thinks in all the changes we saw this year.They are adding more fx, more heroines,, more series with FSS, more characters, better costumes, better locations better fights, two endings.
    I cant ask more

  37. fabio says:

    I guess I’ll be the only one with a negative review for this one. I just expected more. This was really no different from the rest of the videos theyve been producing lately, which sure theyve been good in general but this is the season finale and with the hype that came with it and all of those beautiful heroines in a movie together I just expected something much bigger. Something Avengers status where theyre all fighting together. They didnt really kick it up a notch. But i am a peril guy so I guess that means im a little biased in what Im looking for. Easily the best thing about this one was Celestia, I hope she gets alot more features along with Erica real soon, but you never know what these guys have coming up. Im also not a huge fan of miss freedom which is another reason this one fell short for me, I just dont think she holds up well in peril. Which sucks cause it seems like she’s gonna be the face of every season finale and the face of elite force as well lol. She just always sounds like shes about to start crying and it kills it for me. I was pumped when Erica finally woke up and changed the pace of the fight, then she gets knocked out just like that! I was like wow of course that would happen. And regarding Athena and Cat, I was hoping theyd be tied up aoh or something while the two starring heroines fought to save them and eventually they break free and join the fight. Not be set free by the brother, how convenient that was. The extra heroines were just there to deliver a few lines. I’ll stop whining though, NGC still does it better than most and Im sure the next video or the one after will satisfy me like this one couldnt.

  38. AlyAdmirer says:

    Just say Bluebird or Celestia and I’m cutting in front of Lord Snot.

    (Hopefully no one sees through my cunning play to narrow the possibilities down further…)

  39. I’ll see you at the front of the line then. 🙂

  40. LordSnot says:

    By now all you need to do is just mention the girl in the video and a certain pack of guys come running. For me, just say Celestia, Angel or bluebird is in it and I am first in line!

  41. As you say, none takes vacations here.

    We have a members film next with a VERY popular character and I know that you are going to enjoy it. We will see more of the real life of one of our characters in the next mini-series. Releases will not be interrupted between seasons, they will just be a slightly different format.

  42. Beast says:

    Great Finale! Great to see almost everyone together in one room!!! Love to see how all the cast seems to have a great fun working together.
    The only thing that i didnt like was how easy erica was knocked out after she just get up from the floor. But i understand that it is difficult to make so many characters works at same time.She has a great moment though!
    About the alternative ending i am a big fan, When the plot of some episodes are not very peril friendly i know that i am going to have a small dosis in the alternative version. Everybody wins with it. And the one of this episode was amaaaazing.
    I am pretty intrigue about this new mini series too. Any hopes from Magenta? ( Iam going to keep fighting to see her!)
    About whats coming…I would love to see a more personal side of each characters. How they lived, fears hopes and dreams! ha. Any chance to see something like that in the future?
    Also. Are we going to wait some time for new videos? or are we going to have a new release in two weeks? None takes vacations here?

  43. Yes it will. We’ll be making our villains look a bit better too. I will have to make some additions to cast because inevitably people will move on and I don’t wish to be stuck when that happens. Bluebird and Eliza do have great chemistry… I think it’s one to pick up in season 3 though.

  44. Greg S says:

    Hopefully there is a miniseries with Bluebird and Eliza, they have great chemistry together with their rivalry, and their current situation is very intriguing and unique.

    I like that you are trying to hang onto the current cast. I don’t think you need to add many more new heroines, especially with the girls from FSS too. I’d be more interested in adding cool new villains. I was a fan of the villains like Alaric and Katia who have a real physical presence. I assume season 3 will have an even bigger focus on the Darkhearts which should be great.

  45. The mini-series’ main stars will become apparent over the next couple of months.

    In terms of upgrades I’m thinking I want to keep improving costumes, props, and the use of FX. I’m never going to have tons of FX because there needs to be a context plus I don’t want anything that will take people out of the story because of it’s poor quality, so I would continue to use them sparingly but in a good way. Also, clearly I want to hang on to as many of the original and current cast as I can. I think we’ve done well with this so far and several of the heroines have been on board for 3 years or more now. I also want to make quality additions, though it’s harder than you’d think.

    Things like the amount of time we have to shoot and the nature of locations will broadly stay the same. Locations in particular are completely painful and annoying to sort out, and effectively are just large and reasonably blank rooms. If I can get something cool I will, but I know it’s not the most important thing to people and in London the prices are stupid. I can’t shoot anymore in one day than I currently do, but I hope if we continue to grow we can work in extra days to add a bit more. You will see what I mean when the first mini-series starts.

  46. Sloan says:

    NGC – Often imitated, never duplicated.

  47. Bert says:

    I too am a big fan of Celestia and her costume. Such a beauty, and with great acting skills. Her action scenes have also improved steadily throughout the series. I hope she will be the focus of one of the mini-series!

  48. Rob says:

    I hope they never change Celestia’s costume.

  49. Mike J says:

    Loved the video, fitting of a season finale. Was great to see that many characters together in the same video. Action packed as well as a great story and twist.

    Only thing I would have wanted to see was the lose ending include everything, which is all I’ll say to avoid spoilers.

  50. Yes 2014 is a bit of a way off but we need time to plot the season correctly and work on how we will upgrade things, and what we need to upgrade most. In the meantime you will be well served by a couple of mini-series that focus on a couple of characters in particular. As well as Fail-Safe Sister films and Members Vids.

  51. kingles says:

    @NGC: Aren’t you the sly one. Didn’t see that coming…at all. Great job by all involved.

    2014 is so far away…

  52. kingles says:

    @Damien Woods: The entire nature of the NGC universe which has been set up over dozens of episodes was fundamentally changed in about 3 minutes. I’d say it was an effective season finale…


    James Roman and Red Mist lost, and Elite force won…for now. HOW it happened is the real story though.

  53. Thanks to Sidekick for writing this. I’m glad that overall people enjoyed it. The alternate endings have been explained perfectly above for maximus, there really isn’t any doubt as to which is the real ending.

    I understand what Damien means, but I think it’s symptomatic of the ends of second seasons generally because you are in the flow of the story, you know you will be continuing it and so the finale is more of a good place to pause perhaps? I think we see a certain degree of restraint at least from Miss Freedom which was not there in the past.

    As for season 3, I have a release date in mind, 2014.

  54. Greg S says:

    Top notch! I love James Roman’s mind control power, it adds a great element to fights. Also, you need to make more Celestia focused episodes! She and Athena have the best “in peril” looks.

    I am a big fan of the win and lose endings, it’s clear which ending is always the “real” ending, so the alternate ending is simply a great bonus. I don’t think alternate endings take away from the story, they only add a fun twist.

    Can’t wait to see what is in store for Season 3! Is there a rough date for when that will be starting up? Will season 3 continue to have “side missions” or will there be some other format? Can’t wait to check back in with Bluebird.

  55. kingles says:

    @Maximus: What TBob said…The first ending is the “real” one, and all subsequent episodes carry forward from THAT ending. The alternate ending after the credits is just a fun little ‘what if things had gone differently’ scenario…It is never again referenced in the storyline.

    So there’s really only ONE ending…the other is just a bonus.

  56. Damien Woods says:

    I really dug this episode, though I dunno if I would say its a good season finale.

    One of the things that keeps me buying NGC (besides the great actresses and great peril) is the storyline. Season 1 finale was a bit of a whopper with the build up that started from episode 1. The bad guys get a power source, harness the power and then literally destroy the proverbial “Superman” of Elite Force. This season, well… (SPOILERS) no one really wins and no one really loses.

    I wouldn’t have minded the girls getting a win, after all this time of running after the brothers. Miss Freedom comes back from the dead, learns humility and then never gets to use it.

    Not bad for an episode by any means, very enjoyable and good performances all around. Just left me wanting more after a complicated follow up to season 1.

  57. Maar13 says:

    I for one absolutely loved this one, really looking forward to what is next.

  58. Dante says:

    Seems like a waste of Celestia.

  59. maximus says:

    I still like the action but I’m not really big on the win AND lose endings…Kinda takes away from there actually being a story if you know there is a win and lose. Some should go bad and some should go well, plain and simple that’s when I stopped buying in.

  60. Bert says:

    State of the art. It just doesn’t get any better.