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Season 2, Episode 5 from Next Global Crisis

Next Global Crisis returns with Episode 5 from its second season. Picking up where Season 2, Episode 4 left off, this episode features fan-favorite Suki Deluxe and Athena and lots of superheroine fighting action. Check out the review and images below.

Season 2, Episode 5 from Next Global CrisisSeason 2, Episode 5 from Next Global CrisisSeason 2, Episode 5 from Next Global Crisis

Season 2, Episode 5 from Next Global CrisisSeason 2, Episode 5 from Next Global CrisisSeason 2, Episode 5 from Next Global Crisis

Season 2, Episode 5 from Next Global CrisisSeason 2, Episode 5 from Next Global CrisisSeason 2, Episode 5 from Next Global Crisis

Season 2, Episode 5 from Next Global CrisisSeason 2, Episode 5 from Next Global CrisisSeason 2, Episode 5 from Next Global Crisis

Review by Sidekick

After what felt like an eternity, Next Global Crisis has returned with an absolute monster of an episode. It features the return of two fan favorites, Suki Deluxe and Athena, and (spoiler alert), both are still ridiculously hot.

But as usual not even the best looking of actresses trump story when it comes to Next Global Crisis films, and this episode was an absolute game changer. We’re going to stay away from any major spoilers, but I think the end of this episode is going to leave fans shocked.

The episode opens up with Suki uncontrollably releasing massive amounts of radiation after taking a pill that she procured from Sebastian Lunar last episode. She is confronted by Eliza Rose, who I consider the best new casting of season two. She’s been terrific thus far, and I consider her to be the female equivalent of Sebastian Lunar, which is high praise.

Using her superior strength, Eliza very much dominates Suki with knee lifts, a strangle hold, and by raking her nails down Suki’s back. Athena shows up giving Suki a reprieve. Athena and Eliza fight and initially Eliza has the advantage thanks to a glove that she wears that delivers electric shocks. Eventually, the fight moves indoors.

Eliza has Athena at her mercy until Suki ambushes Eliza. Thinking they’ve won the day, the heroines are surprised by the arrival of the masked serial killer that has been referenced in other episodes. A fight ensues, and I won’t spoil how it ends (you’ll just have to check out the episode yourself).

Like I mentioned earlier, there is a massive game-changing moment at the end which I won’t spoil. Just know that this is one of the best episodes ever produced by Next Global Crisis.

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68 Responses

  1. OldBear says:

    I think it would be cool if there was like an alternate ending after the credits roll for these FSS videos. So if the heroine wins during the actual video, after the credits you could have a short alternate ending that goes the other way with the heroine losing. This will allow you to tell a story where the heroine occasionally wins, but still satisfy the camp that likes to see the heroines lose.

    Obviously, you can’t satisfy everyone and I am not sure how much more work it would take for you to film like an extra 1-2 minute ending. Just figured I would throw this out there as a suggestion.

    As far as the new FSS video is concerned, I still enjoyed it, even if the ending wasn’t to my liking. The new actress did great (though I think a little eye fluttering could have sold the gas/choke combo better). I also prefer f/f, but that is just a personal nitpick. Anyways, keep up the good work and take care.

  2. Fabio says:

    So Lady Victory is only on the receiving end for 15 seconds? I was super excited for FSS for that very same reason, that they’d be a little more hopeless since they are held captive and EVERYONE in Lockdown City was rooting against them wanting them to get beat on. (Much like me). But when I saw the rehearsal pics on the site it kind of seemed like she was going to do most of the beating, and after I watched the trailer, it seemed even more like that. I understand NGC likes showing how powerful the heroines are because that’s why they are heroines in the first place but even then in this world I thought it would still be hopeless for them. So did anyone else feel like me when they saw the trailer but were still satisfied with the video? I still havent ruled out buying it since LV looks smoking hot, but I dont want to see her kicking a poor dude’s ass for the majority of the video. Also how does the gas work against her? Does it weaken her or hurt her? I think it would be kind of lame if it just makes her pass out.

  3. Echo419Alpha says:

    @NGC: this is my first post on these forums, but I’m certainly not new to NGC. I’ve purchased nearly every film production youve put out since S1E1 (with the exception of a few TR episodes) and before this starts sound like a negative review, I love what y’all do. I buy for the story just as much as the actresses and the peril. My only reason for stepping out now is on this latest FSS movie. I was under the impression that the FSS was going to be a lot darker, set in a time period where the super heroines had lost, and they were held captive and fought for the amusement of the city. This to meant the FSS would lose. Now don’t get me wrong, Lady Victory was smoking’, and Shadow Star was all kinds of hot. I just thought there’d be a little more of hand to hand combat where the superheroes would be on the receiving end for longer than 15seconds. 15 seconds was the length of time Lady Victory was getting beat down by the villain…not counting the 30 or so seconds she was choked and the 28 seconds or so she was thrown to the ground. The earlier episodes (season 1 and early season 2) seemed to have more of a back and forth exchange where the heroine would get beat on, then she would do the beating (S1 E8 for a great example).

    Is NGC going to be incorporating more hand to hand combat exchanges (beatdowns if you will) in future releases?

  4. Chris says:

    Oh I will definitely stick with it. I am not making an ultimatum as some people are with the “do this or i wont buy!!!!” You definitely deserve better than that for all the quality episodes you have put on. Rewatching Episode 5, that was a heckuva episode and I think the masked man will add a very real horror presence to the episodes he is in. Hopefully he is in just a few episodes though so that the episodes he is in feel that much more perilous. And for all of my complaints, if you want to call it that, I am only doing it comparing your work to the standard in this genre your own previous works have set the bar on.

  5. @Mark – Oh okay, so it’s mainly move variety on your part that could be improved. If you email me a list of moves you would be interested in seeing perhaps there are some I haven’t thought of and could incorporate. It might take a bit of time before you actually see them of course.

    @Chris – Very interesting. I will bear it in mind. I hate to sound like a broken record but it’s f***ing time that screws us over. I could build up all of these things so much better if I could just spend 2 days on an episode instead of 1. I will happily spend the money to do that as soon as I have it, so hopefully you will stick with us until then, I still think you will like what we do.

  6. Chris says:

    And in response to NGC: I guess it is hard to explain where I am finding the lack of dread. Take for example a horror movie, its not so much the killing of the characters it is the set up and how long the writers drag it out. The characters even escape the serial killer a few times but you know ultimately their fate remains the same and that is the underlying “dread”. You did a very good job with this in Season 2 episode 1 where bluebird kept fighting and fighting and fighting but ultimately fell. I like those types of hopeless fights. I thought Episode 3 was solid with that too. But with episodes 4 and 5. When it finally came to a fight the heroine was hopeless in, they ended too quickly. After Celestia was hurt by Suki’s power and Suki had to leave her, I would have liked a longer fight scene. The premise was there for a great dragged out battle where she loses ultimately but fights hard. Same with Suki vs the masked guy after Athena left, I like fights under those premises where it seems the heroine has no chance of victory but she continues fighting, that is where the dread feeling sinks in.

  7. Chris says:

    Yeah with me either way it hasn’t affected my enjoyment of the series much and I still like it.

    BTW: This Lady Victory episode is awesome! More of this actress please!

  8. Mark says:

    @NGC – Yeah, proving the fact that things are down to individual perspectives / tastes, as I’d agree with you on the increase in peril in Season Two (which I have loved by the way) but Chris feels the opposite! Oh well, if this highlights anything, it is that you can’t please all people all the time lol!

  9. Mark says:

    @NGC – Thing is, I don’t think it’s down to ‘familiarity’, or even ‘repetition’; whilst they may indeed prove to be part of it, I feel it would only be a small percentage. As I said, difficult to say exactly why, because I think it’s so many different things.

    And I do agree with what Lucas said somewhat – in certain areas, I feel that NGC has improved (for example, special effects, the addition of weapons (I personally LOVE the shock sticks!)). I mean, I was absolutely stoked at the new season, and the first three episodes. I also really loved Side Mission 2, and FSS 1. But I feel that a decline in quality even effected some of those productions, and has actually spoilt some of them I haven’t liked. So, it’s not just content! That said, I aslo think a decline in variety from what was pretty basic originally is another problem. I know you can’t cater for all tastes all the time, but please, where’s the simple little changes (an ankle lock here, a sleeper there – and I’m not saying that I’m a fan of those, but it was something ‘different’) that were there in Season One? One bearhug and one sleeper in Season Two so far I believe? Compare that to the multiple chokes (which, I’m a fan of seeing…just maybe not as often as they have been deployed).

    And trust me, I do know that you won’t make productions that all people will like all the time; my concern (personally) is that whilst I liked more than I didn’t in the early days, that trend is starting to be reversed.

    I’m still a massive supporter of what you guys and girls do, and I’m probably alone in my feelings, so I doubt anyone else cares (and rightly so – you have to do what will attract the most fans). But it’s what I think, and ultimately thats what’s important to me, obviously!

  10. @Lucas – Thank you for the comments, it is always nice to hear when people are enjoying what we are doing. Delighted you’ve enjoyed this latest offering.

    @Chris – It’s an interesting point you make about peril and dread in season 1 versus season 2. I would say that season 2 in terms of episodes is darker because in episode 1 Bluebird was in dire straits, outnumbered and in a lot of trouble. In episode 3 Erica was strangled and poured into a body-bag. Episode 4 Celestia was at total mercy to Sebastian, and obviously episode 5 ends in a heroine death. People always mention ‘PG-13’, being British I only vaguely know what this means, I think it’s saying a 13 year old could watch it… I’m not so sure. But whatever the difference between the seasons I’m sure we will still bring out videos you like. On the point about the quality of the actresses and how I get my hands on them – Well, I do this by saying: “This is your character, this is where it is going, this is her purpose. You are saying this particular thing for this particular reason, and this particular thing is happening to you because of that particular reason.” It’s plotted a year in advance, of course I may have to change things for many reasons, but I’m not telling an actress that she has to do something just because the more vocal of my customers think it’d be cool. They’d leave and not come back because that isn’t serious film-making or script writing, it’s insulting to both them and our fan-base to be so flippant about what we are making. There’s a reason why I’m able to use the same people on multiple occasions because they know from an acting perspective they are being challenged and everything they are doing has a clear purpose.

  11. Chris says:

    I definitely feel like NGC has improved, but they have also gotten away a little bit from what I used to love about them. They are still very very good so it is hard to complain. Just voicing that the series has changed this season. I look at my favorite episodes from NGC and they are S1, E2, E3, E6, and E8. And yet the episodes in Season 2 have better quality production it feels like. The peril and the dread doesn’t seem as strongly present as in the previous ones.

    And I am saying this all as Fail Safe Sisters Part two is being downloaded. Looking at the trailer for Lady Victory, I think she may be my new favorite actress, in terms of attractiveness, in NGC and that includes Angel… Don’t know how you managed to get your hands on this one!

  12. Lucas says:

    I would just like to add my opinion, which is, that I think NGC have been improving with every release they make up to the latest FSS video, which is, in my opinion, the best one so far. I appreciate there will be people like Mark who no longer enjoy it as much, but I just wanted to be the other side of the coin that is extremely happy and grateful that NGC exists and releases fantastic videos. I’ll be a customer for a long time yet.

  13. @Mark – I’m afraid it probably isn’t possible to get things back to the way they were for you. When you get a new girlfriend she’s terribly exciting and you want to kiss her all the time. Then it becomes a bit calmer… you still like her and so one day you get married. Things become more mundane. She hasn’t changed or anything but your passion for her has evolved into the less exciting (but more meaningful) love and respect. Now from that point on maybe things will stay the same or they’ll get worse and you’ll find someone else to be passionate about. She hasn’t changed or anything but that’s just how life is. And so it is with this.

    I cannot really manage or even hope to manage your passion for our project. If I could then I would be a marketing genius wielding immense power over a populace I can easily brainwash. I’m not that clever. My plan is to make Superheroine fight movies that I would like to see, and in doing so I expect, and have proven, that others would like to see them also. I am more than happy to listen to ideas about things that could happen in the story, which characters you want to see more, and what kind of situation you would like to see them in. If after listening I think “My goodness, what a great idea!” then I will definitely do it. But even then it could be 3-4 months in the future. Therefore, even if I reacted to your ‘stale’ comment on June 1st… stopped all production wheels turning and shifted things into reverse to combat this staleness you speak of, I still could not put what I think you want on screen for about 3 months, that’s just how it is. I think that even if I do manage this for you, the flame won’t burn as brightly as it did.

    People like new things, but they always like good things too. We are no longer new, but I’m confident we can remain good, so I’ll just keep working at that.

  14. Mark says:

    Whilst you may be thinking that the use of one of my older comments to make it look like I’m contradicting myself, you may notice that I stated that I was thinking that NGC had started to become ‘stale’ also. Nothing has changed; in fact, following Episode 5 and FFS 2, I’m more convinced. Back in Season One, there’d be maybe one Training Room or Episode I’d not watch more then once. Now, I’m starting to not even bother watching things once all the way through – I’ll ‘fast forward’ to see if anything is ‘different’ or ‘new’ or ‘interesting’. I never used to do that!

    Please don’t take this the wrong way however; I’m a massive fan! I have all your stuff. It’s not all bad, as I stated! I just don’t feel the same about most of the product anymore, and am thus disappointed. Therefore, I’m sure you don’t have a problem with me saying so. If it gets things back to how they were for me, then great. If not, at least I didn’t just sit there and say nothing.

    And I do mainly understand and appreciate the issues that you face. I just fear that this will go the way of all great British things – we had the idea, but it’s the US that takes it to the next level!

  15. @Mark – This is what you wrote on June 1st 2012, slightly more than one month ago:

    “I had feared that NGC had become a little ‘stale’ and even started to ‘slip’ a bit lately after two releases that left me feeling strangely underwhelmed, but Jesus, after seeing the last two, I’d say they’re not so much back to where they were, but they’re better than ever! Buy this now!!!”

    I cannot work in a kind of week to week or even month to month reactive way, it would lead to utter disaster. I am not expecting every single release to be universally loved and I just cannot make amendments to a long term product on the basis of loving the product one week and hating it the next. I’m not interested in what other people are doing I’m interested in improving the overall quality of what I produce but it takes time because it’s very expensive. As I always say, you won’t buy if you don’t like the look of something, and you probably will if you do. I think the standard of the talent and the costumes has gone way way up for a project routed in the superheroine genre. People might disagree with that but I’m personally in no doubt. I do listen to people, and I act on what I’ve heard when I hear a good idea. You will note in the email you received that we will be making changes to the photo sets to reflect what people asked for on this site. Those were good ideas, so I am doing them, I won’t however be doing every idea written on this site because they can be contradictory or inconsistent. I’m sure you understand.

  16. Mark says:

    So, we have the new FFS episode, and whilst I’ll leave any specific comments to the relating thread, I just want to ask a ‘general’ question to the rest of the NGC fans out there, and that is ‘Has NGC become ‘stale’ for you too?’. I’ve been a massive fan of theirs since day one, and have purchased all they have released, but if I’m honest, I just don’t enjoy what they do anymore. It’s hard to put my finger on exactly why, but I think it’s several things i.e. very little ‘new’ in the combat (punch, choke, kick – repeat) and when they do throw some new stuff in, it doesn’t seem thought through – more in despair than planned, a decline in product quality (I don’t think the camera work / editting is anywhere near as good as it used to be), plus a major issue is that other companies out there are out doing them (I think that Heroine Legends for example is becoming all that I expected NGC to become but hasn’t and the reason why is that their multi – layed format is giving the fans what they have asked for; those guys seems to really listen, whilst NGC just seem to offer reasons why they can’t. I’m not saying that’s always a bad thing, but I do think it would have given a greater variety to the product). It’s not all bad obviously, as some of the recent efforts have shown, but to me anyway, it’s becoming less interesting (I can usually tell as I find myself watching new episodes once, and then returning to watch the older stuff time and again).

    Be interested to know if this is just me or there are others who feel the same?

  17. Mark says:

    Mmmm, still not sure what to make of this episode yet! Overall, unfortunately I find myself back to the feeling of disappointment and slightly being underwhelmed by it all! Great to see Athena back, and there were some nice moments with her and the ‘electric glove’, but on the whole, it just didn’t work for me. Sad to see Suki killed off in a way, but then not too sad; I guess that’s one of the problems I had with her – I just didn’t really care one way or another about the character anymore after some ‘lukewarm’ performances’. Regardless, I was also disappointed in how it happened (I would have hoped that if they were to kill off a character, it would have been following an epic battle and beating; this just seemed to be a little to swift and simple).

    That seems to be the thing, from my prospective anyway, with NGC – they either produce something that is simply top class and amazing, or disappointing. I suppose that’s a good thing in a way, as they don’t strive for ‘safe’ – their products just being ‘OK’ or simply ‘good’, but the downside is when they miss the mark, with me anyway, they miss it by miles!

    Looking forwarded to the next FSS release though Friday…I think lol!

  18. @Socrates – Please email me at nextglobalcrisis@gmail.com and I will be able to help. I don’t think it’s a good idea to get into expiry dates on cards etc.. on a public message board.

    @Lucas – List members will be able to buy it next Fiday: https://nextglobalcrisis.com/?go=signup Until then, we will be putting more Lady Victory info and pictures on the blog all next week.

  19. Lucas says:

    Another great video. When willy ou be showing more of Lady Victory NGC?

  20. Socrates says:

    well my problem is I got a $20 prepaid visa, and I’m new to all of this stuff. I dont know how to type in things like card number expiration date or anything like that…. are you guys compatible with these cards? I hate to sound like a noob and all, but is it possible to get some step by step help?

  21. @Markko – A photo of Lady Victory is available with the Episode 5 download.

    @Dorf – You mean are we going to do anymore 2 v1’s or gang-ups? Yes, they will be scattered throughout the series.

    I should also say that for those not on the list the accompanying comic book #5 is now available: https://nextglobalcrisis.com/releases/season-2-comic-issue-5/

  22. Markko says:

    Ok I’m a little bit lost here, who’s this Lady Victory ? I guess there is a pic ? ^^

  23. Richard says:

    @Fabio – Smallville, is that still going? Good to see another heat exhaustion KO fan! As for Lady Victory, she does look smoking. Can’t wait to see her in action. Next week, eh?

    @jJames – Clever thought but didn’t Sebastian come back to life after Suki ran off? Also Suki used her powers in this episode, so that sort of rules out a power exchange. I don’t think it’s a bad idea though! Would be so much fun to see Sebastian wreaking havoc on heroines using radiation!

    @NGC – Less than a year?! Please say it’s not that long… =(

  24. @OldBear – Thanks for the comments. I’m glad you enjoyed it. Eliza does mean business and could take someone out I’m sure, but clearly she was as surprised as anyone about what went down.

    @Chris – I will have to leave people’s opinions about Lady Victory up to them, I’m sure we’ll never get consensus. I was delighted with her acting, look, and general enthusiasm.

    @Richard – Thanks, Athena did a great job, we were very pleased with her, hopefully less than a year before the next time we use her! There will be some pretty interesting villains with all kinds of powers, particularly in The Fail-Safe Sisters environment, so we will be able to mix things up a bit.

    @Fabio – The plan is for the Lady Victory film to be out a week on Friday to list members. I would expect the blog to fill up on LV teaser pics in the week before that release, so check often.

    @James – I can’t say for certain who will definitely be back in side missions and what not. I have a plan but until the films are actually shot I can’t be certain it will happen. You won’t often catch me saying “Oh yeah, we’ll definitely do that” unless I know it, because we already have. Power-swapping? Depends how it’s done. It gives me bad memories of ‘Heroes’ post season 1 (when I lost interest) because you couldn’t keep track of who could do what anymore. A heroines powers might evolve, that’s highly likely, or even a character that might borrow powers from others could happen, but permanent or temporary switching between multiple characters I don’t think I’d do.

  25. James says:

    Thought I’d add my threepence worth…
    To be honest, up until now I love pretty much everything you guys have done with Season 2. The costumes are fantastic, the performers are all brilliant, the storylines keep things moving forward as much as you can within the formula of superheroine-having-a-bad-time, and you keep mixing in a few surprises. Any comics fan knows that the heroes are only as interesting as their nemeses, and the villains are really a strong point of the series : the Red Mist girls, and of course Sebastian, are all wonderful. For me, Episode 4 was the highlight of the season so far, a real seesaw battle with an unexpected ending, but Episode 5 was pretty close.

    That said, it would be nice to see some different types of ko in there. And I hated, hated the ending to Episode 5 : you’ve got some great characters played by some wonderful actresses – looking forward to seeing what happens with Celestia – but that’s a great loss to the series.

    Nice to see Athena back from Season 1. Any chance of a return for Magenta, Nina Hellfire, or anyone taking up the legacy ( the costume ) of Golden Hornet ?

    Last thought – I’m not a fan of characters coming back from the afterlife – but what if some unknown power of Celestia’s staff swapped characters’ powers around, so Sebastian got some of Suki’s radiation powers, while Suki inherited…

  26. Fabio says:

    I watch Smallville and it seems like every time someone gets KO’ed in that show its from a blow to the head. I like the gas trap idea though, it takes chloroform to a whole other level. (which Im not a big fan of). Id like to see a heroine pass out from experiencing too much pain, whether its getting pounded in an already wounded area or being electrocuted or tortured and what not. Angel passing out from exhaustion was also a great KO too.

    Lets talk about Lady Victory though. Can we expect the usual two weeks for that release? Ive already been checking out the NGC site for stills and screen shots but I guess its too early lol. Really curious about her costume, looks very supergirl-ish, so I hope it has its differences.

  27. Richard says:

    A good episode. Fun mix of characters and nice variety of fights. The way the story ran straight on from last episode was cool, and the intro of the masked killer really upped the ante. I’d forgotten his mention in previous episodes, so the recap was welcome. I agree with Beast’s take on him, based on the free comic. I wasn’t prepared for the tragic finale despite guessing it from comments here, but actually it made sense. She’s made mistakes and others have paid the price, but she redeemed herself here. I agree with Jobber Lover, please don’t ruin her sacrifice by resurrecting her. And to those who wanted to see more of her dead body, I gotta say I disagree. Too creepy, the death stare was enough.

    Athena was the best thing about the episode. She has the superheroine act down, IMO – strong yet gentle, proud yet kind, virtuous yet haughty, powerful yet vulnerable. Everything I look for in a heroine character, and it doesn’t hurt that she’s not only GORGEOUS but is totally believable both giving and receiving punishment. I agree with OldBear, she totally rocked the reactions when Eliza was zapping her. It’s a pity she didn’t stay and fight some more at the end, but then I guess both heroines would have been killed or at the very least captured. Anyway, great job by Athena. I want to see a lot more of her, such a babe and a really truly believable superheroine. Please say she’s coming back soon!

    As for the choking, I’ve noticed there’s been a bit more recently but like OldBear I think it’s fairly enjoyable and I wouldn’t want to see it removed. I don’t remember an excess in season one but so far this season it’s only been prominent in this and Erica Lynn’s episode. I guess there was some in the Bluebird and Shadowstar videos too but I really loved those so I’m not going to complain. I’m always interested in a diversity of KOs, maybe chloroform or a gas trap. We had Bluebird drugged in the first episode which was great – maybe that could be used again. Maybe some more KOs by punches or kicks. I can’t really think of many other ways TBH. Drowning then resuscitation, maybe? Oh wait, I almost forgot Angel passing out from heat in one of the Training Room videos. That was amazing, I’d happily watch a different heroine in a similar situation – or Angel again, LOL. Maybe a villain with the power to alter the temperature? Like freeze the heroine into submission or make her pass out from heat exhaustion?

  28. Chris says:

    lady victory looks like a winner. I can’t judge accurately since you only see her from the chest up, but just going by the pic she MIGHT be the hottest girl NGC has ever casted with the exception of Anastasya/Angel. Of course we’ll have to wait and see how she looks in a full body shot and also if her acting/charisma can back it up.

  29. OldBear says:

    I thought this episode was awesome, mainly due to Athena’s acting. She really did a good job of playing the victim to Eliza. I actually would have preferred it if Eliza would have….


    …delivered the killing blow at the end instead of adding this new masked character. We need to show that she means business and can actually take someone out.

    I am also a little dismayed at everyone’s hatred of the choke-outs, as those are my favorite parts, lol. I guess everyone has different tastes, but I don’t want to see choke-outs go away forever.

    I actually look at the preview vids and vidcaps to see if there is going to be a heroine KO via choke/sleeper or whatever. In fact, Fail-Safe Sisters episode 1 actually kind of ticked me off at the end because the heroine wasn’t really knocked out (either the choke or the lightning at the end should have KO’d her). It actually made the whole vid like a tease for me. A KO at the end is like the cherry on top. Much like Jobber Lover, I am always rooting for the villain/villainess to win.

    Obviously, I know NGC can’t please everyone, but I figured I would at least offer my opinion on the matter (in a selfish attempt to get what I want, lol). Thanks and keep up the good work.

  30. Cool comments, I’ll do some answering:

    @Socrates: If you email me at: nextglobalcrisis@gmail.com I will try and help you with any difficulties you may be experiencing. In case there is any confusion, all our videos are available at https://nextglobalcrisis.com

    RE: Bringing Characters Back:
    My take on this is that there must be a very good reason. If we were to do it you can be assured that we’ve thought hard about it and felt it would really enhance NGC overall. I would never do it on a whim. Regarding the loss of this particular character, well I can state on the record there are no plans to bring her back. If it did happen at some point in the future then there would have to be a real shift in the state of play as of 25/6/2012. I cannot envision it.

    RE: Full shots of characters unconscious or otherwise:
    We took much flak for missing the shot at the end of the Angel film. The truth is that I don’t really know if it was ever in the can, it may not have been. That particular shoot was hampered by a very late start due to an unfortunate accident that we had no way to prepare for. It’s possible it got overlooked. In fact, when I look over this thread and view any complaints or niggles I know EXACTLY how to solve them all: TIME. If it were possible I would spend about 3 days filming an episode and it would hit all the targets I wanted it to. We pay everyone professional rates now, including locations in one of the most expensive cities in the world. I can’t spend more than a day on an episode unless a lot more people buy them. We’re working towards that though, but it won’t happen overnight. With Episode 5 and a lingering shot at the end… well I’m pretty sure we did at least film one, but it was an editorial decision to not dwell on it. I think the last 10-20 seconds of the film work really well and for me there is a big difference in an extended shot of an unconscious body as opposed to a dead one. Yeah, I know it’s only acting and she’s really okay and all that, but in the film it’s a corpse. So, when faced with the decision about a lengthy full shot in those circumstances we decided against it. Regarding only filming from the waist up… we’ll look into that. I can’t say right now if I think that’s something we’re always doing. I know we film in a specific way because of (yes, you guessed it) TIME… but I’ll look at it and if I think there is an imbalance I will attempt to rectify it.

  31. Beast says:

    I dont know the sales but i think that suki maybe is one of the most popular girls. I bet that if she doesnt appear again is because the actress cant continue for some reason.
    Anyway it serves well as a wild presentation for this new and dangerous villain.
    Its like beware when this guy appear anything can happen

  32. Socrates says:

    I want to purchase one of your episodes, but I have no idea how to, can anyone help me for instructions? that would be much appreciated, thank you!

  33. Chris says:

    lol I’ll be more than fine with Suki becoming a Fail safe sister. She’s got such a charm and it factor which none of the other girls have had besides Angel. Must have more!

  34. Jobber Lover says:


    HA! Touche’.
    I guess I was not annoyed by the choking as many others appear to have been. I thought there was the appropriate amount of choking… Geez, only on a superheroine forum do you get to type that.

    Again, my only complaint about the episode was “Where’s my full body shot of the defeated Suki”? Otherwise, I thought the episode was absolutely epic.

    Anyway, I stand by my concern that bringing characters back from the dead (even popular ones) is a cop-out and only succeeds in making death itself no longer a valid fear for that character.
    Erica Lynn’s deal where they kill off one or more of her clones would be an exception.

    I suppose Fail Safe Sisters could be regarded as another universe or another time or or simply another telling of a story and therefore all bets are off.

  35. Fabio says:

    Im all for bringing Suki back. She was too great of a character, powers, costume, and personality. I would miss her. Especially since she was one of the two to rock a spandex bodysuit. Now its just Erica Lynn right? Maybe she will be off the main storyline but NGC can bring her back with the side mission videos? SInce they can be based in the past right? I’ll even be ok if they brought her back as a Fail Safe sister haha.

    PS Jobber Lover, yes the final death was a neck break, and…? lol. Is that supposed to cancel out all the previous choking?

  36. Jerkstore says:

    My guess is we see Suki Deluxe again, unless the actress is now working on something else that would prevent her from doing NGC episodes. Purely from a business standpoint you don’t kill off a fan favorite. People buy episodes just because Suki Deluxe is in them. I think she comes back in some form and I also bet we see Ms. Freedom again.

  37. pulphead says:

    I agree with Jobber Lover!!!!! 100%. Show us the unconscious heroine more…. thank you

  38. Jobber Lover says:

    Oops, I forgot to mention Lady Victory looks … oh what’s the word…. Incredibly Smoking HOT! … Okay that’s 3 words.

  39. beast says:

    Hey i think that in the superheroine genre anything can happen, so maybe the girl can comeback somehow, maybe not

  40. Chris says:

    Spoiler alert*

    Wow, is all I can say. Easily my favorite active character in the series gone just like that 🙁 Very heroic ending from a storytelling standpoint and it finally shows that the heroines are vulnerable and anything can happen to them. Would have preferred more peril rather than something so sudden. Athena and Suki were both absolutely hot in this. Didn’t realize just how stunning Athena was. Anyway it does seem to have changed a lot since season 1. I guess my expectations have just risen. Suki and Angel were my two biggest draws for these videos and I’m having a hard time drawing an attachment to new characters. Bluebird is still great though and I’m do want to see a Catherine Marks video soon where she takes a beating.

  41. Jobber Lover says:

    If you read my posts at this site it doesn’t take a genius to realize I am a huge… HUGE fan of NGC! They are my favorite producer in the genre, and I think I’ve sampled most if not all the producers out there. They hooked me in with Episode 2, season 1 and I’ve been on board ever since. However, I have a very specific comment that I am going to reiterate from NGC Side Mission 1: WHERE IS THE FULL BODY SHOT OF THE DEFEATED HEROINE!?!?

    I know my comments border on being a spoiler here, but you’ve killed off my second favorite character of all time. Which I thought was totally awesome. I’ve always thought that the best characters should be killed in dramatic ways to give finality to the character, I love the finality and I love the brutality of it all.

    I am one of those that always ALWAYS roots for the villain. So I’ve been waiting for the complete defeat of this character for a long time and I finally got it. So for that I say “THANK YOU”. When NGC Side Mission 1 came out I was so excited to see Angel defeated and at the Villian’s mercy all tied up. I NEVER GOT A FULL BODY SHOT. That was the first time I was ever disappointed with NGC. This is the second time. AGAIN, NO FULL BODY SHOT OF THE DEFEATED HEROINE!

    So NGC, you know I love your stuff. You are exactly my cup of tea. So I will try to make 2 very specific and constructive suggestions:

    1 – When I heroine is defeated please give the audience the full body shot. Even if you have to do it like in Season 2 Episode 3 in which Erica Lynn’s full body is shown being rolled into the body bag in the background. At least we got a full body shot.

    2 – As a person who appreciates the shape of a female’s lower body can we get more full body shots during the fights as well? You seem to be in a rut where all we get is the waist up on the heroine. Going back to Season 1 there were a lot more full body shots, even those where the heroine was on the ground being dragged or kicked in the ribs and/or belly. Angel in Episode 2 season 1 is often seen on all fours, similarly in her training session vs Nina Hellfire she’s seen on all fours before being kicked in the abdomen, can we bring back some of those moves and camera angles? Seems like this season if a heroine is on the ground we just see her face.

    So, in summary, NGC, I liked this episode a lot! But this is the second time I was disappointed because one of my favorite heroines (probably number 2 on my list) was defeated and I didn’t get a full body view.

    PS > For those who are complaining about all the choking. Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t the final death blow a neck snap and not a choke?

  42. @Beast – Very interesting comment. I’m delighted you enjoyed the comic that I gave to members to set the whole thing up. Danny Ryan did a great job as always and it should be an important character going forward.

  43. Beast says:

    Amazing episode! great tension i love the introduction of the villain in the comic, enhace the experience a lot more, its really good.
    Also this villian seems like a dark representation of us. I see that as a reason for dont see his face. Maybe is a crazy idea of my…
    The fight coreography was great, i love how the cuts from the montage make the action smooth.
    Love the 3 girls also!

  44. @Darklord – I’ve no problem with you asking to see what you want in particular, of course not. I just don’t want to reply in a way that will let you down. “Oh yes, I’ll do that next time” and then if/when it doesn’t happen you’ll be even more annoyed. I’m not really in agreement about redundancy in content though. Episode 5 contains an ending we’ve not done before as well as other aspects. The video before that ‘Fail-Safe Sisters: Shadowstar’ contained visual effects that we’d never done before. So I don’t think it’s fair to suggest we’ve no interest in pushing any boundaries. If we released every 3 months people would see leaps in difference. Shooting style is a monetary concern. It takes ages to shoot a 1-2 minute fight phrase and have it all work, but we are looking into different ways of doing things all of the time.

    In terms of taking on board ideas, obviously I read these comments and reply whenever pressed about why we don’t do this or that. Even if I’m enunciating the reason for the tenth time, perhaps a commenter hasn’t heard it before. I think if people want me to do a specific idea they need to email me and if I’ve not thought of it and like it then I’ll do it. There have been occasions where people have emailed me and it’s been along the lines of “Hello, I’m John Doe, I’ve bought 20 of your videos and wondered if you’d ever incorporate this move or weapon/device in a film?” I am most likely to take that sort of request seriously, and it will definitely get a reply one way or another.

  45. Bob says:

    Darklord: Fair enough. I was more reacting to the tenor of some of the other somewhat negative comments.

  46. Darklord says:

    Harsh??? By no means was my intention to be harsh and reading my message I’m not so sure how it sounds harsh.

    Again I was only trying to persuade/cast a vote for NGC to try to cater to my liking of “peril” by giving feedback, given that they have an abundant of good qualities as it is.

    Sorry if that’s harsh…

  47. Bob says:

    Whoa! To each his own and all but let’s not get harsh; I think NGC puts out a terrific product and, like any of the producers, can’t possibly please everyone. I personally love their basic elements but then again, I *do* love a good karate fight because the ones on TV generally downplay the sexiness. Tweaking is fine but there seem to be a good number of producers doing somewhat different things and, for me anyway, NGC is terrific and should find a number of fans/buyers who agree.

  48. Darklord says:

    I can only speak for myself but when I say “you’re stuff is top notch but not my cup of tea” isn’t just to say I never did or would/could like it. What I’m really saying is two things

    1) you’ve made 25+ vids or more and they’re starting to get a lil redundant in content/style
    2) there is MASSIVE potential here bc of the quality of your production. Im a fan of a different style of “peril” so I figure if I (along with others) voice that, than maybe you could tweak some things and add other elements that I/we like. It’s basically just casting a vote and hoping it sticks.

    You certainly owe us nothing and should only make videos you’re comfortable with, I think we are simply just hoping to have our cake and eat it too.

  49. Well it’s taken me a while to get to this because we’ve been shooting all day. I’m really excited by the films we made as well: NGC: Ultimate Chokes – 20 Minutes of wall to wall choking, and ‘Lights Out’ which is a mini-video where the villains have to decide how they are going to KO the heroine, and after much deliberation they decide to choke her. We really think both will be great.

    I’m jesting of course. Thanks to Sidekick for his review, I’m very pleased that you enjoyed it. Yes, there is a fair bit of choking in this film, we do employ the technique a fair bit in our films generally, but I will try and avoid it for a while to change things up. That doesn’t mean there may not be the odd 10 second choke here or there but if we do a KO we’ll try and avoid doing it that way.

    To be honest, despite being very pleased with what we’ve made and getting pretty good reviews here our comments tend to be along the lines of “I’ll never buy again” or “This is why I won’t be buying”. That’s fine, but it doesn’t really motivate changes if you never buy or won’t be buying again no matter what. The tack I have always taken is that if this particular release doesn’t appeal to you then perhaps the next one will, or the one after that. To never buy from us again because the last 2 releases didn’t interest you seems a bit odd to me, and it’s not something I can prepare for in future shoots. You are grown ups and will make decisions based upon the quality of the trailer and whether or not you like the heroine(s) involved. It’s as simple as that.

    Let’s be honest, if the gist of your comments is: “Yeah the quality of this stuff is great, but I don’t like it” then you were never really that interested were you? We aren’t doing anything differently other than perhaps having a run of characters you don’t care about personally, or if you do, the fate that befalls them is not as you wish. It’s impossible for me to second guess this. There will be another one in a couple of weeks, maybe you’ll like that, or maybe not. That’s my philosophy anyway.

    I’m glad people have commented on Lady Victory though… an absolutely stunning woman who did a fine job in her film too! Can’t wait to show people that one.

  50. ShadowFax says:


    That’s all I need to know.

  51. Goon says:

    I agree with what has been said. NGC in my opinion has lately been missing the mark, especially in this one. All we really got was choking, granted some zapping from the villainess but hardly enough. A great missed opportunity to show a full body shot of Athena stretched over the knee of the villainess. Why not do anything like that?. The insistence of the “cliffhanger” is a little old as well. I’ve given NGC my last shot

  52. naveed says:

    Yes, i was wondering the same thing, any bearhug or backbreaker? or any other sort of peril other than choking? becuase i am also not too much a fan of choking…Thanks

  53. JohnHugger says:

    Any bearhug in this video? Wrestling moves?


  54. Lake says:

    A producer on another forum said, to do this stuff well, you have to have an interest in it yourself. Maybe the guys at NGC are just into choking. It does seem to get more of it’s fair share of coverage. I prefer my SHs to be punched into unconsciousness.

  55. yak says:

    yeah, i think i’m coming to realize that ngc isn’t for me, either. their actresses are fantastic… they’ve got such a talented, diverse, and quirky ensemble cast. the story and characters they’ve crafted are totally unique. make no mistake: what they do, they do quite well… i just prefer a “peril” video to a “fight” video. (it’s something i put into words a couple of days ago… given the choice between “pain” and “humiliation,” i’m gonna take the latter anyday… that’s why i cannot stand bleeding, bruised, or dead heroines, but love a good torture/interrogation scene!)

  56. Darklord says:

    I agree with mikes comments. I stopped buying NGC vids a few installments ago. The amount of choking has gotten out of control. Not a big fan of that.

    The TV show point is spot on. There is nothing “fetishy” about their vids and that’s ok if they want to keep that stuff out, but it’s just not to my liking that’s all. And I also felt the story wasn’t progressing, it was one cliff hanger after another without really developing or continuing the main plot.

    Their quality is def amazing and the girls are incredible. But they lack an element of “sexual peril”. And I don’t mean sex itself, but sex appeal, like even the lighter stuff, groping, fondling, bondage, etc.

    I buy these superheroine vids to choke my chicken so to speak lol, not to watch a tv quality karate fight.

  57. Phoxy_B says:

    Maybe I’m mistaken, but I thought Suki had regenerative powers or a 2nd and 3rd Wind.

  58. Fabio says:

    ANother Note Id like to add, The new Fail Safe sister looks gorgeous… A lot like Nina Dobrev. Cant wait to see her new costume. That got me really excited for the next FSS release. Hope its soon!

  59. Fabio says:


    Another solid effort by NGC. Good episode but I felt it could have been better. Once again there was just too much choking for me. Maybe it was just me that thought it would’ve been better since Im not a big fan of choking though, so its probably up to personal preference. I really liked the scene where Eliza gets Athena to land on her knee after the shock+choke scene, that was great, and how Eliza starts to shock her stomach, just didnt like how Athena sounded like she was being choked once again. I hope laying opponents over her knee and torturing their open stomachs is a signature move for Eliza, something she just has to do to them. I love seeing that. But I think this movie fell short for me because I expected a little more of it. More fighting, less choking. I was hoping for a nice two-on-one against Eliza,but the masked man came in and ruined that. I just wanted Eliza to continue with her beat down. Or for the two beautiful heroines to try and make a stand against her. With 4 characters in the same scene I was expecting a lot of fighting between them but instead got a lot of interruptions. I was even hoping for some masked man and Eliza action, but that was short. The ending was also a little too crazy for me, Suki was one of my favorites to rock the spandex. Although I do prefer to see a wounded Suki, I was also wondering, why didnt Athena use her healing powers on her? Or at least try? Even though she was on the sidelines the majority of the video, Suki gave one hell of a performance, A+ for her. It was also nice seeing Athena again, almost forgot how beautiful she was. This is still a good buy, just didnt really land into what I was expecting.

  60. flip_flop says:

    I’d just like to second what Mike mentioned about incorporating more KO’s and having them be a different variety than choke-outs. They don’t even have to be part of the main story, for example one of the very first Training Room episodes was Angel getting knocked out over and over again by different methods. Just my opinion though.
    Overall a very good episode from NGC. I find myself anticipating NGC’s releases more than any other producer!

  61. Fan421 says:

    NGC is second to none in their production quality, and these two actresses together in the same video with the teaser of a “shocking ending” was just too much for me so I had to get it.

    I have to say that I think Athena is one of the most gorgeous models I’ve ever seen do a superheroine video. My request is for her to get KO’ed multiple times in her next appearance! Thanks NGC for an awesome episode! Looking forward to another one with Athena!

  62. OOAgent says:


    What?! Thanks for telling me, I was guessing something like that might happen but I was worried it would be Athena and I couldn’t bare that. Thanks for letting me know, I’ll probably get it now.

  63. Mike says:

    On a lighter note, the next release seems to be the second installment of The Fail Safe Sisters. When can list members expect it?

  64. Mike says:


    Highlight to read spoiler:

    Suki is killed at the end by a new mysterious masked character who is then apprehended by Red Mist operatives.


    [Edited by HM to hide spoiler]

  65. OOAgent says:

    Can someone whose seen the ending tell me what happens?

  66. ceej says:

    I had to watch the ending a good 4 or 5 times to make sure I saw it right. I’ve seen all their episodes, and I think this one may have been my favorite.

  67. Mike says:

    This was certainly a game changing episode for sure; a bit too brutal for my taste at times, especially the ending.

    Im worried NGC is shying away from the fetish elements they seemed to embrace in the first season in favor of actually trying to tell a story like a tv show would. An admirable effort, to be sure. But I dont have to pay 20 bucks an episode for a tv show thats on television.

    As of right now you guys still got me in for the long haul. But id like to see some more fetish elements. Maybe seeing a heroine get ko’d by a method other than choking them, which seems to be the only way to ko someone these last several releases. I just wanna see a heroine knocked out and captured, preferably Bluebird. Is that too much to ask?

    That ending, while shocking, was a bit too much.

  68. OOAgent says:

    I’m kinda a spoiler person and I’m interested in this but I want to know how it ends first. Would you mind telling me? Thanks.