“Secret Mission: Luna vs Catwoman” from Lady2fight

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TimCaine avatar

Who wins? How does this fight end?


hope catwoman has catsuit in next video. still video was great!

Hello.byeperson avatar

I ordered this custom about two weeks ago and it has been brilliant!

TimCaine avatar

I am curious about this video. Can I ask how it ends? Who wins? Is the ending permanent?

rangerian avatar

I love Lady2fight. Great models, fight action and camerawork. Adding low blows is awesome. It would be good to see more exchanges in the fight, rather than just the one low blow. Keep up the great work!

Ken320 avatar

I think Luna will look great in that catwoman mask

TheSqueezer avatar

Well, I don’t a big fan of catfighting, but in this video, both girls have great performance and I love Kate’s fighting skill. Also, Lora is going to make a second new video for me…♥♥♥!


Who won?

chucky avatar

is there going to be a catwoman vs batgirl?

TheSqueezer avatar

Not will be Lora vs. 2 men. Lora will be a dominant wife overpower his strong hubby and his buddy.