“Security Breach” starring Starshot from NGC

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  1. Dr_Mabuse says:

    Loved, loved, loved, loved it. Just got a chance to watch this video, and I enjoyed it every bit as much as I expected.

    Can’t add anything to Rob_Hinx comment below, Starshot promises nothing she can’t deliver. She’s just one of those actresses who brings such commitment to her performance, on top of her fresh-faced good looks, that she elevates any material she’s given. If you got this video and enjoyed it, I recommend her previous solo videos (“Making a Name”, “The Decider”) and her extraordinary first encounter with Malicia Divine (“Virtue v the Iron Drone”).

    Also, the photoset that accompanies this video is very worth getting.

    • Dr_Mabuse says:

      Reading this over, I hope my “elevates any material” comment doesn’t suggest that the scenario for this video is ho-hum. The “Security Breach” title gives you a good idea of the tone, which is that Starshot is brutalized when she’s at her most vulnerable and where she should feel as sheltered as anywhere. Shades of Virtue’s “Nowhere Safe” video.

      This video has an “epic” feel to it, despite being a non-canon “Mission” entry. Either ending could be the start to a major storyline, which is fun to imagine. I’m hoping that we see Starshot in the main continuity before too long.

      Echoing Rob_Hinx below, my hat’s off to the drone as well. Lots of great moves executed with mechanical precision.

      • Rob_Hinx says:

        “…my hat’s off to the drone…Lots of great moves executed with mechanical precision.”
        I like what you did there 🙂

  2. Rob_Hinx says:

    It can’t be much fun being a drone. They probably spend most of their time deactivated, in a cold Elite Force lock up and, apart from the occasional software upgrade, the highlight of their week is being beaten up by a slip of a girl in a costume.

    They much relish the chance to let loose.

    Here a drone is given almost free range to put the smack down on Starshot and it’s beautifully done.
    This is a beat down video, but there’s more to it than that, someone is it a work behind the scenes in Elite Force and their plan involves upgraded drones that make the Iron Drone look like ‘a child’s toy’.

    This is the first Starshot video I’ve bought and I like her. NGC always nails it with the casting; Starshot (like so many other NGC heroines) looks like the type of athletic, sporty girl that you’d find in the police or emergency services.

    She’s got some great moves on her too. And when the pain comes (and it really comes!) she sells it beautifully. I particularly liked her deep moan of agony when she was dropped into the back breaker. She sells her exhaustion early in the video very well too.

    Also, and somewhat unusually perhaps, it’s worth mentioning the drone. It takes two to make a fight and whoever is in that suit does a superb job. It can’t be easy doing long fight scenes in that hood and goggles.

    The ending has a nice twist which is really well done and the alternate has a big does of brutality.

    Nicely done NGC.

  3. Mike says:

    Video was awesome. I’d buy every release if they were one-sided beatdowns like this. I will say that Stashot does an excellent ragdoll, kudos to the actress.

  4. Beast says:

    Cant wait to see starshot. I would love to know if we are going to see the harbinger again someday

  5. Lucas says:

    Definitely need more Starshot in the future, she’s the best

  6. Dr says:

    Irrelevant to the video, but are we going to see Candy Race (aka, “The Equalizer”) ever again?
    She was a quite promising character.

    • Next Global Crisis says:

      Yes, she was abroad for work a lot this year but she says she’ll be more available going forward which is good.

  7. chris says:

    Looking forward to seeing her take a beating.
    She looks gorgeous as ever and appears to sell that back-breaker very well.

  8. Dr_Mabuse says:

    The end of Season 3 and beginning of Season 4 saw the deaths of Bluebird, Athena, and Celestia (the latter in the Season 4 premiere). We didn’t literally see Athena die, but it’s been alluded to since then.

    Of course, caution is warranted, since Comet Girl appeared to be vaporized around the same time, but she’s back now. Or is she…?

    • Dr_Mabuse says:

      This was supposed to be a response to the thread below.

    • We might need a clarification from Andrew there – I don’t think Bluebird or Athena were killed off; if Bluebird was, that would make the Bluebird 2020 videos a bit awkward to explain, though Athena hasn’t been in a video for a while.

      Who knows. Hard to figure out since new Bluebird stuff keeps coming out.

      • Rob_Hinx says:

        Bluebird 2020 was, as I understood it, set in an alternate time line. Bluebird Play Dead and Broken Wings followed on from 2020 so it seemed logical that they too were part of the same alternate timeline. Looking at Bluebird’s bio on the NGC site these seem to have been ret-conned into the main continuity which suggests that Bluebird didn’t die at the hands of Alaric. Can she even be killed?
        Only NGC have the answer 🙂

        Back on topic, this video looks fun, I always enjoy seeing the drones do what they do best.

        • Next Global Crisis says:

          Bluebird 2020, Play Dead, and Broken Wings all belong together in an alternate universe from the main storyline. It could be construed from her character bio that they are the same timeline but the people who tend to read bios are those visiting us for the first time, prior to getting many of the videos, so I didn’t really know how best to play that and played it the way I did. New people tend to buy whatever video they like the look of and if we hook them in they might start from the beginning or work backwards from whatever the bought.

          As I’ve said before I’m pleased how the main story turned out (is turning out) because I’ve had to make a lot of swerves from the original idea due to the availability of actresses ebbing and flowing. As far as Bluebird goes she is one of our most popular characters and on a couple of occasions it was expected that she wouldn’t be able to work with us again so we shot well ahead into the future at times and then made all of the other pieces fit with what we’d shot. Then she might be available again for a month so we shoot her like crazy and have to think of something new to do. I imagine that in general people are pleased 2020, Play Dead, and Broken Wings exist rather than me being some crazy stickler who says “You’re dead in the story Bluebird, therefore I can’t make new videos with you.” I think at the time we shot 2020 we talked about making it fit the main story, but since we had seen the character from early training all the way through it was too inhibiting and I’d had the 2020 idea and so made it separate. Generally, and I’ve said this before, if you think of the main story as like an ‘Avengers’ comic book series, and then when we do mini-series for one character then that is like ‘Spider-Man’ on his own or whatever. I’ve not read anything in decades but when I was a kid reading Spider-Man, he wouldn’t mention something that he’d just done with the Avengers as they were travelling on separate lines. Anyway, I hope that answers some questions.

          • Rob_Hinx says:

            Thanks for the detailed answer. I stand well truly (and happily) corrected! 🙂
            It does make sense that those Bluebird adventures happen in a different timeline and from a fan-boy point of view it’s even better because it means that’s there still a Bluebird out there somewhere. So we get the pathos of her demise at the hands of Alaric yet we still get to see her in what ever new scenarios or timelines that might transpire.

            Anyway, thread derailment over. Really looking forward to seeing Starshot vs that drone.

  9. Rover says:

    Liking the premise.

  10. Uh-oh, could this be the last video for poor Starshot? While I’d certainly hope not, it’s been a while since one of the characters has literally been killed off (Suki Deluxe)…

    • Thevoice says:

      …did you not watch the first episode of season 4?

      • I have not. I’m a bit behind with some stuff!

      • carrylad says:

        How exactly did Celestial die? I haven’t watched it either.

        • Bert says:

          Rush to the NGC website and immediately purchase Episode 1 of Season Four. It is one of their very finest offerings, and that’s really saying something. I suspect everyone involved knew it was Celestia’s final appearance and they made damned sure to send her off in style.

          • carrylad says:

            Is it particularly gruesome (by implication at least) or rather “heroic”. I’ll admit I’d be uneasy with the video if it was the former.

  11. Dr_Mabuse says:

    Awesome news. Particularly exciting, because we haven’t seen Starshot outside of the Championship since the end of Season 4 and her solo appearances (against Malicia and Alaric) are both standouts. She sells a video to me irrespective of the scenario, elements, villain, whatever.

    Also, the members’ gift this week is a real treat. Even a brief appearance of Virtue as Miss F and Lucy as Dynamite Doll should catch your attention. If you don’t have the original video (from the Championship) Virtue also appears in Athena’s costume and Lucy sports the Shadowstar costume (!) which would be wonderful to see again sometime…

  12. kevin says:

    Great acting from Starshot!

  13. Billbo says:

    Yes yes yes. 🙂