“Sentry Girls: Session 40” and “Superheroine vs. Pros” from Sleeperkids World

Sleeperkid has made available a couple of new heroine-related videos: Sentry Girls: Session 40 and Superheroine vs. Pros.

Sentry Girls: Session 40

"Sentry Girls: Session 40" and from Sleeperkids World

They’ve made their debuts…so now it’s time for Merry and Cynder to play hapless sentries pitted against some effective sneak attacks, courtesy of agent Anne-Marie! After a quick intro describing a “VR” simulation trial, Anne-Marie demonstrates why she’s slowly becoming one of the most effective badasses in SKW history. She repeatedly dispatches both Merry Meow and Cynder with multiple KOs and post KO attacks, leading to a final machine gun finale that guarantees the agent a promotion!

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Superheroine vs. Pros

"Superheroine vs. Pros" from Sleeperkids World

We fade in on Hellena Heavenly and Taeler Hendrix complaining that NO ONE at SKW poses a challenge to them. So they issue an open challenge to the world…nay, the entire universe! We suddenly hear what sounds like a speeding bullet rushing through the room, and SUPER-SERENA appears behind them. The ladies turn, convinced that this little “cos-player” just made the worst mistake of her life. They attack with a double punch, and Serena instantly grabs their fists and squeezes. We hear bones snapping as both Taeler and Hellena fall to their knees screaming in pain, and realizing quite suddenly that Serena is the REAL DEAL.

What follows is an amazing 1 vs 2 squash…with our heroine having fun as she destroys the two formerly cocky pro wrestlers!

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Oh my, I love me some Taeler Hendrix.
Think there is anyway we can get some more content featuring her?
I’ll buy anything she starts in. Mmmm. 🙂


I agree that SK does a great job bringing his customers’ wishes to life. He listens to each custom buyer and what they like to see in a vid and does his best to follow through. I won’t badmouth the other producers’ actresses, though. They all have attractive and talented women working for them.

I would love to see SK collaborate with either Andrew from NGC or Logan from CTLE. He works with FWR sometimes and it’s cool to see both sets of actresses work together in the same vids.

Like, imagine a custom vid where Sapphire (SKW) just completely obliterates Virtue (NGC) in a 20 minute KO/ragdoll fest. It would be freaking awesome, lol. Not sure how feasible something like that would be, but I would love to see a collaboration like that in the future.


Sleeperkid has overtaken all the other producers consistently reviewed on this site. While some of the other sites are more “polished” or cinematic, possess more “bells & whistles,” SKW is (and has been for a long time) more imaginative, versatile, energetic, funny, and sympathetic to the actual fetishes that drive his viewers. The fetish, after all, is everything, and Sleeperkid (and his actresses) gets that. He’s always had the best actresses out there as far as selling the content, but he’s also, over the past few years, begun to hire much more beautiful actresses without losing the content: Becca, Luna Vera, Cynder, Rain (#1?), Heather West, Sparrow, Ivy, Mrs. Velvets, beautiful pros like Lacey and Rain (#2?)— and all looking naturally beautiful, without being made up like clowns. If you haven’t checked him out…


+1 on Cynder as a superheroine, preferably a Wonder Woman outfit


I really enjoy SKW videos. Cynder is beautiful, I hope we get to see more of her in peril wearing a superheroine costume soon.