“ShadowCat” from Secret Heroine Films

ShadowCat, from Secret Heroine Films, is now available at SHG-Media. Check out a trailer and more information below.


Starring newcomer Pamela Voorhees. ShadowCat is feared among the criminal underworld. She will kick their asses, take their loot and look good while doing it. But one day she steals from the wrong criminal. A 1000 year old demon names Eve who bestows horrifying powers to men with a grudge against ShadowCat. One night, they hunt her down and take every shred of dignity that she once had. This film has belly punches, low blows, bear hug, whipping, verbal humiliation, nudity, simsex, and more

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45 Responses

  1. Ron says:

    When can we expect part 2 of ShadowCat?

  2. Ron says:

    Please make a part two of ShadowCat! Same costume but Black Spandex which is tighter! White gloves and white boots is the best look for Shadowcat! In the comics the Black Cat wore spandex not leather. And a white wig will complete the costume. The actress was phenomenal. Please use her again! I want to buy part 2! Thank you Secret Heroine Films!

  3. Karl says:

    This is a very welcome change from the typical formula where the heroine is a honorable agent of justice and wears yet another variant of the same old Supergirl or Wonder woman costume. First, Shadowcat is far from a paragon of morality, which brings novelty to the fight & ravaging. And second, she (or technically, Black Cat) has that zipped leather suit that is, in my opinion, many times sexier than the average leotard. Also, If I’m not mistaken, this is the first movie ever where a replica of Black Cat gets involved in a forced sex scene; so it has extra points from that. The end of the video is a bit abrupt, but overall it’s definitely worth the buy.

    Also, another thing of note: the breasts of the actress are apparently not enhanced, although they look like they are in the preview pictures.

  4. Alex says:

    Never comment, gonna make an exception here.

    Bought it. Loved it. Brilliant. Only wish it was longer… especially the end. Would have liked her to pass out or something… just kind of cuts off. Loved how she was so defiant right up till then but immediately changed her tune when she realized their intentions. A once defiant heroine begging to give up her secret/etc = totally broken…instant buy.

    Easily one of my favorite vids ever.

    Is she available for customs? I’d love to see someone take that ass…

    TBFE are you paying attention? Rye? I’d love to see an ending with her up against “The Parolee” if you catch my meaning… shoot me a message if we can get her in a custom.

  5. TheBlackCat says:

    Thank you for making this video Shadowcat! No one is doing videos base off the Black Cat one of the sexiest superheroines in all of comics! Please do sequels of this character. Maybe tighter spandex costume and better mask. But love the white gloves and white boots and fur accents! Very true to the original costume design! Please do more Shadowcat videos!!

  6. Kevlar says:

    Great actress and heroine choice. I thought she did very well in the role and she’s stunning! I really like the actress who plays Eve too, she always nails her role. The idea of Eve granting mortal goons powers was cool, as was the use of colored contacts. The goons “transformed” outfits were pretty bad, but this is referenced by Shadowcat and I liked her cocky humour. In my PERSONAL opinion… the ending was horrendously dark and off putting, even if only implied. The goons themselves couldn’t watch, and I wish I had stopped watching a few minutes earlier myself. I understand some people like that kinda stuff and i’m not a squeamish kinda person, however I thought it was a bit much, but thats just me.
    Ending aside, I thought it was another great release from Secret Heroine Films. Hopefully there’ll be more from Shadowcat, and I look forward to seeing what other heroines you have in the pipeline!

  7. blx says:

    Love the character, liked the actress, although I would’ve liked to see, and this is more in a general sense in heroine movies, a bit more heroine specific features in a film. Wonder Woman uses the lasso, the tiara, the wrists. Batgirl has the gadgets, Black Cat has the ‘bad luck’ skill. I like the costume but sometimes movies feel just the same with a different outfit.

    Also I feel the movie lacks some character, due to the lack of sound, music or something. I don’t know what it is. No atmosphere.

  8. Angleman says:

    She’s certainly built to play Powergirl …

  9. Javcritic says:

    It was about time they made a black cat one, great costume and actress too, cant wait!

  10. uhzoomzip says:

    Lol, is the implication that they shove a lubed up baseball bat up her cunt at the end?? Brutal!

    • HorseWithNoName says:

      Indeed. And call me a pervert (I am): that was the best part of the vid. Wish they had taken a little bit more time with it. I know, was sort of a button after the first rape, but it could have very well been the main course 🙂

      • uhzoomzip says:

        Well, judging by the positive response to this video there will be sequels. We’ll see if she’s ever able to walk comfortably again or if this experience left her permanently splayed.

      • bogie says:

        Different. The same but different, revives faith in the genre. Simple, to the point, excellent new female performer (and stacked, as others have commented). I don’t think we’ve seen an ending like that before. It (the ending)could have been a little longer but as the overall impression is so favourable, I’m not quibbling.

      • Judah says:

        Hey Horse, this vid was kind of a turn off for me. The color of the hair and costume dissuaded me. Hey bro did you hear there going to reveal the Jokers name finally in Justice League 50 next month and they made the Killing Joke into an animated film. What you think about Jared Leto playing the Joker from the trailer.

        • HorseWithNoName says:

          Sorry to hear that you did not like it. Thought it was a pleasant surprise. I stopped reading DC (except for some Vertigo stuff) and Marvel for that matter. Simply not my taste at the moment. Image Comics and some of the other independent publishers is where it is happening right now, in my opinion.

          Not sure about Leto’s take on the character. Will be interesting for sure. I kinda dig the glam approach they / he are taking with Joker. But I am very pumped for the movie overall.

          About the Killing Joke: checked out the trailer. Was not blown away. Maybe this is because I re-read Killing Joke a few months ago and was utterly disappointed. Not one of Moore’s strongest works.

          Fun fact: when DC made the book in the 1980s they must not have been aware that there was a popular post-punk band with the same name. So instead of going into a long legal battle, the band simply asked to use a tiny bit of the Bat cape for one of their album covers. Nice when people play nice. Now reading Killing Joke while listening to Killing Joke’s Outside the Gate brings you right into this hard-edged 1980s mind set. Odd how cross-media experiences sometimes work.

          • HorseWithNoName says:

            A thumbs down? Dan DiDio as that you?

          • Big Zee says:

            Don’t look at me, I do not do thumbs down or up for that matter. Check with Judah or Bert, They are highly skilled with their thumbs, BTW, Judah is now in the muckraking business, no surprise here.

          • HorseWithNoName says:

            So it was good all Dan. So, how’s Rebirth working out?

          • Judah says:

            Well if it isn’t my internet stalker, never fails I post and your right behind – stalker. Still salty I exposed your hero. Well boohoo.

          • Big Zee says:

            Boohoo, never salty as sodium is bad for your health. Glad to see that you read my posts. Muckraking is the scourge of the world.

          • Seer says:

            So how do you feel about your exposing of BZ hero being completely removed from this site?!

          • Big Zee says:

            @Seer, Bert, Judah
            To be fair to Secret Heroine Films, perhaps we should ask HM to create a separate thread so that the four or five of us can keep sparring with each other.

          • Bert says:

            Or you could just quit making your bullshit trolling posts in the first place.

          • Big Zee says:

            When it comes to trolling, you are the gold standard.

          • Bert says:

            Hahaha. Yeah, that’s why I keep racking up those 20 down votes with my posts. I’m either trolling or I’m too thick to take a hint. Sucks to be me.

          • Judah says:

            @Seer served its purpose. Don’t care to mention his name but its amazing how one post can cause so much discussion. Another tabloid airs more dirty laundry and BZ’s hero was full of it. You see Big Zee is the real problem here, he stalks the actresses of this genre, which is really creepy, anytime I post on a thread he automatically jumps on to give his 2 cents in – riding my coat rails. He vigorously defends his idle and will get hostile with anyone who disagrees with him or is hero. He is for all intense purposes Lord of the Trolls,

          • Bert says:

            Buddy, you routinely pull in twenty down votes with your posts. I’m just one of ’em.

  11. F L says:

    Will buy this one just because it has black cat in it!! i really would like to see the character being used more often too!

  12. raymond says:

    o k i just got this and it’s awesome! i love black cat please do a sequel with black cat vs spiderwoman

  13. wordwolf says:

    Her breasts are worth the price of admission alone. Holy god! 😮

    • mjk says:

      Couldn’t agree more. I love a good whipping scene, but it almost seemed sacrilegious to mark a pair of breasts that lovely.

  14. Doc Holiday says:

    Brilliant !!!!… Just Brilliant… , The Girl, The Villains, The Peril, The Price…There’s been a lull in the darker/stronger themed releases lately and this fills the void…. more please SHF.

  15. Greatness says:

    She is a pretty thing.

  16. raymond says:

    who is the girl playing black cat? and please more black cat she is awesome!!!

  17. LordSnot says:

    Epic rack on this gal. She’s a keeper, SHF.

  18. Carl says:

    Is there an unmasking?

  19. TMMTASMF says:

    I absolutely love that someone is finally making a black cat one!

  20. HorseWithNoName says:

    What a fun movie. Liked it. The end makes the movie. Very nice.