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“Shadowstar: Double Weakened” from NGC

"Shadowstar: Double Weakened" from NGC (Teaser)A new video from Next Global Crisis is coming soon. Shadowstar: Double Weakened features Shadowstar (of course) facing off against her dreaded enemy Lt. Hornblood, who has designs on using Shadowstar’s own power against her. Sounds like a fun time at the movies to me!

In this NGC Special Shadowstar meets up with her jealous adversary Lt. Hornblood again. This time Hornblood wants to force Shadowstar to use her power so that it will counteract with technology in Hornblood’s abdomen causing Shadowstar to be Double Weakened with her own power being used against her. From here Shadowstar is merely Hornblood’s punching bag as she shows no mercy to the beautiful Fail-Safe Sister until she is squashed flat.
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13 Responses

  1. Oh yes, she’s very impressive. If you buy a season 3 video this weekend then I’ve included some more previews of this beauty and others. Only this weekend though…

  2. Markko says:

    Best b-side of the whole superheroine scene !

    Meanwhile I got this preview in email… I must say she looks impressive o_o


  3. Jim says:

    I enjoyed this one.

  4. David says:

    I love Shadowstar, Merissa Porter is a real beauty! But, I would like to see a costume up date. I do not like her boots and I want to see more of her legs. Perhaps a black ankle boot, similar to what Robin wore in the original Batman. That would be sexy, Merissa could pull it off easy…she would amazing in anything I just want want to see more of her beautiful legs. Great video, lets see more Shadowstar soon!

  5. Beast says:

    It was a great episode for the price. Shadowstar is always a must buy for me. It is more like a member video release so it is a simple production ( i think that maybe they shoot this and the last episode of shadowstar together) but the two actress are great in it and the plot is functional to the peril maybe the camera angles are not the best this time but for me was a solid buy. And yes is shadowstar being beaten and kicked for the most time which is something that i will always want to watch and rewatch

  6. Bill says:

    @JB, Since the review above says she is “Hornblood’s punching bag” it’s not a spoiler for me to say that she gets her clock cleaned. The fight is going fairly well for her until her powers are transferred to Hornblood. Then it is a one-sided trouncing.

  7. JB says:

    Does anyone have any other reviews of this vid? Is it a decisive beatdown of shadowstar??

  8. Mark says:

    Well, from the description of it being a brutal squash, and hearing that NGC are trying to ‘freshen things up’, I gleefully dived straight in as is always the case with any NGC release! Upon viewing however, the best way to sum up this short film is ‘It’s another NGC release’. Good in some ways (gorgeous actress, good quality film work, slick fighting) but poor in others (same old ‘five punches to belly, three knees to belly, punch to face five time’ tried, and tired, formula).

    And still not sure the amazing, stunning Claire Elise works as Superwoman either yet!

  9. Yes we’re lucky to have her, a very very beautiful woman. Poor Shadowstar though, this one turns into a bit of a squash. Better luck next time I guess. Out tomorrow.

  10. Bill says:

    Any film with Marissa in it is well worth the wait. I must say, NGC finds the most appealing women in the genre.

  11. ceej says:

    Ditto, can’t wait!

  12. LordSnot says:

    Shadowstar is one of the most gorgeous heroines at NGC. Looking forward to this.