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  1. decendingskulls says:

    @ Mike J: I imagine they’re working on that. Villain’s POV + Liberty Gir/ Alex David l was all I needed to hear to make the purchase. Very glad I did.

  2. Mike J says:

    It doesn’t have a trailer and they’re barely any pictures on this new video. How is one supposed to decide if they want to purchase it or not?

  3. decendingskulls says:

    New Liberty Girl movie shot 100% from the villain’s POV!
    I just watched it this morning. I think you guys are really going to enjoy this πŸ™‚

  4. bpd says:

    Thank you all for supporting this video. Looks like most of you really liked it. That means a lot. Take care!


  5. saxman314 says:

    I really enjoyed this video. I feel like it leaves an opening for the sequel to show the moment where she actually breaks, since there’s obviously a lot of ground to cover between, “you can’t break me” and her fighting her friend! Could do with a bit more back and forth fighting between her and the guys, like how she did in the first LG movie or in the old LG vids. That’s just nitpicking, though, cuz like I said I really enjoyed it. She’s great on screen, acts, moves and looks fantastic, and is just one of my favorite actresses. I’m happy to see her pushing her limits for us as far as she’s comfortable, and more vids like this will be sure buys for me!

  6. decendingskulls says:

    To the posters above me: I can envision what you’re saying and how it could be effective, but if I’m not mistake this is farther than Alex David has ever gone, so let’s be grateful please. I think Liberty Girl was plenty humiliated as it is.

  7. Wazooboy says:

    I agree about the stripping. It’s another weapon of humiliation against the dignity of the heroine. Now I’d love frontal nudity of Alex David (who wouldn’t?), but if that is not possible or something she would do, there are other ways to do this. Scenes can be shot from behind, from the side, from above, etc. All of these can convey that added humiliation effectively.

  8. lazxmw says:

    @bpd @Alex David
    I downloaded this last night, and I have to say I absolutely LOVED IT! Alex, you are by fair my favorite actress to play a Wonder Woman like heroine. The action was fun and erotic. However, if I might make some suggestions for a future installment, I think that when it comes to any future rape scenes, the heroine shouldn’t seem to enjoy herself. I know what you were going for, but it just sort of kills the momentum of the scene, in my opinion. Also, I think the top should come off. I’m not saying Alex should be nude or anything, she could be wearing a bra under the top that she keeps on, but I think the stripping of her “armor” adds to the eroticism as well as the story. Now she’s vulnerable and completely defenseless. Also, I think the torture parts with her getting beaten on should go longer, with some two on one action. These are just my opinions however, and I wanted you both to know that you did an awesome job.

  9. ximi says:

    I very much enjoyed the movie, although I would say this is not the best effort from bpd. I’d prefer a bit longer fight, especially some struggle and beat down after her belt is removed; also I prefer more variety in the torture part – but low blow fans, this is your dream came true!

    So why did I still thoroughly enjoyed the movie? Simple, Alex David’s performance. She is still second to none showing a “heroine in peril”, keeping a heroine’s defiance and toughness THROUGH the torture scenes. This is what I really enjoy, instead of quite a lot recent movies (including a few well claimed products) where a “heroine” is setup at the beginning, then quickly descend into “a weeping girl in fancy costume”. I know Alex is mostly into directing and production now, but I really wish she can still spend some time acting in a few movies since the talent depicting a heroine is very much sparse. And no, just throwing out a couple dialogues won’t work – the actress needs to show the facial and body expression. If you don’t know what I am talking about, watch this one :-).

  10. Kevlar says:

    I’m a big Liberty Girl and Low Blow fan. The 2 ladies in this video (Alex David and Stella/Starli) are 2 of the best in the business as selling low blows.
    Good reactions are the most important part of a crotch attack, so please feature more un-restrained low blows so the heroines can hold themselves afterwards.
    It looks like this video contains both unrestrained and restrained low blows and I look forward to getting it at the weekend!

  11. Blueman says:

    LOTS OF SPOILERS AHEAD. This was a great video. You can’t say it any better than descendingskulls.The acting and production values are top notch,Liberty Girl is sexy,arrogent and defiant throughout. She easily beats up the thugs until the Dark villian manages to remove her belt. Then the thugs KO her with a bearhug. The best part is when Liberty Girl is chained up. Alex David’s frustration at being unable to break the chains even with her belt is great. Her facial and mental reactions to each of the 13 consecutive and increasingly painful low blows is priceless! After the pain, the pleasure starts. Again, Alex David is awesome at showing defiance,but eventually giving in to the Dark villian’s fondling of her body over and under her costume! Liberty Girl gives in to her darkside, but after a very sexy catfight with Incredible Girl she is rescued. However,the Dark villian vows to cature her again. I can’t wait! Thanks to bpd for making it available on the 1st!!

  12. Mike J says:

    Ahhh, I’m not a fan of AOH, torture, and a lot of sexual peril either. If the Heroine is ravaged at the end after being defeated in a long fight I really don’t mind, but if it’s one of the main focuses it’s really not my cup of tea.

    I think I’ll have to pass on this one.

  13. Bert says:

    Pricey. Not a fan of AOH, or torture, or the sexual stuff. Prefer back and forth fight action, which isn’t the focus here, although there is a little.

    Still glad I bought it, and the reason is Alex David. This woman never disappoints. Her performance here is amazing. There are long sequences that could easily have become repetitive and boring, but Alex’s acting never lets that happen. I agree with Blx, these videos are too few and far between.

  14. uhzoomzip says:

    This video is superb. Extremely well done. The fetish content is pushed to the absolute limit that shg-media allows and stops just short of becoming an Alex Bettinger/Paris Kennedy flick. There are too many amazing scenes for me to single out just one particular moment. For now I can just say that if anyone was ever wondering what it would be like to have a helpless superheroine acceding to your every whim, this video provides almost the definitive experience.

  15. Blx says:

    I agree with a lot that descendingskull said. This is an amazing video and it’s such a shame they don’t make more.

  16. GigaFiend says:

    Is there an updated trailer coming?

  17. decendingskulls says:

    Holy shit. Between this new Liberty Girl and the Incredible Girl video that preceded it, this has been an extremely fortunate week for me.

    If you ever wanted to know what it feels like to chain up Liberty Girl in a dungeon and have your way with her, then buy this video, because this video is basically an intimate session, framed in some light action movie plot. This is FAN SERVICE in all caps.

    As always (I almost get tired of saying it at this point) Alex and bpd are fantastic, but here quite possibly at the top of their game. Ok it might not have the helicopter kick from a chain like LG2 did, but it delivers a payload on what us darker more perverse fans always want more of. Way more time spend on molestation and more low blows than I could count.

    Alex david does a tremendous and I mean tremendous acting performance of conveying her mental states and responses and transformations through said mental states, and she looks better than ever as Liberty Girl.

    And can I just say? I thought that main villain costume was actually pretty cool looking, and he had the calm quiet confidence so unsettling and badass in a superior psychopath. The loud and clear message is – this guy knows how to take what he wants, and he’ll tame a lioness without breaking a sweat.

    And bpd’s style of directing and lighting and camerawork never ceases to entertain me and do the scene the maximum justice it deserves. Other directors, no offense but for your own sake please take some notes because class is once again in session.

  18. dkm says:

    I concur with a lot of you, for $35 it’d be awesome to have some kind of rundown of what’s included and how it ends for the heroine

  19. Ruffitt says:

    Can anyone spoil the ending? I like to know the outcome before I purchase

  20. bart says:

    UHHMMMMM….I loved it!!!! That’s my review!!! Wow Alex…Wow.

  21. Mike J says:

    Yeah for $35 I’m going to have to wait for some more details as well. How much of it is with Incredible Girl, what kind of peril is involved. Little too much to take a flier on.

  22. Lake says:

    It’s quite pricey and so I hope there is a good, detailed review of it.

  23. Aldous says:

    I’m a fan of all the talent involved in this but fear from the trailer it’s going to be a wee bit ‘rapey’. No judgement here, just not something I care to view – can someone let me know if that’s the case before I buy it? Ta in advance. Oh, and happy new year everybody !

  24. decendingskulls says:

    It’s up on SHG I’m downloading it now πŸ˜€

  25. Alex David says:

    Hi guys! We’re doing our best not to let the holiday slow things down too much. It’s being transferred and SHG will have it up shortly!

    @decendingskulls I’m glad you liked Incredible Girl! The two videos exist in the same world and timeline wise Incredible Girl happens first. I love working with Stella, she’s absolutely fantastic in Prelude to Darkness!

  26. bpd says:

    It’s coming…

  27. decendingskulls says:

    In the meantime I highly recommend ‘Incredible Girl taken by the Alien’ starring Stella Rae and created by SHG and Alex David. I just got it today and it is fantastic…

  28. bbsucks says:

    Easy there blueman. It’s still January 1st. I don’t recall seeing a time on the release date.

  29. blueman says:

    waiting since October and now there is no responce as to why this is not available when it is supposed to be.Very disappointing. Guess I will just purchase a different video.

  30. decendingskulls says:

    The trailer said 01-01-2014, which is today. Come onnnnnnmm……

  31. Lake says:

    Love it! Slaps! The most humiliating punishment a superheroine can take. One of these days someone is going to produce a slap-heavy movie!

  32. Blx says:

    Any updates?

  33. Bob says:

    Any word on this?

  34. saxman314 says:

    Can’t wait! Alex David is one of my favorite WWs!

  35. lazxmw says:

    Yeah! I’ve been hoping to see another Liberty Girl video released! I’ve had a thinkg for Alex ever since she was the villain in Luna Crush. She is the PERFECT model/actresss to play a Wonder Woman like character, in my opinon. I personally hope she gets truly ravished again, hopefully whipped as well. No matter what though, I will be picking this one up when it hits the net.

  36. Aldous says:

    I’m up for this bad puppy! Is there a projected release date?

  37. Wazooboy says:

    I agree uhzoomzip. That’s one of my favorite scenes ever.

  38. uhzoomzip says:

    That scene in Liberty Girl: The Return where she’s fingered and fucked from behind is incredible. Alex did an incredible job of selling that scene and it was a lot farther than I ever expected the video to go. Here’s hoping for similar surprises from this installment.

  39. decendingskulls says:

    I just love anything these two make together. Very happy to see more Liberty Girl!

  40. Mike J says:

    Is this entire video just going to be her chained up. If so I may have to pass. Will have to wait for a full trailer.

  41. LordSnot says:

    She is definitely a gem in the superheroine business. Glad to see her with new stuff coming.

  42. yak says:

    the announcement of a new LG video is always a cause for celebration, as alex david remains one of the hottest and most talented ladies in the superheroine peril business. still, i approach this new one with a bit of caution. the teaser is fun, and the costume looks great (has LG always had that wonder woman “w” insignia on her chest? hehe… kind of a fun discrepancy), but i do hope the video is more than just alex chained up and tortured in the dark. i think the thing i liked best about the first couple LG videos was the relative “lightness” of them; how there was a real sense of fun, and no blood or death or rape. some people like blood and death and rape, so good for them if this video ends up having those things; i personally would rather have a real superheroine story, one involving perilous situations and power struggles and dialogue and stuff. of course, with a name like “prelude to darkness,” and the general insistence of most current producers on “dark” product, it looks like i’m gonna be a sad yak again…

  43. Wazooboy says:

    I love these videos. They are always very erotic. I’d like to see them push a bit further this time (some nudity), but this is an obvious purchase for me in any event. Looking forward to it.