Should Producers Offer “Phone Friendly” Videos?

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  1. Helen Myers says:

    We have enough people driving around while texting so we most certainly don’t need them watching movies while driving.

  2. The reason I originally wanted to pose this question was because I have noticed, over the past year or so, an increasing number of customers contact me because they were having difficulties downloading a High-Quality video file, and when I asked them what device they were using (PC, Mac, etc) I was often astonished to find that they were trying to download these huge files (often well over a gigabyte) on their phones!

    Now, it would never even occur to me to try to download any HD or high-quality video on my phone, but when it comes to tech there’s always a new normal, so I just wanted to run this by people to see if this is a very common thing.

    It would be fairly easy for me to just offer a phone-friendly version of my videos to customers (no extra charge; people could download both, an HQ version to their computers and a lower quality small file to their phones); I just wanted to get a sense of how prevalent this practice is first.

    Right now the impression I get is that it’s still not many people watching these vids on their phones. But maybe in the future I’ll also include a phone-friendly version along with the higher-quality versions. It’s easy enough to do. That way, if you want to put, say, an XCW episode on your phone, it’ll be an easy download and won’t take up much space.

  3. Brendan says:

    At a reduced price it might be a good idea. But if where talking about selling the phone friendly version at the same price as a normal SD/HD video, Id much rather have my HD version and watch it properly on my laptop/desktop or tv.

  4. Kaizar says:

    I’m pretty a bunch already do.

    Anyways, the more the merrier.

  5. HorseWithNoName says:

    @ Chillyplasma: just curious, but can you name an example of a movie that looks 10 times better in 200 MB than a movie with the same running time that is at 1 GB?

    The mainstream movies, i.e. Hollywood productions, I usually download break down like this: 1080p HD at around 5 GB or if you want to go less, SD at 2.5 GB. This is for example for Captain America 2, which looks fantastic in 1080p. You can even tell a difference to 720p.

    So, if it is true what you are saying, not saying it is not, because I am not a tech guy, Apple and their peers must be doing something seriously wrong. However even as none tech guy, I can tell the difference between SD and 1080p. And if there was a way around the 5 GB, I am sure the guys from Apple would choose this, because I do not store “their” movies on my harddrive after watching, but on their servers for free.

    But even without the benefit of their free of charge cloud service, storage can really not be an issue these days. Get an additional harddrive or another such device. Problem solved.

    Your second point is a very good one, though 🙂

  6. Chillyplasma says:

    The obvious answer is ‘yes’, because all the mainstream services offer downloadable content to ‘your device’. The big players have recognised it’s not up to them to decide how you want to watch whatever it is you’re buying.

    However the real answer is ‘no’. Simply because producers of this fetish don’t know what they are doing. First example: file sizes for a 30 minute clip are getting out of hand because of a false belief that a bigger file size means better quality – it doesn’t. On of these superheroine clips will be 1GB for 30 minutes, while a mainstream 30 minute video will look 10 times better at 200MB. A couple of ignorant people have driven bigger filesizes that aren’t useful with certain devices.
    Another example: in a professional movie things are placed in the frame with purpose, if you shrink it down it is still watchable. In the superheroine genre there is still too much wandering camera and filming of walls. On a big screen that’s ok, but annoying to watch on a phone.

  7. gwyn says:

    I have unlimited data, so size doesn’t matter. no guys really it doesn’t, its all about quality xD

    while it’d be cool to get a mobile friendly version, you lose so much in the compression, imo, that I would rather get the full version on my lappy and then convert it.

  8. All of our videos are MP4. If lots of people emailed me pledging to buy if we did a phone friendly compressed version (say 50-100mb) then I’d consider it. No extra cost, I’d just throw it in with the large file.

  9. If they are releasing in Mp4 format there is a really easy way for the client to do it on their own.
    Download dropbox. its free and once you download it to your phone you can send an .mp4 file to drop box and then download it from your phone. It plays quite nicely, and you don’t have to physically store it on your phone taking up space. Offering iPhone versions may see SOME sales, and if enough people asked me for it I would do it….but it baffles me why anyone would want to spend money on a regular clip, then spend another set of cash for a iPhone version.

  10. decendingskulls says:

    @Geeray that is a very good point. Even if I wanted to do this, the issue for me would be storage, in addition to download speed. I would fill up my phone’s storage pretty quick if I was loading 1 Gig videos on it all the time.

  11. Geeray says:

    Apart from the need for a more robust and reliable download platform (which would be a benefit all round) and carriers Net Nanny systems, what would is the actual difference?

    It is certainly not technical. Even mid-market phones play HD quality films at their natural resolution in any format supplied

  12. Maar13 says:

    I think in a way, they are offering this kind of videos, most of these come as .MP4, which is a pretty much universal format and can be viewed with any kind of current device, so on Android if your device has an micro sd slot you are in business and with iphones, transfer is kind of a pain ( I don’t like itunes that much), but not as much as it seems to be.

    Now if you are talking about tranfer rate and file size, I wouldn’t recommend it unless you are like someone else said, on a wifi, because in some countries the rates for this can be huge.

    And personally i like to see them on a big screen, while it is cool to have it on a portable device as you travel, I love to go back home and put some videos from an external drive and plug them on a screen.

  13. Dennis says:

    I like to download to my PC first. Then if I want it on my iPad, I can convert (if necessary) then import it iinto iTunes. If the format is already mp4, that’s great. I would not download to my phone. My wife might see it. 🙂

  14. sugarcoater says:

    Isn’t it possible to–after downloading the current format of the video–to convert it to a format useable by a smartphone? Or is the question a matter of downloading the video solely via and for a smartphone?

  15. Darklord says:

    I don’t watch it in public ha ha ha. It’s just easier to pick my phone and watch it, then pull at the laptop, boot it up, plug it in bc the battery sucks etc.

    The vids I watch most are on my phone bc it’s convenient as hell.

  16. Stee says:

    Are these separate videos that I have to pay extra for? If that’s the case I would never buy them.

  17. TBob says:

    “I never watch these sorts of videos on my phone, nor do I think I ever would.”
    My thoughts exactly.

  18. decendingskulls says:

    People’s lifestyles vary so much. I would think the need for this would be dependent on a person’s lifestyle. If I’m out / away from home, I have frequently been interested to watch a trailer of a new release on my phone, but if I like the trailer, I’m downloading the full movie when I get home to watch it on the biggest screen I can find, and in the comfort of my home. I personally can’t think of many instances where I would be watching a full porn or fetish movie on my phone. I would have to be pretty desperately bored somewhere I guess. But like I said, different people have different lifestyles. Maybe some people spend a lot of time on the train or airplanes, away from their giant monitors, but even still, would they be watching porn or fetish clips in public? I just don’t get it.

  19. Masmune says:

    I never watch these sorts of videos on my phone, nor do I think I ever would.

  20. adam says:

    It’s not needed in my opinion. To echo the point, most phones or devices, like my old I-pod, that an play a video, can connect to a computer. File converter software is plentiful and cheep. I use Wondershare myself.

    So, as a costumer, i find its a better deal, to get the full sized version of the movie, then, if i want to take it on the go, i convert it down; verses buying the video twice at full, and reduced resolution.

    I would imagine the market for low resolution only sails are fairly small. thou that’s not thinking of places that have slow bandwidth. that’s my 2 pennies.

  21. Darklord says:

    This is a dream come true…

    YES! Please

  22. Logan says:

    As a producer, I don’t see the benefit of doing this. Mobile phones download slower (if not on wifi) and would take up more continuous bandwidth slowing down users on computers. We already have many customers in countries where high speed internet is not available so this would worsen their issues when downloading. Also, any mobile device capable of viewing these videos comes with or has available to them a software which allows for transfer from the computer to their mobile device very easily and seamlessly. If you wanted to shrink down the file sizes for mobile playback, there are dozens (or more) free converters available to handle that as well.

    I see the benefits of watching the videos on your mobile devices but don’t see a real benefit to the customers to offer this as an alternative method of initial downloading. That’s coming from a producer’s viewpoint. If you think of a reason it would be beneficial, I’m always the first to keep an open mind and implement new techniques and platforms… 😉

  23. says:

    Do producers want to attract as many possible customers as possible in the 21st century? I understand the question, but that’s a complete rhetorical one at that.

    Only if it’s worth the time and investment…period.

  24. bogie says:

    Being an oldster with an ancient mobile ( cell phone to you Yanks), I not only wouldn’t , but COULDN’T download on this format. The mere idea of watching a beloved heroine/peril movie this way is repellant. IMHO.