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“Side Mission 12: Heroine Bait” from Next Global Crisis

"Side Mission 12: Heroine Bait" from Next Global CrisisLet’s be honest. As much as the fan base loves to see her, Bluebird needed a break after the recent poundings she has taken. And I can’t think of a better character to bring back into the storyline than Erica Lynn. Check out the review and trailer for Side Mission 12: Heroine Bait.

[Beware spoilers] Erica follows up on a distress call only to find out the call was faked by Red Mist. I’m telling you, Elite Force operatives need to stop falling for this move. It never leads anywhere good for them. Enter the extraordinarily beautiful and possibly insane Georgina Shred. The ladies exchange some insults and talk a little bit about the Roman family before the fighting starts in earnest.

"Side Mission 12: Heroine Bait" from Next Global Crisis"Side Mission 12: Heroine Bait" from Next Global Crisis"Side Mission 12: Heroine Bait" from Next Global Crisis

Once it does, Erica controls much of the action. Georgina does get her fair share of shots in and that includes several punches and knee lifts to the stomach. But it’s Erica’s ability to duplicate herself that allows her to prevail in the fight. The duplicate lands a hard punch across Georgina’s face and this allows the original Erica to slap on a choke hold. And just as Georgina is about to pass out, Erica and her duplicate are frozen in place by the formidable telekinetic powers of James Roman.

"Side Mission 12: Heroine Bait" from Next Global Crisis"Side Mission 12: Heroine Bait" from Next Global Crisis"Side Mission 12: Heroine Bait" from Next Global Crisis

James forces the duplicate to literally strangle herself until the duplicate “dies.” I’m actually not sure “dies” is the correct term since it’s not the original but the body does fade away. James then telekinetically pins Erica’s arms over her head to a pillar and Georgina pounds away on the completely defenseless heroine. Georgina then takes Erica’s cape, wraps it around her throat and strangles her for several seconds.

"Side Mission 12: Heroine Bait" from Next Global Crisis"Side Mission 12: Heroine Bait" from Next Global Crisis"Side Mission 12: Heroine Bait" from Next Global Crisis

And that leads us up to our two endings. One where Erica is beaten unconscious by Georgina and another where Erica is able to disable James and choke Georgina unconscious. Which ending is canon won’t be revealed here.

This was a quick and fun episode that brought back three characters that we hadn’t heard much from in a while. The fighting was great and there was some foreshadowing that gave a taste of what we may expect in the upcoming season finale. Both Ashleigh Lawrence and Victoria Broom look better than ever and I thought they had some real great heroine and villain chemistry together. I’d have no problem with them meeting again.

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  1. I am releasing the finale in a few hours. If you use gmail then the email will be in the new ‘Promotions’ folder, not your main inbox. My advice is to sign up with another email provider, as long as it’s not AOL. But anyway, that is where it will be.

  2. At last… 12 Previews of tomorrow’s release! https://nextglobalcrisis.com/?p=4067

  3. At the moment I don’t plan to deviate too far from what we did in season 2. The side missions were effectively shorter episodes, providing vital storyline points that may have been missed without.

  4. TBob says:

    So Season 1 had the Training Room videos, Season 2 has the Side Missions, what will Season 3 have in store for us?

  5. Well, I can promise you it took my bank balance to an entirely new level. A low one.

    All the same, it really kicks off so I am hoping you will enjoy it.

  6. Jerkstore says:

    I’m getting the feeling that this finale is going to take the genre to an entirely new level.

  7. Beast says:

    No aguanto mas!! que sea viernes ya!. Siguiente Crisis Global!

  8. sugarcoater says:

    @bart, thought it was funny that the word “dross” was used with the “look it up” comment, yet the entire post was in the wrong thread. Perhaps less focus on pedantic diction and more on proper topic thread 😉

  9. @bart – Not sure you posted in the correct place. Hope not anyway.

  10. bart says:

    No refresher necessary. I don’t want to pay 2 bucks a minute for what I already have plus the long introductions HL does and the long closing credits. Half the movie time is dross (look it up). This is the reason I have only bought 2 videos from this company. Greeat vids, I’m sure, but too much of the credits shtickoma.

  11. ceej says:

    Ok, that’s a pretty badass looking pic

  12. I think you already have.

  13. Bert says:

    Where do I sign?

  14. Beast says:

    Caantttt waaaaaaaittttttttt

  15. Greg S says:

    Can’t wait, I saw the image on your facebook page! Looking forward to see the villains involved. I hope you put a good refresher highlight at the beginning because I am sure I missed out on some details from a video or two I didn’t pick up.

  16. It will be one episode. I don’t know how long yet but lots of things happen and it took a long day to shoot so I’d expect it on the long side. Some surprises for sure.

  17. Beast says:

    How will be the season finale? one awesome episode? One big lenght and tasty episode? Two part with an incredible cliffhanger in the middle?

  18. Yes the belt issue is being solved with belt production going on as we speak.

    It is actually one of my favourite costumes too.

    I’ll be adding a Finale Preview picture to the site shortly…

  19. sam says:

    Great episode, incredibly sexy costume!

  20. rangerian says:

    Geez Erica is a HOTTIE. Loved the super tight outfit, my fav 🙂

  21. Greg S says:

    “She’s one of the few NGC girls who knows how to wear her belt low on her hips rather than tightly around her lower chest.”

    Amen Tim, looks so much better! A small detail but very very important.

  22. kingles says:

    @NGC: This was awesome! I’m looking forward to the season finale more than ever…less than 10 and a half days left to wait!

  23. Tim Caine says:

    This was a good one. Missed seeing Erica. She’s one of the few NGC girls who knows how to wear her belt low on her hips rather than tightly around her lower chest. I love her look. Very sexy.

  24. @Fabio – Well maybe we will line something like that up in Season 3.

    @Beast – Really pleased you enjoyed it and think you’ll enjoy the finale too. Only 12 days now.

    @Greg S – Oh yes the internet will be awash with them very soon…

  25. Greg S says:

    You need to start posting promo pics for the season finale, I can’t wait!

  26. Beast says:

    Love it! I am big fan of Erica. She is beutiful . Has a great and fun to see power and one sexy voice. I hope that she will appear in the final episode too.
    Georgina was awesome and sexy too she is nuts. They are great villains in NGC.
    Two weeks rigth? Is too much

  27. Fabio says:

    I agree with Tbob seeing a fair one on one fight between two girls where the villainess simply out fights the heroine would be pretty epic. Its mainly seeing the heroine fall short on her own and lose that would make it epic, rather than being double teamed, worn out or cheated. Id love it even more if it was with erica lynn too. Shes beautiful and i dont think wee see her enough than we should, maybe she decides not to split this time around so she can save energy, and the villainess can be a different one that we havent heard from, that can make a formidable opponent to erica since you say alexa and georgina arent strong enough. It would greatly change the pace of the recent episodes weve seen lately. Make it an “epic” movie, just like the fight scene it dark knight rises where bane simply outfights batman. Now that was an epic fight to watch.

  28. @TBob – I am glad you enjoyed it but unless we did it in a members film the assassin girls couldn’t beat Erica fair and square, she’s too strong for them. You will see more Miss Freedom very soon… she is played by a Brit.

    The ‘distress call’ was different this time, Erica arrived in the full knowledge that it would be some trap bullshit, she was not surprised to see Georgina. Her mistake was believing that Elite Force had won and that she had nothing left to fear.

  29. LordSnot says:

    OK we will give Bluebird 3 days off. Seems fair. Erica Lynn is another one of many gorgeous girls in your videos. So good to see her again.

  30. TBob says:

    Damn, the actress that plays Erica is smoking hot. I love some of her facial expressions. I want to see more of her in future releases. This one was great, loved when Georgina has Erica’s hair, then took off her cape and preceded to choke her with it. Georgina is underused and she needs to kick ass a little more. Overall another great installment. Keep em coming man.

    I do have one request though for a future video. I would like to see one of the bad girls, like Georgina or Alexa Topaz fight one of the good girls like, Bluebird or Erica. Have it a straight one on one with no male interference at all. Then have the bad girl win the fight fair and square, she wins just from her better fighting abilities. That would be awesome, lol.

    P.S. Off topic here, but where is Harriet Moran from, she has an interesting accent. Oh yeah, want to see more of her too. To tell you the truth, every single actress you have hired for any role have been fantastic. Whoever does your casting needs a raise, lol.

  31. Redmountain says:

    A good release and can’t really complain given the prices these are available at, but would like to see a bit more variety sometimes. It seems they always default to the “distress call” storyline and an overabundance of choke-outs and strangleholds. Was nice to see Erica back in action, she’s a very interesting character.

  32. All being well you will see a lot more Angel over the next 6 months or so.

    I am pleased about the reception this one got. A nice set up for the finale which is coming soon.

  33. Mike J says:

    I enjoyed this one, I’ve been waiting for more Erica Lynn for a while. Loved the villain as well she did an excellent job. Her disdain for the heroine is very apparent especially at the end.

    Would love to see Erica and her double forced to fight two other heroines in split action like you did in her first episode. That would be awesome.

  34. Mike A says:

    This was a fun lead in to the upcoming season finale, which I am highly anticipating. My only gripe is that we need more variety on KO methods. Wasn’t a huge fan of the knee to the face finish here. But as I said, the build up to the finale has me very excited. Quick question: a couple releases back you had talk of a two part angel film being put into production this summer. Is that still on? And if so, when can we expect it?