“Silvershot – 87 HQ Photo Set” from Next Global Crisis

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Orcaman001 avatar
2 years ago

Wow that just about covers it but
I’m one that likes the action shots (personally)

Darkwrath016 avatar
2 years ago

Brought it. Loved it.

There can be little doubt about Starshot’s near matchless beauty and I’m 1000% captivated by her. That intense gaze. Her curvaceous body. Those luscious red lips. Just a sight to behold all the time. And that catsuit! Hmmm. I’m a leotard kind of guy and I hope to see some photosets like this with her back in her original costume but Starshot fills this out nicely. Just a great photoset in all.

May we continue to be blessed by this wonderful woman. #everymonthneedsStarshot

2 years ago
Reply to  Darkwrath016

I agree with almost everything you said, i like her porcelain skin too.
I’d prefer the the NGC women in catsuits though to be honest.
Bluebird & Deja Vu looked great in the silver catsuits, and Miss Freedoms is so thin and tight it looks painted on.

Dr_Mabuse avatar
2 years ago
Reply to  Christopher

I’m not sure what it is about this actress, but she’s got it. She’s completely and utterly enthralling.

I’m a fan of her Starshot costume, but this catsuit works for me too. There was a post on NGC’s page not long ago of the Wonderstrike actress in “alter-ego” attire with a note that they were planning to do some material with heroines in different outfits. The photo posted was extremely nice, but I’d love to see Starshot in “civilian” clothing as well.