“Sonica v Commander Curse” from NGC Championship

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  1. Next Global Crisis says:

    Thanks for some really nice comments on this one. As I suggested before it came out, we were happy with the amount of action and very happy with Sonica. Good points made about the differences between Heroine v Heroine and Heroine v Villain battles too. Food for thought.

  2. F L says:

    I must say that i really enjoyed this video, first by the mostly one-sidedness with ocassional bursts of fighting spirit from Sonica, nut i must specially commend the actress, she was top notch and sold the peril, pain a desperation really well, specially considering she is a newcomer! Loved how she rolled on the floor moaning too, her reactions were great while being hit and after it too.
    The costume and mask were a really nice surprise and complemented her shape perfectly. Also i mentioned this on the site but the sweat marks and messier hair as the fight progressed added realism to the fight, even if they were unintentional. I remember you did something like that in a training room vid with Angel where the room got hotter and she struggled to keep up.
    Overall a great addition to the cast and hope to see more of both fighters in the future!

  3. Ron says:

    Any low blows in this video?

  4. Rob_Hinx says:

    I enjoyed this. Sonica has the right blend of cockiness and vulnerability that a super heroine needs; I enjoyed the way she gasped ‘a man!’ when Curse appeared and then threw a bit of shade at him. She’s got some good moves; I particularly liked her ‘double kick’ and her two handed, overhead punch. I liked her scream too, it’s got a blend of organic and industrial sounds that makes me wonder if her power is bio-mechnical in nature.
    For a first outing for a character this was very good. It’s always a bit strange to see a character go straight into battle with out knowing something of their background (context is king) but I’m looking forward to finding out more about Sonica in future.

  5. Gil says:

    Enjoyed the action in this one quite a bit. The new battle arena seemed to raise the bar , with the vaguely Orwellian epigrams surrounding the combatants. Sonica, talented and pretty , did a great job for her first time out, and the dialog and fight choreography were at the high standards we’ve come to expect from an NGC production. Hope we get to see more of Curse as well…think the series could use a malevolent male combatant..and he does a fine job verbally adding to poor Sonica’s misery.
    Fine job all around !

  6. Rob says:

    I Loved This release. Sonica is the superheroine we’ve all been waiting for and the outfit & mask were PERFECT! I enjoyed this video alot! Maybe the best NGC Championship match I’ve seen to-date. I like the new battle arena and I enjoyed the new combatant entrance. The new actress was lovely and she sold her punishment & humiliation very well throughout the vid. Her scream special move was cool. I like how it makes the opponent disoriented and allows her to go to work. Both endings were top notch! and I liked the twist of the alternate ending. I don’t want to give anything away but I would have loved to have seen her pass out while heading for the exit at the end. There is nothing better than a episode ending with a defeated heroine out cold as the out-music plays. Big thumbs up to this episode. Way to go NGC.

  7. Darkwrath016 says:

    This was good. This was very good. Highly recommend everyone give this new girl a try because if I can like this I think a lot of people should like it as well. The caveat in that previous sentence comes from the fact that I don’t particularly like catsuits but even more important than that: I really do not like masks on heroines. I just think it takes away from the actresses’ facial expressions but to each their own as I know there’s a lot of people who like them. I’ve got a plethora of NGC heroines dressed the way I like ‘em so I can more than live with this.

    Anyway this championship is action packed as previewed and is pretty much one sided. Not a total squash match as Sonica gets a couple shots in (I think you can count them on two hands really) but she is basically demolished and beaten from post to post. She’s subjected to numerous submission holds that I felt she sold pretty well though the mask hid her expressions somewhat (last time complaining about the mask, I swear). Both actors also put in a tremendous amount of effort in this one as evident by the sweat left behind on the matt.

    For this actresses first time, I felt like she really sold the peril she suffered well. There’s quite a bit of submission holds in this one and her reactions to them were on the mark which for her first time in the genre is pretty amazing. She was also subjected to head slams, punches, a clothesline while she was in the corner of the ring and even more submission holds (that poor heroine. I hope she’s flexible least that’ll be a tough recovery).

    These are personally my favorite parts though which all occur in the latter half of the film. The two times she gets chokeslamed into the matt and she writhes in pain on the matt while holding her back. Honestly, I feel like that doesn’t happen enough where the heroine is actually writhing in pain as a result of some move that she suffered. Doesn’t have to happen all the time but should happen whenever a powerful attack is received. There’s also the stomach crusher Sonica suffered over the commander’s knees that was pretty nice too. Sonica struggles and struggles and struggles but to no avail until she finally tossed onto the matt like a sack of potatoes seemingly knocked out and out of it. But the commander wasn’t through with her yet. He picks her off the ground by her hair with Sonica crying out helpless to which I found pretty hot. From there she taken apart a bit more before finally losing the match. But it doesn’t stop there. The commander decides to punish the poor defeated heroine some more and places her in the submission hold found in picture 5 of the previews. I’ve seen the likes of Comet Girl, Spectrum, Starshot and Miss Freedom subjected to this hold and none of them compare to scene that was in this championship match. That sequence alone was worth the purchase price.

    Finally best knockout of the year goes to Sonica for when she kinda won but still lost in the alternative ending (it’ll be too long to explain what I mean by that. You’ll have to watch it) and the Commander attacks her out of frustration before finally punching her right in the face while she was in the corner. The way Sonica slumps backwards head back was a bit too hot for television. A bit.

    To repeat this championship bout was action packed and fantastic. I feel like there’s a lot for people of all stripes to like in it even if the championship isn’t necessarily your thing. I highly recommend it as this new actress made a good showing of herself that few could match in their own debuts.

  8. Wrecker says:

    This might be my favorite NGC Championship fight to date. I second what the producer said about seeming to be a more action packed episode. I also agree with Darkwrath that the fights where it’s villain vs heroine do seem to be more brutal, where the heroine vs heroine fights seem like they hold back a bit. Sonica looks great in her costume, especially that strategic zipper placement and the way you can actually see that she’s sweating. Her performance was exceptional for a first time and I definitely hope to see her again. Curse looks yummy and intimidating all rolled into one as always too. Him and Alaric are probably my favorite villains because of how huge and intimidating they are as well as how sadistic their characters are. They never fail to bring the pain. Dominator too. Keep up the amazing work guys!

    • Chris says:

      At the risk of sounding like a pervert, I’d be remiss if i didn’t say that i loved the outfit and liked that you could see her sweating in it, as it showed some kind of ‘authenticity’.

      • Darkwrath016 says:

        This is pretty funny because when I wrote my review above I was thinking the exact same thing. I wanted to say something about Sonica’s costume, the sweat and how you could see her underwear printed out as a result and then I said “well that’s pretty perverted. Can’t say that!” But then you think about it and you realize the irony where we’re all taking enjoyment from watching a female superhero get her ass handed to her. Yet somehow we’re uncomfortable talking about sweat and underwear despite those two things being way more mainstream to talk about than SHIP films. Like if I was “caught” watching this particular episode I would feel way more comfortable saying “Yeah, I enjoy seeing the girl sweat, her outfit all drenched and seeing her panties printed out” than I would say “I enjoy watching the girl get attacked humiliated and knocked out.”

        What a strange world this genre is sometimes.

  9. Dennis says:

    Just purchased, great vid, hope to see more of this actress and outfit!!

  10. F L says:

    A new heroine with a form-fitting full bodysuit that perfectly hugs her curves? Sign me in!!!
    Also the mask is a nice touch as somebody said earlier. It adds more variety and gives that comic book and secret identity vibe (like Catherine Marks back in season 2)

  11. Chris says:

    Fantastic outfit,really sexy and she fills it out so well.
    Looking forward to it.

  12. Spankdex says:

    Is that an over the knee spanking I see

  13. LordSnot says:

    It’s not easy to convince me to like full body heroine suits but man, you guys hit it out of the park here. That suit hugs her curves perfectly. She is a gorgeous girl as well. Glad she’s now a part of the NGC family.

  14. Next Global Crisis says:

    This one is really crammed with action and I wish I could work out exactly how we did that so I might replicate more often. One criticism I’ve received for Championship battles was that they could be sparse on action. Not this one.

    I’m looking forward to releasing it for everyone.

    • Darkwrath016 says:

      My take on that is most championship matches tend to be heroine v heroine battles so whether by accident or design, once a particularly heroine gains the upper hand, they are generally just looking to pick up the win and normally do so in quick-ish fashion. On the other hand, in heroine v villain(ness) battles, once the baddie gains the advantage, they are looking to put a pounding on the hapless heroine, humiliating her over and over again. Point examples being Spectrum v Sister fate or Erica v Sister Fate or Dominator v anyone really.

  15. Dr_Mabuse says:

    I’m always thrilled to see a new heroine in the NGC lineup, and this one looks great so far. I’m also excited at the prospect of a new Deja Vu adventure in the future (see the NGC blog for details.)

    Sure, it can be tough to wait for something you’re looking forward to, but I genuinely enjoy the anticipation. The more teasers/previews/etc. , the better, IMO.

    Also, can I say “YAY!” to *unseen material from KO Queen’s humiliating destruction of Miss Freedom*? If not, too bad, I already said it.

    • Darkwrath016 says:

      Ah Ha! So someone else enjoys the anticipation as well. I thought I was the only one. Granted, I may bitch and moan about it for videos and actresses I really want to see but it’s all done in good fun. In some strange (masochistic?) way, I love being teased with trailers and images. Add on the fact that you know EXACTLY when an NGC video is coming out once previews are shown and the anticipation can sometimes be down right overwhelming.

      • Dr_Mabuse says:

        I’ve definitely typed “Friday can’t come soon enough” but I really enjoy imagining what a video is going be like based on a few images and a clip.

        One more thing–glad to see a new heroine with a mask! Not sure about the range of opinions on masked heroines, but I like them. Sure, lots of heroines look great without a mask, but it seems that there are surprisingly few heroines in this genre that wear them. The popularity of Wonder Woman and Supergirl as models for many heroines probably accounts for a lot of this.

        I know some people really like seeing a heroine “unmasked” and you need a masked heroine to do that. I like unmaskings, but also dig heroines in masks, whether it’s taken off or not. It’d be nice if there were a bit more variety there.

  16. Darkwrath016 says:

    Oh wow! That trailer showed some fantastic fight scenes and some great reactions from this newly minted heroine. Rare is a championship preview video that gets me really excited but this one certainly did. The one downside: It’s only Monday. NGC’s got to stop this practice of awesome previews and leave us with four days to salivate :p