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“Spider-Girl” from SHG-Media

Spider-Girl has been available for a while, but it’s just now receiving a mention here at Heroine Movies. I’m looking forward to this one, particularly since it features an atypical character for out little sub-genre. Check out images, a trailer and synopsis below.


Spider-Girl, Produced/Directed by Alex David, Edited by bpd.

In this video adventure Spider-Girl goes undercover, captured by someone looking for spider girl. She is defiantly bound and belly punched, Eventually discovered, she is forced to do batter with a powerful nemisis… The powerful young heroine, bound to a wall, sufferes at the hands and devices of this evil villain before she is drained of her power and turned evil… Or is she? This video contains male/female combat, low blows, bondage, KOs…

Purchase Spider-Girl at SHG-Media

6 Responses

  1. rangerian says:


    Your price estimate would be about right.

  2. Darklord says:

    Just a regular vid with no explicit content for $30? No thanks. Would consider it for 20, but with the vast selection to choose from now if you’re gonna charge $30 you ought to offer more than just a hot girl being fake punched in your basement room.

    It’s cool she gets turned to evil (based on the trailer) tho. Would be nice to see a follow up with her as a villain, for $20 that is!

  3. rangerian says:

    I appreciated the extra effort in graphics and theme. The action was pretty average.
    The low blows were a fail, reaction holds looked a little weird.

    Granted I am coming off some rather high end productions into this one.

  4. sugarcoater says:

    I like that we have some new uniforms out there, and that Spiderwoman is getting some “air time”.
    If I may slightly alter the thread, I would LOVE to see a black-and-white latex Spiderwoman costume used, with the white boots and gloves. Always thought that outfit was one of the sexiest superheroine outfits.
    (And as I am already slightly off topic, I would love to see a Psylocke outfit used as well.)

  5. Decendingskulls says:

    How did I miss this one? It looks great!

  6. Stagger Lee says:

    I bought this one when it came out. Really enjoyed it – great costume, actress was solid, could have sold the peril a little better (especially with the low-blows, those should be so devastating to the heroine that they are complete game changing table turner), but overall I was really happy with the purchase. Maybe would have liked to see some sexual peril, but I understand that can’t happen with all actresses. All in all, I recommend this one.