“Spider-Woman in Three Strikes and You’re Out” from Sleepy Superheroines

13 Responses

  1. J says:

    What happened to the YouTube channel? And a little off topic but where can I find the Sara Liz leopard girl videos?

  2. F L says:

    It´s funny to see how the lighting can change the way the costume looks, i definitively prefer the Terra Mizu deeper red colour but both seems great. Looking forward to the eventual Silk video too!

  3. Laundry says:

    Yaaahhhhh Spiderwoman great vid! Lovelace be doin her thing.

  4. Masseffectman says:

    Bought the package and it was great!! I love the chloro as well. My all time favorites!! I do especially love the facedown scenes. They are great! Can’t wait to see more of facedown and more chloro in the future.

  5. Chloromaster says:

    Great chloro but why no boots ?

    • clutchking says:

      Don’t know, but you can actually count me among the (presumably minority of fans) who enjoy these kinds of spandex feet and leg coverings, whether they’re part of a bodysuit or stocking-style 🙂

      • F L says:

        I´m in your camp too! i feel it makes them look more “naked” or vulnerable without actually showing skin which i love. Besides it´s more alike what some superheroines suits are portrayed in the comics too.

    • Boots are coming in future installments of Batlass, Wonder Woman, and Wonder Girl.