“Starlet-Trinity” from Secret Heroine Films

[Adults only] Coming soon from Secret Heroine Films, a new video called Starlet-Trinity, featuring Ashley Lane from the company’s previous film, Dagger. Check out the trailer and images below.

"Starlet-Trinity" from Secret Heroine Films

Coming in late May. Starring Ashley Lane of “Dagger”

Starlet is the last surviving person from her home planet. That is until she discovers the Phantom Zone device that was used to imprison criminals. Starlet decides that she will free Ursa, a “reformed” criminal, in hopes that she will use her powers for good. Instead she tricks Starlet and sets free General Zod. The worst of the worst. At first Starlet holds her own, since she has been powered by the earths yellow sun for so long, but the cocky young heroine underestimates them and is quickly beaten down physically and sexually.

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