Steve Noir’s “FearGirl: Labyrinth of Death(s)”

Steve Noir’s gets a little nasty this month with a custom script that takes the FearGirl premise to a more extreme quadrant. In Labyrinth of Death(s), FearGirl Stella finds herself in a truly nightmarish cycle of encounters with the brutal Minotaur, each one ending in her violent demise.

We have death by head-stomp, death in a simsex/garroting combo, and the last death courtesy of an up-the-miniskirt impaling that is DEFINITELY not for everyone. Along the way, the action includes major crotch destruction, Throat Lift, Camel Clutch, Boston Crab, Double Back Breaker, head bashing and a dollop of groping.

Not your cuppa tea? Check out the trailer and preview images and make up your own mind.


Steve Noir

Steve Noir

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