Steve Noir’s “FearGirl: Labyrinth of Death(s)”

Steve Noir’s gets a little nasty this month with a custom script that takes the FearGirl premise to a more extreme quadrant. In Labyrinth of Death(s), FearGirl Stella finds herself in a truly nightmarish cycle of encounters with the brutal Minotaur, each one ending in her violent demise.

We have death by head-stomp, death in a simsex/garroting combo, and the last death courtesy of an up-the-miniskirt impaling that is DEFINITELY not for everyone. Along the way, the action includes major crotch destruction, Throat Lift, Camel Clutch, Boston Crab, Double Back Breaker, head bashing and a dollop of groping.

Not your cuppa tea? Check out the trailer and preview images and make up your own mind.


10 Responses

  1. Zach says:

    Stella is amazing! It’s great to see her back in the role of the peril heroine. Her acting, from terror to fury to suffering, was all spot on. She’s such a talent and so sexy too!

  2. dkm says:

    Really happy with this one. I’m a big fan of Stella’s work in these superheroine peril videos and hope to see her and Steve Noir put out more like this!

  3. Mell says:

    Single leg boston crabs are the best.

  4. Eagle says:

    And the price is right! Buying.

  5. Eagle says:

    this looks pretty good. love the heroine’s costume.

  6. mantower says:

    This was my custom which Steve put into life, and he did an amazing job. I was going for a very sinister feel and I think Steve captured it perfectly. As always Stella did a fantastic job, selling both the psychological and physical peril extremely well. I thought Steve did real well with a fairly demanding script, it took a few edits to get it to a level where it was within the bounds of reality, and he really did it justice. Thanks for the great work Steve!

  7. deathcake says:

    Ok, you smashed it! I haven’t bought a sh video for ages and I have no money till I get paid, but I bought this anyway. I love the concept of the heroine dying and coming back to life, lots more potential.

    Well done!

  8. steve noir says:

    Hey, man. First of all, THANKS for buying the video. So, it says Dragon Sleeper with Crotch and Breast Destruction because he whacks on her chest and crotch with the pipe thing while he holds her in the Dragon Sleeper. I didn’t mean to misrepresent anything. I was just trying to hit the highlights…

  9. Thrifty says:

    I bought it and enjoyed it. My only complaint was that the clips4sale site said “breast destruction,” but light groping was all there was. I kept waiting for something more to happen but it never did.

  10. decendingskulls says:

    Amazing work as always, Steve. Please keep it up! Love the minotaur costume!!!