Steve Noir’s “Feargirl: Stimulated Response”

Late last year, I launched a web-project called FEARGIRL.COM, a sort of “open world” story universe – FearGirl in the nightmare labyrinth of The Panopticon – with the specific intention of drawing in collaborators and contributors to a surreal, fetishy, sexy, and scary headspace. So far, so good.

This week I posted four new videos with three different FearGirls — Star, Nixi, and Pepper Kester — and there are new artworks, new stories, and a new character added to the site since I announced the launch here on Heroine Movies last year.

I am going to promote one video a week here, starting this week with Feargirl: Stimulated Response featuring Pepper Kester. This one also has Alicia Adams, and it is pretty much straight-up erotic, with FearGirl getting taken advantage of by a geared-up Panopticon functionary in a half-lit lab or clinic.

NEXT WEEK: FEARGIRL: PAIN RAY, written and directed by Demonlov, featuring FearGirl NIXI and STELLA RAE.

Purchase Feargirl: Stimulated Response at Noir Underground

Steve Noir

Steve Noir

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