Steve Noir’s “Feargirl: Stimulated Response”

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  1. decendingskulls says:

    @steve noir, in response to your response to Darklord: I think this is a very interesting project. In removing the context you’re deliberately abstracting the most potent ingredients in a heroine peril film, giving it an arthouse film quality. One might even say, a bit of postmodern noir, LOL… In all seriousness though, very intersting. You’re breaking down the conventional formula into it’s pure ingredients and selectively rearranging them for maximum effect. This might seem like a stretch but to me it’s similar to how I feel about the evolution and approach to post-rock.

  2. steve noir says:

    Hey, man. Great comments, great questions. FearGirl videos DO NOT have a lot of build up. My personal feeling in creating the site and the series was to avoid the repetitive nature of the “set up” of heroine videos and get right to the peril. It was a personal choice.
    I agree that capture scenes are GREAT. It is creating the motivation for capture, interrogation, sexual peril, OVER AND OVER again, that I think personally gets stale.
    So FEARGIRL doesn’t have that.
    What is on display in the trailers and photos are what it has in spades. Threat, atmosphere, edgy sexuality, surreal nightmare logic.
    Hope that helps.
    And again, perfect questions.

  3. Darklord says:

    I love the slow, creepy, and dark nature of this trailer (and the other trailers on the site).

    I’m hesitant to jump in tho bc it seems great in a 1min trailer but over a 15-20min video I feel like I would need some context, dialogue etc.

    So is there a fair amount of dialogue? Do the stories just begin in peril, or is there some buildup/context and a “capture scene”?

    I also agree, don’t use mainstream costumes. I mean maybe once in a blue, I like the resident evil type feel

    Anyways, I think there’s a lot of potential here for an awesome series. Love that it’s different and not just another karate fight video.

  4. DrMabuse says:

    I, for one, wouldn’t like to see a mainstream heroine in one of these movies. I like the unusual, unique characters and circumstances in this series.

  5. dan says:

    i enjoyed this alot. thought it was very sexy…the heroines costume some what reminds me of the black canary….i agree with the above comment,,, it would be nice to see another video of this type with another heroine say supergirl or wonder woman etc etc….

  6. id like to see a batgirl vs catwoman video like this please !