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First of all, thanks to everyone who checked out and the web-store. Those of you who did at least caught a glimpse of FEARGIRL: PAIN RAY, the video I am previewing for you here. PAIN RAY is Exhibit A in my attempt to try to create a truly collaborative heroine web-site. This episode was written, directed, shot, and edited by DEMONLOV, my French filmmaker friend who first came to the States to work with me on an erotic horror project (due this Fall) — he also made FEARGIRL: DOLLMAKER — and IMHO he has created the best overall FearGirl production yet.

PAIN RAY features Nixi, the site’s “cover girl” as FearGirl, and Stella Rae as the dangerous-but-irresistible “O”. FearGirl wakens to find herself bound in chains in what seems to be a torture chamber, but it gets worse from there – this is in fact “O”‘s private playroom, and “O” has new toys she wants to play with…

These toys are the Pain Ray of the title, a two-pronged metal Shock Prod, and a Sybian-like piece of erotic furniture/technology called The Stimulator. FearGirl gets pushed to her limits with each of these devices, alone and in combination, and finally succumbs to a devastating forced orgasm that leaves her drained, exhausted, and limply hanging AOH, to be used again when she recovers, in “O”‘s secret chamber somewhere in the depths of The Panopticon. Features heavy groping, belly and crotch torment from the Pain Ray and Shock Prod, and finally the “climax” with FearGirl bound astride The Stimulator.

NEXT UP: 2 New FearGirl videos, featuring FG STAR and FG STELLA RAE.

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Steve Noir

Steve Noir

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