“Stinger in Hunter Chronicles B” from Weaponz Tokyo

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  1. Depo Man says:

    Anyone see this yet? Really curious about the green goo. Is that a long scene? Is she glued to the floor? Still debating on this one… would appreciate any reviews. thanks.

    • Todd says:

      She gets whipped on that green jelly glue thing for a while. I love the peril in this one. Pantera chick is Badass and does some damage on that hot stinger. The acting was ok.

  2. Ray says:

    Not a fan of the mask and looks like it doesn’t have enough sleepy material for my taste but HOLY… Stinger is GORGEOUS! Fantastic body, cute face (love all her features), and she’s rocking that ponytail. Anyone know who the actress is? Is she in any other videos?

  3. Ralvis says:

    These vids are amongst my favs. I always buy them. Low budget but great work. The bearhugs sell and the other producers should learn from this. More straddling hugs at longer lengths means. I can deal with campyness honestly.

  4. Depo Man says:

    Love the actress, she looks super hot. Love the villain too. But on the fence here. Their videos always seem too campy for me. Any thoughts guys?


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