“Super LowBlow Battle” from Knights of Gotham

"Super LowBlow Battle" from Knights of Gotham[Adults only] Super LowBlow Battle from Knights of Gotham has been released, and it features Evangeline von Winter as Evil Supergirl along with Star as (regular?) Supergirl. See below for a plot synopsis and images from this new video.

"Super LowBlow Battle" from Knights of Gotham

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Evangeline as Evil Supergirl is lured to a remote location and gassed until she passes out. Supergirl is separately lured and gassed.

When they both awake they find themselves sitting next to each other in a room designed to keep each in while making them mildly weak.

They are being held by a deranged man who forces them to battle each other in an endurance battle. Each directed to giving each other a series of lowbrows to see who will come out on top.

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