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“Supergirl In: Invasion Foiled” from Tropic City Heroines

"Supergirl In: Invasion Foiled" from Tropic City Heroines[Adults only] Tropic City Heroines is back with a new video featuring sexually explicit content. Check out lots of images below, and I’ll let the plot synopsis speak for itself here: “Supergirl has discovered the lair of the Latin Devil. But she is soon in for a surprise…

…(Continued) The Latin Devil blasts her with Kryptonite lightning and then uses a Kryptonite soaked rag to take her down. The Latin Devil ties up Supergirl and begins to fondle her. Just the first step in the conversion to her fully compliant sex slave. Next up is a light spanking, but its more of an excuse for the Devil to rub Supergirl’s ass. Then, a little strapon followed by a forced orgasm with a magic wand vibrator. Supergirl is getting weak from the orgasm and then she is given another one by some Super Villain oral sex. Supergirl, having finally been given multiple release falls under control of the Latin Devil. She goes down on her to make the Latin Devil cum. Then, the women scissor with each other and finally switch to a 69 position.Starring Jasmine Caro and Lia Ezra

"Supergirl In: Invasion Foiled" from Tropic City HeroinesSupergirlInvasionFoiled-02SupergirlInvasionFoiled-03










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4 Responses

  1. LBF522 says:

    Very hot. I will certainly purchase this,

  2. Markko says:

    Burclee: half of the studios do that. It can be done in several ways, f.e. by uploading a different version of the video (different quality for smartphones etc.) or just by deleting and uploading it again.

  3. Burclee says:

    I’ve been curious about how Tropic City manages to circumvent the normal operations of the superheroine page of Clips4Sale. Normally whenever a company releases a new clip, it goes to the top and is the first one featured in list. Tropic has figured out some way to cheat and get their clips bumped to the top over and over again even though nothing new is there.

    Has anyone else noticed this?

  4. Larry says:

    The interior decorator for that bedroom should be fired.