SuperheroineFilms’ “A Super Wish” part 1 and 2

“A Super Wish,” a new two-part movie from, features a gorgeous superheroine, good acting, and an interesting premise. The writing and performances are very good for an independently produced heroine movie, and fans looking for an entertaining fantasy (told on a very small scale) about a girlfriend who obtains superpowers will most likely enjoy “A Super Wish,” as long as they don’t expect an action-packed, peril-filled superheroine adventure.

Fans of superheroine-themed movies basically fall into one of two categories. One type of viewer tends to prefer a strong heroine who defeats the bad guys and dominates her male opponents with her super powers (or training or strength).  The other type prefers heroines who, despite their strength, are defeated and subjected to torment by the bad guys.  I happen to prefer the latter category, and I would guess (based on the amount of material out there) that most fans feel the same way.

“A Super Wish” is made for fans of the former category, in which the heroine easily defeats her opponents (in this case, a male villain) and demonstrates her physical dominance with superpowers. So, even though I don’t personally prefer this kind of heroine movie, it is possible to judge it on its own terms as an entertaining superheroine experience for fans of this particular “dominant heroine” genre.

A Super Wish, part 1

Part 1 of “A Super Wish” begins with a young man (John) returning home with a new “Supergirl” comic book. He sits down on the couch to read it. His girlfriend, Beth (a beautiful, statuesque blond), comes home, causing him to hide the comic and pretend to sleep. I felt that this early scene went on a little too long. It takes about three minutes to watch John walk home, sit down, get up, fix a glass of water, sit down again, and then hide the comic when his girlfriend comes home. The movie could have saved a lot of time by simply starting out with John sitting on the couch reading and having his girlfriend come home.  But that’s a small complaint.

Beth invites John to spend the evening hanging out with her.  He can’t make it, however, because of a previous engagement.  This causes an argument between them, and John leaves the house.  Beth discovers the Supergirl comic, which appears to be a “magic comic.”  When she looks at it, remarking how beautiful the Supergirl character is, the comic magically transforms her into Supergirl.  (Or, “Superwoman,” a superheroine who bears a very strong resemblance to Supergirl).

In these early scenes, the actors are really charming and very likeable.  They sell the dialogue effectively and are entertaining to watch.  The effects during the brief transformation sequence are good too.

Beth, shocked by this turn of events, runs around looking at herself and imagining the possibilities of this transformation.  She admires her new Supergirl-ish appearance in the bathroom mirror (and she really does look great in her “Superwoman” outfit).

John returns home to find his girlfriend dressed in a sexy leotard, working out.  She retrieves the Supergirl comic and accuses John of reading it.  She teases John about reading the comic because he likes the Supergirl character and then surprises John by transforming into the superheroine, much to his surprise.

She demonstrates her super strength by lifting John off the ground, shows off her heat vision in the kitchen, and then teases John, turning him on with her “Superwoman” attributes.  The movie ends as she agrees to “try out these new powers in the bedroom.”

Part 1 of “A Super Wish” is something of a double-edged sword.  The premise is original, as a normal girl is transformed into “Superwoman” to the surprise of her boyfriend.  The acting is very good, and the effects, while very brief, are convincing.

However, those expecting more action are likely to be disappointed.  The story is very small, taking place solely in the couple’s apartment, and there’s really nothing at stake except the male character’s possible sexual gratification (he might get to have sex with her, if she lets him).

So, with that in mind, I think this heroine movie is aimed at those wanting to see a fantasy in which a young man’s girlfriend is suddenly endowed with Supergirl’s appearance and powers, and decides to act out this fantasy in the bedroom.  (We don’t actually see what happens in the bedroom, so that’s left to our imagination).  As long as you’re not expecting an action-packed story where “Superwoman” takes out a bunch of evil villains, and are looking for a very small-scale, lighthearted story with a couple of charming actors and a gorgeous heroine, I think you’ll like Part 1 of “A Super Wish.”

A Super Wish, part 2

Part 2 begins with a mean-looking thug following John home.  (This is already better than Part 1 since the action begins almost immediately with a confrontation in an elevator between John and the thug).  Apparently, John owes some money, and the thug has come to collect.  Again, the acting here is surprisingly good for a low-budget, independent heroine movie.

As John leads the thug into the house, John’s girlfriend, dressed in a sexy black outfit, talks on the phone with a friend and makes her way to the apartment.  She detects that something is wrong, runs into an elevator and changes into her “Superwoman” outfit.  Just as the thug is about to assault John, “Superwoman” uses her super speed (in a nice visual effect) to stop the attack.

Superwoman grabs the thug by the neck and lifts him from the ground, telling him, “You’re pathetic.”  The thug pulls out a gun and tries to shoot her, but (of course) the bullets bounce off of her chest.  She uses heat vision to melt the gun.  The thug promises that more bad guys will be coming soon and runs away.  She lets him escape if he promises to tell his boss that John has paid in full.  The movie ends with the promise of another (off-screen) sexual encounter.  (What a lucky guy John is…)

There’s a lot to like about parts 1 and 2 of “A Super Wish.”  The actors are charming and likeable, the “Superwoman” costume looks awesome, and the lead heroine character is gorgeous.  The story is simple and original, and the dialogue works well enough to keep us interested.

On the negative side, there simply isn’t enough at stake here, in my opinion.  The movie is very lighthearted, and that’s okay, but personally, I would have preferred more action, more super powers, a more threatening villain, and more of a challenge for Superwoman.

Of course, since I prefer the “heroine peril” genre, I can only imagine the possibilities had the movie gone in that direction.  But since that isn’t the intent of this genre of heroine movies, it would be unfair to criticize it in those terms.  This is a different kind of heroine movie for viewers who like strong, unstoppable superheroines, and that’s what “A Super Wish” delivers.

These movies are targeted at a specific audience, and I’m sure that a lot of viewers out there prefer a totally invincible heroine who doesn’t face a difficult challenge.  Here, Superwoman demonstrates her dominance and her super powers and knows that nobody can pose a serious threat to her.  Viewers who prefer that kind of heroine, and enjoy films in which an invincible heroine uses her powers to easily defeat lesser male opponents, should enjoy the first two parts of “A Super Wish.”  I give it a B.

Parts 1 and 2 of “A Super Wish” can be downloaded at


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That actress is gorgeous! Please tell me she’s in a good peril video somewhere! I wouldn’t waste one cent on a ‘heroine empowerment’ vid but she’s so friggin’ hot I actually considered it! (Just for a few seconds though)