“SuperMichaela” Parts 2 and 3 from Project: Super Woman

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  1. Scwank says:

    I bought part 3, and loved it. Great action and effects. And I love the classic Supergirl costume – my favorite by far.

  2. Alan says:

    Agree she has a beautiful body, maybe her legs and abs should be more exposed.

  3. pulphead says:

    I got those two as soon as they came out! I loved them!!
    Both the protagonist and the antagonist are fit as hell !! and hot 🙂

    Loved the little peril moments! I hope we see more stories soon!
    Please consider to go back to an abs revealing uniform, the girls have an amazing physic and it will be nice to show.
    Also I would love to see our heroine in trouble, knocked out, captured etc.


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